Christian Churches Move to Get Everyone to Stop Calling the Police on Blacks, Even When They Commit Violent Crimes

Well, the police can’t shoot a nagger if the police aren’t notified of a crime.

As I’ve written before there is no more rule of law in America.

Next step, total gun ban, defund and disband police departments.

This is not a joke.

Washington Post

Referring to the First Congregational Church of Oakland, California:

Now, the church has joined a small handful of like-minded congregations with a radical goal: to stop calling the police. Not for mental health crises, not for graffiti on their buildings, not even for acts of violence. These churches believe the American police system, criticized for its impact especially on people of color, is such a problem that they should wash their hands of it entirely.

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On This Day 50 Years Ago …

Look! A squirrel!

A wax dummy? Is MLK really hanging out in Vegas with Elvis, beating up on white hookers?

Trump (in a low voice): WTF! Do I really have to do this shit!!!???

James Earl Ray Day?

Fox News Shouts Out Support for Our Fav Nazi, Laura

The Tweet that launched the boycott by Laura’s advertisers:

Washington Times

Fox News planted its flag Monday — no surrender on Laura Ingraham.

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Crisis Actor David Hogg and Liberals are Building a Meme Lab to Compete with 4chan


David Hogg is trying to do for the left what the alt-right did for Donald Trump–meme into power.

It’s obvious now that the little narcissist isn’t going away and that he’s into much more than gun control and wiping the Constitution of the Second Amendment.

Most recently, as you’re aware, he’s out to destroy Laura Ingraham, Fox News, and companies that won’t support his far left, radical agenda.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Stoneman high school was targeted by the power elites for a shoot up just to get David Hogg in front of the cameras.


In a sparsely-furnished office in an “undisclosed” strip mall, the #NeverAgain students and ShareBlue, a progressive liberal media group, have teamed up to declare a meme war.

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Prominent Liberal JEW Judge Dies, Trump to Name Replacement

An anti-American judge appointed by Jimmy Carter to the 9th circuit court of appeals has finally died at age 87.

Judge Stephen Reinhardt was a Jew, born with the name Stephen Roy Shapiro according to his Wikipedia entry.

The 9th circuit, based in California, has put the kibosh on just about every action taken by President Trump to rein in illegal immigration, including the travel ban.

Let’s get a real conservative in there to create chaos, Mr. President.

Revenge can be sweet. And for a change of pace, how about a non-Jew?

Excerpt from Buzzfeed

Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has died, a court spokesperson confirmed Thursday. He was 87.

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White Man Fired for Liking a Tweet

Liking this Tweet got Roy Jones fired:

Roy’s employer, Marriott, may have fired him, but the pressure was on from the dirty, rotten Chinese government.

Once the chinks have their hooks into you, you’re going to obey or be punished by them. Marriott was punished (in the pocketbook) by the slants. One of their demands was that Roy be severely dealt with.


Excerpt from

While logged into an official Marriott Twitter account, he believes he probably — and accidentally — clicked “like” on a pro-Tibetan tweet thanking Marriott for listing Tibet as its own country, and not a part of China, on a survey.

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“No More!:” Crisis Actor Goes Hogg Wild in D.C. Gun Protest, Along with Skinhead Lesbian

Don’t watch. It may make you want to shell out to join the NRA.

One minute excerpt, in close up:

Self-righteous, self-absorbed crisis actor David Hogg took his no guns message to an audience of foolish young “minds of mush” (Rush Limbaugh phrasing) in Washington on Saturday.

He had help from a lot of nonwhites who blame the gun instead of the black finger on the trigger:

The nogs in the above video didn’t write the shit they’re reading. White teachers did. The skinhead lesbian makes her appearance in the last few seconds of the two and a half minutes of samples.

Conservative black youth C. J. Pearson responds on Twitter with optimism:

Meanwhile, celebrities (using that term loosely) showed up to get their SJW union cards stamped by the howling mob. Read more at CNN.

This is one of many photos at CNN.


To finish up this post, let’s take a look at a long post at GLP that purports to be from a student at a nearby school who reveals insider information about the nature of the Hogg-Gonzalez led protest.

I’m a senior HS student from Broward county, Florida.

This is long, but I think it’s important because people like me won’t be heard.

I do not go to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, but I go to a school just a few miles away.

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