Trans Pooping Jogger Says Public Pooping No Different than Public Breastfeeding


Told ya. Every tranny I ever met at the university was crazy. It really can’t be denied very easily.

The “she” in this story is a shemale, otherwise known as a chick with a d*ck.

The tranny has a nasty habit of doing #2 in public, which “she” claims is perfectly OK.

Where are the police? Where are the men in white coats with straightjackets? Restrain her! Lock her up! In a men’s jail!

Daily Mail

A jogger dubbed the ‘mad pooper’ after she was busted defecating on front lawns in a Colorado neighborhood is not at fault because she has a traumatic brain injury caused by gender reassignment surgery, according to her mysterious spokesman.

An unidentified man claiming to be ‘a family representative’ of the woman said the jogger wanted to apologize but added that she couldn’t help it because she could no longer control her bowels.

The man refused to identify himself or the jogger in a series of since-removed YouTube videos he posted online, KRDO reports. He also declined to verify he was speaking on the jogger’s behalf.

Too many anal gang bangs will do that to your butthole, I’ve read.

These people are possessed by demons.

He claimed the woman’s actions were no different to breastfeeding in public.

Police in Colorado Springs were on the lookout for the mad pooper after a family spotted the woman with her pants down outside their home two months ago.

Cathy Budde said her children were the ones to catch the jogger mid-squat and ran in screaming to tell her.

‘They are like, “There’s a lady taking a poop!” So I come outside, and I’m like … “are you serious?”‘ Budde told KKTV.

‘A”re you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?” She’s like, “Yeah, sorry!”‘

Budde said she thought it was just a one time thing and the woman would have been too embarrassed to show her face again.

But she said the jogger has been back once a week to defecate, despite there being public restrooms in a nearby park.

The woman always has paper towels tucked away in her tights, according to the shocked family.

‘I put a sign on the wall that’s like “please, I’m begging you, please stop.” … She ran by it like 15 times yesterday and she still pooped,’ Budde said.

Police urged Budde to take photos of the woman in a bid to track her down.

The jogger could face indecent exposure and public defecation charges if she is caught.

Vdare Conference Terminated by Colorado Resort, Site Paypal Cancelled


The more they f*ck us over, the more determined I become. We are like iron being forged in the fire, becoming steel in the process. That steel shall be used to make many swords.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. One day they will regret their short-sited un-American actions.

The Denver Channel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A conference of white supremacists and their sympathizers scheduled for April 2018 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort has been canceled, the organization and resort confirmed Wednesday.

The cancelation came a day after Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers denounced white supremacy and said the city wouldn’t “provide any support or resources” to the event.

“The city remains steadfast in its commitment to the enforcement of Colorado law, which protects all individuals regardless of race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, harassment and physical harm,” Suthers said further in a Tuesday statement.

He added that the city “does not have the authority to restrict freedom of speech” or to tell private businesses which events they are allowed to host.

“That said,” he added, “I would encourage local businesses to be attentive to the types of events they accept and the groups they invite to our great city.”

By Wednesday morning, the conference had been canceled altogether.

“Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled. Registered attendees will receive a refund,” a message on the organization’s conference page read.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort issued a statement saying it “will not be hosting the VDARE Foundation in April of next year.”

“We remain committed to respecting the privacy of guests at the resort,” said spokeswoman Guadalupe Hirt.

When reached by phone,’s editor, Peter Brimelow, said he would be issuing a statement later Wednesday. He describes his website and group as one focused on “patriotic immigration reform.”

Also notable Wednesday on VDARE’s website was a large notice on its front page saying PayPal had cut ties with

“We were given no reasons, so are left to speculate why we’ve been suddenly purged,” Brimelow wrote. “Best guess: the Charlottesville debacle – in which played no part, either in planning, promoting, or appearing – is being used as an excuse for the authoritarian Communist Left to punish anyone who disagrees with their anti-American violence against patriotic people.”

Jason Kessler, the man who organized the rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville over the weekend, is a contributing writer on the website, and on June 19, published an article on the website titled “Yes, Virginia, There Is Such A Thing As White Genocide.”

Also scheduled to appear had been former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who most recently failed in quests for Colorado’s governorship and the U.S. presidency.

Brimelow went on to say in the post about PayPal: “It is impossible to predict on what level we will be attacked next. We must have the resources to defend ourselves and our people.”


It’s obvious that the Mayor threatened the resort with all sorts of health code and safety violations. Don’t blame them. Blame the POS mayor.

Police Fitness Test Discriminated Against Women, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge has ruled that fitness tests that women cannot pass at the same rate as men are a violation of federal law.

Judge Richard Matsch was born in 1930! He presided over the Oklahama City bombing case that saw Timothy McVeigh convicted in a trial that covered up a great deal of the truth.

At age 87, Matsch is still ruling from the bench. He’s now found that fitness tests that women can’t pass are discriminatory.

