Bantu Charged with Slitting Throat of Leukemia Survivor Mom Denies Everything


The Bantu’s first instinct is to lie.

And then when that lie doesn’t work, he spits out another lie.

You know it’s true. And speaking the truth can never be “racist.”

Daily Mail

A man is charged in the death of a mother of two and actress after surveillance video of him pawning pieces of her jewelry two hours after her murder surfaced.

Dominic Sanders, 30, of University Park, faces first-degree murder, home invasion and armed robbery charges in connection with the death of Andrea Urban, 51, according to CBS Chicago.


Urban was found by her son Sasha, 17, on the floor of her kitchen in her home on the 700 block of Town Place in the Hinsdale neighborhood of Chicago on May 4.

She’d had her neck and throat cut with a knife, according to police.
‘This was a violent, horrific attack on a completely innocent victim who had every right to feel safe in her own home,’ said DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin.


Authorities say Sanders allegedly entered her home around 10am that morning and a struggle ensued and he stabbed her to death.

Sanders was seen on security cameras walking towards Urban’s home with a reflective vest on and walking away around 11am. Urban had texted a friend about 10:00am but then failed to show up at a friend’s house hours later, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Her body was found about 3:30pm by her teenage son. Her daughter, Daria, who also lived with her in the house, is in fifth grade. Both are reportedly being cared for by relatives.

About two hours after her death, Sanders was seen at a Melrose Park pawn shop selling rings that had inscriptions on them that Urban’s family were able to identify.

At first, cops say Sanders told them he was not at the pawn shop, but later said he had stolen the rings by reaching into Urban’s home through a front door and taking them from a shelf.

Police do not know if the pair knew each other somehow but have not yet been able to make a connection between them, reported the outlet.

Sanders reportedly had no fixed address and lived with various friends and relatives.


In the days following the murder, Sanders was active on Facebook, posting pictures of a car he called his ‘baby’ and making plans with friends and family.

Urban is described as an actress, leukemia survivor and medical marijuana advocate. She had lived in both New York and Russia before returning to her hometown of Hinsdale.

She was a local actress involved in theater groups, said a GoFundMe page. She would also read essays describing her 13-year battle dealing with chronic myeloid leukemia.

‘She was a free spirit, an actress, an advocate, and a fighter,’ said the page.

Sanders is being held without bail and his next arraignment is scheduled for June 19.

Naturally, he beez a good boy. He dindu nuffins.

Heavy has also done some coverage of this story that includes more pictures and more details on the life of the poor victim.

D.C. Sniper’s Life Sentences Overturned in Response to Supreme Court Ruling

The Root

A federal judge on Friday tossed out two life sentences without parole for Lee Boyd Malvo, one of two gunman convicted in the “D.C. Sniper” shooting cases in 2002.

The AP reports that U.S. District Judge Raymond Jackson in Norfolk, Va., said Malvo is entitled to new sentencing hearings after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional; late last year, the high court applied that case retroactively to sentences issued before 2012.

Jackson ordered the state of Virginia courts to hold new sentencing hearings.

Malvo was 17 years old when he was arrested in 2002 for a series of shootings in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia that killed 10 people and wounded three over a three-week span.

Malvo was convicted of capital murder for the slaying of FBI analyst Linda Franklin, who was shot in the head. Prosecutors sought a death sentence, but a jury opted for life in prison.

Malvo has argued that his accomplice, John Allen Muhammad, then 42, sought Malvo out and “molded” him into partaking in the heinous killing binge.

Like most mass shooters, Muhammad was a domestic abuser and allegedly started the crime spree to kill his estranged wife.

Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in 2009.

Since 2002, Malvo has been serving his sentence at Red Onion State Prison in Southwest Virginia, a “supermax” facility where two-thirds of the mostly black prisoners are held in solitary confinement, alone 23 hours per day, in 7 by 12 feet cells with slats for light.

Some readers of this story think that Malvo is going to be released. He’s not.

Prosecutors will seek another life sentence. It remains to be seen whether he will end up with a reduced sentence or still end up with life. The legal issue is that the law requiring a MANDATORY life sentence is unconstitutional.


