Law Enforcement Officers: When Did We Begin To Fail Them?

A Vegetarian Gammy Takes a Hike ~ Then a Permanent Detour

This is a different type of post for mein that it’s actually a copy (including the cover photo), used with permission, of a respected former law enforcement officer who has been dealt a double whammy ~  Cancer and PTSD. I simply cannot imagine. Life is funny; you start a new day, perhaps check your email, social media or simply plunge into work. Suddenly something jumps out and you’re immediately transported to another time, another place except not one you reminisce about because it’s associated with true horror, the worst of man yet the best of man. That’s what happened to me recently as  a random tweet made its way to my Twitter feed. Miracle that I saw it as I haven’t had time for social media lately but had a few “down time” minutes and thought I’d take a break. I saw a tweet and the rest is history…

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Watch! Adorable blind girl blows away the crowd at Donald Trump rally in Louisville Kentucky

Very nice. As one Tweeter wrote, she beats Beyonce any day.

If you prefer to watch on youtube:

Sorry, but I don’t know the little girl’s name, but if someone publishes it, I’ll update this post.

Amazing Little Girl Talks Trump to Reporter (Video)

Haha. What a smart girl.

“White” Boy, Age 4, Shaves Head So Teacher Can’t Tell Him from His Negro Friend

There are numerous articles documenting that babies are “racist,” including this one at Time.

But along came this story a few days ago. A “white” mother claims her “white” son loves his little black pal. Thus, racism is something that is not natural.

Hmmm. I wonder if mom has an agenda?

The Independent

It’s a story of schoolyard friendship which, according to the mother of one of the children involved, provides proof that racial discrimination is only taught in later life.

According to a Facebook post that has been shared widely in the US, a five-year-old white boy asked to be given the same haircut as his black friend in the belief their school teacher would not be able to tell them apart.

Jax Rosebush, from Kentucky, asked his mother to shave his hair short so he could look like his friend Reddy Weldon.

“He said he couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday with his hair like Reddy’s so that his teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart,” Lydia Rosebush, Jax’s mother said in a post on Facebook.

“He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut.”

‘…If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don’t know what is. The only difference Jax sees in the two of them is their hair,’ she added.

The post has currently received more than 152,000 likes and has been shared nearly 82,000 times.

Obviously, Jax Rosebush is a Jew and his mother is a bullshitter. Millions of readers worldwide have fallen for this stunt.

Kudos to us for being smart enough to know bullshit when we see it. By the way, check out young Jax’s Jew nose below.

Ashkanazi Jews are not white, but a Turkic people from the Middle East. Jews push memes that would cause the extinction of the white race. This story is another example of Jewish deception.

NBC News Using Children for Anti-Trump Propaganda (Mark Dice Video)

The NBC News propaganda machine has truly pulled a vile stunt with their use of children to make anti-Trump propaganda.

Published on Feb 24, 2017

NBC News released a “Dear Mr. President” video consisting of a bunch of clips of kids saying they’re scared of Trump and don’t like his plan to build the wall or fix our illegal immigration problem, in what they’re calling “Letters from the American Children Donald Trump.”

Heh, heh. NBC loses again.

Generous Trump Gives Cash Strapped Father $10,000 Check After Reading About His Campaign Volunteer Work

If any other president had given a young down on his luck father who volunteered for his or her campaign, $10,000 it would be huge news. As it is, I had to track this story down to a handful of sources, including The Blaze.

Can you imagine Obama or Hillary Clinton honoring a working class white man with a meeting? It’s impossible. But Trump did it. And as a surprise, Trump gave him $10,000 from his personal bank account.

Here’s the story as told by Breitbart:

A FedEx courier and former security guard from Illinois was surprised with an invitation to meet with Donald Trump after the President-elect saw a story on the struggling single father. But the special meeting wasn’t the only surprise. The young man was stunned when Trump presented him with a check for $10,000.

Shane Bouvet, a 23-year-old single dad, was featured in a Washington Post story highlighting his visit to D.C. to support Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The paper revealed that Bouvet was headed to D.C. in a borrowed suit and donated shoes to celebrate Trump’s oath of office.

“This is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve done in my life,” Bouvet told the paper. “I don’t get out much. I’m a small-town, blue-collar guy.”

But a mere visit to Washington to see this historic day was far from the only notable thing about Bouvet’s visit, because Trump himself saw the paper’s feature on Bouvet and invited the young man to a one-on-one meeting.

On Thursday, only a day before he took the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump met Mr. Bouvet, shook his hand, and offered some help.

“This is the greatest guy,” Trump said as he shook Bouvet’s hand in a tented area behind the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday, the Post reported.

Bouvet called his father and had him say hello to the president in waiting. The President-elect laughed that Bouvet’s father, who is also named Don, has “a great name.”

After Bouvet’s phone call back home, Trump signed autographs for the young man’s son and then came the big surprise.

As Mr. Bouvet prepared to end his historic meeting with the President-elect, Donald Trump handed him a personal check for $10,000.

As he walked away stunned and crying, Bouvet muttered aloud, “Did that just happen?

clapping gif

Latina Child Rape Victim Says We Need to Be Nice to Pedophiles


Rhea Martinez comes from the Hispanic culture, which is rife with pedophilia. Hispanics are the worst group of child rapists on the planet. Not even blacks can match the sexual attraction of Hispanic males to children (and to animals for that matter). Among Hispanics, Mexicans are the worst.

From the Daily Stormer:

Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

Hispanics +96%
Blacks +59%
Whites -35%
Other -58%

This lines up with anecdotal reports of high rates of sex crimes in areas overrun aliens from Mesoamerica.

The myth lies shattered.

Hispanics are 2.3 X (135%) more likely to molest children than Whites.

Actually, since lots of crimes by Hispanics never get reported to the authorities, the stats significantly understate the predilection among them for child sex partners.

For some reason, a crazy Latina wants to protect pedophiles from the consequences of their actions.


“If he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me.”

In the days since VICE published a three-part series on vigilante pedophile hunting in Canada, many have accused us of normalizing pedophilia.

The story about Todd Nickerson, a non-offending pedophile who lives near Savannah, Tennessee, seemed to particularly strike a chord—several people emailed and tweeted at me to express “disgust” that I was offering a platform to Nickerson, who says he has never abused a child despite being attracted to young girls.

On Facebook, many of the thousands of commenters suggested that Nickerson and anyone like him be killed or locked up for life, regardless of whether or not they had actually committed a crime.

But Rhea Martinez, who was raped and repeatedly molested by a male family friend as a child, feels differently. Martinez, 28, told VICE she believes society should be more empathetic towards pedophiles before they offend—and that they should have more options for getting help.

“I feel like if he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me,” Martinez said.

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