Ann Coulter: Migrant Kids at Border are Child Actors

Let’s stand with sharp-tongued Ann Coulter, who has been a driving force to halt illegal immigration for years. The Daily Mail reports that she’s under seige for her headline making label for migrant children, “crisis actors.”

Anyone who thinks that the mestizo children being used to psychologically manipulate weak-minded Americans haven’t been taught how to cry on cue and how to say the right thing to get their parent’s asylum requests approved has his head in the sand.

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Viral Facebook Campaign Raises $3.5 Million Fast to Get Illegals Out of Detention Centers


Scroll down to the middle of this post to see two photos of the libtards who’ve had huge success with a Facebook fund raising effort that’s aimed at freeing illegal border jumpers, putting them on the streets of America, with their children (or somebody’s children) in tow.

The silicon valley types who are behind this nonsense want illegals and legals alike for their cheap labor. Silicon Valley does not have clean hands when it comes to the issues of immigration.

Mercury News

A Silicon Valley couple, horrified at the images of immigrant children being separated from their parents, are marshaling their vast connections in the tech community and beyond to raise $3.5 million — and counting — to “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child.”

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Tucker Carlson Truth: Ruling Elites Care More About Foreigners Than About You (Video)

Great stuff from Tucker Carlson. He also points out that the ruling elites (he’ll never identify them by their … uh … tribe) don’t care about solutions, only open borders.

Eight minutes.

Below is a two minute excerpt that Fox News posted on Twitter.

Tucker deserves our praise for blasting away the veil of lies that have been spewed out all day today in a psy op designed to open the borders and ultimately amnesty every illegal alien.

Trump Says U.S. Will NOT Become a Migrant Camp Like Germany

The key term of the day is “zero tolerance.”

Why should a country tolerate lawbreaking just because the lawbreakers have brown skin and children?

It shouldn’t.

But people are being shown pictures of children crying and they’re questioning whether the U.S. shouldn’t just release illegals to roam the country at will.

The President’s Tweets today, seen below, show a strong will to resist pressure to cave on immigration.

Excerpt from Reuters via Yahoo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he would not allow the United States to become a “migrant camp” as his administration faced a barrage of criticism for separating immigrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democrats and some in Trump’s own Republican Party have blasted the administration for separating nearly 2,000 children from their parents at the border between mid-April and the end of May. Medical professionals have said the practice could cause lasting trauma to children.

The family separations are the result of the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that arrests all adults who are caught trying to enter the United States illegally, including those seeking asylum.

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Even Melania Sucked into Fake News Narrative that Children of Illegals are Held in Nazi Style Death Camps


A Jewess weighs in with the Nazi death camp imagery:

Melania Trump weighed in with criticism of President Trump’s immigration policies on Sunday.

Her words imply that the children of criminal border jumpers are being mistreated by being detained in government facilities.

Actually, American children are sometimes held by Child Protective Services when their health and safety are threatened by a bad family situation.

What we have in the news is a full-court press by the psy op press to mischaracterize efforts to stop an illegal invasion of the U.S. by aliens who are using their children as pawns in a giant war against the country and the white majority.

Excerpt from CNN

In a rare statement on a policy issue, first lady Melania Trump weighed in through her spokeswoman on the immigration crisis taking place at America’s borders.

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Stupid Bitch Laura Bush Blasts Trump’s Immigration Policy as “cruel”, “immoral,” Akin to Concentration Camps

The whole Bush family is bought and paid for by the tribe.

Insofar as I am aware, Laura has never criticized Israeli murders of Palestinian children. Also insofar as I’m aware she never criticized the separation policy she’s condemning now when Obama was president.

Donald Trump has made the whole Bush family look like the goofs they are and Laura is just getting a little revenge. Plus, she was always stupid. I mean look at the dummy she married!


Former first lady Laura Bush is not happy about the Trump administration’s efforts to detain migrant children and separate them from their families. In a searing op-ed published by The Washington Post Sunday, Bush said the policy was “cruel” and “immoral” and compared it to Japanese-American internment camps in the U.S. during World War II.

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Southern Baptist Leader Paige Patterson FIRED, STRIPPED OF RETIREMENT BENEFITS for Upholding Biblical Teachings about WOMEN

Southern Baptist women went on the warpath a few weeks ago when Southwest Baptist Theorlogical Seminary leader Paige Patterson advised women to stay with their husbands, even abusive husbands.

In response, he was removed from his leadership position, but given the title of President Emeritus. Now, that title and his retirement benefits have been stripped from him, turning him into a nonperson as the Cultural Marxist #metoo war on men marches on.

Excerpt from Christianity Today

A week after trustees voted to immediately shift Paige Patterson to “president emeritus” at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), the board’s executive committee has stripped the Southern Baptist stalwart of all “benefits, rights and privileges.”

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