Bermuda Repeals Sodomite Marriage


Morality triumphs “inclusion” in Bermuda, which is a British Overseas Territory that is 54 percent black.

You can read the story of the white and black queers, pictured above, who brought “gay” marriage to Bermuda by tapping here. From that story, we learn that Bermudans voted overwhelmingly against sodomite marriage last year when it was on the ballot.

Now Bermuda’s legislature is acting to repeal gay marriage.

Royal Gazette

Legislation to replace same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships was passed in the House of Assembly last night.

The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 was passed following a five-hour debate after a vote in which 24 MPs supported the Bill being reported to the House, while ten opposed it.

Home affairs minister Walton Brown, who introduced the Bill, said it would provide same-sex couples with a raft of legal rights but prevent any further same-sex marriages.

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Britain: Grooming Gang Convictions “84 percent Asian” say Researchers

But 100 percent of pedophiles are white men, say the researchers in this propaganda piece designed to keep the white population in Britain confused and off balance.

Sky News

British-Pakistani researchers have found that 84% of all people convicted since 2005 for the specific crime of gang grooming were Asian.

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Waitrose Christmas TV Ad 2017 | #ChristmasTogether (Video)

Christmas ads produced by retailers are a tradition in Britain. Every year I scout these out and bring them to you. There are about a dozen or so of them.

The first ad is from Waitrose. No diversity. Just traditional British people at Christmas.

A minute and a half. Getting close to 2 million views.

“I’m grabbing you by your balls”: Buckwheat-Headed Negress Threatens Respectable White Man On British Train Over Her Feet on His Seat

One thing that the migration of Naggers out of Africa and into various Western countries has proven is that the Negroid race is the same everywhere.

In England this week a Nigerian female with a comical shock of red brillo atop her head showed that the Bantus have no inclination to be considerate toward others.

The ruckus created by the unidentified Negress is best described as an epic war of words that should have resulted in her being permanently banned from riding the rails.

A shocking video has emerged of two train passengers caught up in a fiery row, after a woman reportedly put her feet on a man’s seat.

A witness said they filmed the angry altercation yesterday morning on the 8.50am on the Dartford to London Charing Cross Southeastern train.

They said the very heated argument erupted after a man accused the woman of having her muddy feet on his seat.

The video from which these stills were captured can be seen at the end of this post.

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Britain: Muslim Girl’s School Doesn’t Provide Toilet Paper for “cultural reasons”



The school in this story isn’t much of a school. In fact, it appears to be a sham approved by the British government to placate Muslims, who are called Asians in Britain.

Dune coons are not Asians in spite of the social pressure in Britain to say they are.

The Telegraph

A Muslim girls’ school has received the lowest Ofsted rating available after inspectors discovered that pupils were not provided with lavatory paper for “cultural reasons”.

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Claim: British Black Youngsters Raised to Believe They are Kings and Queens and to Hate Whites

This information was posted on the Godlikeproductions Forum. It has the ring of truth about it, so I’m putting it up exactly as an “anonymous coward” posted it. I’ve inserted images where appropriate. I’ve also bolded key passages.


A black guy told me Black kids are being raised to hate whites

This guy works out in the same gym as me and he works in youth mentoring to try to divert poor kids away from crime. We got talking about the Colin Kaepernick stuff in America and he said that majority of the kids he works with have Kaepernick shirts sent from relatives in the States and some of their parents have his picture on the wall next to Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and others.


This guy himself is very awakened and he sees all the racial stuff as divide and conquer but he said to me that almost every black family he works with raises their kids with the mentality of the 5 percent nation and that blacks are all kings and queens that had everything taken from them by the white devil. He said that sometimes when he has visited a youth in his home and had a white coworker with him the black mother asks if the white guy can stay outside in the car because she doesn’t want white people in her home. Some black parents will not allow any “white history” or white literature inside their home but they will have bookcases full of pan-African nationalism and books by black Muslims.

The most interesting part for me was that he said racial issues over in America are taken very seriously by blacks in the UK because I said to him that I was surprised because most Brits including blacks would see this stuff as an “American problem”. He said what you need to to understand is that black people see ourselves for the most part as all as one. So for instance an act of police brutality in America is followed very strongly by black parents here and seen as a personal attack on all of black people. The “take a knee” stuff is taught inside black homes as something that needs to be supported as an example of how the white man is the devil even though it is happening in another country. This is done mostly through social media.

