Jury Finds Slender Man Attack Girl Mentally Ill


Children should be shielded from the occult.

Before getting to the jury’s verdict in the Anissa Weier stabbing trial, consider the character of Slender man, as explained on Wikipedia.

The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen (also known as “Victor Surge”) in 2009.[1] It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit.

Stories of the Slender Man commonly feature him stalking, abducting or traumatizing people, particularly children.[2] The Slender Man is not confined to a single narrative, but appears in many disparate works of fiction, typically composed online.[3][4] Fiction relating to the Slender Man encompasses many media, including literature, art and video series such as Marble Hornets. Outside of online fiction, the Slender Man has had impact on popular culture, having been referenced in the video game Minecraft and generated video games of his own, such as Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival.

Beginning in 2014, a minor moral panic occurred over the Slender Man after readers of his fiction were connected to several violent acts, particularly a near-fatal stabbing of a 12-year-old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

A jury has found that a Wisconsin girl who admitted to participating in the 2014 stabbing of a classmate to please horror character Slender Man was mentally ill during the attack.

Jurors reached the verdict late Friday in the trial of Anissa Weier. She pleaded guilty in August to being a party to attempted second-degree intentional homicide but claimed she wasn’t responsible for her actions because she was mentally ill. The jury’s job was to decide whether she was.

The decision means Weier will be sent to a mental hospital rather than prison.

Weier told investigators she and co-defendant Morgan Geyser believed they had to sacrifice Payton Leutner to protect themselves and their families from Slender Man. Prosecutors argued she knew what she was doing was wrong.

All three girls were 12.

The jury heard all the evidence and has delivered its verdict. Whether Anissa can ever function normally is now left in the hands of the headshrinkers.

Black School Principle Suspended, Arrested for Locking 5 Year Old Girl in Closet as Punishment


According to the Associated Press via NOLA, Shafeeq turned himself in to police on Friday.

Can we get an amateur lawyer to defend a black man? Negro children need discipline. Locking a kid in a school broom closet doesn’t seem so bad to me.

New York Post

The principal of a charter school in Louisiana is wanted by police after they say he locked a 5-year-old girl inside a “nasty and gross” school closet crawling with spiders and roaches.

Shafeeq Sayid Shamsid-Deen, 31, has been suspended from Laurel Oaks Charter School in Baton Rouge and is expected to be arrested on charges of cruelty to a juvenile — a felony — and false imprisonment for locking the young student in the closet on Aug. 22, according to an arrest warrant issued Monday obtained by WBRZ.

Three teachers found the little girl after hearing her screams and tracking her to the cafeteria broom closet — where she was locked in from the outside, the station reported.

The child told police that Shamsid-Deen had earlier told her to “go into the closet with the spiders,” and warned that he would turn the lights off if she screamed. She said she was trapped inside the foul-smelling closet for an unspecified amount of time as “spiders and roaches” crawled on her, according to The Advocate.

The girl said Shamsid-Deen ordered her to go inside the closet “when she is bad,” the warrant reads. But it was unclear if she had ever been locked in the closet before.

The incident occurred on just the 12th day of the new school year and one of the teachers reported that the girl was “weeping hysterically” when she was found. Equipment like paint and other supplies were inside the closet, which also contained a small chair.

Shamsid-Deen told one of the teachers who complained about the punishment that the charter school will “work to make sure we have a proper time-out area for scholars to reset in the cafeteria,” according to the warrant.

Police told the Advocate that Shamsid-Deen had been in touch with the department via his attorney, but he had not surrendered to authorities as of late Wednesday. Calls seeking comment from Baton Rouge Police Sgt. Don Coppola were not immediately returned Thursday.

School officials, meanwhile, confirmed in a statement that Shamsid-Deen was suspended.

“Laurel Oaks Charter School is committed to the safety and well being of all students,” the statement reads. “Any action that would constitute a crime or result in neglect of a child has never been the policy at Laurel Oaks Charter School and is currently not the policy.”

School officials, under state law, are required to fire Shasmid-Deen if he’s convicted or pleads no contest to the charges he faces, according to The Advocate.

Law enforcement is setting up an incentive for schools to ignore bad behavior by children. Punching a kid is obviously a crime, but putting one in a closet seems reasonable to me.

But I’m the guy who favors corporal punishment in school.

8 Year Old Girl Hailed as Hero Suffers 2 Copperhead Bites While Urging Younger Siblings to Run from Deadly Snake



A Mountain Brook girl is recovering after she was bitten – twice – by a copperhead while urging her younger siblings to run to safety.

Anna Claire Pledger, 8, is being hailed a hero by those who know and love her for her fast-thinking and protective instinct. “I try to raise my kids to put other people first, and everything that I had raised her to be, she exhibited in that moment,” said mom Maryann Pledger.

