Illegal Central American Teen Who Decapitated Mother was Wanted by ICE

Investigators are calling the alleged murderer in this case “special needs.” It’s the new excuse for nonwhites who commit deadly acts.


FRANKLIN COUNTY, North Carolina (WTVD) — The Franklin County District Attorney said Tuesday that 18-year-old Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada will be moved to Central Prison because it’s “more appropriate for any special needs he may have.”

Machada is being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge after deputies say he decapitated his mother at their home on Morgan Drive near Stonehill Drive just south of U.S. Highway 64 Monday afternoon. The area is east of Zebulon – near the Wake County line.

At a a preliminary hearing Tuesday, both the prosecution and defense said they expect mental health to be an issue in the case. According to court documents, Machada took four different medications for psychosis and schizophrenia.

Federal officials also said Tuesday that Machada is in the country illegally and they’ve issued an immigration detainer for him.

“ICE is focused on identifying, arresting and removing public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws,” a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson told ABC11.

Local investigators called it a horrific crime.

“Officers encountered the suspect holding a knife and, as reported, also holding his mother’s head in the other arm,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Chief of Staff Terry Wright said. “It’s tough for the deputies. It’s tough for the communities. We will be offering any of them assistance who just may need it because it was a horrific scene that first responders had to respond to.”

Wright said Machada called 911 himself around 12:45 p.m. Monday after the murder.

“It looked to be a large butcher knife, the weapon that was used,” said Sheriff Kent Winstead.

Deputies said they found 35-year-old Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado dead inside the home. Two young girls found in the home were unharmed. A fourth child was at school when the incident happened.

At this point, investigators have few answers as to what led to this family tragedy.

Few answers? Stop the politically correct nonsense, investigators. You know as well as any that these foul creatures are violent by nature. It’s in their genes. Their ancestors would take a stone knife and cut out the beating heart of a live child.

Neither the perp nor the victim should have been in the U.S. Nobody was contributing anything, just being parasites feeding off their American hosts.

Execute him. We don’t want to pay for his imprisonment.

ICE arrests Honduran fugitive wanted for machete murders of 2 men


ICE is moving at the speed of Trump now. There’s no stopping them.

Great work, guys, in getting a very dangerous creature completely lacking in self control off America’s mean streets.

Hey, (((liberals))), anybody willing to give the nice brown man a home in your spare bedroom?

I didn’t think so.

RALEIGH, N.C. – A Fugitive Operations Team assigned to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Atlanta field office arrested an at-large fugitive alien Tuesday who is presently wanted for the murder of two men in Honduras.

Francisco Escobar-Orellana, an unlawfully present Honduran national, was arrested by ICE deportation officers Tuesday morning near his Hope Mills residence during a targeted enforcement operation in concert with ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents.

Mr. Escobar is wanted in Honduras pursuant to a May 2005 arrest warrant for allegedly hacking two men to death with a machete at a liquor store in 1993. Mr. Escobar subsequently unlawfully entered the United States at an unknown time/place.

“ICE is focused on identifying, arresting and removing public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws,” said ERO Atlanta Field Office Director Sean Gallagher. “ICE Fugitive Operations Teams conduct targeted enforcement operations toward these identified threats to public safety. North Carolina residents are safer today thanks to the professionalism and hard work of these dedicated officers.”

Mr. Escobar was booked into the Wake County Detention Center Tuesday where he remains in custody. ICE has lodged an immigration detainer against Mr. Escobar and will seek to remove him from the United States to face the criminal charges against him in Honduras.

Members of the public who have information about foreign fugitives are urged to contact ICE by calling the ICE tip line at 1 (866) 347-2423 or internationally at 001-1802-872-6199. They can also file a tip online by completing ICE’s online tip form.

In Fiscal Year 2016, ICE removed or returned 240,255 individuals. Of this total, 174,923 were apprehended while, or shortly after, attempting to illegally enter the United States. The remaining 65,332 were apprehended in the interior of the United States, and the vast majority were convicted criminals. ICE is focused on removing public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws, including those who illegally re-entered the country after being removed and immigration fugitives ordered removed by federal immigration judges.


