Black Guns Matter: The Movement to Put Guns into Black Hands to INCREASE Public Safety


Do you think that arming blacks in a place like Chicago would make it safer if those blacks were trained to use firearms in self defense?

The Sun

A PRO-GUN campaigner says the wave of deadly gun violence in cities like Chicago can be tackled with more guns and better firearms training.

Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter, an organisation that aims to educate urban populations about their Second Amendment rights.

He claims more guns are the answer to America’s gun crime epidemic and believes that years of prejudice have convinced urban populations to associate guns with crime rather than defending themselves, their communities and their rights.

Maj, who was raised in north Philadelphia, said: “Growing up, people always told me that firearms were bad, and that if you have a firearm you either have to be the bad guy or you are law enforcement.

“That’s a lie. It’s just not true. The problem is the lack of information and education about firearms and safety in urban areas.

“There is a deliberate attempt to keep that information away from these highly populated areas because it’s not about gun control, it’s about people control.”

However, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence claims stats suggest removing guns from cities works better, saying ‘guns make violent situations deadly’.

Maj, who formed Black Guns Matter in 2016, has been taking his message across the United States for the past year, visiting areas such as Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit.

The 29-year-old has also visited Chicago, where there were 3,550 shooting incidents, 4,331 shooting victims and 762 murders in 2016.

Maj believes a greater understanding of laws and education around firearms in Chicago would bring more ‘respect for the tool’ and greater ‘trigger discipline’.

This along with better teaching of de-escalation tactics would help reduce gun violence.

Maj, who is not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, said: “Clearly, gun legislation is not working. They have an extreme amount of gun control law and they still cracked 700 homicides last year.

“So what we do is inform the people better [about guns and the Second Amendment] to cut down on that.

“Information is always better than just legislation.

“A lot of times people in urban areas don’t even associate the Second Amendment with the hood.

“They associate the Second Amendment with guys in the military or crazy white guys down South.

“My job is to make sure that everybody understands the Second Amendment is for every citizen of America. It’s not my job to advocate more firearms. It’s my job to inform people about firearms.

“When you make something a taboo and you ignore it and pretend like it isn’t an issue, then there is no education and no knowledge – and a lack of knowledge is always dangerous.”

According to the American Trends Panel more than twice the amount of white people own legal guns compared to black people.

And while 51 per cent of people in rural areas own a legal gun, just 25 per cent of people in cities own a gun.

Black people were also two-and-a-half times times more likely to be shot by law enforcement than white people in 2015, despite black people making up 13 per cent of the population.

On his trips, Maj meets with community leaders in some of the poorest areas to educate people on their rights to bear arms.

Depending on state laws, they learn what rights they have against the police, sign up to get legal firearms and concealed and carry licenses, and also learn how to shoot properly.

As a conservative and a libertarian I’m for everyone exercising his gun rights. As a race realist, I fear that putting guns into the hands of blacks would be no different than putting them in the hands of children. There’s a lack of self control in the darker race.

What say you? Here’s a black man with a gun:

Black Robber with AK-47 Shot by Armed Waffle House Customer in Texas

The responsibility for Antione Devon Cooper’s impending death is entirely on him.

He didn’t have to rob a Waffle House with an AK-47.

Nope, he could have earned his money honestly. But that old devil inside made him do what he did, so now the dindu somefins is lingering on life support.


DeSoto police have identified the man who robbed a Waffle House last week with an AK-47, but was shot in the parking lot by a customer who was legally carrying a concealed hangun.

Antione Devon Cooper, 26, of Dallas, reportedly stormed into the restaurant around 2:30 a.m. on July 7 brandishing the assault weapon. He stole money from multiple customers and the Waffle House register, according to a police report.

But when he left with the loot, a customer followed him out to the parking lot.

That man, described in the report as a licensed handgun owner, told police he was worried that his wife, who was on the way to meet him, might encounter the gunman outside the Waffle House.

So he called out to the suspect, and when he turned and pointed the rifle at him, the customer said he shot the suspect several times with his pistol.

Detectives with DeSoto police released photos last week of the suspect’s tattoos on his arms and legs in hopes of identifying him, and on Wednesday they posted his name on the department’s Facebook page.

