Student’s Naked Anti-Trump Protest Banned on Facebook


I expect that angry feminist Emma Dyason will be doing “feminist porn” soon if she’s not already doing it.

Her curvy body looks fine to me, but her mind could use a little work. Something’s askew when you get naked to protest male sexual interest in women. Did she think Donald Trump would get an erection from seeing her naked?

I see an inherent distaste, dislike, or hatred of men in her stupid little protest.

A student was angry with Facebook after it took down her naked pictures.

Emma Dyason, 19, posted the images to protest against US President Donald Trump.

But her demonstration was cut short after the social network decided the images broke rules on nudity.

Ms Dyason, from Fritwell, Oxfordshire, said: ‘Last week I produced and executed a photo shoot, taking a feminist/protest approach by writing sexist quotes made by Trump onto scrap pieces of cardboard, and having women pose ‘nude’ in the aim to empower women.

‘I posted three of the images on Facebook, which resulted in many people sharing the post, much to my delight.

‘A day after posting the images, I received a message from Facebook informing me that they had removed the post due to “female nudity,” and also threatened to close my account.’

The Plymouth University student denied she was nude and said all necessary body parts had been adequately covered in the pictures.

She added: ‘They also state that they do not condone sexist behaviour, which in my opinion, is exactly the kind of behaviour they have shown towards this project.’

Facebook’s nudity policy states: ‘We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks.

‘We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring.

‘We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures.’

RT covered this story with essentially an identical report. However, the comments there are sometimes perceptive. The males at RT had a lot of fun bashing her “sag bags” and her smell.

The truth is that Jewish feminism has done its work well. Emma is a professional protester of things decent and conservative. She’s not the kind of girl any real man would want to bring home to the family and introduce as a wife.

Consider this comment, however, and see what you think:

Whether she realizes it or not, she is just exclaiming to the world that she wants an alpha male like Trump to put her in her place. She knows she is out of control, and acting like that is a cry for attention and guidance.

I found this to be true at the university. The more sexual and obnoxious they are, the more they want a strong man to control them.

Am I wrong?

British Justice: Mulatto Thug Who Killed Innocent White Youth with ONE PUNCH Sentenced to Six Years


Mulattoes follow in the footsteps of their black ancestors, as a general rule. The mulatto thug who killed Oliver Dearlove certainly inherited the violence gene. His brother is a killer too.

The girlfriend of a man who was killed with a single punch has spoken of her heartbreak as his attacker was jailed for six years.

Trevor Timon, 31, threw a killer punch at former Coutt’s banker Oliver Dearlove, 30, who died less than 24 hours later.

Dearlove’s girlfriend delivered an emotional statement in court as Timon was sentenced to six years in prison.

Dearlove’s long-term girlfriend Claire Wheatley, told the court that one punch took away the love of her life.

She said: ‘His death was not the result of an unfortunate event such as a car accident or life-long illness but as the result of a senseless act of one individual in one moment of time, with no real meaning or justification.

‘We are all familiar with the phrase a broken heart. The difference is my heart is not broken, it feels more like it has been obliterated.’

She added: ‘This pain never leaves, it stays with me from the moment I fall asleep, with only the sparing grace of those few moments when I first wake in the morning before I am soon reminded that I am to face another day without him.

‘Every dream and every plan Oli and I had has been destroyed.

‘He was everything to me.’

Dearlove collapsed immediately from the ‘catastrophic’ injury, and was pronounced dead less than 24 hours later.

Before delivering the fatal punch, Timon warned Dearlove ‘if you don’t move on, I’ll knock you out’ in Blackheath, south east London, just after midnight on the Sunday of the August Bank holiday weekend last year.

Timon admitted manslaughter but denied murder, which he was cleared of at the Old Bailey on Wednesday.

Jailing Timon, Judge Mark Dennis QC said: ‘This was a senseless death that occurred as a result of an act borne out of a deep flaw in your character.

