Musloids Claim Officials Slow to Label Finsbury Park a ‘terror attack’ Because Driver is ‘white’

An initial post about the van attack that ran over Muslims, killing one and injuring eight, can be read here.

Since that quick post just after the attack, events have sorted out in several directions:

1. Muslims have been complaining about British officials being slow to label the “major incident” a terror attack because the driver was a white man.

2. Muslims have been lauded as heroes for not killing the van’s driver.

Let’s see what new restrictions on freedom will come forth as a consequence of this incident. Following the last one, Teresa May blamed the Internet and threatened to regulate it even more heavily.

Here’s the story of the whining Musloids of London:

THERE were angry scenes at London’s Finsbury Park crash site as bystanders and commentators accused officials of being reluctant to declare the incident a terror attack because the driver was “white”.

Police said in a statement there were “a number of casualties” after a van ploughed into pedestrians believed to have just finished worshipping after breaking the Ramadan fast at the Finsbury Park mosque. At least one person has died and 10 are injured. One person has been arrested following incident that happened about 12.20am local time.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May first described the situation as a “terrible incident”. She later confirmed police were treating the incident as “a potential terrorist attack”.

“Police have confirmed this is being treated as a potential terrorist attack,” Ms May said.

“I will chair an emergency meeting later this morning.

“All my thoughts are with the victims, their families and the emergency services on the scene.”

Earlier, anger and frustration was mounting over accusations that officials were refusing to declare the incident as being terror related because the driver was “white” and had reportedly targeted Muslims.

One witness claimed the people who allegedly mowed down the victims were “white terrorists”.

Another witness said the driver screamed “I want to kill all Muslims” before ploughing into pedestrians.

The Muslim Council of Britain head Harun Khan said the van had “intentionally” run over people leaving night prayers for the holy month of Ramadan.

The council’s deputy head Miqdaad Versi said the incident took place “outside the Muslim Welfare House”, which is on Seven Sisters Road near the mosque.

BBC reporter Nick Robinson said “Muslims in Finsbury Park tell me this attack must be treated as what it is”.

“It’s terrorism … just like the attack on Westminster bridge,” a witness told the BBC.

Here are some commonsense Twitter reactions:

Molyneaux: What Pisses Me Off About The London Bridge Terrorist Attack (Video)

Stefan Molyneaux grew up in London. He’s angry. His anger is channeled into stating plainly the solution to preventing the death of Britain.

Less than 7 minutes.

The British government is no longer in the business of protecting the citizenry. What it’s about now is covering up for Muslims, while mouthing platitudes.

This video is an informative companion piece to the Tommy Robinson video just posted.

British Government Spent Millions Promoting Ethiopian Girl Pop Group


The British government is an enemy of indigenous British white people. Even by that government’s standards, this tale of throwing money to Africans is ridiculous.

Sky News

Ministers have ended millions of pounds in funding for a five-member female band dubbed Ethiopia’s Spice Girls.

Yegna, which aims to enhance the role of women through music and performance, was reportedly promised £5.2m of taxpayers’ money to develop a radio drama.

Following criticism over the amount of money being granted to them, the Department for International Development (DfID) confirmed the partnership has now ended.

As best as I can tell, this Yegna video promotes open borders. It’s called Migration:

A DfID spokeswoman said: “Empowering women and girls around the world remains a priority, but we judge there are more effective ways to invest UK aid and to deliver even better results for the world’s poorest and value for taxpayers’ money.”

Responding to the decision, the Girl Effect project, which launched Yegna and promotes women’s rights in Ethiopia, said that “new ideas are often resisted and sometimes wilfully misrepresented”.

In December, International Development Secretary Priti Patel was challenged about the project when she appeared before the Commons International Development Select Committee.

At the time she said the Yegna grant was simply “one component” of a wider programme promoting the rights and wellbeing of women and girls in the country.


This is at its heart a story of thievery, where the government stole from the taxpayer, took its cut and threw money at black Africans out of some misguided altruism. It’s time the theft stopped. Now to put Priti Patel in jail where she belongs.

Britain’s poor ‘cannot afford to eat sufficient calories’ for the first time since WWII

Emergency Food Banks Stretched As More And More People Struggle To Pay Their Bills

The Brits are starving? Come now, let’s not be fooled by propaganda designed to make somebody some shekels.

The story below tells us that a report claims the poor in Britain aren’t getting enough calories. The problem is the report only measured food prepared in the home. It doesn’t measure calories from food consumed from take out and food eaten in restaurants.

There’s also another problem. Britain, in the name of the diversity gods, has been importing millions of unskilled, unproductive, low IQ immigrants from the turd world. Who knows what the hell these creatures are eating. Dogs? Cats? RATS? Yep, rats, as reported in an earlier post here. (Sorry, I don’t have the link handy.)

In spite of all this, a British social justice warrior (SJW) is quoted in the report as being “shocked.” LOL. These SJWs never give up trying to fix problems that don’t exist while ignoring the real problems. Like the real problem of primitive turd world immigrants destroying Britain.

Funny how it works, isn't it?  You import the turd world and you get turd world results.  Why, it must take the mind of a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Funny how it works, isn’t it? You import the turd world and you get turd world results. Why, it must take the mind of a rocket scientist to figure that out.

A report suggesting millions of the poorest Britons are struggling to get sufficient calories to maintain their body weight for the first time since the Second World War has been called ‘shocking’ by commentators.

The recommended calorie intake is around 2,080 calories per person, but the Government’s Family Food report revealed from a survey of 6,000 UK households that the poorest 10 percent of the population – around 6.4million people – are eating an average of 1,997 calories in the home.

And the data has been called a ‘powerful marker’ by commentators, with award-winning author and energy expert Chris Goodall saying he was ‘shocked’ by the figures.

‘The data absolutely shocked me,’ he told The Independent.

‘What it shows is for the first time since the Second World War, if you are poor you cannot afford to eat sufficient calories.’

The report showed that Britons were consuming 5 percent more calories than required, though the tables of figures attached to the report revealed that the calorie consumption in the home for the poorest 10 percent was much lower.

Mr Goodall has also pointed to the increasing disparity in calorie consumption between the rich and the poor, with the gap widening from a 4 percent difference in 2001/2 to a 15 percent difference in 2013.

However, a government spokesperson called the interpretation of the figures ‘misleading’ because they only took into account food consumed in the home.

‘This is a misleading use of the report’s findings – it is simply not right to suggest 6.4m people in Britain are at risk of malnourishment in this way.

‘The report is clear that when calorie consumption outside the home is included, the great majority of people are consuming their recommended daily intake.’

This Woman Fraudently Obtained the Equivalent of Approximately $180,000–Here’s How She Did It

Karen Trant, age 51, allegedly obtained 134,00 British Pounds by doing something illegal

Karen Trant, age 51, allegedly obtained 134,00 British Pounds by doing something illegal

She’s been sentenced to 27 months in jail.

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