Colored Chiropractor Offs White Girlfriend and Self

A respectable, edjumacated Negro stalked a white woman for months, terrorizing her, and then murdered her. When the police were closing in on him, he killed himself.

Two elementary-school-age boys were left behind by the white victim.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way that someone warned Renee Sue O’Neal to avoid the groid, but these independent modern women think they can ride and tame the tiger. As is often the case, she was wrong.


Renee Sue O’Neal, the Lincoln woman found shot to death Wednesday morning in her garage, had filed a restraining order against the man now suspected of killing her, Lincoln police Chief Doug Lee said Thursday.

Jerrod Devery Hill, 31, of El Dorado Hills, also pleaded no contest in April to a felony stalking charge filed against him in January, Sacramento Superior Court records show.

Hill apparently shot himself to death as officers pursued him Wednesday on Interstate 80 near Truckee, police said. Hill was found in his car after officers used spike strips to try to stop him from fleeing.

Hill and O’Neal, 35, were identified Thursday by coroner’s offices in Nevada and Placer counties.

Lee said O’Neal was found in a vehicle in the garage of a home in the 2400 block of Lincoln Airpark Drive after a witness called to report hearing possible gunshots and seeing a man fleeing from the home about 8:20 a.m. Wednesday. The man left in what was described to police as a white Hyundai.

Public records show O’Neal lived in the home where her body was found.

Months before the shooting, Sacramento Superior Court records show four felony charges were filed against Hill in Sacramento. Two of those charges were for alleged burglary, one for stalking and the last for petty theft. A no contest plea for the felony stalking charge was entered in April. Court documents indicate a hearing to dismiss the other charges in the case was held early Thursday.

Lee said the witness who made the call Wednesday morning told police he recognized the man who fled the home as Hill. O’Neal had a restraining order against Hill, but Lee said he did not know when or where it was granted, and whether it stemmed from a previous romantic relationship or friendship between the two.

The criminal complaint filed in the Sacramento County court case alleges Hill entered a residence, where someone referred to as Renee Doe and another woman lived, with the intent of stealing belongings on July 19 and July 20 of last year, and again on Oct. 3.

The files also say Hill repeatedly harassed Renee Doe during that time, making credible threats that would cause her to have a reasonable fear for her safety and the safety of her family.

Hill was listed as a licensed chiropractor on the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners website. Court documents for the felony stalking case include a move by prosecutors to bar Hill from using his chiropractic license, saying, “A licensed chiropractor holds a position of trust with his employer and consumers. Here, Defendant has shown, by his act of burglary, stalking, and theft against his previous girlfriend, that continuing to allow him access to patients in this position of trust is contrary to the best interests of the public.”

Rachell Walker, a neighbor living in the newly developed neighborhood near the city’s airport, said O’Neal moved to the area a few months before the shooting and was a mother to two elementary-aged twin boys.

“She just seemed friendly,” Walker said. “I think everybody’s kind of shocked.”

A Facebook page under O’Neal’s name, posted hours after the shooting, was described as “a grassroots campaign to change privacy laws for victims of Domestic Violence in honor of Renee O’Neal and the countless women who were killed before her.”

Efforts to reach O’Neal’s family and friends were not successful Thursday. A message from the Facebook page published under O’Neal’s name declined an interview request from a Sacramento Bee reporter Thursday.

“Her family has requested privacy and for us not to speak to the press at this time,” the message said. “As you can see we are all trying to make sense out (of) the impossible.”

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ website listed Hill as working at Back to Health Chiropractic, Simms Family Care, in El Dorado Hills. The chiropractic facility did not immediately return a call for information Thursday, though a cached version of the chiropractic office’s website says Hill studied at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. Hill graduated in April 2012 and was his class’s valedictorian. He went on to earn a master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, according to the website.

Hill’s chiropractic license expired at the end of March and a disciplinary action dated April 3 was listed under his name, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ website showed. Documents filed under the disciplinary action portion of Hill’s profile linked to the Sacramento Superior Court case files submitted to bar the 31-year-old from using his license.

Rescuers Attempt to Save 40 Foot Long Disoriented Humpback Whale Trapped in California Harbor

A lost or confused whale is drawing worldwide concern over it’s ultimate fate. Here’s the story, complete with three short videos and a longer 13 minute video embedded at the bottom of this post.

Sky News

Rescue workers have attempted to guide a humpback whale out to open water after it became stranded in a marina.

The 35-foot-long whale was first spotted swimming back and forth in Ventura Harbor, southern California, on Saturday afternoon.

Video showed it turning back as it reached shallow water by the rocky shore.

During one length of the marina, the mammal nearly hit a propeller as it crashed into the back of a boat.

It is unclear if it was sick or injured, said harbour master John Higgins.

“I know that earlier today when it was navigating… under the lower tide that it was bumping into boats and there was some superficial cuts and bruises to it, but I don’t know to what extent,” he told KABC-TV.