‘He was defenceless to the punch. He had displayed no intention to engage in aggression or violence. It was therefore an unprovoked and gratuitous act.’


Trevor Timon, pictured, tried the old “They were racist toward me junk in court.” It didn’t work.


Jurors heard he had previous convictions for violence, including for battery in 2010 for knocking a woman unconscious after telling her ‘I’m going to bang you out’.

Timon has a total of 12 previous convictions for offences against people and property. It has also emerged that his brother is in prison for murder.

Trevor Timon is a good example of “bad blood.” Mixed race individuals often take on the worst characteristics of the darker races. Timon took on the violent, aggressive nature of the black from whom he is descended.

As one of the commenters at Metro News noted, he’ll be out in three years. And he will kill again unless somebody makes up their mind to kill him first. Maybe one of his thug buddies will do the world a favor.

You can see the fear in the Timon’s pit bull’s eyes in this picture. Dogs know people. Timons is pure evil.


Outrageous! “British” man who launched Isil suicide attack was Guantanamo Bay detainee awarded £1m compensation


There’s a lesson for Britain and other Western countries to learn from the case of Ronald Fiddler, who called himself Jamal al-Harith. That lesson is that darkies will never assimilate to Western values and culture. They’re attracted to the violence of Islam. This one was a Jamaican before becoming “British.”

The Telegraph

A British Islamic State fighter who carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq this week is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was paid £1 million compensation by the government.

Jamal al-Harith, a Muslim convert born Ronald Fiddler who detonated a car bomb at an Iraqi army base near Mosul, was released from the US detention camp in 2004 and successfully claimed compensation after saying British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment.

He was freed following intense lobbying by Tony Blair’s Labour government.

Al-Harith, who used the nom de guerre Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, entered Syria via Turkey in 2014 to join Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, leading to questions at the time about the monitoring of terrorist suspects.

It also raised the possibility that compensation money paid by British taxpayers had been handed on by him to Isil.

Earlier this week Isil released an image of him sitting inside the bomb car grinning broadly, with wires and what may be a detonation button in the background.

A statement released by the terrorist group said: “The martyrdom-seeking brother Abu Zakariya al-Britani – may Allah accept him – detonated his explosives-laden vehicle on a headquarters of the Rafidhi army and its militias in Tal Kisum village, southwest of Mosul.”

“Rafidha” is a derogatory term for Shiite Muslims, who Isil considers to be heretics.

His brother, Leon Jameson, told The Times Al-Harith had “wasted his life”.

He added: “I didn’t think he’d ever do anything wrong but, if he’s joining extremists, then, you know … I’m not ashamed of him, I never will be. But it’s his own decision. I can only just give him advice if he needs any.”

The 53-year-old said his brother had been a keen sportsman in his youth, playing football, basketball and table-tennis and winning a trophy for karate when he was a teenager.

He later converted to Islam after meeting Muslim friends at a sixth form college.

“All I know is one day he brought a Quran home,” Mr Jameson told the newspaper.

“We were supportive of it, yeah,we didn’t see anything wrong with it at the time and the trouble only started later, seems like he’s been dragged into it.”

The 50-year-old, originally from Manchester, was arrested by US forces in Pakistan in 2001 as a suspected Taliban sympathiser, before being sent to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba in 2002.

At the time of his release, the then home secretary David Blunkett said: “No-one who is returned…will actually be a threat to the security of the British people.”

Earlier this week Isil named him as the man who had blown himself up in the car bombing at the Iraqi army base, and released a picture of him.

Al-Harith’s wife Shukee Begum travelled to Syria with their five children to try to persuade her husband to return to the UK, but failed and was taken hostage before eventually managing to escape.

Al-Harith, the son of Jamaican immigrants, converted to Islam in the 1990s and worked as a web designer before he travelled to the Pakistani city of Quetta in 2001 for what he claimed was a religious holiday.

He has insisted he tried to enter Iran when the US invaded neighbouring Afghanistan, but was captured and imprisoned by the Taliban on suspicion of being a UK spy.