He said that things happening in different countries are irrelevant because blacks don’t see countries or borders they see only “black being oppressed by white”. Black people must always see other black people as victims of white oppression.

He was telling me about how most black families now preach that Christianity was the religion of the slave master and Islam is the way. That’s why there are so many black converts to Islam in prison too. He said about 70 percent of the black families he works with are Muslims but some won’t openly admit it because their older family members are devoted Christians.

Essentially what he was saying that is in 2017 black families do not use any kind of context when bringing up their kids. They put in their heads from an early age that they are kings and queens that were dethroned and they are now victims of constant white oppression wherever on the planet they are.

Since the federal government forced integration of the races upon us in America, the black has lagged the white in spite of what must be trillions of dollars of spending.

The racial gap cannot be narrowed. The white race and the black race are incompatible. It’s past time to end the experiment in integration. Blacks evolved in Africa, which is thus by nature their ideal place to live. Peaceful ethnic cleansing must become a part of the white man’s way of thinking about race.

If blacks are teaching their offspring to hate whites, then it’s only rational for whites to teach their children to hate whites. Otherwise, white children will be steamrolled in life, dominated and ultimately destroyed by the black plague.

Here is how our ancestors dealt with the problem:

Trump’s Retweets of Videos Exposing Muslim Menace Sparks Condemnation by Establishment


President Donald Trump retweeted three Tweets from Jayda Frasen on Wednesday morning, sparking outrage from the American and British establishment.

It may not be politically correct, but truth is truth. And Trump has proven over and over that he’s willing to speak it.

Jayda’s troubles with the British police for critizing Muslims are covered at Newsweek.

Notable for his support for Trump’s Retweets is the response from David Duke, covered in the CBS story below.

First, these three items appeared on Trump’s Twitter earlier today:

CBS News

President Trump’s online endorsement of videos posted by a leader of an extremist UK fringe group is prompting reaction both in the United States and abroad.

The videos were tweeted out by the account held by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the far-right U.K. political party “Britain First,” which is known for promoting an anti-Islam, anti-immigration and nationalist agenda. The group is estimated to have only about 1,000 active members, and its rallies around the U.K. draw supporters numbering only in the hundreds.

Following Mr. Trump’s retweets of Fransen, numerous lawmakers in the United Kingdom raised their concerns over the president’s subtle support of the group.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesperson said in a statement in response to the retweets, that it was “wrong for the president to have done this.” The statement added:

“Britain First seeks to divide communities through their use of hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions. They cause anxiety to law-abiding people. British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far-right, which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance and respect.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor party tweeted, “I hope our government will condemn far-right retweets by Donald Trump. They are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.”

A member of Parliament, Yvette Cooper, took to the floor to condemn Fransen’s remarks, tweeting that the UK government “can’t stay silent” on Mr. Trump’s tweets, calling it “disgraceful and dangerous.”

Brendan Cox, husband of the Labour party lawmaker Jo Cox who was killed by a man who shouted the name of the group at the time of her slaying, tweeted in response to Mr. Trump’s retweets Wednesday morning, saying he has “legitimized the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences and the president should be ashamed of himself.”

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, of Colorado, called Mr. Trump’s retweets “irresponsible and disgraceful.”

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Virginia, called on the White House to clarify the president’s remarks, and “stop spreading bigotry.”

Meanwhile, former KKK imperial wizard David Duke appeared to defend the president, saying Mr. Trump “brings to light what the lying, fake news media won’t.”

And On Fransen’s own Twitter account, a message appeared lauding Mr. Trump for sharing the Britain First message with his “around 44 million followers!”

Fransen later tweeted that she was “facing prison time for criticizing Islam” in light of Mr. Trump’s support, saying “Britain is now Sharia compliant.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also responded to the outcry later Wednesday morning, telling reporters “regardless of the video, the threat is very real.”

She added, “the president has talked about the need for strong borders and strong security since the campaign trail, that’s not a secret that’s something he’ll continue talking about and continue highlighting in a lot of different venues and avenues.”

Asked if the president’s retweets were an endorsement of the “Britain First” movement, Sanders replied, “Not that I’m aware of but he does endorse a strong national security and endorses strong borders.”

The fact that Trump would risk infuriating the world establishment the way he did today may be the biggest story of the year. We need him to keep pushing back against political correctness and for the truth.