The test isn’t described in the story, but I probably couldn’t pass it either, but I’m not selfish enough to demand that standards be lowered for my benefit.

Putting unqualified women cops on the street is going to kill people. Matsch needs to retire and let someone with a stronger sense of logic rule from the bench.

The Gazette

A fitness test given to Colorado Springs police officers discriminated against women and violated civil rights laws, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in a two-year lawsuit.

The test “shamed and ostracized” the 12 plaintiffs – many of them decorated officers with decades of service – while providing “meaningless” results, ruled U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch.

Performing poorly on the test left officers at risk of losing their jobs, despite the benchmark scores being “arbitrary” and the evaluation having little to do with the officers’ everyday work, Matsch said. Significantly more women than men failed it.

“To retroactively impose that requirement on women who have invested their lives as career police officers is fundamentally unfair,” Matsch wrote.

The ruling that Colorado Springs violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 leaves the city on the hook for a possible payout to the plaintiffs for wage loss and emotional distress. A hearing on damages is expected to be set in the coming week.

A California civil rights advocate said it also sends a message to municipalities across the nation to avoid such fitness tests for potential hires and veteran employees.

“If municipalities are going to use tests like this, they have to make sure there’s a scientific basis behind them,” said Jocelyn Larkin, executive director of the Impact Fund. The organization helps bankroll civil-rights lawsuits, and it contributed $30,000 to this case.

Donna Dell’Olio, an attorney representing the women, praised the ruling as a victory for women seeking to join the force.

“The women are wonderful professionals, and all they wanted was to be able to serve crime victims and the citizens of Colorado Springs,” Dell’Olio said. “And now they’re going to be allowed to do that.”

Ten of the dozen plaintiffs remain on the force, Dell’Olio said. One has since moved to Wyoming, and another left the department amid fears she’d lose her job for failing the test.

“They did this at great peril to their careers,” Dell’Olio said. “And they did it for the younger women who are coming up behind them.”

A statement from the Police Department said “the city has received the ruling, is reviewing it, and evaluating the city’s options.”

The issue dates to 2009, when former Chief Richard Myers mandated all officers undergo fitness tests, and the department hired Human Performance Systems of Beltsville, Md., to create the evaluations. They included one-minute sit-up and push-up tests, as well as two running tests, one of which focused on agility.

Practice tests in 2013 showed deep disparities in women’s and men’s success rates, the lawsuit said.

Forty percent of women failed the test, compared with 9 percent of men. Women police recruits tested that year fared slightly worse, while men did slightly better.

Still, a 2014 order by Myers’ successor, Chief Pete Carey, mandated each officer pass the test annually. Officers who failed the first test were relegated to desk duty, while those who failed after six months of trying could be fired.

All 12 plaintiffs failed on the first try, including Maggie Santos, a lieutenant at the time overseeing the department’s Internal Affairs division.

She retired after 24 years in the department, taking a job as director of campus safety at a college. In leaving early, Santos said Wednesday that she left “significant” pension benefits on the table.

The risk of being fired without a place to go was too great, she said, especially as her kids neared college.

“It was horrible,” Santos said. “I didn’t want to leave. That isn’t when I had planned to retire. I still had more career in front of me, and it was taken.”

In issuing his ruling, Matsch relied on complex statistical analyses highlighting the disparities women faced.

He said some of the evaluations – such as the push-up test – favored men while “not being designed to evaluate an officer’s overall suitability for duty.”

The Police Department also erred in making the test a sole criterion for an officer’s firing, rather than as “one component,” he said.

In the process, Matsch noted that the Police Department’s use of a fitness test for current employees – not applicants – was unprecedented.

Santos said Matsch’s ruling was bittersweet.

“The reason why we did it was for the younger women,” Santos said. “They won’t appreciate it now when they’re in their 20s, but in 20 to 25 years, they’ll appreciate what we did, and we’re doing it for them.”


Mestizo Teen Plus Four Other Latinos Arrested for Deaths of Two Colorado Teens


It doesn’t matter whether Gustavo is an illegal. He’s a Chicano, a member of a violent race of squat monsters whose lives too often revolve around crime and revenge.

He belongs in Mexico. Better yet, he belongs in a Mexican prison.


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has arrested four more people in connection with the deaths of Derek Greer, 15, and Natalie Partida, 16.

Diego Chacon, 18, was originally just a person of interest to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, but he has been booked into the Criminal Justice Center on the charges of First Degree Murder, Second Degree Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery and Child Abuse.

Gustavo Marquez was arrested earlier this week for his part in the double homicide. He faces two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of kidnapping.

The other three people arrested include:

Joseph Arthur Rodriquez, 18, arrested on charges of First Degree Murder, Second Degree Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, Child Abuse and Accessory.

Marco Antonio Garcia-Bravo, 20, arrested on charges of First Degree Murder, Second Degree Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery and Child Abuse.

