First Obama “Dreamer” Arrested: “We are hoping this detention was a mistake”


It’s too early to celebrate yet, but for those supporting the American worker over the illegal alien, there is good news.

It appears that the first effort to expel a so-called Dreamer has taken place in the U.S. state of Washington. A young Mexican male gang member has been detained, but not deported yet.

Reuters Mobile

U.S. immigration authorities have detained a 23-year-old Mexican man who was brought to the United States illegally as a child and given a work permit during the Obama administration, according to a lawsuit challenging the detention in Seattle federal court.

The man’s lawyers say this could be the first time under U.S. President Donald Trump that a person covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, has been taken into immigration custody. The program was established in 2012 by Democratic President Barack Obama to allow those brought to the country while young to attend school and work.

Ethan Dettmer, a partner in the law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and one of the lawyers representing the man, Daniel Ramirez Medina, said he is not aware of any other DACA recipient who has been arrested.


“We are hoping this detention was a mistake,” he added.

Ramirez was a “self-admitted gang member,” said Rose Richeson, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in a statement.

“ICE officers took Mr Ramirez into custody based on his admitted gang affiliation and risk to public safety.”

mexican gang ms 13


It’s very clear that the lawyers for muh Mexican are going to be arguing before liberal judges that the arrested “dreamer” has a right to stay in the States. But if Obama gave him that right, wouldn’t Trump have the right to take it away?

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Bibi Praises Trump’s Wall


In the final analysis, world leaders should have no influence on the border wall that President Trump will be putting in place this year. It’s a purely domestic matter. Mexico has no say either.

What Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support offers is information for libtards. Border wall work, no matter the naysayers. If America’s border wall is racist, then shouldn’t the libtards also acknowledge that Israel’s wall is racist too. Then there are those master racists, the Chinese, and their Great Wall.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced support Saturday for U.S. President Donald Trump plan to build a border wall along America’s border with Mexico and praised Trump for referencing Israel in defending his wall.

“President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea,” Netanyahu tweeted.

Afterwards, following anger from Mexico, the Prime Minister Office clarified Netanyahu’s statement, saying that “the prime minister was addressing Israel’s unique circumstances and the important experience we have and which we are willing to share with other nations. There was no attempt to voice an opinion regarding U.S.-Mexico ties.”

With the statement, Netanyahu thrust himself into the political debate currently raging in the U.S. over Trump’s immigration policies, and to a greater extent also into the severe diplomatic crisis between Mexico and the U.S. which saw the Mexican president cancel a scheduled meeting with Trump.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Trump invoked Israel to justify his proposed plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. “The wall is necessary,” the president explained, “because people want protection and a wall protects. All you have to do is ask Israel.”

Trump explained that Israel suffered from a “disaster” of illegal immigration, but once it built a wall, “it stopped 99.9%.” 

The president was probably referring to Israel’s border fence with Egypt, which was set up in 2013 and has drastically decreased the number of immigrants and refugees from Africa who cross into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula.


Dutch Government Gives Refugee (Parasites) Up to $10,000 Each to Go Shopping

holland nonwhite immigrant want white

Many, many leaders of government and candidates for office in the West are traitors to the white race. They are bought and paid-for stooges in the employ of the New World Order globalist oligarchs, who are mostly Jews.

Thus, they seek to invite turd world monsters into the West and then subsidize those monsters with taxpayer funds, stolen from hard-working Europeans and Euro-Americans.

Some Dutch residents are outraged after finding out that a few cities have been offering as much as €10,000 to refugees to buy furniture and other necessities, local media reported.

Asylum seekers who get allocated to certain towns in the Netherlands may get as much as €10,000 to buy furniture for their homes, according to research carried out by the daily Brabants Dagblad (BD).

Talking to the local authorities, Brabants Dagblad found the sum of money varies in different municipalities.

While Oisterwijk, South Netherlands offers as much as €10,602 for a family with two children, in other cities, such as Bernheze, Schijndel Veghel and Sint-Michielsgestel the same family may receive around €3,500. Boekel offers the smallest amount of €2,200.

