A one-two knockout punch has been delivered to the Daily Stormer by agents of the Deep State.

This article on dead mudshark Heather Heyer allegedly so offended GoDaddy, the site’s webhost, that it gave Andrew Anglin a short 24 hours to find a new webhost.

Then the leftist group Anonymous took control of the site, promises to permanently silence it, and threatened publisher Andrew Anglin.

I vaguely recall Anglin writing that GoDaddy was one of the few webhosts who would accept the Stormer. Perhaps the more serious problem is the threat by Anonymous. Obviously, the hacking by Anonymous is a crime, but one that no law enforcement agency will investigate.

Exactly when the remaining 24 hours of life the site has left are unclear, but you should visit if it’s still accessible. Putting a timeline together, I estimate the site will go dark about 11 P.M. Monday night.


GoDaddy, the world’s largest seller of domain names on the internet, said on Sunday that it would no longer provide service to The Daily Stormer, a popular neo-Nazi and white supremacist website.

The company has been criticized for providing services to white supremacist websites despite its terms of service that ban “morally offensive activity.”

The action was taken after The Daily Stormer posted an offensive article about Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old legal assistant, who was killed by a car that 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. drove into a group of protestors at the Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

A GoDaddy spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the company would cancel The Daily Stormer’s service if the website didn’t move to another domain provider within 24 hours.

“Given that [The Daily Stormers’] latest article comes on the immediate heels of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite additional violence, which violates our terms of service,” the spokesperson said. GoDaddy clarified that the company does not host any Daily Stormer content on its servers but merely provides the domain name.

Shortly after GoDaddy announced their decision, The Daily Stormer website appeared to be in the control of the hacker group Anonymous.

GoDaddy isn’t the only tech company stopping people associated with the alt-right from using their services. Over the last few months, PayPal has banned accounts of several alt-righters, and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Patreon, and YouCaring, have also cut fundraisers for alt-right-related causes. Last week, Airbnb started deactivating accounts of people it believed were booking units to host gatherings related to the rally.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to The Daily Stormer for comment.

In case it’s not clear to you, we are facing an existential crisis. White genocide is real and the world is conspiring to prevent us from talking about it. The huge outburst of far left activism is only the beginning. The real target is Donald Trump.

Each of us must now ask himself or herself whether you’re willing to fight and die or just give up. The rule of law is totally broken now. We’re on our own, as the alt-right in Charllotesville showed.

Link to all Daily Stormer related Tweets

How to Decorate, Sew & Cook – College Studies – Women’s Education 1950s (Nostalgia Educational Film)

This video offers idyllic color film of American family life in 1950. You won’t believe how attractive the college women of the day were. It may make you want to travel back in a time machine and enjoy life lived more simply.

Published on Jan 29, 2016

Home Economics Story – Home Economics studied at Iowa State in 1950s. How to hang curtains! You are then qualified to ‘decorate for parties’ and its the qualification you need to become ‘Mrs Johnson”.

Take this 1954 Home Economics class quiz at Buzzfeed. Fun!

Moonman Reacts to Buzzfeed Islamists

Moonman destroys a Buzzfeed propaganda video promoting Islam and Muslims. In less than 13 minutes, he ridicules hipster Islam and its supporters.

“Kill yourself, you sack of shit.” LOL.

“Have a blessed white day.”

White Father Condemns Daughter for Ape Prom Date


The virtue signaling designed to show tolerance for the unnatural is bigly at the Daily Mail and in the comments there.

Everyone in the universe approves of interracial relationships except the white dad in this story. That’s what the press would like us to believe anyway.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Anyone who doubts that racism is still alive and well in America need only to look at the shocking text exchange between one white Arkansas father and his teenage daughter regarding her prom date.

Anna Hayes, a high school senior from Lake Village, Arkansas attended prom last week with a male friend, Phillip Freeman — who happens to be black.

When her father — whom she does not live with — saw the photos, he was livid, and sent her a long tirade of racist, sexist text messages telling Anna that he was disowning her and calling both her and her date heartbreakingly offensive names.

In photos shared on Facebook, Anna and Phillip look picture-perfect on their way to the big dance. Anna wore rad lipstick to match her lacy scarlet mermaid gown, and Phillip layered a matching red suit jacket over a black button-down and slacks.

Anna said that though Phillip is just a friend, he’s also ‘really funny’ and ‘super cute’, so she snatched him up as her prom date.
Unfortunately, Anna’s dad — whom she says has always been vocally racist — saw the snaps online and wasted no time sharing his disappointment with her in an incredibly abusive manner.

‘We are done,’ he texted her. ‘I won’t be coming to your graduation. Nor will I pay for your college. Go live with the n*****s.’

Anna explained to BuzzFeed that she and her dad have had a strained relationship for years. Her parents are divorced, and though she lived with him briefly as a child, she’s been in her mom’s house since her early teens.

His tirade, however, seems to have gone beyond any uncomfortable words they’d shared in the past.

Responding to his initial texts, Anna wrote: ‘I went to prom with a black guy so that’s a problem … racist much.’

