A Las Vegas Massacre Skeptic Explains the End Game

Skeptic Chuck Baldwin has analyzed the Las Vegas massacre and come up with a number of challenges to the story as it has been told so far.

The seven questions below are asked by Baldwin and then elaborated upon in the original article.

Following the skeptic’s eye view of the story, he offers the reader a theory about the incident.

Excerpts from Lew Rockwell

1. Where are the hundreds or thousands of spent cartridges on Stephen Paddock’s hotel floor?

2. Why do so many witnesses who were at the scene report shooters in so many different locations?

3. Why do so many police officers who were at the scene report shooters in so many different locations?

4. Where did the shots come from that went through the front doors at the Bellagio Hotel Casino (and other casinos)?

5. Where is the Ruger bolt-action .308 caliber rifle that Paddock purchased only a few hours before the shootings?

6. Why would Paddock need to break out two windows, including in the suite and in the adjoining room?

7. Why did the CEO and part owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino sell off his portion of the holdings in the hotel over a couple month period just before the shootings?

The smell is bad when you consider that there there are so many things that don’t add up about the alleged shootings.

Baldwin finishes up with this conspiracy theory, which makes sense to me:

If there was more than one shooter, the only thing that makes sense to me is that it had to be a professional dark ops government action. “Whose government?” you ask. There are only three governments that have the resources to successfully pull off a shooting of this magnitude and completely escape detection inside the continental United States—only three: America’s CIA, British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad. That’s it. Plus, the presence of “spy cameras” in Paddock’s room strongly indicates the presence of spooks. This is almost standard procedure for covert ops and suggests a degree of sophistication in this operation that I cannot imagine Stephen Paddock would have. Forget ISIS and all that claptrap. If there were multiple shooters (of which all but one have completely disappeared, and no one in law enforcement is even looking for them), it could only be carried out by one of—or a consortium of—these three governments.

I realize that it is extremely difficult (and uncomfortable) for people to accept the possibility that elements within our own government could be capable of such an atrocity as the shootings in Las Vegas. But any government that has no qualms about murdering tens of millions of unborn babies; any government that has no qualms about murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world in unprovoked, preemptive drone attacks, missile attacks, bombings, assassinations, and illegal dark operations; and any government that would callously send young Americans into these battlefield meat grinders to fight and die for the sake of wars for profit, nation-building, and political power-brokering is capable of ANYTHING.

No, this doesn’t mean that your congressman or senators (or mine) or the President of the United States or even the Pentagon knows about it—although any one or several of them MIGHT. But it does mean that there is an illegal nefarious dark side of government that surreptitiously carries out the most evil and unspeakable acts of violence against the most helpless and innocent of people ALL OF THE TIME. To monsters this wicked and vile, the lives of 58 innocents in Las Vegas is just another day at the office.

When the American people can come to grips with the distinct possibility of what I am saying, then we can have an intelligent conversation about what to do about it. But until people (including local police officials) are willing to entertain this potentiality, any conversation on the subject is moot. And dismissing what this author is saying as being nothing but a nutty conspiracy theory only ensures that, if there are such people behind these kinds of mass shootings, we will never be able to get to the crux of it, and it will only continue—which is what is happening, isn’t it?

But it should be obvious WHY a dark side of government would want to do such things. As I’ve already noted, the ultimate goal of America-haters is our disarmament. And since no one in law enforcement, government, or the media is willing to delve into this possibility, these kinds of shootings only worsen over time. The next shooting (and there will be another one) will be worse than Las Vegas. They will not stop until America is disarmed OR until the American people awaken to what is happening and demand that the light of truth start shining on the dark forces behind these atrocities.

Of course, the other thing these mass shootings accomplish is to put America deeper and deeper into a cage. You can bet that from now on getting into a Las Vegas hotel casino will be like boarding a commercial airliner—or worse. Larger cities across America will enact stricter and stricter security measures in more and more places, which means our liberties will go down the toilet even faster. Plus, don’t forget that numerous insider security peddlers, such as former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security under President G.W. Bush (and co-author of the Patriot Act) Michael Chertoff, are going to make billions of dollars promoting the security industry.

The more we are told about the Las Vegas shootings, the less believable it is.

Given the utter apathy of the national news media for truthful investigative reporting, and given the gullibility of so many Americans to swallow the mindless propaganda from the national news media, and given the unwillingness of local law enforcement agencies to challenge the narratives from the federal government, I guess Stephen Paddock is destined to go down in history alongside Lee Harvey Oswald as the “lone shooter” in one of the worst killings in America. And we all KNOW that Oswald acted alone, don’t we?

P.S. One more time, let me remind readers about our book on why no one, especially Christians, should allow themselves to be disarmed—and specifically why they should never allow their semi-automatic rifles to be taken away from them.

The Las Vegas shootings have only invigorated the gun-grabbers (and spineless jellyfish) in government to pass additional gun control laws. And, sadly, a host of pastors and churches are telling their congregations that Christians are obligated to surrender their firearms should civil government require them to do so. Furthermore, many are saying that banning semi-automatic rifles is “reasonable” and is not actually disarming us. They could not be more WRONG. Plus, such teaching is an egregious violation of the Word of God.

