Arrest: White Mom Intentionally Left Two Toddlers to Die in Hot Car While She Partied Inside Friend’s House




Amanda Hawkins was apparently cavorting with a 16 year old boy while her daughters were dying in the SUV where she left them for 15 hours.

This crime took place in Kerrville, Texas, a small Hill Country tourist town not far up the road from my location.

Amanda is married, but is estranged from her husband. She had been the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation last year.

Everyone in the local area is in shock over this completely unnecessary tragedy.

Daily Mail

A mother killed her two toddlers by intentionally leaving them in a hot car for more than 15 hours, police say.

Amanda Hawkins, 19, from Kerr County, Texas, allegedly left her children Brynn Hawkins, one, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, two, in the car overnight and ignored them even as they cried for hours.

The girls were unconscious and in ‘grave condition’ by the time Hawkins sent them to the hospital – a day after they’d been left in the car.

‘This is by far the most horrific case of child endangerment that I have seen in the 37 years that I have been in law enforcement,’ Kerr County Sheriff Hierholzer said in a statement.

Let’s pick up the details of the story with excerpts from Heavy:

Amanda Hawkins, of Kerrville, was arrested June 9, a day after her daughters, Addyson, 2, and Brynn, 1, died at a local hospital, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Hawkins was charged with two counts of abandoning or endangering a child and is being held on $70,000 bail at the Bexar County Jail, police said. It is not clear if she has hired an attorney.

Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer said in a press release that the charges could be upgraded after the case is presented to a grand jury. It is being prosecuted by 216th Judicial District Attorney Lucy Wilke, who could not be reached for comment. Wilke told the San Antonio Express-News more charges could be forthcoming and she is reviewing the case.

“These children were left in that car intentionally,” Hierholzer told KABB-TV. “Helpless little kids,” the sheriff said. “And it was totally preventable.”

Investigators determined the girls were left in Hawkins SUV “intentionally” for more than 15 hours, the sheriff’s office said. Hawkins was inside a nearby friend’s home during that time, from the evening of Tuesday, June 6, to about noon on Wednesday, June 7, according to investigators.

The SUV’s windows were partially down during part of the 15 hours the kids were inside, and the temperature was about 60 degrees overnight, Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer told the Houston Chronicle. Temperatures rose to about 85 degrees at noon Wednesday, with humidity about 96 percent, meaning it could have felt like 105 degrees, the newspaper reports.

Police said a 16-year-old boy who was at the house went out to the SUV to check on the girls and spent time with them for a “little while,” but did not get them help or bring them inside, KABB-TV reports.

During the night of partying, friends told Hawkins they could hear the girls crying, the sheriff told the news station. The friends told Hawkins to bring her daughters inside, but she refused, according to the sheriff.

Hierholzer said the girls didn’t have food, water or bathroom visits during the 15 hours inside the SUV.

Amanda and Isaac Hawkins were investigated by the state Child Protective Services agency last year, the San Antonio Express-News reports. The agency could not provide details about its interaction with the family. The investigation took place in September 2016, CPS spokeswoman Mary Walker told the newspaper.

In July 2016, Amanda Hawkins wrote a Facebook post about concerns others had raised about how she was caring for her children:

If you want my mom to check up and ask questions about if my daughters are taken care of that is messed up. You can ask me yourselves or leave us alone! We are great here. Focus on something else. My daughters have everything they want, and need, plus so much more. They get their checkups they get their shots. They get everything. You don’t see us so just stop. The only people who see us are my mom and my grandparents. Ugh i feel so mad. How dare someone question if i take care of my kids

In conversations in the comments with friends, Hawkins wrote, “Exactly. It pissed me off so much. Like you have that audacity to sit there and question if my babies are taken care of?,” after a friend said she knows Hawkins takes “great care of them.”

She also wrote, “I would make a trip to kerrville just to beat some ass. Show up like ‘you said what now?’”

Sheboons Fighting Over Man: Watch Niglet Get Kicked

Sorry, I can’t translate. This video showcases the most extreme case of speaking in ebonics that I’ve heard.

Published on Sep 11, 2016

Two PREGNANT Woman ARGUE Over A Man . . . And Things Get CRAZY . . . When One Woman ATTACKS The Other Woman’s LITTLE BABY!! (Warning – The Footage Is DIFFICULT To Watch)

Which mantra do you prefer?

The liberal mantra: “They are just like us.”

The race realist’s mantra: “Avoid the groid.”

