Mexican Authorities Appear to be Trying to Cover Up the Murder of a Gifted White American College Student

Americans who visit Mexico need to be on constant guard. Living near the border myself, you see news reports that the rest of America doesn’t.

Mexico is dangerous. Visiting the place is playing Russian roulette.

The authorities are far too often on the take. They will try to cover up the crimes of Mexicans against tourists.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

When Andrew Dorogi rang his mom Jonetta to say he was about to board a flight home from Mexico City she had no reason to doubt her 21-year-old college football player son.

But Dorogi, a gifted student at the private Amherst College with a prestigious job lined up in investment banking, would never return from his 2018 spring break.

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Black Cop Who Dumped His Emaciated Dog in Trash Arrested


Blacks seem to commit animal abuse at a much higher rate than the general population. It’s another form of cultural enrichment that diversity brings to your town and mine.

Inside Edition

A police officer who allegedly dumped his emaciated dog in a trash bag in a Philadelphia park has been arrested.

Michael Long, an 11-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is accused of leaving the pit bull for dead in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park last November. Long, 33, surrendered to police on Thursday.

A dog walker alerted the SPCA after seeing the pup’s nose sticking out from a trash bag. Photos taken shortly after she was found show her cowering on the ground, with her rib bones visible through her fur.

The SPCA took in the 3-year-old dog, who has been renamed Cranberry.

They learned she had a microchip, which they say led them to Long.

Following months of treatment, Cranberry was adopted, the SPCA told

“Cranberry is doing wonderfully now,” spokesperson Gillian Kocher said. “She is in her new forever home, has recovered completely physically and has the same sweet and loving personality that she has always had.”

She was adopted by a man who followed her story on the news, Kocher said.

“He was so touched by her story that he came in to make a donation and met her,” she said. “He returned twice while she was recovering, and when she was ready to go home, he made it official.”

Following the investigation by the SPCA, Long surrendered himself to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit on Thursday.

He is charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, one misdemeanor for possession of an instrument of crime, and a summary charge of animal cruelty, police said.

“He has not acknowledged any wrong doing in this case as of this time,” Kocher said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended Long for 30 days with the intent to dismiss at the end of the 30 days, police said in a statement. He was assigned to the 18th District.

This story was posted on the web about a month ago. Long should be gone soon.

Negro Ex-Cop Sentenced for Multiple Counts of Raping Helpless 77 Year Old Stroke Victim

gary dale baker

This FBI data table reveals the ugly truth about black criminality, including forcible rape. Bear in mind that in this table Hispanics are counted as white, thus inflating the white crime rate.

Numbers also do not by themselves reveal the horrific nature of some crimes. This story shows that a Negro entrusted to be one of the good guys was in fact a really bad guy.

Excerpt from Yahoo News

Prosecutors said Gary Dale Baker, 52, entered the woman’s apartment at least three times from 2010 to 2012, raping her twice as she suffered from a stroke-related inability to speak.

He was convicted in July of nine charges relating to the case, including rape, forcible oral copulation, sexual battery and burglary. On Tuesday, Baker was sentenced to 62 years to life, meaning that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars, a spokeswoman for Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said.

The woman, now 77, was recovering from a stroke in a senior living complex in South Sacramento when the attacks began, prosecutors said.

She struggled to communicate to her family what had happened, and initially, even though DNA evidence confirmed the rape, investigators were not able to link it to any known suspects, prosecutors said.

But in late 2012, after Baker attempted a third assault, a Sacramento police detective suggested that the woman’s family install a motion-activated camera.

When Baker came back again, police officers reviewing the footage immediately recognized him. Baker, who was then an active officer on the Sacramento police force, was arrested and fired from the department.

“You tarnished the badge for police officers everywhere,” Sacramento Superior Court Judge Ernest Sawtelle said as he sentenced Baker, the Sacramento Bee newspaper reported on Wednesday. “For your crimes, you will be sentenced to life in prison.”

Sawtelle called Baker’s crimes “unspeakable,” the newspaper said.

Sacramento County jail records show that Baker remained in custody on Wednesday, with no listed release date. A request by his attorneys for a new trial was denied on Tuesday, records show.

Liberals claim that whites are obsessed with black sexuality because we are jealous of the BBC (big black c*ck). They wish. This post offers a link to an academic article that lists penis size by country. Blacks are nothing special in the size department.

It’s not black penis size that worries the white man. It’s the fear that his mother, daughter, wife, sister, or any white woman for that matter is going to be the victim of a forcible rape by a brutal Negro savage.

Gary Dale Baker will probably never breathe free air again, only the stinking stench of prison oxygen. Since prison is like a vacation to blacks, it’s not much punishment, but it will help keep women safe. Furthermore, as an ex-cop he may meet some of the sewer rats he put behind bars. I’m sure they’ll greet him warmly, while cheerfully abusing his butthole.

Corrupt White Cop Carefully Staged His Suicide to Make It Look Like Murder

Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz

Nice guy police officer Joseph Gleniewicz had a lot of people fooled.

NBC Chicago

At a press conference Wednesday Lake County Major Crimes Task Force commander George Filenko called Gliniewicz’s Sept. 1 death a “carefully staged suicide.” Filenko said Gliniewicz faked his own murder, to help conceal “extensive criminal acts.” Specifically, he said, the veteran Fox Lake police officer had been “stealing and laundering money” from the Fox Lake Police Explorer post for seven years, using the funds for personal purchases, mortgages, travel expenses, even adult websites.