When US special forces found him in a Taliban jail, they assessed him as a “high threat to the US” who was “probably involved in a former terrorist attack against the US”.

Al-Harith’s prisoner file from Guantanamo Bay, published online by WikiLeaks, refers to him travelling to Sudan in 1992 with “Abu Bakr, a well-known al-Qaeda operative”.

After his return to the UK – where he was released without charge – he joined three other former prisoners known as the Tipton Three in a failed attempt to sue Donald Rumsfeld, the then US Defense Secretary.

His legal action against the British government was more successful, resulting in a payment of up to £1 million in return for which he agreed not to talk about his ordeal.

Something is rotten in Britain. At least the British press is willing to publish this ridiculous story of treason or incompetence by the British government. I do believe the American press would try to bury the story.

Filthy Muslim SPAT in BABY’s Face, While Snarling That Whites Should Not Breed


If ever anyone deserved the death penalty it is Reezas Abdulla, a white hating dune coon who doesn’t deserve to live.

But British justice, among the weakest in the world, let him walk.

The Daily Star

A VILE thug spat in the face of a nine-month-old baby and screamed “white people shouldn’t breed” at her terrified mother.

Callous Rezzas Abdulla spewed saliva all over the pram of little Layla-Jean in the sickening race-hate attack last January.

Stunned mum Rebecca Telford, 25, was walking through South Shields with the tot when Abdulla launched his unprovoked attack, a court heard.

The 33-year-old leant over the baby’s pram and spat in her face before shouting the racially motivated tirade, prosecutors said.


Abdulla was convicted of racially aggravated common assault at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

But Abdulla, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white females, walked free from court without a jail term.

Instead judges handed him an eight month sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Sentencing, Recorder Darren Preston told Abdulla: “There is something viscerally horrible and disgusting about spitting at someone, particularly in the face and to do so to a baby was particularly disgusting, let alone to make things even worse when your motivation for doing so is racial hatred.”

The court heard how Abdullah told the shocked mum to “shut the f*** up” after leaving his spit “sprayed around” the baby’s face.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling said: “He leant into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter.

“As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed’ then walked off.”

If the British government won’t kill this piece of sh*t, shouldn’t the monster at least be deported.

He’s done this before. He will do it again. He’s an inbred psychopath.

It is my fondest hope that some British man somewhere will summon up the courage to do what needs to be done. The next time, Abdulla, emboldened by the lack of punishment for his misdeeds, is going to kill a woman and baby.

That blood will be on the hands of the court.

Side note: I see through my search engine that this story is all over the British press, but is being ignored by the FAKE NEWS American media. Only Breitbart and a few others have reported it to Americans. They really are despicable in their efforts to conceal Muslim crime and terrorism.

Asylum seeker, 11, ‘raped younger foster brother at home that took him in’


Muslim anal rapefugee with a twist here.

The rapist was only 11 and he raped another boy who would have been 4 at the time. Any hole is a good hole to a Muslim.

His defense: He dindu nuffins.

Fallback defense: It’s normal where I come from.

Islam is a cancer on the a**hole of the world. It must be removed. Along with those who practice it.

What this story reveals is that the bleeding hearts who cry out, “Muh children, muh children,” care nothing about other children who are not Muslims. Every Muslim child is a potential rapist and killer for Allah.

An 11-year-old asylum seeker raped his younger foster brother after being taken into care, a court has heard.

The boy, who is now 14, is on trial for attacking another boy, who is now seven, at the house they both lived in during the summer holidays.

Prosecutor Graham Smith told the court that the alleged attacker came to the UK from Albania in 2011 and was taken into care before being put up with foster carers.

Mr Smith outlined the case saying that the teenager had allegedly attacked his victim in a bedroom.

The foster family, who had cared for the boy for over two years before the alleged attack, contacted social services and police after the victim told his mother that ‘his bottom hurt’.

He also told police: ‘He did some bad stuff to me. He hurt me. He does it every day.’

Internal tests on the child revealed traces of semen and swabs showed the DNA of the defendant.

