“Nigger:” Filthy Rapper Kendrick Lamar Set Up a White Female Fan to Become Pariah for Rapping N-Word on Stage

A white Alabama girl got a lesson in Negro treachery when she was sh*t on by the crowd at a rapper Kendrick Lamar show.

Not literally sh*t on, but demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by the nog celebrity and his fans as she sang with him on stage. When she hit the word “nigger” in the lyrics, she didn’t stop.

That enraged the monkeys.

Fox News

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called out a white fan on Sunday for not skipping the N-word in one of his songs after inviting her on stage to rap with him.

Dirty nigger.

The slut white girl isn’t off the hook in my book either. She’s a fan of a filthy nigger rapper? She gets whatever he dishes out and she’ll have to like it or set off a chimpout. She’ll be popping out mulattoes soon, if she hasn’t already.

Watch her in the video below.

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White Woman Charged with Murdering Black Husband Has Bail Reduced, Causing “Affluenza” Accusation from Dead Nog’s Fam

We have a role reversal in this story.

Usually, it’s the darkie male who offs the white wife. How often have we seen that here.

This time, the white wife, a repulsive looking creature I must say, did in the nog husband.

She claims he was abusive. We could have told her that before she married him seven years ago.

New York Post

A judge on Friday substantially lowered the bail of a Texas woman accused of killing her husband — and an attorney for the man’s family claims it’s all because of the “affluenza effect.”

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Neo-Nazi on Trial for Mudshark’s Murder Pleads Not Guilty


Yes, interracial couples are disgusting to see, but blasting away at them isn’t helping our cause and it can get you put on trial for murder.

Travis Ricci is facing the death penalty.

New York Daily News

PHOENIX — An interracial couple was walking near a Phoenix park when authorities say a shirtless neo-Nazi began angrily yelling a racial slur and harassing the black man in the couple over dating a white woman.

There’s a lack of clarity in this case, but I believe that the story came from the black boyfriend. The wheelman, already in prison, may also be testifying against the defendant. The story doesn’t say for sure what the evidence against him is.

There’s one giant HOLE in the state’s case, however. Read on to see what you think.

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Race-Mixing White Slut Mom Accused of Racism by Black Female After Calling Mulatto Son a “Cheeky MONKEY”


A black busybody got on a white mother’s case in a park after mom affectionately referred to her mixed race sprog as a cheeky monkey.

The idiots who populate social media are debating whether the busybody was right.

In their indoctrinated state of mind, no one is criticizing miscegenation, accepting race traitors as normal people to be dealt with in normal ways.

White mom should be more worried about whether her ape man from Africa will kill her before her “cheeky monkey” grows up and does the job.

Excerpt from The Independent

A mother has expressed her outrage at a stranger who accused her of being “racist” towards her own son after she called him a “cheeky monkey.”

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Mom’s Protest to Court that Black Boyfriend’s First Degree Murder Charge was Excessive Works–Boyfriend OUT on Bail

Watch white mom talk about her dead son in the above one minute interview. Mom also had plenty to say to the court, getting the boy’s alleged murderer’s bail reduced by an absolutely incredible amount. So now the nog is out and mom can have her BBC again.

Fuck her!

If your child is too much for you, white woman, and you don’t want to kill it yourself, just get yourself a nagger boyfriend. They’ll do the job for you.

Beside her deceased white toddler, mom has a mulatto with the nog suspect.


A man accused of killing a 2-year-old in the Metro East is out of jail on bond and victim’s grandmother wants the judge responsible for the decision to step down.


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“Somebody killed my mommy:” Beaner Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Killing White Mom and Male Relative

East Idaho News reports that Gilberto Delgado, shown above, has a lengthy criminal record. He added to it with his arrest for a shocking double murder that left a little boy without his mother.

Race mixing with a Mestizo (Delgado is probably mixed with Negro too) is a bad idea. As white mom found out the hard way. With a Latino, you never leave them, ladies. They own you. That’s their mindset.

Fox News

The 911 calls released Monday of a 2016 double-murder in Washington state reveal the horrifying moment a 7-year-old boy discovered his mother’s body and told a dispatcher: “Somebody killed my mommy.”

Daniel Kenison and Brenda Kolbert were found shot to death in their Spokane Valley home in August 2016, KHQ reported. On Monday, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office released the 911 calls alerting authorities to the murders.


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Mudshark Pedophile Mary Kay Letourneau’s Sea Monkey Hubby Arrested for DUI

At age 56 Mary Kay Letoureau isn’t looking so great. Perhaps that’s why her now grown boy toy filed for a legal separation from his wife.

When Vili was pulled over for DUI, Mary Kay came rushing to his side, advising him not to take a breathalyzer test.

This weird case of co-dependency still fascinates 20 years after the names Mary Kay and Vili made the top of the news.


Vili Fualaau, who notoriously wed his former sixth-grade teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly crashed his SUV into two cars last month, PEOPLE confirms.

Letourneau herself reportedly also became involved in the Feb. 2 incident, though she and Fualaau separated last year.


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