Mexico Imploding: Riots, Looting Over Increased Gas Price (Videos)

The five days of unrest in Mexico since the new year hasn’t been on the U.S. news much. Sitting within 150 miles of the Mexican border as I am, it’s natural to worry about a huge flood of new invaders rushing the border and pouring into the United States.

The videos below show Mexicans acting like blacks act in America from time to time. I’ve never seen Mexicans behave quite this way.

NBC News offers a selection of still photos, including the one above.

GLP offers a thread with the first three videos below. I’ve added a fourth one. This may turn out to be one of the biggest under reported stories of the year.

If Mexico goes into full collapse mode like Venezuela, then there’s going to be big trouble for the U.S. Trump’s wall isn’t up yet. A million starving Mexicans rushing the border checkpoints would create chaos. Not even Trump would have the guts to order that the Mexicans be fired upon by American troops.

This commenter on youtube helped put the last video in perspective:

Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt1 minute ago
+Steven Gutierrez Gutierrez
Hey Pedro, if the white race falls, the entire world falls. Who do you think created and maintains western civilization? Your kind votes for communists 70% of the time. Without whites you’ll be back to feudalism within 2 generations.

We will be monitoring the Mexican situation as events warrant.

“Refugee” House Burns to the Ground in Germany: All Vermin Safely Evacuated

refugee center burned

Since the “refugees” in this story were being housed in a tent, it’s entirely possible that they burned it down as a protest. It’s certain that they would prefer one of those nice, comfortable traditional German houses in a nice white neighborhood.

If that’s the case then the police will never let the public know that the Muslims burned themselves out. It’s more politically expedient to leave Germans with the impression that some white racist lurking in their midst did it.

The Local Germany

A large temporary refugee home in western Germany was completely burned down on Monday night, but a prompt evacuation allowed all the inhabitants to escape unharmed.

“We can be thankful that despite the large fire no-one was hurt,” said Karin Welge, a city official responsible for social affairs and the fire service in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Police reported that they were alerted to the fire in the large inflatable tent, designed to house 90 people, at around 9:40 pm.

Security guards at the accommodation centre spotted the fire quickly and were able to evacuate the 41 people inside at the time.

Witnesses said that the fire started inside the tent and spread quickly.

Around 50 firefighters rushed to the scene to fight the blaze, but although they quickly brought it under control there was no way to stop the tent being completely burned down.

The inhabitants were later brought to another refugee centre in Gelsenkirchen by bus.

Police have now begun investigating the cause of the fire, but there were no immediate leads on Tuesday morning.

Federal investigators recorded more than 1,000 attacks on refugee homes in 2015.

Negress Mayor of Baltimore Calls on Police to Protect Rioters! (Video)


Sample youtube comments:

Mayor Rawlings-Blake didn’t ‘talk about riots.’ She told the Baltimore police dept to stand down and “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

Had I not heard it with my own ears I wouldn’t have believed she was that stupid, but then it dawned on me, another Democrat lead city so yeah thats possible. That sounds like something you would tell a retarded child having a tantrum b/c it’s a child and can’t be held accountable, you have to make allowances b/c of its limitations it’s “special” If you were welped in a barnyard or cave etc than you grow up and ACT like you were welped in a barnyard or a cave – it’s ipso facto. Rudy Guiliani always said you can protest all day long in NYC protest as much as you want, but the MINUTE you step out of line you’re going to jail. I saw that myself at thanksgiving with the attempted ferguson inspired protest during the parade.

And to make this directive sound even more brilliant this is taking place at the inner harbor, the city’s biggest tourism area thats great b/c Baltimore doesn’t need any revenue, right….. maybe in a few days time, under the direction and leadership of this idiot, Baltimore can be known as Detroit of the South!

She’s black, what would you expect, intelligence??

Right there, she openly admitted that she’s responsible for for the chaos.
How did 3 tons of bricks make it past the police barricade? They were wheeled in on this woman’s watch and the police were ordered to stand down while provocateurs threw the first bricks and smashed police cars.
Why would they do that? It’s engineered to scare white people into demanding more militarization of the police, more cameras on every corner and more of the Patriot Act.