African Invaders Headed for Italy Rescued Off Coast of Libya

What the Hell? Is there an infinite supply of old boats in North Africa? There never seems to be a shortage of boats ready to take the dregs of the earth to Europe.

Scuttle the boats and tell the Africans its just a short swim to Italy. They won’t know the difference.

At least when the Libyans pick up the jungle bunnies, they take them back to Libya. When the Italians pick them up, they take them to Italy.

That’s not good.

One News Network

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Nearly 80 migrants were rescued off Libya’s coast after clinging to their sinking boat for two days, though the bodies of seven people who did not survive were also recovered, officials said.

The 77 migrants, including a woman and one child, were rescued on Thursday off the coastal city of Zawiya in western Libya, Libyan coastguard and International Organization for Migration (IOM) officials said.

The boat became unseaworthy due to overloading, said Tripoli coast guard spokesman Ayoub Qassem.

“Some of them are suffering from burns as a result of remaining in the sea and under the sun for a long time,” Qassem said. They were given a medical treatment after they were taken on board a coast guard boat.”

The Libyan coastguard on Friday intercepted a further 562 sub-Saharan African migrants in a wooden boat off the coast of Sabratha, to the west of Zawiya. Some 2,300 migrants were pulled from rubber and wooden boats in international waters between Libya and Italy on Thursday, the Italian coastguard said.

The vast majority of migrants attempting to reach Europe by boat try to cross from Libya to Italy. Smugglers send them out in flimsy boats with little fuel, and most are picked up by international vessels after leaving Libyan waters.

More than 50,000 have made it to Italy so far this year, and numbers have surged over the past 10 days. Nearly 6,350 have been intercepted and turned back by the Libyan coastguard in 2017, and over 1,440 have died trying to cross, according to the IOM. At least 34 migrants, many of them young children, drowned on Wednesday.

As non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have boosted rescue operations in the Mediterranean they have repeatedly clashed with Libya’s coastguard.

On Tuesday, several NGOs said the Libyan coastguard had boarded a migrant boat, robbing the migrants and firing shots into the air. More than 60 people fell into the water in the ensuing panic, though no one was hurt, they said.

Qassem denied that the coastguard had fired at or over the migrants, or put them in danger.

Black Street Performer Uncle Louie Arrested for 1974 Cold Case Convenience Store Murder



Fingerprints left at a Florida convenience store 43 years ago helped connect detectives in a Florida homicide cold case unit with their suspect, New Orleans resident Johnie Miller, authorities said. Miller, 60, is also known as one of the French Quarter’s most recognizable street performers, “Uncle Louie.”

New Orleans police arrested Miller May 16 on an out of state warrant for second-degree murder and attempted armed robbery out of Jacksonville, Fla., court records show. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams on Wednesday (May 24) announced Miller’s arrest in connection with the decades-old shooting death of store operator Freddie Farah.

Farah, a father of four, was 34 when he was killed during an attempted robbery on May 22, 1974, according to Project: Cold Case, an organization that recently highlighted Farah’s case as part of its partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Miller’s act involves him wearing an Uncle Sam suit and freezing mid-stride while appearing to walk a toy dog, often accommodating tourists who stop to pose for photos with him.

Farah’s son Bobby Farah, 56, appeared at a news conference with the Jacksonville sheriff Wednesday and told reporters he “always had this feeling” the person responsible for his father’s death was “out there.”

“We’re relieved,” Bobby Farah said into the microphone, his sisters and mother standing beside him. “Some of us never thought we would see this day.”

Williams on Wednesday attributed the arrest to the tenacity of cold case detectives, advances in fingerprint forensic technology and help from a New Orleans police officer who worked in the French Quarter. He said fingerprint technology did not match any suspects when it was initially tested in the 1970s. The technology was in its infancy stages then, the sheriff said.

Detectives again tested the prints in 1998, Williams said, to no avail. But in December 2016, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System delivered a hit on Miller.

The Orleans Public Defender’s Office was appointed to defend Miller. The Public Defender’s office has a policy of not commenting on open cases.