Rescuers used a hydrophone to play recorded whale sounds underwater in an unsuccessful attempt to guide the whale back to the ocean.

Dr Rachel Cartwright, a biology lecturer at California State University, said the noise could have bounced around the harbour and made it more disorientated.

She said: “In some ways, quiet might be the better bet.”

Dr Cartwright said it was migration season for humpback whales, which often move through the nearby Santa Barbara Channel.

Among the first to spot the whale were people who live on boats in the marina, some of whom said they watched as it swam under their homes.

Soon after, hundreds of people lined the shore and docks to watch rescue efforts.

This last video is longer, at 13 minutes.

Family of Nacho Cheese Botulism Poisoning Victim Files Lawsuit

Wow! This must be what it’s like to live in a third world country.

One of the hidden costs of diversity is that things that in the past we could take for granted, we can’t anymore.

Details on the nacho cheese sauce that has poisoned people in California are sketchy, but here locally the sauces are canned. When I see any kind of canned product where the ends of the can are bulging, I throw out that can. It’s easy to picture an illegal immigrant in the food chain here ignoring what most indigenous American people know is dangerous.

Food Safety News

A mother of three who turns 33 today is among victims who are hospitalized with botulism poisoning after eating at Valley Oak Food & Fuel, a gas station in Sacramento County, CA.

Lavinia Kelly remains partially paralyzed and on a ventilator as her family and friends wonder whether this will be her last birthday. She had no way of knowing when she stopped for a snack of chips and cheese sauce on the way home from work on April 21 that she would be admitted to an intensive care unit less than 48 hours later.

“She has remained in intensive care ever since, unable to move much, speak, breathe on her own, or open her eyes. Family members must pull her eyelids up to enable her to see at all,” according to a civil lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of California in Sacramento County.

“Lavinia Kelly experiences significant pain all over her body constantly. She is receiving methadone and Neurontin for pain control. (Her) medical condition is poor, and her prognosis uncertain.”

The lawsuit does not specify damages. It names the gas station in Walnut Grove, CA, and “John Doe” individuals and corporations because it is not yet clear how the cheese sauce at Valley Oak Food & Fuel became contaminated with Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

A total of nine people are hospitalized in the foodborne illness outbreak, according to public health officials in California. Five of the victims have been confirmed with botulism poisoning. All five ate food from the gas station before becoming ill.

Sacramento County pubic health officials are investigating another three “probable” cases and one “suspect” case.

County officials ordered the gas station to stop selling “prepared food” on May 5. On May 10 county officials renewed their public warning to those who recently ate food from the Valley Oak Food & Fuel station.

CBS News picks up the story from the human interest angle.

As the number of those who become sick continues to grow, so too does the concern for those who live in this small town.

“It’s tough on a small town,” said one local woman, who did not want to give her name. “It’s tough because we know some of the youth who were affected by it, so our hearts are heavy.”

“From the preliminary testing of the cheese, it was positive for botulism,” said Dr. Oliva Kasirye, a health inspector with the Sacramento County Public Health Department, who has been part of the on-going investigation.

Now that the source of the outbreak has been determined, the investigation will turn to the cause and seek to answer if the gas station mishandled the food items or if the manufacturers or distributors are at fault.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, botulism is caused by a toxin produced by bacteria. Symptoms include blurry vision, slurred speech, muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing.

“But if there are any muscles that have been paralyzed from the toxin, it’s not reversed by the anti-toxin. That’s a process that could take time and that’s why the recovery is very slow,” explained Dr. Kasirye.

And even with the anti-toxin treatment, there is no guarantee patients will fully recover.

US Navy admiral sentenced to 18 months in ‘Fat Leonard’ bribery scandal


Third world bribery proved too much for an American admiral when Asian prostitutes were dangled in front of him.

Excerpt from Navy Times

SAN DIEGO — Over two decades, Robert Gilbeau rose through the ranks to Navy admiral and earned a chest-full of honors for his service, including a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. During that period he also partied across Southeast Asia with a gregarious Malaysian businessman who paid for lavish dinners, drinks at karaoke bars and prostitutes.

That businessman, known as “Fat Leonard,” is the centerpiece of a massive bribery scandal involving Navy officers, and Gilbeau last year pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about their relationship. He was the first active-duty admiral convicted of a federal crime and on Wednesday he learned his penalty: 18 months in jail.

Acting U.S. Attorney Alana W. Robinson called it a “somber day.”

“When tempted by parties and prostitutes, one of our most respected leaders chose karaoke over character, and cover-up over confession,” she said. “In doing so he forever tarnished the reputation of a revered institution.”

Gilbeau acknowledged his wrongdoing in federal court in San Diego.


