Claim: Assassination Imminent as Heroic Trump Shut Down Another Mossad 9/11 Type Terror Plot


It’s not bombs we have to worry about but rather laptops taking control of a plane and flying it into a heavily populated, prominent building. Like Trump Tower, for example.

Jim Stone Freelance is on the story. His site is set up without linking dates or titles, and without an HTTP designation. If you would like to read this material on his site, just scroll down from the top.

Jim Stone Freelance (

Israel hatched another new 911 terror plot, and Trump shut it down. Here is how the story line was supposed to go
Terrorists were going to board a U.S. bound plane from Europe, with laptops. They were going to hack the plane with their laptops, and do a second 911. When Trump mentioned terrorists with laptops to Russia, and to get them off of planes, and then Trump banned laptops on flights to the U.S., he shut down the Israeli terror plot.

The plot was obviously as fabricated as 911. I do not know who leaked it to Trump, but Kushner is close enough to all of it to do it. And even if Trump did not know it was Israel (highly probable he did not know) even if Trump thought it really was an independent terror plot, the end result was that him telling Russia to get laptops off their planes, shut it down.

SO THAT is the HUGE “Trump Russia intelligence leak” and Israel is PISSED AS HELL ABOUT IT, because they had a whole new plan, and now it will not go forward.

Reverend Jim Bakker is mentioned in Jim Stone’s piece about what has so angered the Jews who control America. More:


The Lord Told Me President Trump’s Life is in Danger – Pray for His Safety

From Breaking Christian News, May 16
Jim Bakker said during a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang that God told him there will soon be an attempt on President Donald Trump’s life, and that Christians need to be crying out in prayer for their president’s protection.

During the same podcast interview with Charisma Media founder Steve Strang in which he discussed the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack [as] an end-times event, Jim Bakker shared that he sometimes feels alone in his calls to pray for President Donald Trump.

But another word he received from the Lord has added to his urgency.

“There is going to be an attempt on our president’s life very soon, ” he said. “We need to pray for the protection of our president.”

Combative Trump Rips “failed” Critics in Fiery Graduation Speech


Saturday showed some good timing by President Donald Trump.

A friendly crowd can be a blessing for man under siege. Christians, real Christians, not social justice warriors claiming to be Christian, have warm fuzzies for our leader. That allowed him to make some fine comments to the graduates at Liberty University today.

“In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

New York Post

A feisty President Trump lashed out at Washington naysayers with a combative commencement speech Saturday.

The address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., sounded like a personal pep talk after a week of withering criticism following the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

“In my short time in Washington, I’ve seen firsthand how the system is broken,” he told a cheering crowd of 50,000 at the evangelical institution.

He complained of “a small group of failed voices who think they know everything and want to tell everybody else how to live, what to do, and how to think.”

“But we don’t need a lecture from Washington on how to lead our lives,” he said.

Trump told the class of nearly 5,000 graduates to revel in their “outsider” status.

“Being an outsider is fine — embrace the label,” he said. “It’s the outsiders who change the world.”

“The more a broken system tells you that you are wrong, the more certain you should be that you must keep pushing ahead,” he said.

“No one has ever achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why it can’t be done,” he said, a nod to the blistering attacks of the previous days.

“Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic, because they are the people who can’t get the job done.”

Christian college professor suggests murdering Republican congressman is ‘self defense’


A fifth rate professor at a small university has Tweeted calls for violence against a responsible conservative member of Congress. That’s Professor James McPherson, pictured above. He’s out of the liberal hellhole, Spokane, Washington.

Here’s the story of two Tweets that reveal the character of someone who in my opinion is a sociopath. Remember, I spent 30 years in academia at a tenth rate university surrounded by fifth rate minds infected by political correctness. Advocating the murder of conservative white men is something I’ve heard before. Most of the race traitors have enough sense to not put their sociopathy on display in writing.

The College Fix

Tennessee Rep. David Kustoff voted for the Republican bill that would repeal and replace Obamacare, known as the American Health Care Act.

A woman allegedly tried to run his car off the road because of that vote. She has been charged with “felony reckless endangerment,” the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post Thursday.

Scary stuff, unless you’re a certain communications studies professor at Whitworth University.

James McPherson, a journalism historian and author of The Conservatism Resurgence and the Press, responded to a Daily Beast tweet about the premeditated attack on a sitting congressman by calling it “self defense. #StandYourGround.”

He followed with another tweet asking others if the incident counted as self-defense, again using the #StandYourGround hashtag.

McPherson has taught mass media history and media criticism among other courses, and formerly chaired the faculty promotion and tenure committee at Whitworth, a Christian university affiliated with the socially liberal Presbyterian Church (USA). Before joining Whitworth in 2000, he taught at another Presbyterian school, the women-only Peace College.

In the past he has satirically called for “a group of heavily armed African Americans who would show up at random events to make sure order is being kept,” if not a “permanent, heavily armed African American paramilitary force ready to step in wherever the potential for unrest exists.”

McPherson’s suggested name for this force is “BEAFRAID” (Blacks Exercising Armed, Free, Responsible, American Interventional Defense):

Just think of the places the presence of BEAFRAID could be useful. Some that come immediately to mind: Confederate Flag rallies, NRA meetings, the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rush Limbaugh’s next wedding. …

As a white, middle-class, middle-aged American man with great ideas and at least a couple of black friends, I would naturally be an excellent choice. Unfortunately, with a full-time gig as a professional corrupter of young minds, I don’t have time to do take this on. But I think Rachel Dolezal might be available.

According to the sheriff’s department, Rep. Kustoff and his aide were leaving a “town hall meeting” at the University of Tennessee-Martin when Wendi L. Wright followed them in her car:

Wright placed the occupants in fear of being forced off the roadway. They turned onto Old Troy Road and into a driveway of a person they were familiar with. Wright exited her vehicle and began screaming and striking the windows of their vehicle and at one point reached inside their vehicle. She then stood in front of their vehicle in an attempt to keep them blocked in. … Wright was identified after she posted details of the encounter on Facebook.

Obami blog did a post on this turd last December. The comments are hilarious.

He’s a feminist! LOL

Even Larry Sinclair isn’t a motherfuckin’ feminist!

This guy’s got NAMBLA written all over his face.

Just being blunt, every man I seen who was a feminist sympathizer was always a spineless wimpy little coward who thought that if they could jump into supporting feminism they too could impress women enough and “might” get a little pussy.

sorry jamie, but real women see dudes like you as tools and fagots.

no, actually I’m not sorry. I have nothing to apologize for haha

McPherson threatened to sue Obami for his post, claiming defamation. I’ll bet the deranged fool is also going to threaten the College Fix.

McPherson ought to know that opinion is protected speech and can never be defamation under the law. But with liberal judges ignoring the law …

Link to McPherson’s WordPress blog

Christian teacher who quoted Bible saying gay people ‘deserve to die,’ in letter to student newspaper RESIGNS


The hatred of God and of Christians is strongly in evidence in America 2017. Americans, far too many of them, worship Satan. Not that they necessarily engage in Satanic rituals, but rather they reject any and all morality. Substituting for morality in their world is egalitarianism. No immoral act can ever be condemned (except for murder and even there euthanasia and abortion are accepted and applauded).

Foolish Americans, who make up at least half or more of the population, have succeeded in silencing the other half. Advocating for God and for morality can not only cost you your job, but create potentially fatal consequences ranging from stress to being murdered.

San Luis Obispo

In a letter to the student newspaper, a San Luis Obispo High School teacher quoted a Bible verse saying that people committing homosexual acts “deserve to die,” drawing outrage and concern from students, teachers and parents, and a call for calm by administrators.

Mayor Heidi Harmon urged community members to complain to the school district administration. “This is unacceptable,” Harmon wrote on her Facebook page Wednesday. “A teacher at SLO High wrote this shaming letter against the LGBT community — a community that already has a high degree of suicide.”