Link to ICE News Releases

Mexico Imploding: Riots, Looting Over Increased Gas Price (Videos)

The five days of unrest in Mexico since the new year hasn’t been on the U.S. news much. Sitting within 150 miles of the Mexican border as I am, it’s natural to worry about a huge flood of new invaders rushing the border and pouring into the United States.

The videos below show Mexicans acting like blacks act in America from time to time. I’ve never seen Mexicans behave quite this way.

NBC News offers a selection of still photos, including the one above.

GLP offers a thread with the first three videos below. I’ve added a fourth one. This may turn out to be one of the biggest under reported stories of the year.

If Mexico goes into full collapse mode like Venezuela, then there’s going to be big trouble for the U.S. Trump’s wall isn’t up yet. A million starving Mexicans rushing the border checkpoints would create chaos. Not even Trump would have the guts to order that the Mexicans be fired upon by American troops.

This commenter on youtube helped put the last video in perspective:

Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt1 minute ago
+Steven Gutierrez Gutierrez
Hey Pedro, if the white race falls, the entire world falls. Who do you think created and maintains western civilization? Your kind votes for communists 70% of the time. Without whites you’ll be back to feudalism within 2 generations.

We will be monitoring the Mexican situation as events warrant.

Mexico Overrun with PAID KILLERS Who Earn About $275 a Week for Slaughtering People

acapulco body

Life is cheap in Mexico. So is the taker of life.

Excerpt from My San Antonio

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Along with beach towels or sandals, there’s a new popular beach accessory that says a lot about the violence gripping this once-glamorous resort: a small black leather tote hanging from the neck or shoulders of some men. It’s not a man-bag, exactly; it holds a small pistol.

Death can strike anywhere in Acapulco these days: A sarong vendor was slain on the beach in January by a gunman who escaped on a Jet Ski. Another man was gunned down while enjoying a beer at a seaside restaurant. In the hillside slums that ring the city, a 15-year-old girl’s body was found chopped into pieces and wrapped in a blanket, her severed head in a bucket nearby with a hand-lettered sign from a drug gang.

The upsurge in killings has made Acapulco one of Mexico’s most violent places, scaring away what international tourism remained and recently prompting the U.S. government to bar its employees from traveling here for any reason.

On a recent day, farther down the beach, another black bag hung around the neck of a man nicknamed “the lieutenant.” He works as a bodyguard for a man with underworld connections who agreed to meet near an open-air restaurant to discuss the security situation. He spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid being targeted by rivals or authorities.

“There are 300 paid killers on the costera,” the underworld figure said, gesturing expansively over plates of fried fish and shrimp. At least one other bodyguard was nearby. “A decent killer makes about 5,000 pesos ($275) a week.”

Another little chunk of Mexico comes to the U.S. when a wetback crosses the border.

trump building wall gif

Costa Rica Swamped with Illegal AFRICAN Migrants Demanding to Be Allowed to Go to U.S.

african migrants paso canoas costa rica

Costa Rica doesn’t want them. They don’t want Costa Rica.

But they’ve made it across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World and they sure as hell don’t want to go back to Africa.

The Guardian

About 600 US-bound Africans are stranded in Costa Rica after officials blocked a major migration route to America, leading local aid workers to warn of a humanitarian crisis if their number continues to rise.

African and Latin American migrants have long passed through Costa Rica on their way to the US, but their passage has been blocked by the authorities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the next country on the route north.

This has led to a buildup of people in the border town of Paso Canoas, where they are now sleeping rough in a makeshift detention camp.

NEWMontserrat Solano, Costa Rica’s human rights ombudsman told The Guardian that officials were unsure where the migrants were from. “They claim they are Africans and some of them definitely are, but it is unclear which country they come from. They don’t have papers and many are not very forthcoming about where they came from.”

Legally Costa Rica can only detain the migrants for 30 days at which point the government will either need to deport them or release them. According to Solano, deportation would be illegal unless the government can determine where the migrants are from and ensure that they will not experience grave human rights abuses if they return.

The Costa Rican government says it has not decided what to do with them, and in the meantime they are being tended to by local Red Cross workers. Speaking to Al Jazeera, the medics said they feared an escalation of the crisis, should these 600 people turn out to be the first of a new wave of African migrants.

“They could be changing their route from Europe and going to America and so we could have a humanitarian crisis if we don’t manage this right,” Luis Jiménez, a Red Cross representative in Paso Canoas, told the TV channel.

