Convicted Terrorist Admits She Lied to Gain U.S. Citizenship


I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is crying in her fifth after-dinner martini tonight after reading how the Democrat party, the party of inclusion, is going to be losing another voter.


A Chicago-area resident who participated in two terror attacks in Israel in 1969 pleaded guilty Tuesday to having illegally obtained her American citizenship.

Rasmieh Odeh, 69, entered her plea Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Detroit, admitting she had been convicted in Israeli court in 1970 for her role in two bombings, and that she had willingly omitted that information from her US citizenship application.

“The United States will never be a safe haven for individuals seeking to distance themselves from their pasts,” Steve Francis, Homeland Security Investigations’ special agent in charge for Detroit, said in a statement released Tuesday. “When individuals lie on immigration documents, the system is severely undermined, and the security of our nation is put at risk.”

A court employee present at the hearing told CNN that Odeh was tearing up and had a hard time verbalizing the guilty plea. She eventually held up the signing document, the court employee said, and said that it was true, she signed it.

Odeh was sentenced to life in prison by an Israeli military court in 1970 in connection with two bombs planted the previous year in Jerusalem by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, according to court documents. One bomb killed two people at a supermarket. The other damaged the British Consulate in Jerusalem, but caused no injuries.

Odeh, a Jordanian national, was later released from Israeli prison in 1979 as part of a prisoner transfer.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was added to the US State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations in 1997.

Odeh came to the United States on an immigrant visa in 1994, according to court documents, and obtained her citizenship 10 years later in 2004.

In her citizenship application and a subsequent interview with an immigration officer, Odeh repeatedly stated she had no criminal history and attested she had never been a member of a terrorist organization.

Tuesday was not the first time judgment was passed on Odeh’s citizenship filing. In 2014, a jury found her guilty of unlawful procurement of naturalization. She was sentenced to 18 months in prison. On appeal, however, the 6th Circuit Court ordered a new trial, stating that the district court wrongly rejected a defense witness expected to speak to Odeh’s claims that torture in prison left her with PTSD.

Odeh came to court with dozens of supporters Tuesday, the court employee told CNN.

Court documents state that Odeh is a community organizer with the Arab American Action Network. The group, a Chicago-area nonprofit, lists Odeh as an associate director on its website.

Per an agreement with prosecutors, Odeh will serve no additional jail time in return for her guilty plea. According to the Department of Justice, Odeh is expected to be deported to Jordan after an August 17 sentencing hearing.

Calls to Odeh’s attorney, Mike Deutsch, were not immediately returned on Tuesday

A community organizer, eh? All these a**holes feed at the public trough, their agencies funded by taxpayer dollars. The system sucks and ending it should be a top priority for all of us.

In San Antonio, Texas, for example, these agencies mostly target the local Latinos. Exactly what they do is a bit of a mystery, but the executives typically earn six-figure salaries.

They are all parasites, including this murderer.

Violent Neo-Nazi Turns Traitor, Embracing Mulitculturalism and Diversity


There is a strong factual case that can be made for white superiority (what the press calls white supremacy). There is also a strong philosophical case that can be made for white identity (also called white supremacy by the press).

To be connected to your people and to reality does not require burning down black churches or beating people up for no reason.

The lost soul at the heart of this story latched onto the violent skinhead movement at a young age, but later in life turned traitor to his race and to practical common sense.

Instead of renouncing violence, but proclaiming his love for his people, he stabbed them in the back and became an antiracist.

Excerpt from Huffpost

As a 14-year-old in 1980s Chicago, Christian Picciolini was ripe for recruitment into a hate group: He was bullied, didn’t have a lot of friends and felt “abandoned” by his Italian immigrant parents who worked long hours.

One day, when he was standing in an alley smoking a joint, a car pulled up, and a man with a shaved head came out, pulled the joint out of his mouth and said:

“Don’t you know that’s what the Jews and the Communists want you to do to keep you docile?”

That man was Clark Martell, a national leader of the white supremacist skinhead movement. Martell’s history of violence, according to a 1989 Chicago Tribune article, included targeting LGBTQ people and people of color. He once attempted to burn down the house of a Latino family.

Picciolini was recruited into Martell’s neo-Nazi skinhead group in 1987, and when Martell ended up in prison a couple of years later, Picciolini took the helm.

“He made me feel powerful when I felt powerless, gave me family and a sense of purpose,” Picciolini told HuffPost. “I was a nobody kid people picked on for having a funny name ― and [a few years later] I was respected and powerful.”

