Texas State University students: You can’t be racist to white people


There always seems to be a sh*tstorm brewing on the campus of Texas State University, which is located in the otherwise pleasant small town of San Marcos, Texas, halfway between Austin and San Antonio.

This is the same school where the student paper published a piece in which “Your DNA is an abomination” was written about white people.

My impression is that a lot of the anti-white activism is coming from native-born Latinos, who hate whites and America.

Washington Examiner

One freshman student’s seemingly innocuous tweet about racism has ignited a firestorm at Texas State University. Now other students are shaming her and asking her not to attend the university in the fall.

“Any race can be racist, change my mind,” self-described incoming freshman Tailor tweeted, accompanied by a GIF of Judge Judy tapping her watch and slapping a courtroom bench.

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Hideous Jim Carrey Painting Takes Aim at Kent State Coed Who Posed with AR-10

Jim Carrey hasn’t been banned from Twitter although he harasses people.

Milo, Anglin, and a host of others have been suspended and/or permanently banned for their alleged harassment, so why not Carrey? Because he’s a Hollyweird liberal?

“Goldilocks” sounds like a racial slur against a white girl to me. And this business about her meeting the devil could be interpreted as a death threat.

Hey Jack, ban Carrey!

The Hill

Actor Jim Carrey branched out from his usual portraits of President Trump’s administration on Friday, instead painting a former Kent State University student whose gun-toting graduation photos went viral.


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Poopaganda Story of the Day: Former Homeless Black Addict Gets Edjumacted–Graduates from College

A sob story propagandizes for the worthless negros who are found everywhere in large American cities.

Washington Post

Freddie Sherrill was homeless, an alcoholic and drug addict, and he used to steal his kids’ Christmas presents from under the tree and sell them. He was eating out of dumpsters. He could not read or write.

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Lefty Owner of Duke Coffee Shop Shutting it Down as Naggers Destroy Another Business

Blacks destroy neighborhood values when they move it. They destroy malls when they move in.

Coffee shops generally, in my experience, don’t see a lot of blacks for them to drive out white customers.

However, it only takes one. In this case an obese negress named Britni Brown who decided to annoy white customers with her rap crap.

I don’t understand why the SJW white owner is shutting down the store. See if you can make sense of it.

News Observer

DURHAM The owner of Joe Van Gogh Coffee is closing his shop on the Duke University campus, he said Friday, to preserve the company’s “brand independence without conditions.”

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Feminist Gook Student Strips During Thesis Presentation to Protest Jewess Professor Opining Her Shorts Were Too Brief

A female gook (or chink, to be technical) presenting her senior thesis in class rebelled when her female Jew professor questioned the appropriateness of her revealing clothing.

See what she did:

Daily Mail

A senior at Cornell University has stripped down to her underwear to present her thesis in a bid to fight ‘oppressive beliefs’ after claiming her professor questioned the shorts she was wearing.

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That Duke Administrator Offended by Rap Crap is Swarmed by Negro Protestors as School and Coffee Shop Scramble to Apologize to Blacks


One of those two coffee shop employees who were fired was black, while the other was white. Britni Brown is the black one (see above).

Since my first post on the situation, lots of things have happened that prove once again that in America, the negro is the secular god who will be worshiped by cucks and faggots.

As usual, the reaction from the American nagger was offensive, disgusting, revolting, and possibly illegal.

But since we don’t want the black gods raining down fire and brimstone upon us, we must grovel.

News Observer

A controversy over rap music that led to the firing of two baristas resulted in anger from protesters and a flurry of apologies Wednesday as Duke University and a local coffee company tried to make amends.

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Yale Dinduess Complains of Racism When Cops are Called After Confrontation with White Female Student

A white female attending Yale University (possibly a Jew) called police when she saw a strange black female sleeping in a common area of a dormitory.

Personally, I prefer people who mind their own business, but the girl who called the police may have had good reason. The CNN story only reports the African female’s side of things. I guessing that the white female is laying low in fear of being kicked out of school or having his butt kicked by angry Negros.


A white person voices suspicions about an innocuous person of color. Police are summoned. And the encounter is posted on social media, sparking outrage about racial profiling.

I guess I’ve been racially profiled too. I was told by local police to leave the library’s patio when working there after hours, posting on this site.

Have you been racially profiled by the police?

A person I know has had their home raided by police several times. Each time they found nothing illegal. That person is white.

When police receive a call from someone they have to respond.


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