‘Yes I am,’ her dad wrote back unabashedly before continuing with the grammatically incorrect pronouncement: ‘Your dead to me.’

‘Don’t ever contact me again we are through,’ he added. ‘Go ahead be a F***IN wh*** leave me out of it. [sic].

He also told her that he was cancelling her cell phone and her car insurance, to which she replied, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’

‘Shut the f*** up you have no right to talk to me anymore. Go live with the F***IN n*****s. Your pictures are already off my walls.

‘You can go to hell. What the f*** is wrong with you? … You want to mingle with Subhumans I’ll treat you accordingly. [sic]’

Anna knew of her father’s opinions, though she still found it ‘incredibly sad’ when he reacted so vitriolically.


Anna is waiting for her first pair of mudshark sunglasses.

Business Insider Publishes Feature Story on Alt-Right Troll “Baked Alaska”

Business Insider has published the most interesting look into the life of a Trump supporter that I’ve ever seen.

Baked Alaska gets a generally positive treatment from BI writer Oliver Darcy. Darcy is a good writer if this piece is representative of his work.

Alaska’s story takes him from Alaska to the heights of Twitter fame down a winding road through Hollywood, rapping, MILO, Cernovich, Trump, and more.

His fans even created a Baked Alaska Pepe in his honor.

Actually, BA is more alt-light than alt-right. He’s not very willing to criticize Jews and I have the impression that he has way too many nonwhite friends to be a White Nationalist.

I’m cool with that. He’s helping the cause even if he’s not really part of it. You may have a different opinion. If so, leave a comment telling me why.

Business Insider

Tim “Treadstone” Gionet was not always a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The 29-year-old internet troll, most widely known as Baked Alaska, seemed to be an unlikely person to wade into the real-estate mogul’s camp at the start of the 2016 election season.

Back then, Gionet identified as a carefree, easygoing libertarian. He supported Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s bid for the White House, firmly opposed the war on drugs, and championed the cause of Black Lives Matter, actively participating in the movement’s street demonstrations.

And he worked at BuzzFeed, hardly an incubator for Trump supporters. But Gionet was the exception. As he put it, “BuzzFeed turned me into a monster.” Specifically, a monster who opposed what he saw as political correctness gone amok. He found refuge with those who voraciously supported the freewheeling, brash antics of Trump.

“I’ll never forget this story,” Gionet said, recalling to Business Insider the “aha moment” that drove him toward Trump. “I was talking about the new Justin Bieber album. And I was like, ‘Dude, that new Justin Bieber album is dope. I have to admit, I love Justin Bieber. He is totally my spirit animal.’ And someone came up to me and was like, ‘Hey bro, you can’t say spirit animal, that’s culturally appropriating Native American culture and that’s not cool.'”

“I was like, ‘What? What the f— are you talking about?’ I had heard … about the dangers of political correctness, but I thought this was just exaggerated,” Gionet said. “I thought there was no way people in real life could be like this.”

Gionet said the incident, and others like it, sent him down a path that ultimately led to his resignation from BuzzFeed and eventual transformation into one of the internet’s most notorious alt-right trolls.

“The thing that really attracted me to Trump was his stance against political correctness,” he said.

Gionet is something of a Forrest Gump of politics. He surfaced in a number of places in the far-right universe during the 2016 presidential election. Upon leaving BuzzFeed, Gionet went on the road as manager for right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’s college tour. He spent Christmas with blogger Chuck Johnson. And he finished the campaign working with “new right” personality Mike Cernovich.

During this time, his influence in the far-right internet community grew. In addition to forging connections with the right’s top internet celebrities, Gionet saw accelerated growth on his own Twitter account. He gained thousands of followers, arriving at the approximately 160,000 figure of people who follow him today on the social media platform. Gionet also became one of the de-facto leaders of the alt-right meme army, using images of characters like Pepe the Frog to bait those in opposition to Trump.

And yet, despite the person he projected on the outside, some of those closest to Gionet had reservations about how much he really bought into the politics he now hawks. Many were surprised at how far right he has veered. His politics strained personal and professional relationships.

In conversations with friends, family, and former co-workers, an image of a kind but often lonely social-media genius emerged. One who had reinvented himself several times in his life in a desperate quest to fill the void of loneliness with fame and attention — irrespective of the cost.

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Troll Makes App that Replaces “White” with “Jew” to Show Anti-White Racism


An “alt-right” Twitter troll has made a new Internet plug-in that replaces the term “white” with “Jew,” in an apparent effort to show that the media discriminates against white people.

In a video attached to his tweet, the troll identifying himself as “Uncle Chang” applies his plug-in to news like Salon, Alternet and the Huffington Post, generating headlines that include “The Jews Must Be Stopped” and “Could It Be Time To Deny The Jews The Franchise?”

“Uncle Chang,” whose Twitter profile includes a racist photo of Asian men, brags in the self-description section that he’s a contributor to InfoWars, the “alt-right” fake news site that has promoted conspiracy theories, including the one that Michelle Obama is secretly a man who murdered Joan Rivers. His profile includes a link to a personal Web site called “”

This is the Twitter video showing how the racism simulator works.