Over a decade later, in 2009, he co-founded Life After Hate, a small nonprofit run entirely by former members of America’s radical far-right, dedicated to supporting those who have left, or are seeking to leave, hate groups in the U.S.

It’s the only organization of its kind in the country ― and it’s up against a growing problem: The number of hate groups in the U.S. has doubled in the last 10 to 15 years, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and around 80 percent of those groups advocate white supremacist beliefs.

One key strategy the group uses to help people leave extremism behind is to facilitate in-person meetings between former extremists and members of groups they once discriminated against ― for instance, having a former Islamophobe meet an imam, or letting a onetime Holocaust denier talk with a survivor.

“As former extremists from the far right, what changed us is when we received compassion from the people we least deserved it from,” Picciolini said. “Often times they’ve never met a black person or had a meaningful conversation with a Muslim or Jewish person. I get them into a situation where they can sit and talk, and realize there are more things in common than differences.”

The strategy derives from “contact theory,” or the well-researched idea that contact with groups from different backgrounds can increase tolerance. It seems to have worked for certain high-profile extremists, such as former white nationalist Derek Black, who began leaving the movement after being invited to a series of Shabbat dinners by a Jewish fellow college student, and Life After Hate Deputy Director Angela King, who left the skinhead movement after being befriended by a group of Jamaican women in prison.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance is one of the SPLC’s so-called haters. I’m reminded of an article he wrote a few years ago about why he likes black people. Being a separatist, segregationist, or White Nationalist does not require anyone to indiscriminately hate, although we’ve argued here many times before that righteous hatred is a good thing.

Separatism simply requires that one acknowledge a natural preference for people who look the way they do. It means being honest enough to admit to membership in a tribe (the German tribe, the Irish tribe, etc.) and then pledge loyalty to one’s tribe when it’s under attack.

Turning traitor is one of the worse things one can do.

Piccolini is a traitor. He was and still is a person with issues related to living. He should be shamed and shunned. Let him make a living as a tattoo artist or something.


“Everything” Hurts: Disgraced Felon Doctor Dragged Off Plane Playing Up Injuries for Lawsuit?

In World War II it was called malingering.

A soldier would exaggerate the extent of his injuries in order to avoid returning to battle.

What it’s called today, I’m not sure. Insurance companies know what I’m talking about. A claimant exaggerates the extent of his injuries in order to get a larger settlement from the insurance company. Let’s just call it fraud.

The Vietnamese immigrant dragged off a United flight, a drug dealing faggot, is still hospitalized while claiming that “everything” was injured. People live through severe car wrecks with less damage than this liar. He’s clearly setting up United and the airport police for a big, big lawsuit.

New York Post

The Kentucky doctor who was violently dragged off a United Airlines plane is currently recovering in a Chicago hospital, according to a report Tuesday.

David Dao, 69, of Elizabethtown, Ky., told from his hospital bed that he was not doing well.

When asked what hurt, Dao replied, “Everything,” according to the TV news channel.

His loved ones said Dao was grateful for all the support he received after the now-viral video of the incident sparked major backlash against United on social media.

“The family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received,” his lawyer, Stephen Golan, wrote in a statement to CNBC.

The cop seen dragging off muh gook is a black man. Hey, I’m calling out all the criticism of the cop as anti-black racism. If the cop were not black, America wouldn’t have gotten twisted into a pretzel defending the Asian.

I stand with United and the blacks. I’m outnumbered for sure. The Telegraph reports that the black officer has been suspended. Yeah, blame the black man!

What say you?

Watch on youtube, if you prefer:

Daily Mail Exposes Chink Dr. Kicked Off Plane as Scumbag Trading Drugs for FAGGOT Sex with Patients


Thank God for the Daily Mail. Otherwise, nonwhites would get away with thousands of times more sh*t than they do. The DM actually publishes the things that the American media covers up.

Case in point: That Asian physician that drew massive sympathetic publicity when he was kicked off a United Airlines flight leaving Chicago. As you might guess, he got NO sympathy here, although one of the millions of white social justice warriors defending him tried to defend him on this site. We wiped out the SJW. Good work.

Within 24 hours of the story breaking across the world, the Daily Mail did what SJWs are calling a smear job on the doctor. It’s not a smear if it’s true.

