Stormfront Down Sunday Night

After working on my moving project since early this morning, I came about 6 p.m. to do a few posts while sitting on the patio at the public library. It warmed up to 71 degrees today, so this is not the same as posting when the temp is in the 50s or lower.

When I tried accessing Stormfront, I got a 404 error message.

There’s no news I can find relating to Stormfront being taken off the Internet since the episode last August.

Maybe there’s a technical glitch with Stormfront’s servers. If anyone has an information, please share.

Claim: NY Times Reporter Hired, then FIRED Over Friendship with Daily Stormer’s Andrew “weev” Auernheimer


The story of Quinn Norton’s hiring and quick firing a few hours later by the New York Times is starting to break across the mainstream media as I type these words.

Not only are you not allowed in politically correct America to be pro-white, you’re also not allowed to be friends with or say anything nice about a person with pro-white views.

Weev is at the center of this story. He’s the tech guy who it is claimed is keeping the Daily Stormer alive while living in Eastern Europe.

Andrew Anglin’s buddy has made some statements showing a hatred of Jews, although his mother claims he is in fact Jewish. With that context in mind, here’s the story.

Excerpt from The Atlantic

In the span of about six hours yesterday, The New York Times announced the hiring of Quinn Norton as a tech columnist and then apparently fired her. The Times claims that their decision to “go their separate ways” was guided by “new information,” revealed through a social-media maelstrom, about slurs Norton had used on Twitter and about her friendship with someone called weev. In October, Norton called weev “a terrible person, and an old friend of mine.” The rest of the world calls him a Nazi.

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Twitter Permanently Bans GOP Candidate Paul Nehlen for Meghan Markle Cheddar Man Tweet

Paul Nehlen is welcome to post anything on this site. I’m sure many others would also agree to post his content.

What he did was mock Meghan Markle via the claim that the original British people were black, captured in the DNA-created image of Cheddar Man.

It’s not like he put an ape’s face in for Meghan.

Excerpt from NPR

Twitter has banned Paul Nehlen, a Republican challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan for a congressional seat, for a racist tweet targeting American actress Meghan Markle, the fiancée of Prince Harry.


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HS Science Fair Project on Race and IQ Sparks Outrage, is Removed by School

The author of the controversial science fair project is an Asian male student. Rather than rewarding him for a great science project, the school authorities quickly removed it when complaints came in, presumably from blacks.

Sacramento Bee

Students, parents and staff at C.K. McClatchy High School are upset over a science fair project by a student in its elite magnet program that questioned whether certain races of people lack the intelligence to handle the program’s academically challenging coursework.

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Literary Classics Banned in Minnesota Over N-Word


Obviously, now that two books that feature the word “Nigger” have been removed from a Minnesota school system, blacks will now rapidly close the racial gap that exists between them and white and Asian students.

It was the N-word that was holding them back all the time.

Furthermore, the misbehavior by black students will also now cease. No more punching out elderly teachers, no more classroom brawls.

All is well, America. We’re banning books now.

Fox News

A Minnesota school district removed classic novels “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from its required reading lists due to the novels’ use of a racial slur.

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Daily Stormer’s Latest Incarnation Only Lasted A Day has been removed from the Internet. I’m monitoring Andrew Anglin’s gab to see what comes next.

The private sector’s silent partnership with politically correct (((globalists))) has been fully exposed by the tech industry’s obsession to make sure that we have no chance to read the Daily Stormer and decide for ourselves the validity of the information presented.

The old style totalitarian silencing of social critics came from government, such as the Soviet government arresting dissidents, but in the West today government can pretend to be democratic, while turning the dirty work of censorship over to the private sector.

Government today can claim to be liberal and democratic while silencing dissidents via tech industry surrogates.

Obviously, the tech industry is vested in a partnership with treasonous governments dedicated to race replacement of pesky whites. Race replacement’s purpose is to enrich the (((oligarchs))) who rule America and the West. Thus, guys like Andrew Anglin, Ron Paul, and Pat Buchanan are marginalized to one degree or another by the conspiracy.

Although I’m alt-right and don’t claim to be a “Neo-Nazi,” those Nazis should have every right to push whatever message of hate, love, peace, war, genocide, antisemitism, white identity, or white nationalism, without interference from anyone.

At least we’ve seen very clearly this last year the intolerance by the (((Deep State))) for dissidents. When civic nationalists are tagged as evil racist “deplorables” you know the conspiracy is real.

The discussion now must be focused on how to fight back. We’ve had a big victory taking down the NFL. I think we also inflicted some damage on Target over the bathroom issue.

Andrew Anglin needs to be back on the Internet at, free of any interference by the Deep State.

Daily Stormer Down Again

When I left the library about 1:30 on Tuesday, the Stormer had apparently just been removed from the Internet again.

This is extremely disturbing news to anyone who believes in freedom of speech.

If anyone learns anything please share in a comment.

Dead link to Daily Stormer

Link to Andrew Anglin’s Gab

Since the library is closed and it’s too cold for me to remain on the patio, this is my last post for today. I’ll be back at the library abour 9 Wednesday morning Central Time U.S.

I’m sure we’ll want to talk about this issue tomorrow.