But migration experts said that the route was not new, and has long been trod by Africans hoping to reach America.

“It’s nothing to do with the Balkan route becoming harder to take,” Joel Millman, a spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration, said in an interview with the Guardian.

“This phenomenon has been building for years,” Millman added. “The number of Africans making this trip and asking for asylum every year at the US border is in the thousands, so this 600 is just a traffic jam. You see these kind of agglomerations every now and then.

Africa is failing at everything except increasing the number of blacks. So the best of them strive to come to the West.

The problem is that their failure clings to them like the stench of decaying excrement. The survival of civilization is at stake. We can take no more of them and still survive.

Mexican and South American Drug Cartels Are Now Using Narco-Submarines to Move Drugs

narco sub

Never underestimate the profit motive. The two pictures presented in this post show the resourcefulness of Latin American drug smugglers. The buyers of those drugs can be seen on the streets and in the penthouses from Maine to California.

What with corrupt banana republic governments, the small number of subs captured by government soldiers may only be a fraction of the real number plying ocean waters. The subs themselves are not exactly high tech, but they may be the best that narco engineers can come up with.

Opinion: If the U.S. government really wanted to stop drug smuggling, it could be done. But too many of the power elites in the U.S. profit from it, just as they profit from illegal immigrants who cross the porous southern border.

Business Insider

Mexican and South American drug cartels and their broader networks are entirely dependent on an ability to get their product onto US soil. And if there’s one thing that these organizations are good at, it’s changing their operating methods in order to stay one step ahead of the game.

As the United States, Mexico, and Colombia intensified their war on drugs throughout the late 1990s and the 2000s, the cartels had to reimagine various ways that they could smuggle cocaine into the US. The ultimate in high-risk, high-reward smuggling is the “narco submarine,” homemade subs that can bring thousands of pounds of product to the US at once.

According to a US Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) report on narco submarines citing Drug Enforcement Administration statistics, 80% of drugs smuggled into the US in 2012 came from maritime routes. And 30% of the drugs that arrived in the US by sea were conducted via narco submarines.

Like narco tanks, narco submarines show how cartels have mastered do-it-yourself engineering. Even so, around one in four of the vessels are interdicted. US authorities have captured narco subs with as much as 7.5 tons of cocaine onboard.


Costa Rica: Mestizo Who Filmed Pervert Taking Upskirt Videos Clinging to Life After Being Stabbed in the Heart

VID: Man Stabbed After Recording Street Pervert

VID: Man Stabbed After Recording Street Pervert

A Costa Rican Mestizo has been in the news worldwide the last few days because of his concern for the dignity of women. After warning off a pervert taking upskirt videos of a woman walking down the street, Gerardo Cruz Barquero was stabbed, almost fatally. The pervert is suspected of hiring the hit men who attacked him.

Hispanics are the most sexually perverted creatures on the planet. From child porn to the famous Tijuana donkey shows, Hispanics are known to be sexually promiscuous. In Texas, they typically start having babies at about age 14.

As perverts go, upskirt videographers are not particularly malicious. Thus, the attempted murder of Mr. Barquero is mildly surprising. Revenge is a dominant theme in Mestizo culture.

This whole story offers another reason to expel illegal migrants from the U.S. From sexual perversion to murder, it comes with the migrant.

Gerardo is to be congratulated for his concern for the women of his country. I hope he recovers and those who tried to kill him are brought to justice. His video of the pervert taking upskirt video is embedded below the story.

The Sun

A MAN who exposed a pervert filming up a woman’s dress has been brutally stabbed in the chest and stomach.

Gerardo Cruz Barquero, whose video has been watched nearly a million and a half times is in intensive care fighting for his life.

The 22-year-old, from Costa Rica, was attacked and stabbed twice just days after uploading footage of a Ministry of Finance accountancy department employee filming up a woman’s dress in San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.

In the video Gerardo asks the man: “Sir, are you having a good time filming the young woman?” to which the man responds: “I would stop following me if you don’t want problems.”

It has been discovered that the pervert is a high official in the Costa Rican government.

Gerardo may also have an arrest warrant out on him for violating the pervert’s privacy. How’s that for banana republic corruption?

Here’s the video, which has been viewed a million and a half times: