Columbus Police Chief Investigating Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels


When checking Twitter a few hours ago, it was clear the left was outraged over the arrest of Stormy Daniels for illegal touching in a Columbus, Ohio, strip club.

It was, according to them, Trump’s revenge and more reason to impeach the president. The evil cop bastards who arrested Stormy should be hung by the balls until their d*cks drop off, they implied.

The media conveniently does not mention that two other “exotic dancers” were also arrested.

A good, old-fashioned tough guy police chief is hard to find these days. They’re generally affirmative action negros and dykes. It’s clear that the purpose is to drive white males out of police work.

Columbus’s dyke chief is probably jealous that Stormy didn’t rub her grotesque tits against her. She’s launched an investigation into the male and female cops, whom I assume are white, whose sting operation lead to Stormy’s arrest.

Washington Times

The police chief in Ohio’s capital city says the actions of officers who arrested porn star Stormy Daniels will be reviewed.

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Jewish DA Drops Charges Against Stormy in Record Time and She Hightails it Out of Town


Criminal charges are sometimes dropped, but the speed with which the charges lodged against Stormy were thrown out by a Jewish DA is suspicious.

I’ll bet the charges against the two other strippers arrested at the same time haven’t been dropped.

And what’s this about a human trafficking investigation?

There’s an allegation that Stormy’s heavily tatted genital area is covering up a brand by a sex cult. Photos below.


Prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday dropped all criminal charges against porn star Stormy Daniels, hours after police arrested her for alleged illegal physical contact with patrons at a local strip club during a performance there.

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White Woman Under Fire for Calling Police on Niglet Who Dindu Nuffins

Calling the police is rarely race-related.

Where I live, white people ignore Mexicans in their neighborhoods 99.9 percent of the time because Mexicans are there working.

Almost no one has made a hobby of calling the police for fun either. Who wants to get involved in talking to cops? No one I’ve ever met.

When people call the police, it’s because they’ve observed some suspicious activity.

A niglet is being called a victim of white racism, the worst thing in the world, even though he admits he was acting suspiciously.

So far, the presumably white woman who called the police to report the suspicious activity hasn’t been doxed, but the left is probably trying really hard to get her name and photo on social media so they can destroy her life.

San Diego Union Tribune

A fledgling paperboy working alongside his mother in suburban Columbus, Ohio, came face-to-face with a cop after a neighbor thought he was up to no good.

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Dumb Ass Black Teen Sentenced to Five Years for Tennis Shoe Theft


The disapproving liberal press leaves out a little tidbit: Davis had an accomplice with a gun.

The press is also pushing that muh negro had no prior record.

Duh, you mean he hadn’t been caught before.


Dayonn Davis was 15 years old when he stole a coveted pair of Nike sneakers the owner tried to sell on Facebook.

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Woman Burned to Death by Boyfriend “Testifying” Against Him in Murder Trial Via Police Video



I noticed that Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer is again promoting violence by white men against white women. He casts his points in terms of women desiring rough sex and so men should choke and slap around their wives and girlfriends.

I’m not interested in a feud with Anglin, who seems to have issues with women, but rather I want to point out an extreme example of the slippery slope that Anglin is trying to put his young male followers on.

It’s true that not every white guy who hits women is going to end up dousing his beloved in gasoline and burn her to death the way that MIchael Slager allegedly did with Julie Malinowski, seen above.

However, the slide into callous degeneracy that Slager followed shows that a man risks becoming a monster the moment he first acts like one.

So, Anglin’s advice (earlier couched in “white sharia”) is IMO dangerous. White men and white women co-created white civilization. Laws that protect us all from being kicked around are part of the deal.

Anglin should grow up and live with it. And develop a healthy interest in white women rather than Asians.

Daily Mail

A woman who died in hospital after being doused in gasoline and set on fire by her boyfriend will testify at his murder trial in a videotaped interview that was recorded before her death.

Judy Malinowski, 33, died in August 2017, two years after being set on fire by her boyfriend Michael Slager outside a gas station near Columbus, Ohio, in June 2015.

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‘If you kill someone, we might kill you back’ – GA sheriff’s welcome sign goes viral

Harris County Georgia ain’t New York City boys and girls.

People have real guns. Law abiding people, not just the thugs who are the only ones armed in the Big Apple.

Obviously, Sheriff Mike Jolley encourages his peeps to weapon up and use those weapons on the bad guys.


HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) – Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley does it again – creating a bold welcome sign that’s now going viral.

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Negro Monster with Long Rap Sheet Arrested for Torture Murder of Beautiful White Student Rachel Anderson

The police are not always our friends. They, for some reason (political correctness?), didn’t want the name and photo of the black bastard killer released to the public.

His record shows that he should have faced the death penalty decades ago.

ABC6 on your side

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Columbus Police said an arrest was made in connection with the murder of a 24-year-old mortuary student. Anthony Pardon was arrested at his home in the Linden neighborhood Thursday night and charged with murder.

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