Subway’s Female CEO Stepping Down as Chain Closes Hundreds of Shops


There are two issues involved in the slow collapse of the Subway sandwich shop chain.

More discussion below about food quality, but in this intro let’s simply note that female CEOs don’t have a good track record. I’m thinking about Marissa Mayer at Yahoo and Meg Whitman at Hewlett-Packard.

At my former university, women administrators also had poor results–often disastrous, but in the public sector where profit is not a concern, this failure is often covered up.

Are we allowed to ask if women are fit to be leaders in business and education?

Business Insider

Subway’s CEO is leaving the struggling sandwich chain.

Suzanne Greco, who is the sister of the chain’s late co-founder, Fred DeLuca, announced on Wednesday that she is retiring as CEO.

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Two Nonwhite Hooters Girls Brawl at Work, Charged with Disorderly Conduct

A black Hooters girl? In a fight with a Latina Hooters girl?

This must be a joke.

Daily Mail

Two Hooters waitresses have been busted in a workplace dispute.

Sarah Rivera, 25, was charged with disorderly conduct after police broke up the catfight at the Hooters in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Illinois, where she was arrested and booked in her low-cut uniform.

Also arrested on the scene was 24-year old Debreca L Green, who works at the same franchise.

Green was also charged with disorderly conduct in the incident, according to police records.

Both women were released on $120 bond pending court dates next month.

Further information about the cause of the fight was not immediately available.

An Oak Lawn Police department spokesman and a manager at the Hooters reached by phone said they did not know the circumstances of the incident and were unable to comment.

The Hooters manager would also not comment when asked if Green and Rivera were still employed at the location.

Well, that push for diversity at Hooters means a couple of things. For one, you can look like a sh*t stain on underwear and still be a Hooters girl. Standards are clearly out the window.

For another, do gentlemen really want to eat food served by “ladies” such as these???!!!

NAKED FREAKS: The Folsom Street Fair–Why Wasn’t Obama There?


As per this breaking news report from San Francisco’s KRON4, hundreds of thousands of degenerates attended today’s Folsom Street Fair in the City by the Bay.

The 32nd annual Folsom Street fair took place Sunday. Almost 400 thousand people attended the festival which is also known as the world’s biggest leather event.

It took place on Folsom street, between 8th and 13th streets.

Men and women walked around in minimal or no clothing at the event. They also participated in various erotic events.

People from across the country came to attend this year’s event.

There’s also this report from CBS Local San Francisco stating that a federal judge approved a nude march through San Francisco by “body freedom activists” to coincide with the “fair.”

Under an ordinance limiting public nudity that was implemented in February of 2013, nudity is allowed in permitted parades on city streets but not in marches on the sidewalks.

On with the naked parade. Leftist insanity at its finest.

The goal is to enslave everyone to his carnal desires, which can be very strong indeed. Once enslaved to sex, then comes devil worship and the end of the West. The folks you will see in the photo essay below are not going to keep Western civilization alive. They are parasites, feeding off the flesh of productive families across America.

In the name of inclusiveness, Obama and his progressive buddies, Hillary, Bernie, et. al., have pushed the faggot agenda on all of us. Embrace the faggotry or be labeled with some new stupid made up word that a leftist faggot has coined.

obama gay

I can’t break out photos from today’s “Fair” (fairs used to be family events with a pie contest, a livestock contest, etc.) so here are some photos selected randomly from Google images that show past “fairs.”

The first one is from Wiki commons and is mild. I’ll put the remainder behind the “continue reading” button to save you from having to buy too much eyebleach.


Warning! It gets worse.

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