South African Blacks Destroy H & M Store After Monkey Ad Campaign (Video)

South African blacks claim that being compared to monkeys is racist. And then they go and act like monkeys!

Be aware that the 28 second video automatically goes to another video when this one ends. The subsequent videos offer more coverage of the South African Nagger protests over Monkey hoodie boy.

Incompetent Racist Negress CEO Drove Sam’s Clubs to Shut Down 10 Percent of Stores Today


First the breaking news that Sam’s Clubs is shutting down stores all over the U.S.

Then we’ll look back at the anti-white former CEO Rosalind Brewer, a monkey woman in over her head.

I think we made this happen. Yes, Jewish led Amazon is hurting brick and mortar retail and Costco is a formidable competitor, but the Negress and her failing stores in Negro neighborhoods is a key element in the story that the MSM is going to leave out.

Business Insider

Walmart is closing 63 Sam’s Club stores across the US, the company told Business Insider.

Several stores were abruptly closed Thursday. In some cases, employees were not informed of the closures prior to showing up to work on Thursday.


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Monkey Hoodie Modeled by Negro Sprog Sparks Outrage Over “Racist Image”

Blacks know they look like monkeys, which is why they’re sensitive to being called monkeys, apes, etc.

Haha. As far as I could see, CBS is not allowing comments on this story. I wonder why.

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Jew Backstabbing Another Jew Revealed in Lawsuit Over Alleged Phony Yelp Review



QUINCY — A jury has decided that a Quincy Center jewelry store employee owes the owner of a nearby shop more than $30,000 for posting a false Yelp review about the rival establishment.

Adam Jacobs, an employee of Toodie’s Fine Jewelry, has to pay Stephen Blumberg, the owner of Stephen Leigh Jewelers, $34,500 for the emotional distress a jury decided that Jacobs caused by knowingly posting the false information.

Posted in August 2013, the multi-paragraph review detailed a supposed visit to Stephen Leigh Jewelers. The reviewer said he entered the shop looking to buy a 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring and had a generally bad experience. As a result, the reviewer said he would advise someone interested in buying jewelry or a watch to “go elsewhere.”

Blumberg’s lawsuit stated that the interaction never happened.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Blumberg said he figured out that “Adam J.” was Jacobs by phoning other businesses that “Adam J.” had reviewed on Yelp, which is a site featuring user ratings of stores, restaurants and other establishments.

“I did do research for several months,” Blumberg said. “I knew after two or three that I was right on the target.”

Blumberg filed the lawsuit in December 2013 in Norfolk Superior Court. In addition to suing Jacobs, he also sued Toodie’s, alleging that the store, owned by Jacobs’ father, was also responsible and was looking to tarnish Blumberg’s reputation.

What’s that expression we see around here sometimes? Oh yes.

With Jews, you lose.

Greek People Begin Voting on EU Referendum in A Few Hours

greek newspapers

Let’s try to keep Sunday’s voting in Greece simple: The EU, representing the international banksters, wants a “yes” vote from the Greek people. “Yes” means accepting the terms imposed on Greece by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the ECB (European Central Bank).

The Greek government wants a “no” vote, making it clear that Greece will give the government needed support in negotiating a better agreement by rejecting the austerity the IMF and ECB want the Greeks to swallow.

I found a series of articles explaining the Greek’s dilemma on Bloomberg. This one explains how Greece would have to print it’s own currency if it left the EU after Sunday’s vote.

By continually scrolling down, I found more. This one says the Greek vote will be close.

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Doom On: 900 McDonald’s Closing as Traffic Drops Precipitously


I’m loving it.

McDonald’s went black, a lot of us ain’t goin’ back.

I also see quite a few news stories about shootings, beatings, and murders at McDonald’s. The place is simply too dangerous, when you stop and take a look around at the clientele.

Another factor may be at work. As the poor and working class find themselves with less discretionary income, they may simply be eating cheaper, such as at local burger chains or fixing eats at home, which can save money.

death gif


McDonald’s is in even worse shape than we realized. Profits are crumbling, sales are shrinking and guest traffic is declining all around the world. That’s leading McDonald’s to close at least 900 of its restaurants worldwide.

Consumers are defecting for healthier and fresher options like Chipotle, the burrito chain that McDonald’s sold off almost a decade ago.

The world’s largest burger chain announced more depressing results on Wednesday, April 22nd for the first three months of 2015.

The company vows a turnaround plan is coming. It will reveal the “initial details” on May 4th. In a preview of what might be coming, McDonald’s has announced that it’s closing at least 900 struggling restaurants, mostly in Japan, the U.S. and China.

Just how bad is it at McDonald’s? First-quarter profits tumbled by nearly $400 million, or roughly a third. That’s a steeper pace of profit declines than all of last year.

No wonder McDonald’s changed its CEO in late January.