It all happened Wednesday night near the Mountain Brook Junior High School football field while Anna Claire’s older brothers, Ayden and Alec, both 9, were at youth league practice. She, along with 6-year-old Adelaide and 5-year-old Anderson, were walking through a small wooded area nearby when Anna Claire felt something “spikey” hit her right leg. “She assumed it was a bush,” her mom said. “She waited a second, and then saw it was a snake.”

Instead of fleeing in fear, Anna Claire ordered Adelaide and Anderson to get out of there. She screamed, “Snake! Babies run. Run to daddy.” She repeated it over and over, her mom said.

Once they were on their way, she then began to run herself. Only she ran the wrong way, and had to turn back around. The snake was still there, so she jumped over it and it bit her again, this time drawing blood. “She continued to usher the babies out of the wooded area and stayed between them and the snake instead of running past them,” Pledger said. “If she wouldn’t have cared so much about them, the other two could have also been struck.”

By the time Anna Claire hit the clearing, her father John Pledger, a Mountain Brook City Schools teacher and coach, was there and scooped her up into his arms. Another dad, Dave Caskey, ran into the woods and saw that the snake was a copperhead. He got his first aid kit out of his car and used a Sharpie to draw a circle around the snake bites on Anna Claire’s leg, as well as the time she was bitten – 5:54 p.m.

Mountain Brook Fire and Rescue responded quickly, and rushed Anna Claire via ambulance to Children’s. Anna Claire said she noticed all of the cars on the roadway were pulling over for her, and that made her feel good, she said.

“God had all of the right people in the right place at the right time,” Pledger said.

By the time Pledger, a teacher at Shades Valley High School, got to the hospital to meet her daughter and husband, Anna Claire was pretty ill. The Brookwood Forest Elementary School third-grader was screaming and had thrown up three times, but she rallied quickly. “She only took morphine once and Tylenol maybe four times,” Pledger said. “She’s a trooper. She’s tough as nails.”

A team of doctors went to work on the little girl. The antivenom arrived at the hospital within 45 minutes. By 4 a.m. Thursday, they had stabilized her and, over the next two days, Anna Claire received 21 vials of the medication treat her venomous bites.

George Clooney Slams Steve Bannon as a “failed f*cking screenwriter”

I’m getting tired of posting new items about George Clooney. But as long as he remains a moron, I have a job to do.

Jackass George denies that he’s going to run for president in 2020.

So what’s he going to be doing for money as he destroys what was left of his acting career?

The vitriol that Clooney keeps pouring out toward people he doesn’t know suggests that he’s suffering from mental problems. Alternatively, he may be spewing out the words written for him by his Jew masters, the Hollywood moguls.

Entertainment Weekly

Steve Bannon has called himself a “street fighter,” but George Clooney has another way to describe the controversial former advisor to President Donald Trump: a “failed f—ing screenwriter.”

Speaking to journalists at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday to promote his new film, the racially-charged Suburbicon, Clooney unloaded on Bannon, who will appear on Sunday’s 60 Minutes for his first televised interview since leaving the White House last month.

“I like picking fights. I like that Breitbart News wants to have my head. I’d be ashamed 10 years from now if those weaselly little putzes, whose voices are getting a lot higher every week as this presidency starts to look worse and worse weren’t still [after me],” Clooney said. “Steve Bannon is a failed f—ing screenwriter, and if you’ve ever read [his] screenplay, it’s unbelievable. Now, if he’d somehow managed miraculously to get that thing produced, he’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my ass to get me to do one of his stupid-ass screenplays.”

That crack about “ass licking” may be a tell that Clooney is a homosexual (or bisexual) in a fake marriage to a woman, or a real marriage to a tranny, depending on whether Amal is a woman or a tranny.

Before he became a prominent right-wing media baron and member of Trump’s inner circle, Bannon worked in Hollywood as a producer and financier (he famously made some money off the Seinfeld syndication deal). He also dabbled in screenwriting, having co-written a hip-hop musical based on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus that takes place during the 1992 L.A. riots. (Clooney has mocked Bannon for his Hollywood background in the past as well.)

“Hollywood is being quite well represented right now in the West Wing somehow,” Clooney added, citing Trump’s annual pay to the Screen Actors Guild and star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (as well as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s film production credits). “You know, they say I’m out of touch. You want to call me a Hollywood liberal? Come at me. I sold ladies shoes, I sold insurance door to door, I worked at an all-night liquor store, I cut tobacco for a living. I can change the fan belt on my car. I grew up in that world in Kentucky. I know every bit of that world, and I know my friends and what they believe. And I know this is not a moment in our history that we’ll look back and be proud of. So if I’m not standing on the side I believe to be right, I’d be ashamed.”

In the wake of Trump’s rise, Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who jokingly announced presidential aspirations on Saturday Night Live earlier this year) have been bandied about as possible contenders for the land’s highest office. But even as some Americans apparently become comfortable with the growing connection between Hollywood and the White House, Clooney has no intentions to run.

