High School Biology Teacher Accused of Sex with Student


There have been quite a few of these women teachers going wild with students that I haven’t had the time to post. Miranda doesn’t look worried at all, unlike some of them who are crying in their mugshots.

There’s no mention of a husband in any of the news reports that I saw, but there appear to be two young children in her life, so she may be a divorced mother.

A high school student isn’t husband material and she should know that.

Now that her career in teaching is over, Miranda may be looking for a babysitter who can sit the children for a few years while mommy is “on vacation.”

Fox News

A Virginia high school teacher was arrested last Thursday after it was discovered that she allegedly was teaching one student a little too much about the female anatomy.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Finally Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Adultery, an alleged nude picture, and blackmail accusations have plagued Jewish Republican Gov. Eric Greitens for months.

Facing impeachment, he’s finally resigned.

Another prominent Jew has become a nonperson because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Excerpt from CBS News

Gov. Greitens announced his resignation at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Greitens, who faced possible impeachment over an extramarital affair and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list for political purpose, said he will resign effective this Friday at 5 p.m. local time.

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Mulatto “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks Set to Marry Pregnant Billionaire Heiress (((Chloe Green))) as His Father is Released from Prison After 33 Years for Horrific Murder and Sex Attack


Jewish heiress Chloe Green is having Jeremy Meeks’ baby. The sprog would be a quadroon.

When Meeks mughshot went viral a few years ago and white women threw themselves at the bad boy, he was married with children (to a white woman). He ditched her for a Jew set to inherit billions.

Anyone care to make a prediction about how this is going to work out over the next few years?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Over Easter, while her father cruised around the Galapagos Islands on his £100 million yacht and celebrated his 66th birthday with her mother, Lady (Tina) Green, Chloe was to be found meeting her boyfriend’s family in decidedly more modest circumstances.

In a picture posted by Meeks on Instagram, she is seen perched on a couch alongside his mother, grandparents, sister, brother and sister-in-law. ‘Nothing like spending time with the whole family,’ he wrote.

Chloe and Jeremy to the right. Nice fam, eh?

What is little known — and indeed may be news to Chloe — is that her intended is not the only one of the family with a criminal record. Far from it.

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Husband Drives Teacher Who Used School Walkout to Have Sex with Student to Police Station


When middle school teacher Kerri Hoffman’s husband was driving her to the police station to confess her sex crimes, the conversation or lack of it must have been interesting.

Even without her confession, police had plenty of evidence of her slutting around due to her communications with the unidentified 15 year old boy.

People reports that the boy is in the eighth grade. That suggests to me he’s a borderline NONWHITE moron.

New York Daily News

Oklahoma teacher arrested for raping student on day of walkout

An Oklahoma middle school teacher was arrested for raping one of her students multiple times — including before and after a teacher walkout at the state Capitol.

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Mystery Meat Lesbian Calls Killing of CHEATING WIFE a “mistake”

Atteraka Scotland, the alleged wife killer pictured above, is so manly she almost redefines the meaning of the word “dyke.”

She also almost redefines the meaning of the word “stupid.” Tiffany Scotland, the deceased “wife” had stab wounds. You’re not going to believe how Atteraka explains those knife wounds away.

I don’t think the police believe it either.

CBS News

REDMOND, Wash. – A Washington woman accused of killing her wife and leaving her beneath a carpet in their shared bedroom told police it was a “mistake.” Aterraka Scotland, 27, was arrested on Thursday for the murder of Tiffany Scotland, 26.

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Asian Guy Gets A Bit Tough with Asian Woman Cheater Who Self-Upgraded to First Class on a Plane

The short Facebook video above went viral, notching 1.2 million views already.

Source title: Heroic FB user stands up for AirAsia stewardess bullied by passenger who ‘upgraded’ seat on her own

“Heroic” seems to me to be an exaggeration in the title. I’m wondering what if the “hero” were a white male. Would everyone be so quick to approve of him ordering “auntie” out of the seat she didn’t pay for, or would he be demonized on social media as a racist Nazi.

Asians cheat a lot, according to honesty studies, although it varies by country. I assume the cheating autie is Chinese, who are among the most dishonest.


A Facebook user recently posted about an encounter with an unreasonable woman onboard an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

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Award-Winning Young Married Middle School Teacher Accused of Sex with Boy in Car, Nude Photos


Another white teacher has allegedly been caught red-handed cheating on her husband with a student.

I have a NEW punishment in mind for these women caught cheating on their spouses with underage minors. Scroll to the end of the post to see what may be the perfect deterrent.

I’ll give you a hint: It was the original waterboarding.

Excerpt from Heavy

Alexis Mashak, a middle school physical education teacher in Wisconsin, is accused of sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old boy.

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