Raw Footage : Mandalay Bay , Las Vegas, NV.

Posted here for your information and analysis. Thirteen minutes.

I had read that the light men working for country singer Jason Aldean had turned the lights on the crowd AFTER THE SHOOTING STARTED, possibly as part of a conspiracy to make it easier for the shooter(s) to kill.

At about the 1:40 mark that appears to be what happens. All the lights are turned on to illuminate (illuminati) the crowd.

Why would that happen by accident?

I’ll also throw in a harsh criticism of Jason Aldean. When the shooting broke out, the coward just ran off the stage. He could have yelled, “Gunfire. Take cover!” as he was running away, but he didn’t. His behavior was disgusting.

/pol/ Sleuths Connect Paddock to Spooks: Official Story Falling Apart

It looks like thanks to Obama and Hillary that ISIS is in the U.S. buying weapons, probably to use in terror attacks on American soil. This latest theory is that alleged shooter Paddock was FBI undercover. It fits. Watch the few seconds of video in the last Tweet where Paddock’s brother almost let the cat out of the bag by accident. He’s a loudmouth who loves being on TV.

Some patriot in the Las Vegas PD needs to step forward and tell the truth or at least leak it to Wikileaks or /pol/.

ISIS has claimed credit for massacre. Maybe they’re telling the truth.

More later when the /pol/ sleuths uncover it. For now, we have something more to go on that’s telling us this is much more than a “lone nut”, Lee Harvey Paddock, killing for no good reason.

Flow Chart: The CIA’s Four Stages of Subversion


I would say that America today is in the race replacement stage and close to the revolution or civil war stage.

Seen at Re_pug_nant’s Twitter

Jim Stone Freelance: Vegas Shooting Real, Mossad/CIA Operation, Lone Gunman a Dead Patsy


We’ll have to see how this plays out, in particular the details about the shooters motive. The following conspiracy theory raises some interesting questions relating to the number of shooters and a bizarre incident in which people were warned about an impending attack.

Jim Stone Freelance


I have now been through the videos carefully. There was more than one shooter, but you have to go through all the videos to figure it out. There are points in the video where it is clearly and obviously at least two gunmen. The shooting was not done with weapons that were supposed to be fully automatic, they were modified semi auto. It appears there were two shooters with one of the shooters not shooting as much as the other.

Multiple gunmen opened fire at a crowd attending an outdoor concert at the Mandalay Bay casino in Vegas. My guess is this was staged by American intelligence to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don’t know about that, skip down the page a ways.

For me, this is obvious:
1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory.

2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS, and the shooting is definitely not a hoax.


20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it into the concert area, all the way to the front of the stage and the woman shouted it in front of everyone. It was a ruckus that everyone noticed. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and a short while later the shooting started.

BUSTED: Several eyewitnesses told Fox News that there were at least 3 shooters. Fox news then immediately started saying it was a lone gunman. THAT’S PROOF THIS IS A CIA OP, WITH THE BASE STORY LINE OF A LONE NUTCASE. Even in the video, it is obvious there are at least two guns because there is one with a sharp report, and one with a dull report, and at one point the one with the dull report starts shooting first, which proves the dull sound is not just an echo. The Latino couple who showed up to warn probably work for intelligence and wanted to stop it from happening.

UPDATE: SAME OLD SAME OLD!!!! LONE NUTCASE. PATSY DEAD. Proof the CIA did it. They had one retard in the group, left him behind for dead, while the real shooters SPLIT.

We will have to see how this plays out, but for now:

1. The Democrats/communists needed a huge event to distract people from their dirty deeds in Puerto Rico

2. A Latino couple went through the casino and out to the concert crowd, yelling loudly telling everyone they could that everyone would soon be dead, and they had to leave or they would die. They made it to the stage area and gut busted as “fruitcakes” there. So someone knew, and they probably knew because they were intelligence that did not want to go along with it.

3. Shortly thereafter, gunfire from the surrounding hotels rained down on the crowd, and if you listen through all the video, you can clearly hear it is at least two guns because the low sounding gun starts first once, it is not just a dulled echo. UPDATE: There are plenty of times in the videos where only the gun with the dull report is firing. Clearly it is an AK and an AR or M-16

4. Intelligence agency classic: Media suddenly controlled, not allowing random witnesses, Whitewash complete, lone gunman, patsy dead, no stories told. So classic, it happens that way EVERY TIME. Retard dead. Agents walk.

Once again, I have the critical videos that prove it all cached offline. If they were honest about this, they’d be saying multiple gunmen. The loner story alone proves it is once again Democrats staging this crap through a controlled media. And just like they’ll kill off people in Puerto Rico by starving them out on purpose, they’ll shoot up a casino in Vegas. From a Bolshevik perspective, everyone is disposable and nothing matters but them getting more control.

BUSTED: ISRAEL reported this WAY TOO EARLY to EVER know!

QUESTION: How would Israel know this, when it happened in Vegas at 10:08 vegas time, and they posted this a little after 3AM vegas time (originally) only to have it get repeated by another paper at 4:20 AM vegas time and get deleted in the original paper? How would the police investigators connect the dots in the dead of night before 3 AM (only to have that news make it back to Israel,) go through the publishing delays, and get originally posted at 3 AM?