The school won’t discipline special education teacher Michael Stack, saying teachers as well as students “do not shed their First Amendment rights” at school.


“A bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable,” San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater and Principal Leslie O’Connor said in a joint statement Wednesday.

“As a district, we understand that students do not shed their First Amendment rights at school, and we respect the rights of our students to speak on controversial topics. We applaud the high school’s commitment to open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas in its student newspaper,” the statement read. “ … In a similar manner, we acknowledge the right of our staff to voice their opinions.”

Prater and O’Connor called the controversy “a teachable moment” and urged the community to conduct a “civil discourse.”

The statement went on to say that Stack was a probationary teacher in his first year at the campus. At O’Connor’s recommendation, the district decided in February not to keep him on staff for the upcoming school year.

Stack left campus early Wednesday and could not be reached for comment.

His letter was published Tuesday in Expressions, the school’s journalism website, and was in response to Expressions’ May 2017 print edition featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer issues — including an interview with an LGBTQ couple about their relationship.

Stack wrote that he was compelled to speak out because he “didn’t want to displease God,” saying the Bible is “without error” and its hundreds of predictions are 100 percent accurate.

Since the story of Michael Stack’s letter broke in the press, he’s resigned and received death threats.

San Luis Obispo

A San Luis Obispo High School teacher has resigned in the face of widespread outrage over a letter he wrote to the school student newspaper that cited a Biblical passage saying those who commit homosexual acts “deserve to die.”

Special education teacher Michael Stack did not show up to work Thursday but sent the school an email at 1:07 p.m., which he also copied to Fox News, tendering his resignation, noting “the community apparently wants me out, so I hereby grant them their desires.”

Late Thursday morning, someone called the school and threatened Stack’s life, according to San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater.

Rabbi: Jews, Muslims Natural Allies Against Christianity

Flashback to 2015 and spend 3 minutes listening to a chief Rabbi talk about the future of Europe. From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 5, 2015

Europe’s economic difficulties in recent years have led to a rise in radicalism and anti-immigrant sentiment, and the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks brought these tensions to boiling point. How are these changes affecting Europe’s sizeable Jewish and Muslim minorities, and how are they testing the limits of Western ideas of tolerance and free speech? Oksana is joined by Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, to consider these issues.

Perceptive youtube comment:

There’s no doubt about that, Rabbi Goldshekel… Ever since the Protocols of the Lerned Elders of Zion, and even before that, it has been World Jewry’s goal to destroy European civilization, uproot traditional values, and eliminate the mention of Jesus Christ in all facets of society…

The Jewish Bankers in the Mediaeval era were able in England and throughout Europe to enforce their usury on the generality of the population because they cleverly cut the local King in on their racket… The King’s soldiers and Law Courts could be relied upon (usually) to provide the Jews with protection and enforce judgements against loan defaulters… (As a matter of fact, this is pretty much how the racket operates today, with power-hungry politicians frantic for Jewish patronage and anxious to stick all four trotters as well as their snouts in the Bankers’ money trough)… Or, in the case of America- to do the bidding of the Zionist Entity in Palestine and militarily wipe other countries off the map in order to manifest ‘Greater Israel’- from the Nile to the Euphrates River- the ancient dream of the Rabbis and Elders of Zion… This has been the primary reason for ALL American wars from the twentieth century onward…

The Sabbatean-Frankist Jews infiltrated Islam, after the 17th century’s Turkish Jewish “Messiah” Sabbatai Sevi was forced by the Sultan to convert to Islam… From there Crypto-Jewish movements like the Dönmeh and the Young Turks were created. Mustafa Kemal Pasha Atatürk, leader of the Young Turks who were responsible for the slaughter of Armenian Christians…

These Bolshevik Jews seized livestock, crops, grain, and farm implements from the Ukrainian peasants… Any Ukrainian citizen who resisted them was shot… Desperate Ukrainian clergy and peasants ate anything to survive: bugs, grass, and leather shoes during the Holodomors…