Don’t worry about the little niglet. They are born tough and have a high tolerance for pain.

And now the most important point. Liberals like to say that our ancestors were racist because they implemented a policy of segregation.


Segregation was intended to keep black dysfunction under control and keep white families safe. It worked pretty well for almost a hundred years until (((liberals))) killed it.

Now, everywhere one goes, one encounters blacks just like these two, ready for action in a heartbeat.


Musloid Racism and Sexism Will Doom Lesbians Hillary and Huma

hillary and huma matching

According to Ann Barnhardt, Musloids are seriously racist. The supreme Musloid is the Caucasian. The lowest caste Musloid is the Paki.

Hillary’s main squeeze, Huma Abedin, is a Paki.

Mix in Musloid hatred of women and lesbians, and you have America’s first woman president in a precarious position.

Ann Barnhardt

So, in case you haven’t been paying attention, Huma Abedin is the daughter of two of the highest-ranking officials in the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma and her sister have both worked intimately and for YEARS on the Musloid Brotherhood’s propaganda rag, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which was founded by her father, and then taken over by her mother when he died. These people are Musloid Brotherhood royalty. Everyone knows exactly who they are.

Now Huma Abedin’s father was Indian musloid, and her mother is a Pakistani musloid. Remember this. There will be a quiz later.

Apparently, in the musloid hell-world, the hierarchy of races goes like this:

Caucasian musloids are at the top, and hate EVERYBODY. This group is basically Persians (Iranians), and Turks.

Next are the Arabs. The Caucasians hate their guts but tolerate them because they have all of the demonic monuments, and because, awkward… “mohammed” was, according to the fictional backstory, an Arab. So… yeah.

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White Mom Gave 11 Year Old Daughter to Black Dope Dealer to Rape in Exchange for Heroin


april corcoran

If April Cocoran received one of those Mother’s Day cards that say “World’s Greatest Mom,” it ought to burned.

Assuming that April serves her whole sentence, she’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day as a free woman when she’s 83 years old.

Somehow I have the feeling that there won’t be anyone waiting to reunite with her on that day in 2067.

Let’s take this opportunity to denounce the (((feminist))) revolution that permitted a little girl to be terrorized and permanently damaged by a black pedophile. Let’s also not let the girl’s father off the hook either. Where was her dad? Real men don’t let their daughters be raped by black drug dealers. They have that talk about race that must be given to children today, if those children are to stay safe.

Excerpt from the Washington Post

Corcoran, 32, had pleaded guilty in June to raising money to feed her heroin addiction by loaning out her 11-year-old daughter to her drug dealer, who, with the mother’s blessing, raped, sodomized and abused her, sometimes videotaping it, according to the indictment against Corcoran.

The preteen was being forced to have vaginal, anal and oral sex with a 40-year-old man. The mother pleaded guilty to multiple counts of complicity to rape, human trafficking and child endangerment.

Because he preferred children younger than 11, prosecutors said, the mother dressed her up to look even younger, reported WLWT TV. “Little did we know, I guess, her drug dealer had a propensity to film little kids when they are performing sexual acts on him,” Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Katie Pridemore said at the time of the plea. “She didn’t have the means or the cash to buy her heroin anymore from her drug dealer,” said Pridemore. “….So she offered up her child in return.”

shandell willingham

“You showed no kind of mercy,” the judge told her, according to the Enquirer. ” …. I don’t know that you grasp the damage that has been done to this poor child.”

The alleged dealer, Shandell Willingham, was also charged and is awaiting a hearing.

Corcoran had a special routine after her daughter was brutalized. As a “reward,” she gave her daughter heroin, the court was told. “Sometimes this defendant would give a little bit of heroin to her daughter,” Pridemore told the court. “The daughter didn’t want it but she said, ‘you’re a good girl. You did the right thing.’”

The middle-schooler vomited each time.

The increasing intrusion of black degeneracy into white communities is one of the tragedies of the heavy hand of political correctness that preaches diversity, forcing nonwhites and their immorality upon white families through the (((media))) and through forced integration. To put it concisely, black lowlifes have been given access to white families in schools, housing, and the workplace. That access must be ended.

The separation of the races and the shaming of whites who gravitate to immoral, destructive nonwhite cultures would mean fewer white women hooked on heroin and fewer girls raped by members of that race of testosterone fueled males that can’t control their sexual impulses.

Dindu Parents Brawl During KINDERGARTEN Graduation Ceremony

public school 178 brooklyn

A story in which obsolete farm equipment enjoys the civilization that believes foolishly that ALL sprogs should be in school and gettin’ that edjamacation.

Dese parens diddu nuffins that isn’t natural to them.

New York Post

Parents vying for the perfect photo op of their diploma-receiving toddlers turned a kindergarten graduation ceremony at a Brooklyn public school into an all-out brawl Friday morning, witnesses said.

Up to six camera-toting parents posted up in a small space in the back of the auditorium at P.S./I.S. 178 in Crown Heights started shoving and yelling at each other over a photo opportunity around 10 a.m. as the young grads in light blue caps and gowns were handed their diplomas, witnesses said.

“They were just fighting trying to take pictures of their children,” said parent Estelle Smith, 41, who was there for her 6-year-old daughter, Estelle, when she saw a commotion break out from her fourth-row seat.

kindergarten brawl

A school aide known as Mrs. Nelson who intervened and tried to break up the mayhem was even hit during the melee at the Dean Street school.

“I can’t believe it,” Nelson, who was not seriously injured, told The Post afterward. “All of this for a picture?”

“Mrs. Nelson was trying to stop the fighting and she wound up getting hit,” Smith said, adding that there was “a lot of yelling, pushing” when the altercation turned physical.

The mom said, “Parents were trying to get pictures of their kids being photogenic … Why would you start a brawl in front of the children?”

Smith said that luckily at the time of the fracas, the tots were occupied.

“The children were trying to get ready to receive their certificate,” she said.

Police were called to the school and the fighting parents were ultimately kicked out and the graduation finished as planned, witnesses said.

Before the ceremony started, school officials warned parents to keep the photo-taking to a minimum.

coon clapping gif

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Witness confirms allegations that migrants raped five-year-old Idaho girl

The attractive Faith Goldy has found an eyewitness to the rape of the little five year old girl by refugee youths in Idaho, a crime that the local government has done its best to cover up.

The (((power elites))) have decided that we can’t have the truth come out about the utter lack of self control by brown and black scum that are being imported into the U.S. in order to create chaos and breed us out of existence.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 22, 2016

Only Faith Goldy of has this interview with a neighbor who came upon the crime scene in Twin Falls, Idaho that has residents outraged, and the authorities trying to cover it up. MORE:…

The local TV station in Twin Falls that I’ve credited before had the courage to break the story and the guts to try to find out what really happened. Despite the bullsh*t by District Attorney (((Loeb))), the truth is coming out.

Fawnbrook evicting families of boys implicated in Idaho assault case involving 5 year old girl

fawnbrook apts

Kudos to the management of Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Management has done more to make life uncomfortable for the filthy scum whose boys allegedly raped a 5 year old girl. Jewish District Attorney Loeb has been an apologist for the boys and their families.

Now the scum are being evicted. Too bad that their next home will not be a prison cell. It might be if Loeb were to do his duty and charge the parents of the boys for teaching them that it’s OK in America to urinate on and otherwise assault little girls.

Magic Valley

TWIN FALLS — Fawnbrook Apartments is evicting the families of the three boys implicated in a sexual assault against a 5-year-old girl there on June 2.

“With the police investigation now largely complete, acting in our capacity as property managers, we have served the legally required notifications to terminate the tenancy of those households who the police have identified as responsible for the criminal acts,” Jeffrey Passadore, president of Cambridge Real Estate Services, wrote in a letter to the complex’s tenants.

Passadore wrote that “events of recent days have focused our collective attention on the complexities of living in a culturally diverse society. When management was first notified in broad terms of the truly horrific events of earlier this month, we immediately offered our full support and cooperation to local law enforcement.”

Passadore urged people to support the victim’s family and to “focus on bringing about the positive changes necessary so that we might all contribute to a stronger community for our shared future.”

Idaho law gives wide latitude to whatever the lease agreement says when it comes to evictions. Federal law requires good cause to evict people receiving government-subsidized housing; criminal activity that threatens other tenants can be considered such. Passadore’s letter didn’t specify how long the families have to leave; he was out of the office Wednesday, and the company didn’t return a message seeking further details.

The three boys are ages 7, 10, and 14, and the two older boys were taken into custody late last week. Two of the boys were from a Sudanese family, one from an Iraqi one. Officials suspect the boys have been in the Unites States fewer than two years. Police have said they aren’t sure if the families are refugees. The case is sealed because they are juveniles.

clapping gif