Cooper remains in the hospital on life support, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The citizen hero apparently will not be charged with a crime.

heston gif

Customer with concealed carry permit fatally shoots ax-wielding attacker at 7-Eleven

seattle 7 11 shooting

Hey, Barry and Hillary. Here’s your big chance to ban axes, you dumb asses.

Fox News

A customer at a 7-Eleven store outside Seattle shot and killed a masked man who attacked a clerk with an ax early Sunday.

Investigators said the shooting happened at the store in White Center at approximately 5:45 a.m. local time. Witnesses said the man entered the store and swung a hatchet toward the customer before turning his attention to the clerk.

As the assailant attacked, the customer pulled out a pistol and fired, hitting the suspect. The clerk suffered minor injuries to his stomach and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The customer who shot the suspect is described as a 60-year-old Seattle man who visits the store every morning to get coffee. His name was not immediately released.

Authorities said the man who shot the attacker had a concealed carry permit and likely would not face charges as a result of his action.

“This could have been a lot worse,” King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Cindi West told KCPQ. “The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

The motive for the assault was not clear. Investigators said the ax-wielding man remained silent throughout the assault. The assailant’s identity was not immediately revealed, and authorities described him only as a man in his 40s.

When the attacker is a white man, it’s immediately announced by the police and then the media takes over from there. When he’s a Mexican, Muslim, or Negro, the color and/or religion is suppressed.

So, it’s highly likely that the ax-wielding masked man was NOT a Christian white man protesting the soft genocide of the white race.

It is highly likely that our concealed carry hero is a white male.

Our heroes are usually white men. Have you noticed that?

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How to Stop a Mass Shooting in Under 30 Seconds

A very satisfying video to watch. Grandpa has a gun! If only HE had been at Pulse gay club in Orlando, the outcome would have been very different.

Make a liberal mad by showing them this video.

@Liz_Wheeler: Just ONE concealed carry could have saved numerous lives.

I’m embedding this video to introduce you to Liz Wheeler, an attractive white conservative woman who speaks with facts and intelligence.

Whataburger Customer Shoots Armed Robber in Restaurant Parking Lot

whataburger shooting

Texas is an open carry state, but Whataburger bans open carry. The chain does allow concealed carry.

Here’s an example of how a gun saved a man’s property and perhaps his life.

Fox4 News

DALLAS – Two armed robbers picked the wrong victim in northwest Dallas.

Police said they approached a man eating his dinner in the parking lot of Whataburger at Inwood Road and Lemmon Avenue and tried to rob him around 1 a.m.Thursday morning.

The man was an off-duty, but armed security guard. He shot and killed one of the robbers. The other ran away.

Police have since detained a man who is possibly the second suspect. He is being questioned by investigators.

The dead suspect’s identity has not yet been released. Police said he did have a pistol.

Lying Leftie: Fired Professor Melissa Click Said She Thought Student Who Filmed Her Might Have Had a Gun

click close up

I believe there have been more Saboteur365 posts on pathetic excuse for an educator Melissa Click than on any other person. For her assault on a student reporter last year she was fired on Wednesday.

Her defense for that assault is one of the most ridiculous defenses ever concocted in defense of liberal tyrants.

Chronicle of Higher Education

Melissa A. Click told investigators working for the University of Missouri’s board that she feared a student whom she tried to remove from a campus protest last fall might have had a gun.

Ms. Click, the assistant professor of communication who was fired on Wednesday by the system’s Board of Curators, drew the ire of free-speech advocates in November when she was caught on video asking for “some muscle” to remove Mark Schierbecker from the site of a student protest over racism at the Columbia flagship.

According to documents published on Thursday, Ms. Click told investigators who were hired by the system to look into the incident more about her encounter with Mr. Schierbecker:

click statement

One problem: Missouri does not allow concealed weapons on its college campuses. When confronted with the full report, Ms. Click backed away from her comments:

click statement2

It’s unclear exactly which piece of legislation Ms. Click was referring to. Roughly a month after the incident, a Missouri senator introduced a bill to allow concealed guns on campuses. In September 2014 the state enacted legislation allowing specially trained employees with concealed-carry permits to carry firearms.

Hopefully the witch is dead. Let’s celebrate!