Early in the 19th century Jewish Zionists Karl Marx and Moses Hess developed a formula for white man’s demise… Marxist Socialism (Communism) was designed to destroy a race, the white race. Transformed into cultural Marxism (Political Correctness) the Zionists have used the weapon of Communism to bring the European peoples to their knees… It proposes an unnatural equality as an excuse for mass immigration and race mixing… And the Muslims throughout Europe are still helping the Jews today carry out their agenda…

Satan Behind Anti-Trump Protests, Says End-Times Christian Author (Video)

George Soros serves a higher power–Satan.

Watch the four minute video.

The real target of the left’s hate is not Donald Trump, but God. Trump is doing God’s work.

Right Wing Watch

Last week, Jim Bakker hosted End Times author Joel Richardson and disgraced ex-FBI agent and anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist John Guandolo on his program to discuss recent protests against President Trump.

Commenting on the Tax Day protests that urged Trump to release his tax returns, Bakker expressed disbelief that people joined the protests organically: “What’s going on in America where, you know, all these people gather all at the same time in the same place? How can they all gather together? Every city they’re marching, they’re all doing this, who is setting this up? The reporters all believe it. They’re feeding us a lie!”

Guandolo told the televangelist that left-wing demonstrators, including Black Lives Matter activists, are working hand-in-hand with “the jihadi movement, the terrorist movement,” and their protests “are planned and are funded by enemies of the United States.”

Richardson said that Satan has involved himself in the protests: “It’s not against Donald Trump. On the outside, in the natural [world], it’s, ‘We hate Donald Trump,’ ‘We’re furious about this and we’re furious about that,’ but the scriptures say they gather and they plot ultimately against the Lord and against His anointed.”

“In my opinion, when you see the rage of Satan directed against something, that’s usually evidence that God is involved because Satan is enraged in that which God is doing in the earth,” Richardson later added. He claimed that “the Lord is using this administration” and “it’s for that reason that the rage of Satan, this irrational rage of Satan, is so directed towards this man.”

Black Woman Mayor Under Fire for Telling A Truth About Black Poverty


The causes of black poverty are many, including Democrat policies keeping blacks dependent on welfare and blacks’ lower average intelligence, which creates their inferior culture.

The Mayor’s answer to the question is a good one, focusing on the lack of Christian morality among blacks. However, she’s under attack for daring to express the role that faith can play in lessening the extent of poverty.


San Antonio’s Mayor Blamed Poverty on ‘People Not Being in a Relationship With Their Creator’

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is under fire for saying that “broken people” who aren’t in touch with religion are at the root of poverty in her city.

Taylor made the remarks at an April 3 forum where she and another mayoral candidate fielded questions including one from the director of San Antonio’s Christian Resource Center, who asked what they saw as “the deepest, systemic causes of generational poverty in San Antonio,” the San Antonio Current reports.

“I’ll go ahead and put it out there,” Taylor said. “To me, it’s broken people. People not being in a relationship with their Creator, and therefore not being in a good relationship with their families and their communities and not being productive members of society. So I mean, I think that’s the ultimate answer.”

The answer reportedly didn’t cause a stir at the forum, but the video has since been widely shared online.

She is now being criticized for linking poverty and religion. Nearly 15 percent of San Antonio’s population lives below the poverty line, according to the Current.

While Taylor didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from TIME, she did address the backlash on Facebook on April 23 — writing that she has devoted her life to “breaking the chains of generational poverty.”

“I also believe in Original Sin, and that was the context for my comment in the YouTube video clip. We’re all ‘broken,’ from the richest among us to the poorest, until we forge a relationship with our Maker,” she wrote in the post. “I could have expressed myself more clearly in explaining my belief at the forum.”

If the video won’t play for you via Facebook, try the youtube version below. Ivy Taylor speaks for a little over a minute.