Breaking! Disgraced Ex-Congressman (((Anthony Wiener))) Pleads Guilty to Sexting Teen, Facing Prison Time

The optimism among the alt-right that Anthony Weiner was going to turn on Hillary Clinton and tell all has been dashed. If she goes to prison, it looks like it won’t be because he’s let the cat out of the bag.

Also dashed are hopes that the power elites pedophile sex scandal #pizzagate was going to be exposed by Weiner.

Weiner is facing approximately two years in prison for sexting a 15 year old North Carolina girl who enthusiastically joined him in exchanging sexually explicit photos and talk.

His apologies to the court during today’s proceeding are amusing Jew spew, the kind of thing that lawyers write as they seek lesser sentences for their guilty scumbag clients.

NBC News

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner wept openly in federal court Friday as he pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl — and was emotional as he admitted to the judge: “I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.”

Weiner, 52, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court in lower Manhattan to transferring obscene material to a minor. Under a plea agreement, prosecutors asked he serve 21 to 27 months behind bars. He must also register as a sex offender.

He answered the judge’s questions before reading a prepared statement to the court, explaining how he was contacted by the girl online in January 2016 and knew she was 15.

“Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women,” Weiner said. “I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.”

Amid sobs, he said that last fall he “came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness. I had hit bottom,” and chose to enter “intensive treatment.” He then apologized to the girl.

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Facebook Gang Rape of Girl by Black Boys Proves Black Hypersexuality Not a Myth


One look at the alleged Facebook gang rape victim and you know the perps are black. No white man would touch the girl above with a 10 foot pole much less his 6 inch ****.

White people honest enough and perceptive enough to talk about black hypersexuality are always accused of racism for bringing up the truth.

The (((left))) accuse of us of having some sort of secret black sexual fetish.

Uh, no.

It’s no different than talking about black lust for watermelon as it is to talk about black sexual lust. The truth is that blacks are different from whites (and from Asians too for that matter). Black sexuality is primitive jungle sexuality.

Shhhh! We’re not allowed to say that.

Fox News

A second juvenile was set to be arrested in connection with the livestreamed rape of a 15-year-old girl in March, and Chicago police said Sunday other offenders remained on the loose – including an adult.

Police arrested a 14-year-old male late Saturday and had on Sunday obtained an arrest warrant for a 15-year-old male, whom they expected “to be arrested soon,” Area Central Detective Commander Brendan Deenihan said during a news conference.

The investigation into the March 19 incident was proceeding slowly due to the difficulty the victim was having discussing the ordeal she underwent, Deenihan said. Her distress had been compounded by social media “bullying” about the rape.

“She’s extremely traumatized from this event, obviously,” Deenihan said. “…She’s gonna need help for a long time after this.”

Police said the girl knew at least one of the alleged offenders and that she was “lured” to a North Lawndale residence where the rape occurred.

“And from there she was not allowed to leave and she didn’t consent to what occurred,” Deenihan said.

“She’s gonna need help for a long time after this.”

– Area Central Detective Commander Brendan Deenihan
The girl’s rape was livestreamed on Facebook and a police spokesman said the video had about 40 live viewers – none of whom called authorities.

“We’ve seen a couple of acts in this city now in a couple of months involving social media, and it just disgusts me that people would not pick up the phone and dial 911,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. “It makes you wonder, where are we going – what are we doing as a society?”

Johnson was initially approached on March 21 by the girl’s mother, who was “desperately seeking help.” She showed Johnson still pictures of the rape.

“I was visibly upset from what I saw,” Johnson said. “No woman should ever be treated the way this young woman was.”

Police previously said five or six males were involved in the attack, but, authorities declined on Sunday to provide a specific number of alleged perpetrators.

The teenager already in police custody was expected to be charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, manufacturing of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.

Huma Can’t Get Enough (((Weiner)))

Weekends are tough. There’s not much to write about, so here I am on a Saturday night forced to push out gossip about two of my least favorite people.

Excerpt from the New York Post

After years of public humiliation by her sext-a-holic husband, Anthony Weiner, 40-year-old Abedin finally separated from the former congressman in August, one day after The Post reported that he had sent yet another explicit photo to a woman — this one showing his toddler son asleep beside him.

But sources tell The Post that Hillary Clinton’s righthand woman is now giving the marriage another try.

“Huma has been working hard on her relationship with Anthony,” said a source close to the Abedin family. “He has been spending 80 to 90 percent of his time at the [Irving Place apartment] they share . . . If there is a disagreement, he goes to his mother’s apartment in Brooklyn.