Miller told the Times-Picayune in 2014 that he had been performing in the Quarter for more than 20 years. Williams on Wednesday said Miller moved to New Orleans in the early 1990s.

Miller has been housed for the last week at the Orleans Justice Center jail without bond. He refused to sign papers to be voluntarily extradited to Florida, court records show. An extradition hearing had been set for June 26, but in the meantime, records show, NOPD officer Michael Hamilton has requested an extradition order from Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Sheriff Williams said detectives also made contact with a witness to the 1974 store shooting. That witness was 14 at the time and is now 57 and living outside of Florida. He said she was able to “provide valuable information” about the case, which guided their investigation.

The lead detective and her partner on Freddie Farah case traveled to New Orleans to track down Miller, Williams said. When they arrived at his known address, they learned Miller had recently been evicted. The landlord told detectives his former tenant “was potentially a street performer in town,” which led detectives to an NOPD detective in the French Quarter, the sheriff said.

“This (NOPD) officer immediately recognized him,” Williams said. He said Miller was placed under arrest the same day.

Asked about Miller’s criminal record since the murder, Williams said Miller had been arrested since 1974, but he did not know what the charges were and if they resulted in any convictions. Orleans Parish Criminal District Court online records, which date back at least to the 1990s, do not show any charges for Miller.

Ryan Backman, the founder and director of Project: Cold Case said he started the organization after his father was murdered in 2009 to publicize cold cases in hopes of leading to tips that help solve them. Sheriff Williams thanked Project: Cold Case during Wednesday’s press conference. Backman said the website featured Farah’s case in April at the request of the sheriff’s office.

Backman said the unsolved case of this father’s murder is eight years old, “so cases like this that are 40-plus years old… gives hope to everybody else out there that’s still waiting.”

Watch how the popular Uncle Louie made his living:

Outrageous: Black African Receives White Penis in Transplant Operation

Once again the white man steps in to rescue the Negroid from his own folly. Memo to me: Don’t donate my penis to a worthless, low IQ African.

Here’s a story out of South Africa involving the transplanting of a white male donor penis (I assume the donor was deceased) onto the body of a black African who lost his manhood in one of those African circumcision rituals you may have read about in the National Geographic.

New York Daily News

A 40-year-old black man received a penis transplant from a white donor, 17 years after he lost his own penis in a routine circumcision.

A team of South African doctors from Stellenbosch University and the Tygerberg Academic Hospital performed their second successful penis transplant on the man, whose identity they are withholding, in April.

The recipient plans to have his penis medically tattooed so that his new member matches the color of the rest of his body. Medical tattooing commonly obscures skin imperfections — including vitiligo (patches of white skin) — using flesh-colored pigments.

“A color discrepancy between the recipient and the donor organ will be corrected with medical tattooing between six to eight months after the operation,” doctors said in a release.

Mass. man who received penis transplant leaves hospital
The 40-year-old man is the third person to receive a penis transplant, in a surgery that took over nine hours.

“The first time he saw his penis, he was quite emotional and he couldn’t believe that after 17 years he has a penis again,” Prof. Andre van der Merwe said. “He is certainly one of the happiest patients we have seen in our ward,” he said.

The patient is expected to regain all urinary and reproductive functions of the penis within six months of the procedure.

“We expect him to have normal erections that allow him to have normal sexual intercourse,” Van der Merwe said. He is also expected to regain full sensation in his penis.

In December 2014, the same team of doctors performed the world’s first successful penis transplant.

More than two years later, the patient reports that he is doing “extremely well, both physically and mentally,” Van der Merwe said. “He is living a normal life. His urinary and sexual functions have returned to normal, and he has virtually forgotten that he had a transplant.”

Let’s hope muh dik don’t make no mistake an all dat sheeeeeit.

Uppity Negroid Congressman Threatened with Lynching After Calling for Trump’s Impeachment


It’s entirely reasonable to suspect that Congressman Al Green’s friends used burner phones to call in the death threats that he claims to have received. Fake death threats would be another tactic used to try to discredit President Trump and advance the overthrow of a legally elected government.


HOUSTON — Congressman Al Green’s call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump resulted in voicemails loaded with death threats and racial slurs.

