Chinese Student Admits Hiring Imposter to Take Exam Charged with Fraud, Facing Deportation


The cold dead slanted eyes of the Chinese student cheater above say that there’s no sense of shame in her.

Are Asians really smarter than whites, as the press likes to gloat about, or are intelligence tests given only to the brightest Orientals. Alternatively, we might ask how common cheating is among the Chinese.

The South China Morning Post reported last year that the Chinese are the most dishonest ethnic group.

The honesty test wasn’t administered to Jews, so who knows how they would have fared.

South China Morning Post

A Chinese woman pleaded guilty on Monday to cheating on a college-entrance exam, becoming the latest person to admit wrongdoing amid US probes into international students who use impostors to gain admission to American universities.

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Weedparations: Steve Sailer Proposes Giving Blacks a MONOPOLY on Production, Distribution, and Sale of Weed


Since I’m anti-weed, I endorse Steve’s idea of turning over the industry to blacks, with Jews or others not allowed to be involved at all in the production, distribution, or sale of marijuana.

How long do you think it would be before the pot industry was brought down to the level of Detroit, Birmingham, and other black run operations?


Yesterday, I endorsed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ celebrated call for reparations to the descendants of American slaves. Modeled upon the Indian casino idea, I propose that those who can document, say, that at least half of their ancestors in 1860 were slaves in the United States can partake of a legal monopoly on the growing, wholesaling, and retailing of marijuana granted to authentic descendants of American black slaves.

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Asian Guy Gets A Bit Tough with Asian Woman Cheater Who Self-Upgraded to First Class on a Plane

The short Facebook video above went viral, notching 1.2 million views already.

Source title: Heroic FB user stands up for AirAsia stewardess bullied by passenger who ‘upgraded’ seat on her own

“Heroic” seems to me to be an exaggeration in the title. I’m wondering what if the “hero” were a white male. Would everyone be so quick to approve of him ordering “auntie” out of the seat she didn’t pay for, or would he be demonized on social media as a racist Nazi.

Asians cheat a lot, according to honesty studies, although it varies by country. I assume the cheating autie is Chinese, who are among the most dishonest.


A Facebook user recently posted about an encounter with an unreasonable woman onboard an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

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Model Minority Stabs Woman to Death in Library, Slashes 77 Year Old Man Who Tried to Stop Him


There’s no information about alleged killer Jeffrey Yao other than a brief line in the Daily Mail report that says he was “mentally ill.”

In crazy America, I don’t even know what that means anymore.

In the country I grew up in, people formed families, with the wife bearing children and the husband angling for a career that would pay enough to support and expand his family. The country was 90 percent white then and white Christian family values prevailed in what was essentially a white world.

Mental illness was rare, and people who acted crazy were institutionalized in the state mental hospital at Mandeville, Louisiana. Later, someone got the bright idea that mental cases should roam free, supported by the state.

Fox News

A man armed with a hunting knife stabbed a woman to death Saturday inside a public library in Massachusetts, authorities said.

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Emotion-Driven Normies Want Oriental “Hero” Parkland Student BURIED WITH FULL MILITARY HONORS


Parkland, Florida student Paul Wang would be alive today if he had only stayed in China.

There was no way that he could have known that a biological Jew, with a cultural Hispanic background, would freak out and shoot up his school.

Apparently, students are not eligible to be buried with full military honors since thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that privilege for him.

I doubt this is an organic movement, but rather an organized effort by the (((globalists))) to further the idea that America needs more nonwhite immigrants.

Business Insider

A freshman JROTC cadet died helping his classmates escape the gunman that stormed his Parkland, Florida school last week with an AR-15.

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Oriental Actress Puts Weird Rocker Marilyn Manson in Hot Seat Over “China man” Remark


The bar just keeps sinking lower for #metoo, as we predicted.

A gook actress nobody ever heard of or cares about has shared with the world an insult from gender bender pop music icon Marilyn Manson.

Yi is just trying to stay in the news and is failing badly.


In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, actress Charlyne Yi accuses Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment on the set of “House” during its final season. “Yes this happened a long time ago — on the last season of House he came on set to visit because he was a huge fan of the show & he harassed just about every woman asking us if we were going to scissor, rhino & called me a China man, she wrote”

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Karma! San Fran’s Chink Mayor Dies of Heart Attack While Shopping, Nasty Black Female New Mayor


Refugee from a Chinese laundry, which is where he belonged, Ed Lee dropped dead while supermarket shopping in San Francisco, the town that put him in the mayor’s office.

Lee was a huge advocate for sanctuary city policies. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t die at the hands of an illegal with a stolen gun, like Kate Steinle. Nonetheless, there is the presence of God’s vengeance in the sudden, ignominious way that Lee checked out.

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