“Both [his and her] families are hoping they will reconcile.”

Another source, who worked closely with Bill and Hillary Clinton for several years, corroborates this, saying the breakup was “more for optics for the campaign and [under] pressure from Hillary’s camp.”

It’s hard to believe a reconciliation is under consideration given how many times Weiner has betrayed his wife.

In May 2011, he accidentally tweeted out a photo of his erect penis in boxer briefs that he apparently meant to send privately to a college student. Asked about the tweet, he initially denied sending it. Two weeks later, Weiner resigned from Congress as more women with more photos emerged.

While Weiner was running for mayor in 2013, additional sexts and photos came out, posted under the alias “Carlos Danger.” Refusing to withdraw from the race, he came in fifth place with a mere 4.9 percent of the vote.

As his wife led Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, even more sexts were uncovered. Last September, the Daily Mail alleged that Weiner had sent ­X-rated messages to a 15-year-old girl. The next month, Abedin was sucked into the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s e-mails after her then-estranged husband’s laptop was seized.

Despite all of this, the family friend said, the couple is still in love. They blame “the pressures of the campaign and presidential race . . . and him drifting off into obscurity” for Weiner’s most recent relapse, the friend added.

The friend said that since completing outpatient therapy for sex addiction last fall, Weiner has been continuing treatment in New York City.

“A lot of [their] friends believe this is an illness, that he is sick,” said the friend. But “Huma takes it into consideration that there’s been no affair, or physical contact that anybody is aware of. He never met [the women].”

Fake marriage? Fake news? I don’t know and don’t care that much. Someone in the Deep State thinks that the image of a Jew married to a Muslim promotes their cause.

The thing about Weiner is his actions toward a 15 year old girl, which I believe resulted in him having nude pictures of her on his computer. Isn’t that child porn by law?

Shouldn’t Weiner be under indictment? You know that he knows where the skeletons are buried. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ends up a suicide with two bullets to the back of the head.

Be careful, Weiner. Huma is probably setting you up.

Sweden: Judge Refuses to Deport “Refugees” Who Gang Raped Boy in Woods


Liberal judges don’t get it.

When you prove that you’re unfit to live in a civilized society, you forfeit any right to continue to live in it.

The cucked liberal Swede again shows that he’s is rushing headlong into self-annihilation with this shocking story.

The Local Sweden

A Swedish judge has refused a prosecutor’s request to deport five Afghan teenagers who forced a younger boy into a wood and then gang-raped and beat him at knife-point.

A Swedish judge has refused a prosecutor’s request to deport five Afghan teenagers who forced a younger boy into a wood and then gang-raped and beat him at knife-point.

“Given their age and the security situation in Afghanistan, they would be hit very hard by the expulsion,” the judge said in his ruling.

The youths have instead been sentenced to a year and three months in a young offender’s institution.

The five young men dragged the victim into the woods surrounding Gottsunda suburb in the city of Uppsala at the end of October.

The beat him all over his face and body, and then forcibly penetrated him while one of the boys held a knife, threatening to stab and even kill him.

He was also bitten on his back during the assault, which lasted more than an hour.

In its judgement the court also refused the prosecutor’s demand that the five to be sentenced for the more serious charge of child rape, arguing that there was no evidence that they were aware of their victim’s age.

Despite the fact that the oldest of the perpetrators has been deemed an adult by the Swedish Migration Agency, the judge accepted his claim to be 17 years old, meaning he can not be sent to an adult prison or serve an adult sentence up to three times as long.

The 18 year-old who filmed the attack on his smart phone was sentenced to one year and three months in a young offender’s institution for child pornography and aggravated rape.

He threatened to release the film on social media if he went to the police in an attempt to keep the victim quiet.

The other four all also received sentences of one year and three months, including the youth deemed an adult by the Migration Agency and a 16-year-old who was also sentenced for an aggravated assault in Stockholm.

The 16-year-old told the court that he had previously been a friend of the victim and had decided to “do something” after a conflict broke out between the two.

According to the 16-year-old, another of the five attackers also had a conflict over money with the victim.

Do you see why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe now? Sweden can add sodomite rape to heterosexual rape as a crime problem. And with sentences like these, there is NOTHING of a deterrent effect in the justice system. Some places in the U.S. would have sentenced these perps to a 20 to life prison term.

