Breaking! Buzzfeed’s Immigration Correspondent Reporting MEXICO Will BREAK UP THE CARAVAN

All I have now are these Tweets. More tomorrow, if this story is confirmed.

The payoff comes in the last two Tweets by Adolfo.

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BuzzFeed slammed for ‘bigoted piece of filth’ article claiming white people ruin America


I wonder if a mainstream website would publish an article detailing all the things that Nogs and other darkly tinted persons are ruining.

Of course not.

But Buzzfeed says it’s all a joke.

They lied.

Fox News

BuzzFeed is being slammed for a racially charged article it published Wednesday titled, “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018,” which lists “America” among the things that whites are supposedly tarnishing.


According to Patrice Peck, trees have been ruined because a handful of wealthy “whites” have put anti-bird spikes in tree branches to protect their cars from bird droppings.

Isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever read!

What comedy gold!

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Buzzfeed: It’s Not Okay for Taylor Swift to be White

Steve Sailer notes that Taylor Swift has been smeared by leftist Buzzfeed News for being herself, which is to say being white.

The Buzzfeed piece, which makes up 99 percent of Sailer’s piece, is Marxist pseudo-intellectualizing at its worst.

From Buzzfeed:

Taylor Swift’s Persona Is Not Built For 2017

In 2017, Swift is still absenting herself from the cultural conversation while simultaneously trying to center herself in it.

Posted on November 10, 2017, at 2:00 p.m.

Alanna Bennett
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Taylor Swift’s reputation is a complicated mess. …

Move over a little from there and you’ll find Swift’s image itself — willowy, blonde, and aggressively white. Perhaps, in an awkward corner close by, are the white supremacist fans who’ve claimed her as a figurehead. In any blank space, you’ll find her political silence and her idiosyncratic ways of communicating with the public. …

… But can Swift’s way of doing things keep up with the mounting pressures of a culture whose priorities have shifted? …

Then, in July 2015, the nominations for Video of the Year for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards were announced. Swift was nominated, for the music video for “Bad Blood.” Nicki Minaj, who was not nominated for the daring, if not provocative, video for “Anaconda,” tweeted an accusation that the VMAs were more likely to celebrate “other” girls for their accomplishments — “women with very slim bodies.” Swift jumped into the conversation, literally making it about her: “I’ve done nothing but love & Support you,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot..” Minaj responded with confusion: “Didn’t say a word about u.”

…. As Swift was dealing with all the public drama surrounding her name, other cultural conversations were speeding along. In the US, Swift’s battle with Kardashian faded into the background as the country was swallowed whole by an election that brought conversations about sexism and white supremacy to the forefront of everyday politics.

It’s a bleach stain that’s never really left Swift’s persona.

… But it was too late: Swift had already linked herself to an ever-growing conversation about the damage racism can do — especially when that damage presents itself as white innocence and/or oblivion. It’s a bleach stain that’s never really left Swift’s persona, and one that took on an even more intense tenor after the 2016 election.

… has been drowned out by her lack of public endorsement for any candidate in the 2016 election. Oh, and that persistent perception (or running joke?) that she voted for Donald Trump.

Swift’s relative silence on politics may have worked for the majority of her career so far. But by the time the 1989 era came to a close, a lot of Swift’s standby strategies had already proven themselves outdated. And as a sizable portion of the US entered panic mode politically, the perceived stakes of anyone’s silence seemed to grow exponentially…

… But through the lens of a culture, especially a popular culture that involves progressives actively battling white supremacy, Swift is intrinsically linked to whiteness and privilege. And in 2017, she is still absenting herself from the cultural conversation while simultaneously trying to center herself in it.

It’s okay to be white.

Even if we personally can’t be willowy and blonde, let’s all be aggressively white.

For some white girls in public schools, Taylor may be the only white role model they have, which isn’t sitting well with the (((entertainment industry,))) which would rather there be no white role models.


Like Sailer says, it’s OK to be white. Be aggressively white and do it right.

Claim: Thank Breitbart and MILO for Making White Nationalism and Nazis Mainstream (and a Jewish(?) Billionaire)


Buzzfeed claims to have gotten its hands on some Breitbart documents, emails I believe, that it says show the alt-news site to be part of some sort of nefarious plot headed by Steve Bannon and using a variety of alt-right figures to propagandize the country toward accepting white nationalism.

The thousand word excerpt I have here is probably only 10 percent of the entire article. It’s interesting to see how Breitbart News works and how it’s not allowed there to criticize Jews.

The billionaire Mercer family controls Breitbart through its investing in the company. I suspect they fund Jared Taylor too.

I believe the Mercers may be Jews, but I can’t say that definitively. You can read more at 8 chan about that issue.

Excerpt from Buzzfeed

These new emails and documents, however, clearly show that Breitbart does more than tolerate the most hate-filled, racist voices of the alt-right. It thrives on them, fueling and being fueled by some of the most toxic beliefs on the political spectrum — and clearing the way for them to enter the American mainstream.

It’s a relationship illustrated most starkly by a previously unreleased April 2016 video in which Yiannopoulos sings “America the Beautiful” in a Dallas karaoke bar as admirers, including the white nationalist Richard Spencer, raise their arms in Nazi salutes.