Here are the facts. I think you’ll conclude that this disgusting piece of shit should never have been allowed to come to America, never been allowed to become a doctor because of his low IQ, and should have his sorry ass kicked out–not just out of a plane, but out of the USA.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

The troubled past of the doctor who was dragged off United Airlines in an incident which has plunged the company into crisis is revealed – including his felony conviction and need for ‘anger management’.

Dr David Dao has past of illicit gay sex with a patient, and tested positive for drugs, official documents reveal.

The medic, who specializes in lung disorders, was accused of refusing to give up his seat on Sunday’s United Express flight UA3411 flight from Chicago to Louisville for the airline’s staff.

Cellphone footage of the Vietnamese-born grandfather’s ejection has caused an uproar with critics claiming officers were heavy-handed in taking the senior from the flight.

The doctor spoke to WLKY and told them ‘everything’ was injured.
Dr Dao has not yet sued the airline but it is clear that if he did, the documents would be likely to be used by United in their attempt to defend their actions.

The row over its handling deepened on Tuesday as revealed how United told its staff that the doctor ‘tried to strike law enforcement’. That version of events is not apparently supported by videos taken by other passengers.

The disclosure of what they said to their own staff came after United’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, was accused of being ‘tone-deaf’ for his non-apology to the doctor.

United lost $800 million of its value as shared plunged on Wall Street in the wake of the PR disaster.

The father of five, who has won sympathy globally over the incident, was given a suspended jail sentence for illegally obtaining and trafficking controlled substances by fraud and deceit.

He was also found to have in engaged in sex with a male patient- Brian Case, who he knew from the church they both attended – and then supplied him with drugs, including Oxycontin, in exchange for sexual favors.

The sexual liaisons, which happened motel rooms, were recorded by undercover agents. He paid $200 in cash each time he met Case.

Case said he believed that Dr. Dao wanted to hook him on drugs so he would keep meeting him for gay sex.

Dr. Dao was arrested when Case agreed to go undercover. Even when he was caught with his shirt off and pants unbuckled, he denied he was there for gay sex with Case.

The secret sex and drugs life of the doctor first came to light in in July 2003 when police alerted the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure of the allegations against him.

In October 2003 he was indicted by a Jefferson County Grand Jury for ‘criminal acts of trafficking in a controlled substance, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and unauthorized prescribing, dispensing or administering of controlled substances’.

His medical license was suspended later that month.

Dr Dao underwent intense scrutiny and re-training for several years after his convictions.

His wife Dr. Theresa Dao, who was with him on the ill-fated flight, has stood by him.

She first alerted the medical authorities about her suspicions of her husband’s involvement with a patient.

In 2015, his medical license was partially re-instated with restrictions placed on his access to patients.

The findings were revealed by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure in June last year and stipulated that monitoring had to be continued of the doctor’s behavior.

The Hardin Memorial Hospital, where he worked, placed him on ‘ a corrective action plan by due to disruptive conduct’.

He was also referred to the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation for ‘evaluation and anger management’.

He was also tested positive for Ultram/framadol and had his doctor’s license suspended.

In November 2004 a jury convicted him on felony counts of Obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit. The jury recommended a sentence of two years and eight months on each felony count.

In January, 2005, Dao was sentenced in Jefferson Circuit Court to two years and eight months on each felony conviction. He was allowed a five year supervised probation.

From not knowing his medicine to being a habitual liar, the charges against this vermin just keep going at the Daily Mail.

Now do you see the argument we make here all the time? When you have a third world population, you get a third world country.



United Airlines Under Fire for Dragging Asian Man From Plane

Fellow passengers and Twitter exploded in outrage when an Asian man was dragged from a United Airlines flight after being bumped because of overbooking.

This photo shows him being dragged down the aisle:

People reports that dozens of angry passengers walked off the plane in support of the Drag Man.


Muds are going apeshit on Twitter. These assholes have zero respect for rules. The f*cking airplane belongs to United. They have a contractual right to bump people, so long as a bumped passenger is compensated. In fact the compensation here was a free hotel room, $800 in cash, and space on the next flight out.

Three passengers cooperated. Presumable they were white. Only the entitled Asian, an immigrant and a Democrat no doubt, fought the lawful orders given by the airline.

I rarely fly, but I was bumped once. I made no scene. But then again, I’m white. It never crossed my mind to start shit. What’s wrong with me?