Although the victim here was probably another Muslim, the next victim may be a European. Isn’t there even one man in Sweden willing to beg, borrow, or steal a long rifle and then go out and kill as many of these sand turds as he can?

Breaking: Suspect with Assault Rifle Taken into Custody at #pizzagate’s Comet Ping Pong Pizza

The dirty pedophiles who own Comet deserved a good scare, but mostly they deserve a full-bore FBI investigation, assuming the FBI can be trusted, which it probably can’t be.

Anyway, the weird goings on at Comet brought a North Carolina man with a gun to the establishment.

He didn’t come for the pizza.

I’m betting he came to bring down a pedophile ring.

Excerpt from the Washington Post

D.C. Police responding Sunday to a report of a gunman at a popular pizza restaurant in Northwest Washington detained a man armed with an assault rifle, according to a police spokeswoman.

Police Chief Peter Newsham said a lone suspect in his late-20s walked into the front door of Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle. Newsham said it appeared as if the suspect may have fired one or multiple shots into the ground after the employees and patrons had left. The man, who police say was from Salisbury, North Carolina, has not yet been identified and his motives were not clear.

“We do have employees and guests of the restaurant who, of course, were extremely frightened by this incident,” Newsham said. “At this point we do not believe that it was terrorist related. And it’s unclear right now what the motive is.”

But Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant on Connecticut Avenue with ping-pong tables that is popular with families, has been caught up in a wave of conspiracy theories and fake-news stories that spread during the presidential campaign that have prompted death threats to the restaurant and nearby businesses.

“We’re aware of that and right now we have nothing to tie it into those concerns that have been raised on social media,” Newsham said.

Startled patrons rushed out of the restaurant onto Connecticut Avenue, taking shelter in nearby businesses and remaining locked down for more than an hour.

Vivek Jain, of Potomac, Maryland, was eating lunch inside Banana Leaf, a nearby indian restaurant, when Comet patrons came rushing inside. He said Banana Leaf was locked down for about an hour and a half.

“A bunch of people ran in from Comet and said a man walked in with a gun,” he said.

About 45 minutes later, he said, he saw a man walking backward on on the street with his hands in the air.

“He laid down on Connecticut Avenue and he was immediately picked up by the police and taken away,” he said.

Police said they recovered a handgun in addition to the rifle, and the man may have had an additional weapon in his car. Bomb-sniffing dogs and at least one armored vehicle were present at the scene.

Double Standard? Alaska Woman Charged with Child Porn Escapes Jail Time

brittany robinson

Britanny Robinson is notable for being the first woman in Alaska to be convicted on a child porn charge.

She played the victim card and escaped spending any time in prison.

Would a man charged with the exact same crime get off so lightly?

Looking at her picture above, she looks scary to me.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) A former Alaska woman who was sexually abused by her paternal grandfather and then, as an adult, downloaded and traded videos of child exploitation has avoided any jail.

Brittany Alexandra Robinson, 25 was the first woman in Alaska to be charged with possessing and distributing child pornography, according to Anchorage police.

A former day care worker at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Robinson received a prison-free sentence on Thursday. Superior Court Judge Kevin M. Saxby agreed with Robinson’s public defender that three years in prison, with three suspended, and five years of probation was appropriate.

“I do find good prospects for rehabilitation here based on the evaluation that was provided to me and the testimony I have heard, including Ms. Robinson’s short, but I’m convinced, heartfelt, expression of remorse,” Saxby said before imposing the sentence.

Prior to hearing her sentence, Robinson addressed the court, wiping tears from her eyes and taking deep breaths before speaking.

“I’m deeply sorry that this has happened. I understand the severity of the situation. And I recognize that I need to heal from the trauma that I experienced in life. I know that with the support of the people around me I can move forward in a positive direction to ensure that nothing like this happens again,” said Robinson, who now lives out of state and is the mother of a three-year-old child.

It seems that tears come easily to women. Am I wrong?

I hope someone is looking at her computer use and her three year old child. There may be trouble brewing for the child.

Woman Teacher Facing 200+ Sex Charges for Sex with Young Female Students


Mrs. Randi Zurenko and her husband and three children are pictured at Meetup. There’s a vaguely foreign look to them, but that’s difficult to pin down.

Mrs. Zurenko is in the news worldwide because she had sex in multiple locations with one of her girl students, including in parking lots. For whatever reason, probably the naked pictures and sex pictures of her with the girl on her phone, she’s confessed to everything.