Greed takes over when you’re not morally grounded. What a waste of life to be stealing to pay for subscriptions to porn sites.

The Task Force indicated in their report that Gliniewicz staged an elaborate ruse, forcing a massive manhunt for suspects who never existed.

“Our investigation has determined conclusively that Gliniewicz intentionally left a staged trail of police equipment at the crime scene,” Filenko said. “It was learned through investigation that Gliniewicz had significant experience staging mock crime scenes for police explorer training.”

Gliniewicz was last heard from the morning of Sept. 1 when he called for backup while on duty, reporting on his radio he was pursuing three suspicious men. Three men were found by investigators, but police quickly discounted them as suspects. However, because of their proximity to the area, Filenko said he could not rule out the possibility that Gliniewicz might have actually seen the men, incorporating their descriptions into his scheme.

During the hour-long briefing, officials released text and facebook messages said to be key in revealing the officer’s motives. Among the messages are statements from Gliniewicz claiming he used money from the Explorer account to pay for a $624.70 flight. Another one claims that if the Fox Lake Village Administrator “gets ahold of the checking account I’m pretty well [expletive].”

The story goes on to relate that Gleniewicz’s wife and one of his sons are implicated via messages to his criminal acts. They are currently under investigation.

Embezzlement, misuse of funds, is not such an easy crime to conceal forever. The paper trail is there. All it takes is someone willing to look for it and you’re toast. At the time of his suicide, Gliniewicz had been found out by a woman official. At least he killed himself and not her.

gliniewicz family

Last person jailed in Waco biker shooting to be released


The massacre of civilians by police at Waco last May 17 is one of the darkest days in recent American history. Because bikers are widely viewed as scum, nobody cares if they were murdered.

I believe that in the end the evidence will show that all those killed were shot by police sharpshooters. The police don’t like bikers and were waiting in ambush from what I can tell. Not that I believe the police will be charged with any crimes. There may be civil lawsuits for wrongful death slapped on the police, however.

All bikers are now released. Not one of them has yet been charged with a crime. Something stinks, even if you consider the police to be heroes in this case.

The truth about this act of mass murder may never be known. The surveillance video from the massacre was released over the weekend. You can watch it on CNN by clicking here.

One more thing. The small Texas town where I live hosts the bikers around once a month, maybe every two months. There’s never been a moment’s trouble from any of them that I know about.

Yahoo News

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The last person jailed in connection with a deadly shootout among bikers and police outside a Waco restaurant was poised to be released from jail Saturday, more than five months after authorities rounded up 177 people from the crime scene and initially held them on $1 million bonds on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

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Tennessee: Woman Indicted for Making False Rape Claims Against Police Officer

kimberly minor

carl walls

I generally stay away from stories that demonize white men and women, who are demonized enough already by the leftist press in America.

But once in a while a story comes along involving Euro men and women that catches my fancy.

The hook that reeled me in is the allegation that Officer Carl Walls was meeting women on duty to try to have sex with them. Because the police carry guns and have such extraordinary power over people, his actions are certainly criminal and he should certainly be charged for abuse of power.

A cop demanding sex with a woman he’s pulled over for a traffic stop is a true low life. Let him hit the singles bars after work and pick up sluts there, like the rest of the gamers and pickup artists do. Just pulling out his wallet and showing his badge would guarantee him bedmates galore.

A 30-year-old woman who reported that she was raped by a Cleveland police officer at a cabin in Gatlinburg has been indicted for making a false report.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation presented evidence to the Bradley County Grand Jury this morning and returned a true bill against Kimberly Minor, according to a news release.

Minor was arrested this afternoon and her bond was set at $5,000.

On Aug 6., Minor went to SkyRidge Medical Center and reported that Officer Carl Walls, a man she had been romantic with for two months, had forced her to have sex with him at a cabin on July 31.

Minor told the Times Free Press that she had joined Walls at the cabin during a boy’s weekend with three other officers on the same patrol shift.

Both Walls and Officer Chad Nave, who are both married, are under an internal affairs investigation to see whether the officers broke department policy during their extramarital affairs.

Walls and Nave were seeing women they had met while on duty. Minor produced text messages that showed Walls was stopping by her home in the morning when he was on duty to have sex with her.

Walls admitted he had been in a relationship with Minor but his attorney said he had confessed the relationship to his wife and was working on his marriage.

Working on his marriage? What a comedian.

woman laughing gif

Black Cop Targets “White College Boys”; Media Ignores Blatant Racism

jeffrey walker

Race realists understand that individuals of all races prefer their own people and will target people of other groups. No amount of diversity training can change that fact of human nature.

This story of a black cop who targeted white boys for extortion is only remarkable because the national media are ignoring it (no surprise there) and because according to the media only blacks are racially profiled, but never whites.

Excerpt from TPNN

A black police officer who targeted white suspects during a reign of extortion has dropped explosive testimony during the trial of one of his co-conspirators.

Jeffrey Walker, a former member of the Philadelphia Police Department, told the court during the trial of lead defendant Thomas Liciardello that he would often take money from “white ‘college-boy … khaki-pants types’” who dealt drugs because they were “easy to intimidate.”

Yet, in spite of the admitted blatant racial targeting by the disgraced officer, there has been almost no media coverage of the case.

Walker also claimed that the actual busts he made were really for public relations purposes.