The Black Attack: Negro Male Accused of Decapitating His Own Mother!


Terrelle Johnson’s defense lawyer is thinking about an insanity defense for his client. Terrelle admits he lost control and cut off his mother’s head, so what other defense is left?

A jury should still send him to prison (or to death row) even if he is a nutjob. The trigger was an argument over credit cards. Terrelle is a vet, which shows that the American military may have issues.


A Mississippi man who beheaded his mother called out to reporters as he was being led into court on Wednesday, shouting, “I plead guilty… [I’ve] done it!”

Terrelle’s late mother was extremely fit. Two more photos of her are embedded in the post and The Daily Mail offers even more photos of her, the crime scene, and the arrest.

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Mark Dice Video: He Dindu Nothing

Black Lies Matter.

Seven and a half minutes.

A black city councilman accuses a cop of racism. Then the police bodycam footage was released …

Mark also mocks other blacks whose claims of racism have been debunked.

Black Panthers Demand ACTION After Video Shows Officer Punching “Teen” in Face at Mall

You want a dead mall? Let black teens run wild and take over.

Watch a TV news report embedded at the bottom of this post showing the arrest of a black teen at Mayfair Mall that’s ignited black outrage.

CBS News

Disturbing cellphone video shows the moment police officers fighting with a 17-year-old in a Wisconsin mall parking lot punch the minor in the face. The dramatic video was captured by a fellow mall shopper, who later posted it on social media.

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Negress with History of Animal Cruelty Arrested for Dumping Her Three Dogs

We’re all one race–the human race?

F*ck that.

That creature pictured above is lower than the dogs she was abusing and dumped.


AUSTIN (KXAN) – A woman who was seen dumping three dogs on the street in southeast Austin had called 311 a few hours earlier to ask for Animal Control to come pick them up, according to an arrest affidavit.

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Mentally Ill Weirdo David Hogg Says Media SILENCED Voices of BLACK PARKLAND SURVIVORS

America’s leading cultural analyst has added a new dimension to his career as a social justice warrior. Lucky for him, David Hogg’s teachers are understanding of his need to be in the spotlight and don’t report him for truancy as he galivants around the country giving interview after interview.

Now this little twerp is defending illiterate Negro students, claiming that we all must listen to their Wakandan wisdom.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg, now a prominent activist in the #NeverAgain movement, said the media’s biggest mistake while covering the shooting at his school was not giving black survivors a prominent voice.

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“Kids” in Philly Injected a Pit Bull Pup with Cocaine, Leaving Her to Die

I’m calling the “kids” in the CBS headline niggers.

They constantly prove that they are unfit to live among people of other races, who practice higher standards of behavior ON AVERAGE.

Peanut the pit bull pup almost died from cocaine and marijuana poisoning.

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Parents of 7 Year-Old White Girl Remove Her from School Because She Played a Racist Character in an Anti-Racist School Play Populated with Blacks Only


There’s been so much news today, it’s proven hard to get to all of it. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about Trump’s sanctions on Russia, his blaming Russia for the spy poisoning, and Stormy Daniels continued attention seeking.

For today’s final post, let’s look at the seven year old white girl whose parents are hard to figure out.

Before going into the story of the seven year old and the school play, let’s ponder the question of what seven year olds are doing in a classroom performing in a play about the evils of segregationists.

Children that young have no ability to conceptualize the issues involved in racial issues except in a very shallow way.

The play itself is child abuse perpetrated by a black teacher.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A seven-year-old girl’s parents have pulled their daughter out of her Georgia elementary school after they watched her play a racist character in a student play.

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