There’s no word as to what Mr. Zurenko is thinking or doing about his wife’s pedophile (more technically hebephile) sex romps with her students. Depending on wife Randi’s sentence her husband is probably going to end up a single father for years to come.


A Harrisburg teacher faces more than 230 counts of institutional sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, unlawful contact with minors, dissemination of obscene materials and corruptions of minors.

Authorities say 33-year-old Randi Lynn Zurenko of Millerstown, Perry County, cultivated inappropriate relationships with two female Bishop McDevitt High School students while she was a teacher at the school.

Police say the inappropriate relationships lasted from 2013 until last Friday.

Police say Zurenko coaxed her first victim to Fort Hunter Park in Susquehanna Township and took off the student’s bra. That student has since graduated.

Investigators say Zurenko’s relationship with victim two, a current student, was more sexual. They said they found naked pictures of that student on Zurenko’s phone.

“Many of the charges relate to what we can sexual abuse of children or child pornography whenever anyone is taking photographs of someone who is under 18 years of age,” Dauphin County Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack.

The DA’s office is worried there may be more victims.

Police say, Zurenko admitted to providing both victim #1 and victim #2 alcohol.

Bishop McDevitt placed Zurenko on immediate leave and released the following statement:

It is with great sadness that Bishop McDevitt High School has learned that criminal charges have been filed against staff member Mrs. Randi Zurenko, a Social Studies teacher. School administrators were advised by authorities on October 18, 2016, of the existence of an investigation into an allegation of an improper relationship with a student.

In keeping with Diocesan policy Mrs. Zurenko was immediately placed on administrative leave while civil authorities continued their investigation.

Actions which are criminal in nature or are deemed a risk to student safety will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. This is required by Diocesan policy.

Bishop McDevitt High School encourages the reporting of all suspected child abuse to civil authorities via the State Childline at 1-800-932-0313. For assistance in healing we encourage reporting to the Diocesan Victim’s Assistance Coordinator. That can be done confidentially via telephone at 1-800-626-1608 or email:

Read more from the Dauphin County’s DA’s office:

“Detectives from the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division this afternoon arrested Randi Lynn Zurenko, 33, of Millerstown, Perry County. Zurenko was charged with Institutional Sexual Assault (13 counts total), Sexual Abuse of Children (153 counts total), Unlawful Contact with Minors (33 counts total), Dissemination of Obscene Materials to a Minor (20 counts) and Corruption of Minors (13 counts total).

Between January 1, 2013 and October 14, 2016, Zurenko cultivated inappropriate relationships with two separate Bishop McDevitt High School students while she was a teacher at the school. Victim #1 graduated from the school in 2013. Prior to victim #1’s graduation, Zurenko engaged in behavior that led to an encounter between the two at Fort Hunter In Susquehanna Township. During this encounter, Zurenko massaged victim #1’s back and undid the victim’s bra. On several occasions, both before and after victim #1’s graduation, Zurenko provided alcohol to victim #1 who was underage at all times during these incidents. Victim #1 was interviewed by police on October 17 and 18, 2016.

Beginning in early 2015, Zurenko began a relationship with another student, victim #2. This relationship continued until October 14, 2016. Zurenko engaged in multiple sexual acts with victim #2. Zurenko also photographed victim #2 in various stages of undress as well took photographs of herself and victim #2 having sexual relations. Zurenko also sent victim #2 nude ’selfie’ photos. Detectives seized Zurenko’s phone and other electronic devises and found numerous nude photographs of the victim. The sexual encounters with victim #2 took place at various locations to include Swatara Township, Fort Hunter in Susquehanna Township, parking lots near Union Deposit and Rutherford Roads in Lower Paxton Township, Zurenko’s home in Perry County and at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The last sexual encounter occurred this past Friday on October 14, 2016. victim #2 was interviewed by police on October 18, 2016.

On October 18, 2016, detectives interviewed Zurenko. During the course of the interview Zurenko admitted to providing both victim #1 and victim #2 alcohol while they were students at Bishop McDevitt. She also admitted that, while employed as a teacher at Bishop McDevitt High School, she had a sexual relationship with victim #2, a current student at the school. Zurenko also admitted to taking nude photographs of victim #2.

What’s often left out of these stories is how the sexual relationships between women teachers and their students come to the attention of the police.

Did the victim tell, or was it a friend or relative of the victim? Could it possibly have been Mr. Zorenko ratting on his wife? It’s bad enough when a man finds his wife cheating with another man. It must be much worse to realize you’ve been cuckolded by a young teen girl.