BD also said that some cities require refugees to pay the sum back, while others, such as the most generous Oisterwijk consider the money “a gift.”

Leader of the right-wing populist Party for Freedom (PVV), Geert Wilders said the whole situation is “discrimination” against Dutch residents, urging Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and the public prosecutor to address the issue.

“Hey Asscher and Public Prosecutor, why don’t you address this discrimination? For a ‘refugee’ but not for the Dutch?” he tweeted.

Think for a moment about the outrageous idea that gives the monsters huge cash payments upon arrival in the West, along with other very costly normal welfare benefits.

The welfare state cannot survive the parasites. The people cannot survive with traitors stabbing them in the back and bleeding them dry.

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Finns Demonstrate to Show Swedes Their Welcoming of “Refugees” is Insane

sweden finland border

The Local Sweden

Hundreds of Finnish protestors demonstrated on Saturday morning at the Swedish-Finnish border in northern Sweden against an influx of refugees, while on the Swedish side of the border many Swedes were demonstrating their support for the refugees.

Observe the dull, uninteresting picture of the Finland-Sweden border that the leftist Local used to illustrate the story. The Local is one of the websites where I’m banned from commenting.

Anyway, I did some research and came up with this “human wall” photo of Finns blocking “refugees” (parasites) from entering their country. This is much more interesting and informative than the picture above.

finland human wall

This photo came from a story at, where the reporting of the story is more vivid and truthful, I believe.

On Saturday, Finland started border checks for refugees arriving from Sweden in the northern border town of Tornio, while more than 100 Finns demonstrated in the town’s center against the growing influx of asylum seekers, forming a symbolic human wall.

According to the public broadcaster YLE, the demonstrators held signs saying “It is enough. Close the borders!”

Local police said the demonstration in the town, which is the sole entry point to Finland for refugees arriving from Sweden, had been peaceful and that protesters did not attempt to block people from crossing the border into Finland.

“From now on, people crossing the border in Tornio will be checked by a procedure led by the police,” Finland’s Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said asylum seekers can no longer continue their journey from Tornio to anywhere else in the country without registering as asylum seekers there.

“The situation up north is uncontrollable. People have continued from there to any police station in Finland,” Paivi Nerg from the ministry told the online edition of “Helsingin Sanomat” daily.
Up to 30,000 asylum seekers expected

Hundreds of refugees, mainly from Iraq, have poured into Finland from Sweden in recent days and up to 30,000 asylum seekers are expected in Finland this year, compared to 3,651 last year.

Advice to Finland: Unless you want your country to look like the Middle East, expel the invaders. Buy them a one way ticket back to the sand dunes that spawned them if you must, but expel them.

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Courageous British Farmer Rounds Up Illegal Migrants Camping Out in His Fields

migrants field of dreams

Here’s good news. A farmer in England rounds up illegals camping in his fields rather than wait for the police to do the job.

The story leaves out an important detail, however. Does he have a rifle or shotgun that he uses to round up the invaders or does he just nicely invite them into his home for a spot of tea?

Excerpt from Sky News

A farmer who says dozens of illegal immigrants have ended up on his fields has taken matters in his own hands, rounding them up before police arrive.

Chris Gadsden told Sky News the situation “has spiralled out of control lately, in the last month or two”.

His farm in Toddington, Bedfordshire, is just a few hundred metres from a motorway service station where immigrants who have crossed from the French port of Calais are often dropped off by truckers.

“We’ve had quite a few incidents in this last month, we’ve had over 60 people around here, Somalians, we’ve had Vietnamese, Afghanis as well,” Mr Gadsden said.

He said he was concerned that some of the immigrants might pose a safety risk.

“I’m trying to protect my family because in all honesty nobody knows what intentions these people have,” Mr Gadsden said.

“I’ve got to protect myself so the only way of doing this is by taking control of the situation until police arrive.

“I don’t know whether they are dangerous, but you never know – most of them are subdued people, very calm. But there’s always the chance that you could get the one or two that have other intentions.”

