Robert Kennedy’s Son Accuses (((Emmanuel))) of “Gentrification Plan” Designed to Remove Blacks from Chicongo


If a Jewish Democrat mayor can hatch a diabolical plan to move blacks out of Chicago, shouldn’t the POTUS be able to come up with a plan to move them back to Africa?

I’ll bet Donald Trump is working on it right now. If he’s not, we should suggest the idea to him.

Obviously, cities would be better off without blacks and the crime and disorder they foster. So why not use “gentrification” as the cover story?

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune

Democratic governor candidate Chris Kennedy on Wednesday accused Mayor Rahm Emanuel of leading a “strategic gentrification plan” aimed at forcing African-Americans and other minorities out of Chicago to make the city “whiter” and wealthier.


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Young Chicago Negress Shot on Facebook Live (Video)

A little over a minute into the exciting life of the American Negress.

With shit for brains and an attitude, they beez killin demselfs.

“What are going to do with that gun? Come on, what are you going to do? What are you going to do?”
“You shot me!”

Animals. They have no common sense and talk sh_t , and do not care. They are killing each other faster and more every day. No reason or care of the consequences. The soul train has pulled out of the station, without an engineer.

Very confusing video. Woman starts out all tough and says she’s not afraid of a gun etc. Strikes me as the type of person who’s not fond of the cops. Mouthing off to a woman she doesn’t know and taunting her and saying fuck you etc. Then seems surprised when she gets shot?!? Then the first words out of her mouth are to call 911. Is this real or a prank? Can’t believe she didn’t realize she was going to be shot when asking for it and why would she want 911 to help?!

According to Heavy, muh Negro was shot in the arm.

We really should send them to the firing range for target practice.

George Lincoln Rockwell was right. They have to be sent to Africa.

Hate Crime Update: Negress Member of Gang that Kidnapped, Tortured Retarded White Youth Sentenced to PROBATION, 4 Year Facebook Ban

When four Negros livestreamed their torture of a bound and gagged white youth they had kidnapped, it sparked national outrage last January. Even Obama condemned the crime.

We deplorables had to work hard to get the Chicongo authorities to charge the sweet, innocent little dindus with a hate crime, but we eventually got the job done.

One of the mau-mau terrorists was sentenced on Friday. No one should feel good about it. Probation plus four years without Facebook is a slap on the wrist for a crime of this magnitude. That light sentence, it should be noted, was served up by a Jigaboo Judge.

Chicago Tribune

A Chicago woman who live-streamed video of the racially charged beating of a teen with mental disabilities pleaded guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to four years of probation.

Brittany Covington, 19, has been in custody since her arrest in January.

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Psyop: Obama Shows Up for Jury Duty, Not Selected

The Deep State wants you to think that all its inhabitants are equal in a sense. So the last three presidents have gotten the call to show up at the courthouse for jury duty. None of them have been selected to serve on a jury, but appearances have been maintained that this is a democracy and even Obama and America’s other ex’s are just like us.

It’s a psyop. It’s propaganda. Treat it as the joke that it is.

Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Former President Barack Obama, free of a job that forced him to move to Washington for eight years, showed up to a downtown Chicago courthouse for jury duty on Wednesday morning. Then he heard the words most prospective jurors pray for: You’re dismissed.

The 44th president’s motorcade — considerably shorter than the one when he lived in the White House — left his home in the Kenwood neighborhood on the city’s South Side and arrived at the Richard J. Daley Center shortly after 10 a.m.

Obama — wearing a dark sport coat, dress shirt, but without a tie — waved to people who gathered outside.

Shortly before noon, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told reporters that the former president had not been selected for jury duty. But Obama was ready to serve if told to do so, Evans said.

In fact, Obama was also summoned in 2010 but that was during the period when he was the most powerful leader in the world, and he was able to postpone reporting, according to his spokeswoman, Katie Hill.

On Wednesday, Obama did get the prospective juror experience of sitting through a decades-old, 20-minute video in which Lester Holt— now the anchor of NBC Nightly News but back then on local news —explained the ins and outs of jury duty.

Obama’s experience was a bit different than the others who watched the video. When he arrived there was a feeding frenzy as crowds of people inside the courthouse took photos and videos of the former president. As happens most days, would-be jurors brought books, but on Wednesday some people brought books Obama had authored in hopes he might sign them. He obliged them and posed for photographs, Evans said.

“Look at this. Did you know I was coming?” he asked one man who held a copy of Obama’s “Dreams From My Father.”

Thomas Pearson, who took the video and called the experience of shaking hands with Obama “the best thing I experienced in my entire life,” said he wasn’t going to show up for jury duty until his mother texted him that Obama would be there.

For his troubles, Obama is in line to receive $17.20 — the daily rate of pay for performing this civic duty. Hill said that the former president would donate it to Cook County.

Obama is the highest-ranking former public official to be called to jury duty in Chicago. But he is not the first former president to be called to jury duty. In 2015, former President George W. Bush answered the jury duty call in Dallas. He was not selected to sit on a jury. And in 2003, former President Bill Clinton reported for jury duty in federal court in New York City. He also was not selected.

Only an idiot would claim that meeting Obama (or any ex-president for that matter) is some great event in his life.

I’m shaking my head at that one.

And if the guy hadn’t shown up for jury duty, around here they come and arrest you I believe. I could be wrong about that, but I have a strong recollection that bad things happen to you if you ignore the call in Texas.

Black Teen Kenneka Jenkins Death in Hotel Freezer Ruled Accidental by Police, as Family Hints at Conspiracy


There’s no way that the freezer door seen in the photo below could be mistaken for an exit or anything other than a freezer door.

Yet teen Kenneka Jenkins apparently wandered into the freezer, closed the door, and then subsequently died of hypothermia.

Her family is skeptical of that scenario. It’s possible that someone could have pushed her into the freezer, either as a practical joke or out of pure meanness.

Police say her demise was an accident. What say you amateur sleuths?


Police in Chicago have closed the investigation into the death of the 19-year-old who was found dead in a hotel freezer in September.

On Friday, authorities ruled Kenneka Jenkins’ death accidental and released photos, surveillance videos, audiotapes, and a timeline of events leading up to the teen’s death.

Jenkins was last seen in the early hours of Sept. 9 at a party on the ninth floor of the Crown Plaza Hotel and was reported missing that afternoon, according to Rosemont police. Police found her body inside a hotel freezer shortly after midnight on Sept. 10.

Authorities previously said the teen died of hypothermia due to cold exposure in the walk-in freezer. They also noted that alcohol intoxication and the use of a drug for treating epilepsy and migraines were also “significant contributing factors.”

“The death of any child is tragic; but the death and circumstances surrounding Ms. Jenkins are especially sad,” the police chief said.

Ah yes. So tragic.

Hotel surveillance video that was previously released showed the 19-year-old stumbling through the hallways of the hotel and eventually into the kitchen, but never show her walking into the freezer as there was no camera pointing toward that direction, police said.

Authorities have now released an entire timeline of what they believe happened leading up to Jenkins’ death. After leaving her home on the west side of Chicago at 11:30 p.m. on September 8, Jenkins showed up to the hotel party in Rosemont.

The teen’s death initially sparked rumors and conspiracies of foul play, but police have said in their report that there is “no evidence” suggesting that the death was not accidental.“While there were many theories, rumors and much speculation floating around social media regarding the death of Ms. Jenkins, none were supported with facts. While all leads and theories were investigated by our department, what we have reported throughout the investigation and again, today, are facts,” the report said.

Lawyers for the teen’s mother said graphic photos that police released on Friday of the teen lying face down in the freezer, covered in dirt, and without a shoe, “raise more questions than answers.”

Darwin award or foul play? The police have ruled Darwin Award. It would take some kind of stupid to end up frozen like Kenneka.

It’s possible.

Black Economics Prof Sees NFL Protests as “pathetic, useless showboating”

Libertarian economics professor Walter Williams suggests that black people need to find new heroes, not the criminals they currently idolize.

Blacks are hypocritical, and dare I say it, stupid, when it comes to their outrage when police officers justifiably kill one of their beloved thugs, while they quietly accept many more murders of their people perpetrated by members of their own race.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

According to The Washington Post, 737 people have been shot and killed by police this year in the United States. Of that number, there were 329 whites, 165 blacks, 112 Hispanics, 24 members of other races and 107 people whose race was unknown ( In Illinois, home to one of our most dangerous cities — Chicago — 18 people have been shot and killed by police this year. In the city itself, police have shot and killed 10 people and shot and wounded 10 others. Somebody should ask the kneeling black NFL players why they are protesting this kind of killing in the Windy City and ignoring other sources of black death.

Here are the Chicago numbers for the ignored deaths. So far in 2017, there have been 533 murders and 2,880 shootings. On average, a person is shot every two hours and 17 minutes and murdered every 12 1/2 hours ( In 2016, when Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee, Chicago witnessed 806 murders and 4,379 shootings. It turns out that most of the murder victims are black. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that Chicago has a 12.7 percent murder clearance rate. That means that when a black person is murdered, his perpetrator is found and charged with his murder less than 13 percent of the time.

Similar statistics regarding police killing blacks versus blacks killing blacks apply to many of our predominantly black urban centers, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis and Oakland. Many Americans, including me, see the black NFL player protest of police brutality as pathetic, useless showboating. Seeing as these players have made no open protest against the thousands of blacks being murdered and maimed by blacks, they must view it as trivial in comparison with the police killings. Most of the police killings fit into the category of justified homicide.

So what can be done? Black people need to find new heroes. Right now, at least in terms of the support given, their heroes are criminals such as Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, Ferguson’s Michael Brown and Florida’s Trayvon Martin. Black support tends to go toward the criminals in the community rather than to the overwhelming number of people in the community who are law-abiding. That needs to end. What also needs to end is the lack of respect for and cooperation with police officers. Some police are crooked, but black people are likelier to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites simply because blacks commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.

For a race of people, these crime statistics are by no means flattering, but if something good is to be done about it, we cannot fall prey to the blame games that black politicians, black NFL players, civil rights leaders and white liberals want to play. If their vision is accepted, we can expect little improvement of the status quo.

Dr. Williams has written in the past about the black rapping culture that makes heroes of thugs. There’s no reason to be optimistic that blacks can change their behavior when the (((entertainment industry))) glorifies black thuggery.

Obama Ripped by Butt Hurt Blacks Over Chicongo Presidential Library


Blacks aren’t happy because Obama won’t put in writing all the gibsmedat that he’s promised them in relation to his new presidential library going up in the black part of Chicago.

No matter how much is given to them, they always agitate for more.

This story is the top headline on Drudge tonight.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

Now that Obama is about to build his presidential center in Woodlawn’s Jackson Park, some residents are wary of his ability to transform neighborhoods without doing harm to longtime residents who could end up displaced by gentrification.

A nasty fight over a community benefits agreement with the Obama Foundation has exposed an unexpected rift between the former president and some of the South Side residents who helped lift him to prominence.

Not everyone on the South Side, it seems, thinks Obama did enough for black folks during his eight years as president. And as he prepares to build a presidential center that will pay tribute to his legacy, some South Siders are calling him out for what they consider broken promises.

Obama consistently has asked residents to trust that he will do right by them. The presidential center, he insists, will provide a wealth of opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of Chicagoans who have long been overlooked.

But this time, according to one activist, there will be no “Amen, kiss the ring.”

Obama opened the door to the backlash when he appeared on a video at the foundation’s first public meeting last week and said flat-out that there would be no community benefits agreement.

Such a legal document, he said, would force the foundation to side with certain activist groups and leave others out. And, he added, it would open the door for other groups to step up and start making demands.

The Obama Library South Side Community Benefits Agreement Coalition, founded by five prominent community organizations, has been leading the call for a document guaranteeing jobs and low-income housing protections. But it also wants him to deliver other items on its dream list, things he cannot control, such as placing librarians in every school.

In reality, it is asking him to fill the void created through decades of neglect by the city. That kind of change, once again, is unrealistic.

At a community forum Wednesday night, a discussion about the proposed agreement morphed into a shouting match over whether Obama actually loves black people. One man in the audience yelled, “No” while others alluded to the fact that Obama is biracial.

Hip-hop artist and community activist Che “Rhymefest” Smith tried to defend the president — but only to a point.

“I don’t believe he understands everything about black people,” Smith said. “But he married a black woman from the South Side, and she feels our pain. Our pain is her pain.”

It’s just amazing how blacks believe that others are obligated to do for them. It seems to only rarely occur among the members of this wretched race that adults do things for themselves.