Fake News: Trump Allows Black Homeless Woman to Live in Trump Tower for Free

As far as I know, this woman’s claims are unsubstantiated. It appears that Paul Joseph Watson is the victim of a hoax unless he can produce strong evidence that this black woman’s story is true.

Snopes, citing Buzzfeed, claims that the Trump organization has stated that she does not live in Trump Tower.

This whole story, which went viral in the last day or two, appears to be an attempt to discredit alternative news sources. In particular, Alex Jones’ Infowars, which ran with the story.

Hard left Mediaite is also claiming that Infowars screwed up by treating the video as truthful.

Anti-White Propaganda Video: People Of Colour From Around The World Respond To “White”

Watch the anti-white propaganda from Buzzfeed. The speakers are highly versed in Marxist ways of thinking and expressing themselves. These are not your typical nonwhite individuals off the street.

Response from a forum member at GLP

The Origins Of Political Theory

What the Frankfurt School essentially does is draw on both Marx and Freud in the 1930s to create this theory called Critical Theory. The term is ingenious because you’re tempted to ask, “What is the theory?” The theory is to criticize. The theory is that the way to bring down Western culture and the capitalist order is not to lay down an alternative. They explicitly refuse to do that. They say it can’t be done, that we can’t imagine what a free society would look like (their definition of a free society). As long as we’re living under repression – the repression of a capitalistic economic order which creates (in their theory) the Freudian condition, the conditions that Freud describes in individuals of repression – we can’t even imagine it. What Critical Theory is about is simply criticizing. It calls for the most destructive criticism possible, in every possible way, designed to bring the current order down. And, of course, when we hear from the feminists that the whole of society is just out to get women and so on, that kind of criticism is a derivative of Critical Theory. It is all coming from the 1930s, not the 1960s.

link to academia.edu article on political correctness

Jewish Extremists Attack Paris Journalist Over Coverage of Israel-Palestinian Conflict

At least some Jews living in the West fail to respect freedom of the press. Protesting media bias is a good thing, but this protest in France moved into intimidation territory.

The Guardian

A leading French journalist working for BuzzFeed was attacked by far-right Jewish extremists as a mob tried to storm the offices of the country’s national news agency in Paris on Thursday.

David Perrotin was protected by police after being surrounded by a dozen masked men brandishing batons.

The Ligue de Défense Juive was protesting against Agence France Presse’s coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Trouble broke out soon after 8pm when about 100 people brandishing flags and letting off flares tried to storm AFP’s offices.

As the crowd approached the entrance to the building, opposite the Paris stock exchange, tear gas was sprayed in their faces, and skirmishes with CRS riot police broke out.

Some of the demonstrators were shouting “We’re coming to get you!” at journalists, while others screamed: “Islamic terrorists!”

The Guardian fails to mention any arrests of the Jewish outlaws. It seems to be that some groups of violent protesters in Europe can escape arrest while white nationalists often get jailed.

The journalist has frequently exposed the work of the French branch of the Jewish Defence League, which is banned in both Israel and the US.

Perrotin was set upon by the gang, some of whom were masked. After being attacked, he managed to shelter behind police lines.

In June last year two LDJ members in Paris were found guilty of placing a bomb under the car of an anti-Zionist journalist. They were given prison sentences, but one absconded to Israel.

Despite the group’s reputation for violence, police on Thursday allowed LDJ flags – a black clenched fist against a yellow background – to be brandished openly.

The Jewish Defense League is banned in the U.S.? Well, even the SPLC calls it a hate group. Read more about the LDJ at Wikipedia. It has quite a history. If only Euro peoples would take the group’s principles and apply them to Euros.

The JDL upholds five fundamental principles
“LOVE OF JEWRY, one Jewish people, indivisible and united, from which flows the love for and the feeling of pain of all Jews.”

“DIGNITY AND PRIDE, pride in and knowledge of Jewish tradition, faith, culture, land, history, strength, pain and peoplehood.”

“IRON, the need to both move to help Jews everywhere and to change the Jewish image through sacrifice and all necessary means—even strength, force and violence.”

“DISCIPLINE AND UNITY, the knowledge that he (or she) can and will do whatever must be done, and the unity and strength of willpower to bring this into reality.”

“FAITH IN THE INDESTRUCTIBILITY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, faith in the greatness and indestructibility of the Jewish people, our religion and our Land of Israel.”

The Pizza Box That Killed Six Million Jews

hitler pizza

The picture is from an advertisement for Hell Pizza in New Zealand.

I believe there are 18 more advertisements that use Hitler to sell products, which can be viewed at this old article at Buzzfeed.

Here’s one more from a German hat seller.

hitler hat ad