He told the judge he is “deeply sorry” and cannot explain his actions. He stood in court with his fluffy white dog, which accompanies him as part of his treatment for post-traumatic stress. Gilbeau’s defense had argued that his PTSD and a traumatic brain injury from a blast in Iraq should be taken into account, though prosecutors said he was exaggerating his condition because he knew he was going to get caught.

“I never wanted to end my career this way,” said the 56-year-old Navy veteran, who earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in Iraq in 2007. “I’m still proud of my career and to be an American.”

Gilbeau wrote in a letter to the judge that “I have no one to blame but myself.”

He wrote that while his PTSD is not an excuse, it gave him a desire to “make self-destructive decisions.”

Gilbeau was convicted in June after admitting that he lied when he told federal agents that he had never received any gifts from Leonard Glenn Francis. The Navy allowed him to retire in October but reduced his rank from rear admiral to captain.

Nicknamed “Fat Leonard” because of his wide girth, Francis has admitted to bribing Navy officials with more than $500,000 in cash, prostitutes, and other gifts in exchange for classified information to help his company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia. He is awaiting sentencing.

Francis and his company that supplies food and fuel to ships overbilled the Navy by more than $34 million, prosecutors said.


It looks like Gilbeau got very little in return for whatever classified information he supplied to Fat Leonard. The half mil in bribes were spread out over several Navy officials. Gilbeau caught a break when he was allowed to retire. He’ll still get a fat Captain’s pension, which depending on years of service, can be up to $8,000 a month.

Troll at Work: Signs Call for Retarded Negro Congresswoman Maxine Waters to be Impeached

Heh, heh. Maxine’s Plan B: Blame whitey.

Read the story at American Mirror.

The artist known as Sabo created these posters. He also did some nice trolling on Hillary during last fall’s election campaign.

ABC7 reports that pro-Trump protesters at Maxine’s town hall were ejected.


A few of Sabo’s earlier projects:

UC Santa Cruz Blacks Threaten More “Reclamations” if New Demands Not Met

When you give in to blacks, it’s seen as a sign of WEAKNESS, which begets more demands.

Blacks took over university buildings in Santa Cruz, California and quickly got their demands met. Now, the want more.

The College Fix

University of California Santa Cruz administrators recently agreed to meet to all four demands lodged by a black student group who commandeered a campus building and would not leave until their conditions were met.

But in addition to the four initial stipulations, the group made three other demands to the university, and it has warned UC Santa Cruz that it has four months to comply with these demands or “more Reclamations” will result.

After three days of occupation by students of Kerr Hall, Chancellor George Blumenthal agreed to give all black and Caribbean-identified students a 4-year housing guarantee to live in the Rosa Parks African American Themed House; bring back the building’s lounge; paint its exterior the “Pan-Afrikan colors” of red, green and black; and force all new incoming students to go through a mandatory diversity competency training.

“The student demonstrators raised a number of issues with campus leaders, issues we fundamentally agree upon,” Blumenthal stated in a May 4 memo to the campus community announcing the concessions. “Students from historically underrepresented communities deal with real challenges on campus and in the community. These difficulties include things that many people take for granted, such as finding housing or even just a sense of community.”


Yet the African/Black Student Alliance also demanded three additional provisions from UC Santa Cruz within its initial “Reclamation Statement,” posted on the website of the Afrikan Black Coalition. The group stipulated that if by Fall Quarter 2017 the university does not provide “detailed plans” on how to fulfill its new demands, “there will be more Reclamations.”

“Reclamation” is how the student group referred to its aggressive three-day takeover of Kerr Hall.

The alliance’s three additional demands are that the university purchase a property “to serve as a low income housing cooperative for historically disadvantaged students,” that the university “allocate $100,000” for Santa Cruz’s “SOMeCA” student organization support department, and that the university create either a Black Studies department or a Black Studies Minor or Major.

The group promised that, if their demands are not met, UC Santa Cruz will “force [them] to have to take what [they] know to be in [their] best interest to Reclaim.”

At this point in American history it should be obvious to all that black demands are never ending. They keep failing and blaming their failures on whitey. Until someone stands up to them or a race war breaks out the demands will get more and more outrageous.

California Moves to Let Commies Work Government Jobs

Most of the Democrat politicians in California could fairly be described as cultural Marxists, so why not openly let Communists work government jobs? Any professors at California state schools still hiding their Communist beliefs can come out of the closet.

As the American empire dies from within, her fifth column traitors become ever more bolder.

Washington Examiner

The California government may soon employ openly Communist people in its ranks.

The state assembly passed a bill Monday that would repeal a policy that had made being a member of the Communist Party a fireable offense. The legislation was supported along party lines with most Republicans opposing it while Democrats mainly favored the policy.

It would overturn a bill was signed into law during the Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s when Americans worried Russian spies were trying to take over the country.

The bill now heads to the state Senate. If passed and signed, employees who are members of organizations that wish to overthrow a government could still be terminated.