Mr Smith added: ‘The defendant’s DNA profile was found on these swabs. The Crown cannot say for certain the DNA came from semen but we can say semen was found in the anal canal and DNA was on the swabs.

‘It could have come from the defendant’s bodily fluids, such as saliva.

‘The Crown says that proves strong support for the theory the defendant spat on his finger and put it in his anus.’

The juvenile defendant was interviewed the next day but denied all the allegations and said only ‘no comment.’

The teenager denies the allegations and the trial continues.

It’s time. They all have to go back.

I wonder how many mental midgets like these bleeding heart, virtue signaling residents of Brussels live in Britain. Petition for J. K. Rowling to House Muslim “Refugees” in Her Spare Bedrooms

I signed the petition. You have to register with to sign. They will send you emails about petitions they think you might be interested in. petition

J.K. Rowling has often announced her solidarity with Middle-Eastern refugees on twitter. She is well-known advocate of open borders and often stated, that Europe has the duty to give every single one of these refugees from all over the middle east, rarely warzones, asylum and welfare. Everyone who represented a different opinion was viciously attacked by her, and she is not alone. Many other multi-millionaires and billionaires seem to be fond of virtue-signaling about refugees. Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, who is very much disconnected from the ugly reality of rape, murder and destruction which many of these refugees bring with them, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity. J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters.

The refugee crisis will require 250000 homes to be built every year in her homeland Britain. Helping refugees in Europe will cost 10 times as much as helping them in neighbouring countries would.

Donations by the superrich, even in the millions, are a drop in the ocean, as the taxpayer will have to pay billions for the following decades. Elites, that echo the MSM narrative, defending open borders, are hypocrites that will never share the outlook of the working class, which has to encounter refugees every day. So let’s bring one of the loudest virtue-signaling apologists of globalism back to reality and give her some new roommates.

We demand that J.K. Rowling grants no less than 18 refugees shelter in her mansions for at least 8 years. She rejects safe immigration, which is why we also demand, that there will be no additional vetting process for these refugees. Her virtue-signaling stems from ignorance, and the 100% effective cure of it will be this drastic change of perspective. To make this group of refugees representative of the situation Europe, we also demand that the group consists of 14 men and 4 women, since over 75% of the millions of refugees are male.

NO JAIL: British Lesbian Beat Up SIX Women for Rejecting Her Sexual Advances on Dancefloor


In my experience at the university, the lesbian faculty hated men, but oddly enough there were a lot of black eyes and bruises among the carpet munchers. They seem to have anger management problems.

Kimberly McLeod, above, permanently disfigured a woman in a night club, but still received no jail time for her crime.

British justice is an injustice. What a f*cked up country to tolerate such crap to protect the LGBT politically correct minority.

The Sun

A REJECTED lesbian beat up six female strangers after she tried to kiss them on dance floor.

A court heard how Kimberley McLeod, 28, went berserk when two women pushed her away.

She then attacked the rest, leaving one with a facial disfigurement.

That victim, a teacher, felt her nose “pop and start pouring with blood” in the Loons pub in Hartlepool, Teesside.

In a victim statement the woman told Teesside magistrates: “This happened for no reason at all.

“I can’t understand how a person can have such hate inside them to physically attack other people.

“I had to make up reasons for my injuries.

“I am thankful for just one thing – although I suffered this horrendous attack I know that it was in no way personal against me.”

John Relton, mitigating, said: “Due to some Dutch courage she misread the signs and was influenced into making making sexual advances which upset these ladies.

“The ladies involved took appropriate evasive action and my client knows she should have walked away, but she did not, she reacted.

“There was a coming together of these ladies’ friends, coming to help them and she hit out.”

Petrochemical safety worker McLeod, from the town, admitted six assaults and two counts of sexual assault.

She was handed a suspended jail term.

The bulldyke in Kimberly McLeod is strong.

Women beware. Men too. Remember, if she thinks she has a penis, she can go into the men’s bathroom now.