Female Dindu Chimps Out Over Vet’s Service Dog (Video)

Nogs are the lowest form of life on earth, even lower than cockroaches. Three minutes of hysterical screeching in ebonics, directed toward a white person. Watch the hesitant reaction of the Nog’s Latino (or octoroon) boyfriend.

I caught a brief glimpse of a super gorgeous Great Dane toward the middle of the sheboon’s rant. Poor doggo has to listen to that sheboon. Doggo must think “humans” are crazy.

Canada Black Lives Matter Leader Claims Whites are Subhuman


The real test of humanness vs subhumanness lies in the ability to create peaceful, prosperous communities. Higher values such as honesty, love of kin, industriousness, and many others are a part of that creative ability.

So, tell us again that European peoples are subhuman, my dear deluded lady of color. And why do you want to live among these subhumans you hate so much? Are you nuts?

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter’s Toronto chapter believes white people are “recessive genetic defects” and sub-human.

Yusra Khogali wrote on Facebook that “Whiteness is not humxness” and that “white skin is sub-humxn,” according to The Toronto Sun. (Khogali intentionally misspells “human” in order to eliminate “man” from the word, a common practice among left-wing feminists.) She goes on to say that white people are “recessive genetic defects” who “need white supremacy to protect their survival as a people.”

Black people, Khogali writes, “simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to,” later adding that black people are “superhumxns.”

According to the Sun, Khogali wrote the post in December 2015. The post, which was resurfaced by the Sun over the weekend, can still be viewed online in cached form.

This turdlette has been featured here before. This video was posted on February 6. A few seconds of viewing will give you the flavor of her bullsh*t. I wish I could place her accent. I think it’s Carribean, but at least one of her Tweets was an appeal to Allah to give her the strength to avoid killing white men.

That a crowd of browns and blacks would gather to listen to this nonsense is evidence that there are subhuman races.

Canada’s BLM Calls Justin Trudeau A White Supremacist Terrorist and Liar (Video)

Youtube Title: Yusra Khogali’s speech at Toronto protest 04 02 2017

Ungrateful Naggers in Canada? The thought of it boggles the mind.

Watch two and a half minutes of hatred toward the white race uttered by a Nagger with a foreign accent, probably African. Perpetually aggrieved, nothing can ever satisfy them.

From the information box:

Published on Feb 4, 2017

Thousands gathered on Saturday, February 4, 2017 in front of the American Consulate in Toronto to protest the policy of US President Donald Trump. The demonstration was organized by Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM TO) – the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence and police brutality” – that has launched a nation-wide campaign entitled “National Days of Action Against Islamophobia & Deportations.”

In her short speech, Yusra Khogali portrayed Canada as a country that was founded on genocide, racism and slavery implying that these policies are being implemented by the current federal government. She accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being a “liar”, “hypocrite”, “white supremacist” and “terrorist”, advising the cheering crowd not be fooled by Trudeau’s “ liberal bullshit.”

Mexico Imploding: Riots, Looting Over Increased Gas Price (Videos)

The five days of unrest in Mexico since the new year hasn’t been on the U.S. news much. Sitting within 150 miles of the Mexican border as I am, it’s natural to worry about a huge flood of new invaders rushing the border and pouring into the United States.

The videos below show Mexicans acting like blacks act in America from time to time. I’ve never seen Mexicans behave quite this way.

NBC News offers a selection of still photos, including the one above.

GLP offers a thread with the first three videos below. I’ve added a fourth one. This may turn out to be one of the biggest under reported stories of the year.

If Mexico goes into full collapse mode like Venezuela, then there’s going to be big trouble for the U.S. Trump’s wall isn’t up yet. A million starving Mexicans rushing the border checkpoints would create chaos. Not even Trump would have the guts to order that the Mexicans be fired upon by American troops.

This commenter on youtube helped put the last video in perspective:

Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt1 minute ago
+Steven Gutierrez Gutierrez
Hey Pedro, if the white race falls, the entire world falls. Who do you think created and maintains western civilization? Your kind votes for communists 70% of the time. Without whites you’ll be back to feudalism within 2 generations.

We will be monitoring the Mexican situation as events warrant.

British (Dindu) Airline Passenger Attacks German Police (Video)

'British' passenger fights police in Frankfurt airport brawl

I see a Negro fighting German police in the embedded video below. Does he look black to you as you watch the fight progress in the video?

He calls himself British, presumably because he has papers or was born in Britain.

If I were born in China, could I legitimately claim to be Chinese. Of course not. Thus, the unidentified Dindu Nuffins in this story is NOT British, no matter how many politically correct morons claim it to be.


A 38-year-old Brit lost his cool while delayed at Frankfurt airport – and ended up fighting with two officers.

Caught on video by Polish rapper Schwesta Ewa, the man is heard to shout ‘I am a British citizen!’, before continuing his airport rampage.

The man continues to lash out, kicking and punching the officers in front of Lufthansa check-in desks.

Despite both being knocked to the ground, the officials continue to struggle with the man until the violence eventually subsides.

A woman, presumed to be known to the man, approaches him as he calms down.

‘The attacker was an Englishman who was worried about his wife. She had circulatory problems’, said a police spokesperson according to Spiegel Online.

The airport brawl came as 7,000 passengers were stranded due to overnight flights being cancelled.

An airport spokesperson added that ‘the mood among the passengers was certainly not the best’.

Frankfurt police released a statement to dispel concerns the incident was related to terrorism.

They also confirmed that the passenger and officers sustained injuries – though not serious.

Well, that makes everything all right. No one was seriously hurt and flight delays were involved so this British chap’s chimpout was clearly justified. Nothing to see here folks. Move on.

nigger head