These documents chart the Breitbart alt-right universe. They reveal how the website — and, in particular, Yiannopoulos — links the Mercer family, the billionaires who fund Breitbart, to underpaid trolls who fill it with provocative content, and to extremists striving to create a white ethnostate.

They capture what Bannon calls his “killing machine” in action, as it dredges up the resentments of people around the world, sifts through these grievances for ideas and content, and propels them from the unsavory parts of the internet up to TrumpWorld, collecting advertisers’ checks all along the way.

And the cache of emails — some of the most newsworthy of which BuzzFeed News is now making public — expose the extent to which this machine depended on Yiannopoulos, who channeled voices both inside and outside the establishment into a clear narrative about the threat liberal discourse posed to America. The emails tell the story of Steve Bannon’s grand plan for Yiannopoulos, whom the Breitbart executive chairman transformed from a charismatic young editor into a conservative media star capable of magnetizing a new generation of reactionary anger. Often, the documents reveal, this anger came from a legion of secret sympathizers in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, academia, suburbia, and everywhere in between.

“I have said in the past that I find humor in breaking taboos and laughing at things that people tell me are forbidden to joke about,” Yiannopoulos wrote in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “But everyone who knows me also knows I’m not a racist. As someone of Jewish ancestry, I of course condemn racism in the strongest possible terms. I have stopped making jokes on these matters because I do not want any confusion on this subject. I disavow Richard Spencer and his entire sorry band of idiots. I have been and am a steadfast supporter of Jews and Israel. I disavow white nationalism and I disavow racism and I always have.”

As we’ve said before here, MILO is out for MILO. I’m not sure even he knows what he really believes. I hope all of those white youths who invested so much faith in MILO aren’t discouraged. You picked the wrong guy. It’s no big deal.

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A one-two knockout punch has been delivered to the Daily Stormer by agents of the Deep State.

This article on dead mudshark Heather Heyer allegedly so offended GoDaddy, the site’s webhost, that it gave Andrew Anglin a short 24 hours to find a new webhost.

Then the leftist group Anonymous took control of the site, promises to permanently silence it, and threatened publisher Andrew Anglin.

I vaguely recall Anglin writing that GoDaddy was one of the few webhosts who would accept the Stormer. Perhaps the more serious problem is the threat by Anonymous. Obviously, the hacking by Anonymous is a crime, but one that no law enforcement agency will investigate.

Exactly when the remaining 24 hours of life the site has left are unclear, but you should visit if it’s still accessible. Putting a timeline together, I estimate the site will go dark about 11 P.M. Monday night.


GoDaddy, the world’s largest seller of domain names on the internet, said on Sunday that it would no longer provide service to The Daily Stormer, a popular neo-Nazi and white supremacist website.

The company has been criticized for providing services to white supremacist websites despite its terms of service that ban “morally offensive activity.”

The action was taken after The Daily Stormer posted an offensive article about Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old legal assistant, who was killed by a car that 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. drove into a group of protestors at the Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

A GoDaddy spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the company would cancel The Daily Stormer’s service if the website didn’t move to another domain provider within 24 hours.

“Given that [The Daily Stormers’] latest article comes on the immediate heels of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite additional violence, which violates our terms of service,” the spokesperson said. GoDaddy clarified that the company does not host any Daily Stormer content on its servers but merely provides the domain name.

Shortly after GoDaddy announced their decision, The Daily Stormer website appeared to be in the control of the hacker group Anonymous.

GoDaddy isn’t the only tech company stopping people associated with the alt-right from using their services. Over the last few months, PayPal has banned accounts of several alt-righters, and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Patreon, and YouCaring, have also cut fundraisers for alt-right-related causes. Last week, Airbnb started deactivating accounts of people it believed were booking units to host gatherings related to the rally.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to The Daily Stormer for comment.

In case it’s not clear to you, we are facing an existential crisis. White genocide is real and the world is conspiring to prevent us from talking about it. The huge outburst of far left activism is only the beginning. The real target is Donald Trump.

Each of us must now ask himself or herself whether you’re willing to fight and die or just give up. The rule of law is totally broken now. We’re on our own, as the alt-right in Charllotesville showed.

Link to all Daily Stormer related Tweets

How to Decorate, Sew & Cook – College Studies – Women’s Education 1950s (Nostalgia Educational Film)

This video offers idyllic color film of American family life in 1950. You won’t believe how attractive the college women of the day were. It may make you want to travel back in a time machine and enjoy life lived more simply.

Published on Jan 29, 2016

Home Economics Story – Home Economics studied at Iowa State in 1950s. How to hang curtains! You are then qualified to ‘decorate for parties’ and its the qualification you need to become ‘Mrs Johnson”.

Take this 1954 Home Economics class quiz at Buzzfeed. Fun!

Moonman Reacts to Buzzfeed Islamists

Moonman destroys a Buzzfeed propaganda video promoting Islam and Muslims. In less than 13 minutes, he ridicules hipster Islam and its supporters.

“Kill yourself, you sack of shit.” LOL.

“Have a blessed white day.”