“The reality is there are many more people who are much better qualified than me,” he said. “I think the reason people talk about is that our bench [in the Democratic party] doesn’t seem very good right now, it doesn’t seem very exciting. By this time eight years ago we had already heard Obama give a speech at the convention and there was something going on. But right now nobody really sees anybody out there, so that’s when the Rock or whoever comes into play. For me, I will support whomever I can by doing fundraisers or whatever and helping in ways I’m probably better at than in making policies… I say just try to find a candidate that excites you, and it shouldn’t be me.”

I agree with George. It shouldn’t be him.

By 2020 he should be back to changing the fan belt on his car.


Black Dad Deals with Walmart Tantrum (Video)

Here’s our second black honored on Black Appreciation Day on Saboteur365. A black father tries to teach black parents proper parenting in a six minute video.

Good work, black Dad!

Judging from the kid’s appearance, the kid is a mulatto, which must mean that the mother is white. Oh well!

Sheriff Threatens to Arrest Fugitives at Shelters


Liberals, including the ACLU, are having a fit because Florida Sheriff Grady Judd warned fugitives that he’s not suspending the arrest process just because of an approaching hurricane. He also flat out barred those on the sex offender registry from seeking refuge in shelters. Which brought about more whining from liberals more concerned with pedophiles than with children.

Obviously, these policies have a greater effect on men than women, and on nonwhites than on whites.

Not spoken openly, the policies are sort of a Make America’s Hurricane Shelters Safe Again. After the 2005 shelter chaos and murder in the New Orleans Superdome shelter, it’s good to see someone thinking ahead and doing his job.

Orlando Sentinel

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is threatening to jail wanted people seeking shelter due to Hurricane Irma.

The sheriff, who is known for his outspoken comments, made the threat in a series of posts to Twitter.

“If you go to a shelter for #Irma and you have a warrant, we’ll gladly escort you to the safe and secure shelter called the Polk County Jail,” Judd tweeted to his nearly 66,000 followers on Twitter.

Judd also posted that officers would be at every shelter checking IDs and that sex offenders and sex predators would not be allowed inside.

When checking IDs, if an officer sees that someone has a warrant, that person will be taken into custody, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Carrie Horstman said.

Horstman added officers don’t have a way of seeing what crime the warrant is for, so it’s possible those with non-violent misdemeanor offenses could be arrested.

“Officers are legally obligated to take a person into custody if they have a warrant,” she said.

Judd said in preparation for the hurricane, fugitives should turn themselves into the jail because “it’s a secure location.”

Horstman said the posts were made ahead of the storm to give people ample time to prepare.

“We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders and predators. Period,” Judd posted to his Twitter, @PolkCoSheriff.

Horstman said since there’s a possibility children will be in the shelters, sex offenders and sex predators are not allowed inside. She said they had a similar policy during the 2004 hurricane season. It’s unclear if any arrests were made at shelters due to warrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida said Judd should “focus on preparing for Irma, not burnishing your Joe Arpaio-style ‘tough cop’ credentials with irresponsible tweets.”

Arpaio, a former sheriff in Arizona, was found guilty of criminal contempt after denying a court order to halt stopping immigrants because of suspicion they were in the country illegally. He was pardoned by President Donald Trump last month.

The nonprofit says most people with outstanding warrants are low-level offenders and pose no threat in a shelter.

Judd’s comments “send the message that these individuals must choose between facing a natural disaster without aid and shelter or going to jail over things like unpaid traffic tickets,” a statement from ACLU reads.

Asked if supported Judd’s actions, Gov. Rick Scott said, “I haven’t seen that. My expectation is that everyone needs to follow the evacuation orders and get to safety. I’d have to look at exactly what was said.’’

Horstman said undocumented immigrants will not be affected by the policy. She also said that the policy will help the county keep a log at the shelter, which she said is important during a natural disaster.

“We aren’t sitting there looking for people to arrest,” she said “We are sitting there to keep people safe.”

Some Twitter users accused Judd of discouraging people from going to shelters, which could lead to injuries or death.

Molyneux notes the irony of not allowing ID checks for elections:

And the bleeding heart lefties come out:

Boy Battling Cancer Fulfills Wish to Meet a Sloth

I’d like to meet a cute little sloth, but their toe nails are a bit intimidating. See photo below.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – An Indiana boy battling cancer finally got to turn his wish into reality with the help of an animal sanctuary in Charlestown.

Wildlife in Need, an animal sanctuary in Charlestown, sent WHAS11 News pictures of Jasper.

The organization says they received a message from a teacher in Indianapolis trying to make a difference for one of her students.

Jasper’s teacher said sloths are his favorite things in the world, so Wildlife in Need invited Jasper to visit the animals this past Friday.

Jasper has had high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia and will be on chemotherapy until 2019.

This story describes how you can have a sleepover with a sloth yourself. Warning: It’s expensive.