Meanwhile in Luxembourg, the European Union formally launched a naval operation against human trafficking to try to stem the flow of illegal immigrants arriving in Europe from Africa.

More than 100,000 migrants have entered Europe so far this year, with some 2,000 dead or missing during their perilous quest to reach the continent.


Secure the Border, Stop the Invasion–“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

border mex us poster

Commenter Bon from the Land of Babble posted this truth on American Renaissance today.

Jack Booted Thugs: The 15 Illegal, Unconstitutional Terrorist Actions by Government That PROVE the USA Is A Police State


OPED News offers a comprehensive one-stop look at the activities of America’s own national police force. Once you know what they do, you may not sleep so well at night.

There’s more explanation of these points in the article, but I’ve excerpted the esential ideas.

After reading this list and putting it together in my mind with news items relating to the Department of Homeland Security(DHS), my opinion is that anyone who works for the DHS has no conscience or morals. This agency is evil. It’s leaders are traitors to the principles of freedom upon which this country was founded.

Shame on DHS.

Militarizing police and SWAT teams. The DHS routinely hands out six-figure grants to enable local municipalities to purchase military-style vehicles, as well as a veritable war chest of weaponry, ranging from tactical vests, bomb-disarming robots, assault weapons and combat uniforms.

Spying on activists, dissidents and veterans. In 2009, DHS released three infamous reports on Rightwing and Leftwing “Extremism,” and another entitled Operation Vigilant Eagle, outlining a surveillance program targeting veterans.

Stockpiling ammunition. DHS, along with other government agencies, has been stockpiling an alarming amount of ammunition in recent years, which only adds to the discomfort of those already leery of the government.

Distributing license plate readers. DHS has already distributed more than $50 million in grants to enable local police agencies to acquire license plate readers, which rely on mobile cameras to photograph and identify cars, match them against a national database, and track their movements.

Contracting to build detention camps. In 2006, DHS awarded a $385 million contract to a Halliburton subsidiary to build detention centers on American soil.

Tracking cell-phones with Stingray devices. Distributed to local police agencies as a result of grants from the DHS, these Stingray devices enable police to track individuals’ cell phones–and their owners–without a court warrant or court order.

Carrying out military drills and lockdowns in American cities. Each year, DHS funds military-style training drills in cities across the country.

Using the TSA as an advance guard. The TSA now searches a variety of government and private databases, including things like car registrations and employment information, in order to track travelers’ before they ever get near an airport.

Conducting virtual strip searches with full-body scanners. Under the direction of the TSA, American travelers have been subjected to all manner of searches ranging from whole-body scanners and enhanced patdowns at airports to bag searches in train stations.

Carrying out soft target checkpoints. VIPR task forces, comprised of federal air marshals, surface transportation security inspectors, transportation security officers, behavior detection officers and explosive detection canine teams have laid the groundwork for the government’s effort to secure so-called “soft” targets such as malls, stadiums, bridges, etc.

Directing government workers to spy on Americans. Terrorism Liaison Officers are firefighters, police officers, and even corporate employees who have received training to spy on and report back to government entities on the day-to-day activities of their fellow citizens.

Conducting widespread spying networks using fusion centers. Data collecting agencies spread throughout the country, aided by the National Security Agency, fusions centers–of which there are at least 78 scattered around the U.S.– constantly monitor our communications, collecting and cataloguing everything from our internet activity and web searches to text messages, phone calls and emails.

Carrying out Constitution-free border control searches. On orders from the DHS, the government’s efforts along the border have become little more than an exercise in police state power, ranging from aggressive checkpoints to the widespread use of drone technology, often used against American citizens traveling within the country.

Funding city-wide surveillance cameras. As Charlie Savage reports for the Boston Globe, the DHS has funneled “millions of dollars to local governments nationwide for purchasing high-tech video camera networks, accelerating the rise of a ‘surveillance society’ in which the sense of freedom that stems from being anonymous in public will be lost.”

Utilizing drones and other spybots. The DHS has been at the forefront of funding and deploying surveillance robots and drones for land, sea and air, including robots that resemble fish and tunnel-bots that can travel underground.