Good question. Obvious answer: THIS SHOOTING WAS SCRIPTED FROM ISRAEL. It was probably a Mossad job, and they had their patsy already chosen.

I have this video in an earlier post but it’s relevant here too, as it confirms there was an incident in which people were warned that they were all going to die in a little bit.

Hillary Clinton Plays Fast and Loose with the Truth in Attack on Trump’s War on NFL


You know what the controversy is all about so we don’t need to go into the details again. Instead, let’s see what Hillary said then break it down.

Washington Examiner

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday said President Trump’s recent remarks about NFL protests and the statements were “deeply troubling.”

“Well, I think it’s deeply troubling that the president would be attacking black athletes for expressing their opinions peacefully… And I just couldn’t help thinking that he has attacked these black athletes for peacefully protesting, but he doesn’t really attack white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klanners, or Vladimir Putin, who interfered in our election,” Clinton told SiriusXM host Zerlina Maxwell on Monday.

First, Hillary would find it “deeply troubling” that a political figure, the guy who beat her, no less, has had the guts to call out anti-white, anti-police, anti-American Negros for their mischief.

In America, the unspoken rules are that you’re never allowed to say anything bad about the Negro.

Hillary may have forgotten that she called out young blacks as “super predators” back in the 90s, which some people found “deeply troubling.” But that was the old Hillary who had to try to appeal to white voters to help her partner in crime get re-elected to the presidency.

Second, Hillary is upset because Trump is attacking black athletes (whose incomes put them in the 1 percent) for protesting peacefully. Hillary attacked Trump supporters who were peaceful. You remember what she called us–“deplorables.”

Third, Hillary just can’t stop lying. The truth is not in her. Her claim that Trump has not criticized the KKK and Nazis is going to make her nose grow.

Following the Charlottesville incident, Trump famously criticized “both sides.” Stop lying Hillary.

Finally, contra to Hillary’s claim, there is NO evidence that Putin interfered in the election she lost.

Trump has never said that he would deny the right of blacks to protest. Rather he’s against on-the-job protests that involve disrespecting the American flag and the National Anthem.

Shame on you Hillary, you liar. Just go away and shut up.

Your nose is gonna grow.

Four Star General Sides with Protesters, Against Trump


Here’s a nice piece of anti-white, anti-Trump propaganda, featuring a Deep State operative, four-star general and former CIA head, Michael Hayden.

Wikipedia reports that Hayden is an analyst for CNN. In the past he’s worked for Bush and Obama.


Trump’s vicious and racist attack on NFL players protesting racism has convinced a 39-year military veteran to stand with the NFL players.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL players who protest racism and police brutality has backfired tremendously.

Now even Michael Hayden, a four-star general who served in the military for 39 years and went on to serve as national security adviser and head the CIA, has taken a side — and it’s not with Trump.

In a powerful and blistering op-ed, Hayden explained the evolution of his feelings about former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality against black communities by kneeling during the national anthem.

He “wasn’t enthusiastic about turning a unifying and celebratory moment for most Americans into a venue for protest,” Hayden writes.

But Trump changed that for Hayden with his deplorable rant last Friday about “son of a bitch” players who should stand during the national anthem or be fired.

Trump, before a red-hot Alabama crowd of his political base, decided to treat the “SOBs” who wouldn’t stand for the anthem the way he has previously treated other groups like Mexicans (murderers and rapists), intelligence professionals (Nazis), immigrants (deeply unfair), refugees (dangerous), and Muslims (they hate us).

Worse, though, is the subsequent spin from Trump, his administration, and his supporters defending Trump’s behavior. For days, they have grossly distorted the entire point of the protest into something else entirely, insisting that those players who kneel are in fact protesting the flag itself, the national anthem, and even the men and women who have served in uniform.

On Monday, for example, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders brazenly claimed that Trump’s attack on black athletes is about “national pride in our country. And supporting those that have fought and died to defend it.” She even dared to say that his position “should be something that every American can get behind and support and celebrate.”

That is not how Hayden, who unlike the draft-dodging president actually has served in uniform, sees it.

“As a 39-year military veteran, I think I know something about the flag, the anthem, patriotism, and I think I know why we fight,” he writes. “It’s not to allow the president to divide us by wrapping himself in the national banner. I never imagined myself saying this before Friday, but if now forced to choose in this dispute, put me down with Kaepernick.”

Trump has continued his bitter, divisive, un-American tirade against NFL players for several days now, with no sign of stopping. According to Politico White House reporter Josh Dawsey, Trump even told conservatives on Monday that his fight with the NFL is “going well” and that he wants it to continue.

It is a sickening exploitation of the powerful protests against racism and police brutality, though not surprising coming from this president. Meanwhile, his feud has provoked condemnation from team owners who donated to him, from the widow of Pat Tillman, and now from a four star general.

The woman writer who put this together isn’t very nuanced, is she? Calling Trump a draft dodger, for example. A better propagandist would be more subtle, noting that Trump never served in the military.
Like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.