He played those messages for the crowd at his South Houston town hall Saturday morning.

“Hey, Al Green. We got an impeachment for you. It’s going to be yours. Actually going to give you a short trial before we hang your *** ***,” one man said in a recording.

In another, a man’s voice says, “You ain’t going to impeach nobody, you ***. Try it and we’ll lynch all you *** ***. You’ll be hanging from a tree.”

“I thought it appropriate to let you hear these recordings so that you can understand why we have the security,” Green said, explaining the increased police presence at the meeting.

Those threats came in after Green, a Houston Democrat, became the first member of Congress to propose that President Trump be impeached on the House floor.

“No amount of threats and intimidation will stop what I have started,” he told his constituents. “I promise you.”

Saturday’s town hall at South Houston’s Fountain Life Center, Green said, was an opportunity to answer his constituents’ questions about his effort.

Queries ranged from why the process takes so long to how many votes are needed, to what voters can do to help.

Some in attendance used their opportunity at the microphone not to ask, but to tell.

“I’m frankly tired of partisan politics,” said one man. “I’m tired of our country being split further with every tweet and every counter-tweet.”

“I think, not only should the FBI director be fired, but the whole FBI should be restructured and not act as a political police against our elected officials,” said Betty Jennings.

She and her husband Joe said, while they aren’t big supporters of Trump, they’re even less supportive of Green’s effort to impeach the president.

“The Democratic party should not become the McCarthy-ide party of perpetual wars, financial bailouts and covert surveillance,” Joe Jennings said.

Green said he’s following his conscience and, ultimately, what his constituents want.

“You have the last word. The American people have the last word,” Green said.

Green says he plans to introduce a resolution to impeach President Trump “soon,” though he wouldn’t give a definitive date.

The process to impeach a president is lengthy.

The House would have to pass it with a majority vote, then the Senate would hold a trial overseen by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

If a super-majority were to find the president guilty, he would be removed from office and Vice President Pence would take over.

Indy 500 Car Drivers Robbed at Gunpoint by Teens: Guess the Race


You’ll have to guess the race of the teen holdup men since nobody is talking. I wonder what odds Vegas would give that the robbers had a melanin enhanced hue to their complexion.


Indianapolis 500 pole sitter Scott Dixon and former 500 champion Dario Franchitti were robbed by two teenagers at a Taco Bell drive-thru Sunday night, police said.

The drivers were waiting in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell, 3502 W. 16th St.,shortly after 9:40 p.m. Sunday when they were held up at gunpoint by two young males, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report.

The report lists Dixon’s wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, as a victim of the incident, but she was not in the vehicle at the time. Her husband had her wallet, according to another IndyCar driver, Tony Kanaan.

When robbery detectives arrived at the scene, the officers viewed surveillance footage and noticed a suspicious vehicle had been on the property before the robbery.

The vehicle drove off and the suspects came from the direction of the vehicle, police said.

“Officers on scene of the robbery informed other officers that were in the area of the suspected vehicle description,” said an IMPD statement. “Nearly a half-hour later, officers located the vehicle in question and were able to stop the car.”

Police said one of the suspects attempted to run but was caught by a K-9 officer. By the end of the incident, the two boys, ages 14 and 15, were taken into custody on suspicion of felony robbery.

One suspect was transported to the Marion County Holding at Eskenazi Hospital and the other was sent to the Juvenile Detention Center, police said. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will review the case and make a charging decision.

Dixon and Franchitti declined to comment Monday.

Dixon, who took the pole Sunday for the May 28 race, won the 500-Mile Race in 2008. Franchitti, a three-time 500 winner, retired from racing after a crash in 2013.

Kanaan told reporters that Dixon was making a food run for a group of drivers.

“While they were ordering with their windows down, two guys approached at gunpoint,” Kannan told reporters at the Speedway. “They held a gun at Dixon’s head and asked him for his wallet and his phone.”

“You don’t expect that to happen, especially here.

Scott Dixon is from New Zealand. That may explain his racially unaware quote. You do expect it to happen, Scott. Learn your lesson or you’ll be dead.

I’ll bet Dixon can’t wait to get back to the safety of the track.