Jetsons Before “The Jetsons”: “Your Safety First” 1956 Automobile Manufacturers Association (Nostalgia Educational Cartoon)

Twelve and a half minutes of fun that reminds us of how America used to be and what people thought the future might be like. The film is set in the year 2000. There’s no people of color and no political correctness.

Published on Jul 8, 2017

A cartoon look back at the history of safer cars from the Jetson-like world of “Futureville,” The date on a newspaper in this animation is October 5, 2000 (headline: “Mars Sets Off New Q-Bomb”). Produced by John Sutherland.

John Sutherland; Acclaimed for Artistry of His Industrial Films

John Elliot Sutherland, an award-winning industrial and educational filmmaker whose subjects ranged from cancer and chemistry to General Electric and the New York Stock Exchange, has died.

He was 90, and died Feb. 17 in Van Nuys after a short illness, according to his son, Eric, of Chicago.

Sutherland began making live-action training films for the military during World War II. His success in that led to the formation of John Sutherland Productions in Los Angeles, which concentrated on documentaries and industrial films during the 1950s and 1960s.

He produced about 20 movies a year, such as “A Is for Atom” for General Electric…

A few comments from youtube:

The music was done by Eugene Poddany, who did music for the Tom and Jerry cartoons directed by Chuck Jones in the early 1960s. Narration was by George O’Hanlan, better known as George Jetson.

From the era in which industry was proud to produce educational material about how great they were, and made no effort to hide their involvement.

These days they have to use front groups and keep their name off it, otherwise people will be distrustful of a biased source.

I LOVE John Sutherland cartoons !

This old stuff is great. And here I am working 19 hours a week (officially anyway) sitting in Silicon Valley using a computer that’s got more processing power than the whole world had back then – I got it for $200 used. But a car? A car? Why have one of the expensive things? I ride my bike or am about to go on the local (Japanese-made) light rail tonight. The Japanese are going to the moon (seems everyone’s been) and everyone’s going to Mars it seems from the Indians to Elon Musk.

The world is a lot more advanced but mainly it’s a lot more weird than they could have imagined in the 50s.

Wow, how I miss all that stuff 17 years ago. Political Correctness, and lawsuit-happy people make us drive cars back on the ground, no Mars or Moon trips, moving media pages (which of course came back with phones and tablets) that caused seizures.
Those were the days……

White Genocide: Tech Company’s Jetsons Ad Campaign Imagines a Future World with NO WHITE MEN

Oh for the good old days when The Jetsons were white.

Ad Age

Global technology, engineering and manufacturing company Arconic is channeling the 1962 cartoon “The Jetsons” in a campaign highlighting the coming innovations in the sky, on the road and in our cities.

Arconic, formed from the split of aluminum manufacturer Alcoa earlier this year, created a live-action reimagination of the world of “The Jetsons,” a TV series set in the then-100 year future of 2062. The spot depicts a world with flying cars, two-mile-high buildings, and new kinds of spacecraft, airplanes and cars, all enabled by Arconic technology.

“From the beginning we knew we wanted to create a campaign that featured Arconic as the future- oriented company that we are,” said Libby Archell, chief communications officer at Arconic.”The focus was on creating a campaign that would create rapid brand equity for a brand new brand…We brought together doing something future-focused and putting Arconic on the map quickly, and the idea of recreating ‘The Jetsons’ was born,” Ms. Archell said.

It’s called predictive programming. The new Jetsons has white women, but no white men.

Exactly how that’s possible is unclear. In fact, without white men to impregnate white women with girl babies, there will be no white women either.

The CEO of the company that produced this advertising is a white woman with a British accent. Her aim is very clear. To demoralize white males.

Sorry bitch, but we’ve got your number.

“Mike Pence is Race Bannon” Meme Taking Internet by Storm Tuesday Night (Video)

Haha. Americans have been won over by previously little known Indiana Governor Mike Pence after his debate performance Tuesday night. His cool under fire has won the hearts and minds of millions, I speculate.

The Race Bannon comparison paints Mike out as a hero.

Bet on one thing: We’re going to be seeing and hearing from Mike a lot more now after his crushing victory over weird queerish Tim Kaine.

Kaine is seen like this, being compared to a latent pedophile:


Check Out This Cartoon That Germany Gives to Refugees to Teach Them How to Treat Women and Girls

swimming refugees cartoon

Click on the cartoon to see it full size. Panel #12 gets to the heart of the matter.

The filth inhabiting Germany now will not be deterred by a silly cartoon. Such nonsense is typical of the crap that liberals come up with.

I suggest a policy of cutting off a Muslim’s hand the first time he touches a German woman or girl. The second time? I’ll leave that up to you to decide what’s appropriate, although I can certainly think of something else that could be cut off.

Stand up for your women, German men. Violence is justified in a social setting where women are being harmed by an invasion that you should be fighting.


“in Bavaria, swimming pools have issued leaflets with simple pictorial instructions on behaviour for migrants who may never have swum in public before.”

Officials dreamed up the leaflets in 2013 after witnessing an increasing number of “problems” at the city’s 18 public swimming pools.

“The ground rule of respect for women – whatever clothing they’re wearing – is unfortunately not respected by all our swimmers. That’s why there is an explicit indication about it,” a Munich city spokesman said.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One from Walt Disney

disney inspirational quote

A pleasing thought from the creator of the iconic mouse.

Donald Duck’s Christmas Plus A Compilation of Older Disney Christmas Cartoons

Over an hour of Disney Christmas favorites below, including Donald Duck’s Chritmas.

See All the Mohammed Cartoons That Caused The Texas Terror Attack at This Link

Muhammad Monroe Final 1_zpsstf6ymt8

Muslims are willing (some of them) to kill and/or die to prevent artists from rendering drawing of Mohammed, such as the drawing above. What a strange race, better suited to life a thousand years ago than life in the West today.

If you have an interest in seeing the drawings that caused the Texas terror attack in Garland on Sunday, then click here for a slideshow showing all 200 entries in the contest.

Mohammad Contest Drawing 1 small 1_zpskpolfrh5

The mainstream press is too cowardly to show these cartoons, so if you want to violate a Muslim taboo by looking at them, better hurry. They may end up getting removed from the Internet by the thought police.

BTW, I should add that I do not believe in mocking anyone’s serious religion. (Wicca is not a serious religion.) Thus, the only reason I’m posting these drawings and the link is in the interest of exposing the Muslim mindset. Mohammed should not be mocked (the truth is OK), nor should Jesus.