F*ck the yellow turd and f*ck the white passengers who supported him. F*ck the Chicago police for suspending the police officers. And f*ck United for apologizing to diversity. I’m tired of loudmouthed shits disturbing the peace. Can you tell?

ABC News

Videos posted to social media appear to show a man being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight by law enforcement in Chicago.

United Airlines told ABC News the man was removed because it needed to send a four-person crew to Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday evening to avoid canceling subsequent flights. The airline previously said the flight was overbooked. That was incorrect, according to new information from United.

One of the law enforcement officers involved in the incident was placed on leave effective Monday. The Chicago Department of Aviation said the officer’s actions were not in accordance with standard operating procedure and are not condoned by the department.

United Flight 3411, operated by Republic Airways, was scheduled to depart Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport at 5:40 p.m. local time Sunday, bound for Louisville International Airport.

United needed to put a four-person Republic Airways crew on the flight and asked for volunteers to give up their seats, offering up to $800 for doing so, a United spokesperson told ABC News. No one volunteered, so the airline generated a list of four names to be removed from the flight and reaccommodated, per by the airline’s contract of carriage. Three of those people complied, and one did not. That’s when the police were called.

“The doctor needed to work at the hospital the next day,” Twitter user Jayse D. Anspach wrote in a series of tweets accompanied by videos of the incident. “So he refused to ‘volunteer.'”

Anspach added, “A couple airport security men forcefully pulled the doctor out of his chair and to the floor of the aisle. In so doing, the doctor’s face was slammed against an arm rest, causing serious bleeding from his mouth. It looked like he was knocked out, because he went limp and quiet and they dragged him out of the plane like a rag doll.”

ABC News has not been able to verify any details about the man who was removed, including whether he is a doctor.

According to Anspach and another passenger tweeting about the events, Tyler Bridges, the man later returned to the aircraft, repeating that he needed to go home. In video of the man after he returned, he appears agitated. Bridges tweeted that the man said he needed to be at work in the morning to see patients at his hospital.

Anspach and Bridges said in their Twitter posts that the man was bloodied from his removal.

The two declined to comment to ABC News about the alleged incident.

United would not tell ABC News what occurred to escalate the situation.

United CEO Oscar Munoz called the incident “upsetting” in a statement posted on the airline’s Twitter account.

While United’s rules regarding denied boarding posted on its website fall in line with Department of Transportation regulations, it is unclear what rules exist regarding passengers already on board a plane.

Though the airline did not specify why the man was chosen, United’s contract of carriage, posted online, reads, “The priority of all other confirmed passengers may be determined based on a passenger’s fare class, itinerary, status of frequent flyer program membership and the time in which the passenger presents him/herself for check-in without advanced seat assignment.”

United did not comment when asked why the man was allowed to board the plane.

Chicago Latino Cop Accused of Framing 51 People for Murder


Good cops try to solve crimes. Bad cops try to clear crimes, whether the accused is guilty or not. The conviction is what counts, not guilt or innocence.

In Chicago, the story of Reynaldo Guevara, accused of framing people for murder, has been percolating for years. Everyone involved in this long story of murders, arrests, and denials is either Latino or black.

As a white person, this is not the kind of world I want to live in nor do I want to see future generations of white people live in such a corrupt environment.

Excerpt from Buzzfeed

Here’s the easy story of Guevara: It’s the tale of one allegedly rogue cop accused by at least 51 people of framing them for murders from the 1980s through the early 2000s in the rough-and-tumble Humboldt Park section of Chicago. His alleged misdeeds led 48 men and one woman to be sentenced to a total of more than 2,300 years in prison. Three were acquitted. Five received life sentences. Three were sentenced to death but spared when in 2003 Gov. George Ryan, disturbed by a rash of wrongful convictions, commuted all death sentences to life or less. Two men died behind bars, including Daniel Peña, an illiterate man who testified Guevara beat him into signing a confession he couldn’t read.

These numbers could place Guevara’s alleged misconduct among the most egregious policing betrayals in modern history, alongside the Rampart scandal in Los Angeles in the 1990s, when more than 100 convictions were tossed based on police corruption; the crack-era sentences of the 1970s and ‘80s in Brooklyn, when dozens of defendants accused Detective Louis Scarcella of manufacturing evidence against them; and, closer to home, in Chicago, where during the ‘70s and ‘80s former Commander Jon Burge led a team of detectives to beat — and even electrocute — more than 100 men, most of them black, on the city’s South Side into confessions.