Alexandra Marie Romero, 20, arrested on charges of Second Degree Kidnapping and Accessory.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office believes they may have caught all of the people that were involved in the double homicide, but they don’t want to rule out any additional arrests.

The bodies of Greer and Partida were found off Old Pueblo Road about 3/4 of a mile south of Hanover Road on March 12. T

The cause of death has yet to be released, and it is still unclear what the motive was behind the killing of these two teens.


Everyone in this case is a Latino. Derek Greer’s skin is lighter in this photo than in some other photos I’ve seen of him. Exactly why the media would do that is unclear.

It cannot be ruled out that everyone involved is an illegal. Which raises more questions about the public safety in a world in which liberal judges will not allow the President of the United States to implement deportations and other policies that would keep us safer.

More photos of victim Derek Greer:

In the last photo on the right, Greer looks almost like a Negro. Actually, Mexicans often have an admixture of Negroid blood in them, which may help account for certain aspects of the Mexican national character.

Colorado BANS the word “Jesus” as HATE SPEECH


The Satanic New World Order has progressed to the point where it now has the power to ban the word “Jesus,” calling His holy name hate speech.

Christians can expect even tougher times ahead as atheistic, agnostic NWO Communism attacks Christianity on every front until the churches become just another propaganda arm of the Satanic globalist conspiracy.

Christian Today

City orders ‘Jesus is Lord’ ads removed after receiving one complaint, says it invites hate messaging

After receiving just one complaint from a resident, the City of Colorado Springs in Colorado told a church that it had to remove the word “Jesus” from its advertisements.

The Charis Christian Center has been running its “Jesus is Lord” ads for three years on transit benches all over the city.

“It’s a nice way to get the word out; we believe that Jesus is a very positive message of faith,” said Pastor Lawson Perdue, according to KKTV 11 News.

But the Colorado Springs City Transit Division thinks differently as it informed Perdue that the ads had to go.

“I asked them why we could no longer use the name of Jesus. They said it’s because, ‘If you use the name of Jesus, we must allow hate messaging,'” Perdue said.

Later, the city transit office backtracked, saying the ads will be subjected to a review for the time being instead of banning them outright.

“The City takes First Amendment issues very seriously, and strives to fully comply with Constitutional Law. This commitment requires that advertisements and policies are regularly reviewed for content and legality,” according to CBS Denver.

It admitted “that it acted hastily in asking Pastor Perdue to change his messaging.”

The division is now making a “careful review of both the advertising and Transit’s current advertising policy in relation to the requirements of the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause.”

The division said the city attorney’s office is working to ensure that the advertising policies comply with the law.

“During this review, no action will be taken and Mountain Metro Transit will continue Pastor Perdue’s advertisement as they currently appear,” the Transit Division said.

Whatever temporary wins Christians achieve, the well organized and financed attack on man’s relationship to God will continue.

We must speak up in protest. Until we have a totally new government. One with Jesus at the helm.

Student Banned from Attending College for Two Years for Writing Black Lives Matter Women Aren’t Hot

thaddeus pryor

Don’t ever criticize a black if you attend a college or university. Thaddeus Pryor is banned from attending Colorado College for two years because of a “racist” yik yak (which is an anonymous social media site) joke. Some back stabbing bastard ratted him out to the university administration. You never know who your friends are.

Excerpt from

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., December 7, 2015—Colorado College has suspended and banned a student from campus for nearly two years in response to a comment intended as a joke on the anonymous social media application Yik Yak.

In November 2015, Thaddeus Pryor sent an anonymous reply to the comment “#blackwomenmatter” on Yik Yak. Pryor’s response read, “They matter, they’re just not hot.” On November 20, Colorado College found that Pryor’s post violated its “Abusive Behavior” and “Disruption of College Activities” policies and suspended him from the college until August 28, 2017. In the meantime, the college has banned Pryor from setting foot on campus and has forbidden him from taking classes at other institutions for academic credit. Pryor has appealed his suspension.

Thaddeus explains his take on the suspension here. FIRE, a conservative nonprofit devoted to freedom of speech, is working to get Thaddeus back in school. You can read the legal issues involved by clicking on the FIRE link above.

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Orders Flags at Half Mast to Honor Dead Baby Killers

Colorado Governor John HickeyLoopy must think that there are no defenders of babies left in America. The gold plated turd has called the recent PP shootings “a tragedy that’s beyond speech.” Well, guess what, pal? It’s no tragedy and we’re talking it. You kill babies for profit and everyone’s supposed to shut the f*ck up. No, you shut up, Governor HickeyLoopy.

Capradio offers an in-depth look at the story. King Obongo offers comments even more disturbing than those of Loopy boy:

“This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal,” President Obama said the morning after the attack. “If we truly care about this — if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them.”

How dare this even bigger gold plated, God-hating turd speak the name of God? How dare he?