The Stench of Daily Life in India

A Westerner describes a hellish trip on a train in India. What is described is the globalist vision for America and Europe.



Slightly disgruntled with Indian Railways. RE- The farting

Last week I was forced to travel to work on a Train in India. The carriages were so over-packed that people were having to take shorter breaths during the journey, due to the crush. I was crushed in inbetween three sweaty pigs whose B.O. would have shamed Satan.

Two minutes into the journey and it began. I heard a sort of strangled quack, and realised immediately that some inhuman monster had let out a seriously diahorretic fart. About 6 seconds later and we were subjected to the most vile, weird smelling bowel gas that the human species has ever breathed in. Then immediately another selfish an utter filthy beast let off another fart with an absolutely and utterly rancid stench.

And so it went on for the whole 40 minute journey.

The native `people` didnt bat an eyelid about the monstrous and evil smells that were being subjected upon us. We were forced to breathe almost pure fart for two minutes at a time, and couldnt move because we were all pinned in. People were riding on the carriage outside and were staring in at us like we were paintings.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 24, 2015

Location- Dhaka Airport Station, Bangladesh
Such a situation occurred at the time of Eid festival when a vast majority of peoples left Dhaka for celebrating Eid with their beloved family.

Due to the shortage of public transport they basically force to take such a dangerous step. Importantly it become a part of the celebration of Eid Festival now.

These train roofers also fallen in accident and lost their life. A lot of foreign tourists come now a days for enjoying such an dangerous journey.



I feel bad for you OP…I totally know what you had to go through!

We werr traveling on a 12 hour flight from Bombay to London. Half the people on the flight were Indian and it smelled bad already

I’m sure you know…They don’t shower very often and they don’t use deodorant and rarely use shampoo.

But the Indian woman and man next to us ..! The woman was wearing a long dress/sari. Indians don’t wear underwear and they don’t use toilet paper

So we got to smell stinky armpit and urine for 12 hours. We literally covered our noses and mouths with our blankets the whole trip. They didn’t notice us gagging, as Indian people seem like theyre spaced out all the time.

Funny you mentioned the Indians were staring at you like you wee a painting. Totally know what that’s like, lol

But our experience was nowhere as bad as what you went through!!

Oh, and they have no concept of personal space. People standing in line are so close to each other, that they’re literally breathing on the person’s neck in front of them

We would have to hold our arms out, as if pushing them back, in order to get some space

Dindu TV Reporter Arrested for Pooping on Lawn While on Assignment

jonathan lowe poop

TV news reporter Jonathan Lowe did a dirty in someone’s yard while on assignment. Now, he’s been fired. He also faces criminal charges.

Looking at the face of that African primate, I fail to see much in the way of intelligence. Read his explanation and see what you think.

New York Post

A TV reporter was arrested after he allegedly defecated on the front lawn near the subject of his story’s home.

Jonathan Lowe, a reporter with KPHO, was arrested on Monday after a neighbor picking up his newspaper saw the 33-year-old leaning against a house and pooing.

Police say Lowe admitted to relieving himself in the front yard.

“I know what you want to talk to me about. I’ve been feeling very sick and I’ve been stuck in this van all day,” he said, according to the report.

“Those people who called on me just wanted to start problems.”

The woman who turned him in said she would have been happy for the reporter to use her toilet if he had knocked on her door.

While KPHO said on Wednesday that Lowe was still employed there the station referred to him as a “former employee” on Thursday.

Lowe was arrested for public defecation, and now faces a fine of $2500 or six months in jail.

Obviously, the TV station couldn’t keep Jonathan on board due to the ridiculous nature of his act.

Everyone knows that pooping in public is unlawful. So the criminal charges are going to stick.

I guess it didn’t occur to the pea-brained reporter to knock on a door and ask to use a restroom, to do his business in the station’s van, or to go to a nearby convenience store and poop there.

He was probably an affirmative action hire anyway.


‘Stop pooping on the bike path’ sign is intended for humans


That’s a friendly looking turd on the sign. Woe unto him who steps in the friendly little guy though. He’s hard to wipe off your shoe.

Like I always say, the West is going into the crapper. Except in this case Mr. Poo, who should be going into the crapper, isn’t.

Decline of the West? You decide.

People are gross.

A US town is being plagued by a mystery pooper who keeps squatting in the middle of a bike path.

The epidemic is so bad that officials have erected a sign in Hampton, Illinois, that reads: ‘Stop pooping on the bike path.’

A fair order.

Scott McKay, of Hampton’s Public Works, told WQAD: ‘Animals don’t carry toilet paper and then stuff it on top.

‘It’s pretty nasty. We’ve got enough goose crap on the bike path, let alone humans.’

Locals are bemused as to why some people are choosing to release their bowels all over the path when a perfectly fine toilet is located nearby.

Runner Mitchell Jankowski said: ‘I know on long runs sometimes people have to hold it for a while, but I’ve never thought of carrying toilet paper and just squatting on the road.’