But the scope of Guevara’s alleged misdeeds tells only part of the story. Chicago’s police brass, its prosecutors, its judges, police oversight commissions, and even federal authorities had ample warnings about Guevara, numerous chances to make amends for the injustices he stands accused of committing and to stop him from perpetrating more. They didn’t.

When the Rampart scandal surfaced, the LAPD submitted to a federal consent decree and enacted a long series of reforms. In Brooklyn, the district attorney revamped the office’s Conviction Integrity Unit, boosting its budget and manpower to review the Scarcella cases.

Yet in Chicago, which has been called the “false conviction capital” of the United States, the police department stood behind Guevara, promoting him and sending him off to retirement. So did prosecutors, who built cases around the people he said were eyewitnesses despite unlikely scenarios in their accounts.

So did judges, who turned a deaf ear to people who swore in open court that Guevara had beaten them or coerced their confessions or testimony. So did high-ranking city, county, and federal officials, who for decades ignored mounting claims of misconduct, choosing instead to defend the honor of the law enforcement establishment.

In 2013, faced with a number of exonerations of Guevara defendants and the possibility of numerous civil lawsuits seeking large payouts, the city ordered an independent review of Guevara cases, and, in 2015, determined that four imprisoned men were more than likely innocent. Anita Alvarez, the state attorney for Cook County, whose office had the power to release the men from prison, initially declined to act on those findings. After Alvarez was ousted from office last March, her replacement, Kim Foxx, via a spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News it had launched its own review of Guevara’s cases. She declined to answer questions, instead issuing a statement that said because the review is ongoing, “it would be inappropriate for the office to provide any comments at this time.” Last month, she announced plans to revamp her office’s conviction integrity unit, a team of lawyers which is charged with reviewing questionable convictions.

The long article goes on to cover specific crimes investigated by Guevaro and protestations of innocence. You might want to stay out of Chicago if you can. The streets are mean and bloody and the cops and criminal justice system may be as corrupt as any in the third world. God help you if you’re falsely accused of a crime in the Windy City.

Facebook Gang Rape of Girl by Black Boys Proves Black Hypersexuality Not a Myth


One look at the alleged Facebook gang rape victim and you know the perps are black. No white man would touch the girl above with a 10 foot pole much less his 6 inch ****.

White people honest enough and perceptive enough to talk about black hypersexuality are always accused of racism for bringing up the truth.

The (((left))) accuse of us of having some sort of secret black sexual fetish.

Uh, no.

It’s no different than talking about black lust for watermelon as it is to talk about black sexual lust. The truth is that blacks are different from whites (and from Asians too for that matter). Black sexuality is primitive jungle sexuality.

Shhhh! We’re not allowed to say that.

Fox News

A second juvenile was set to be arrested in connection with the livestreamed rape of a 15-year-old girl in March, and Chicago police said Sunday other offenders remained on the loose – including an adult.

Police arrested a 14-year-old male late Saturday and had on Sunday obtained an arrest warrant for a 15-year-old male, whom they expected “to be arrested soon,” Area Central Detective Commander Brendan Deenihan said during a news conference.

The investigation into the March 19 incident was proceeding slowly due to the difficulty the victim was having discussing the ordeal she underwent, Deenihan said. Her distress had been compounded by social media “bullying” about the rape.

“She’s extremely traumatized from this event, obviously,” Deenihan said. “…She’s gonna need help for a long time after this.”

Police said the girl knew at least one of the alleged offenders and that she was “lured” to a North Lawndale residence where the rape occurred.

“And from there she was not allowed to leave and she didn’t consent to what occurred,” Deenihan said.

“She’s gonna need help for a long time after this.”

– Area Central Detective Commander Brendan Deenihan
The girl’s rape was livestreamed on Facebook and a police spokesman said the video had about 40 live viewers – none of whom called authorities.

“We’ve seen a couple of acts in this city now in a couple of months involving social media, and it just disgusts me that people would not pick up the phone and dial 911,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. “It makes you wonder, where are we going – what are we doing as a society?”

Johnson was initially approached on March 21 by the girl’s mother, who was “desperately seeking help.” She showed Johnson still pictures of the rape.

“I was visibly upset from what I saw,” Johnson said. “No woman should ever be treated the way this young woman was.”

Police previously said five or six males were involved in the attack, but, authorities declined on Sunday to provide a specific number of alleged perpetrators.

The teenager already in police custody was expected to be charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, manufacturing of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.