Jews are Pulling a Dirty, Rotten $300 Billion Swindle on Poland

The American Congress and President Trump approved the Jewish swindle described in this post by writing it into law.

Here’s an inside look at one small way that Jews grow rich and powerful and stay rich and powerful.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Finally Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Adultery, an alleged nude picture, and blackmail accusations have plagued Jewish Republican Gov. Eric Greitens for months.

Facing impeachment, he’s finally resigned.

Another prominent Jew has become a nonperson because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Excerpt from CBS News

Gov. Greitens announced his resignation at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. Greitens, who faced possible impeachment over an extramarital affair and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list for political purpose, said he will resign effective this Friday at 5 p.m. local time.

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Publix Halts Political Contributions in Response to DAVID HOGG Die-in Protest as Hogg Demands $1,000,000

David Hogg mobilized a relatively small group of Florida teens to lay down in Publix supermarkets across Florida on Friday. Hogg calls it a “die in.”

In at least one instance, Hogg’s anti-gun protesters were met with counter demonstrators chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

The big Publix chain, with over 1,100 stores, CUCKED to the dirty little bastard and his filthy Cultural Marxists.

Excerpt from Sun Sentinel

Minutes before scores of students and others lay down in protest at various Publix stores, the supermarket chain announced it was suspending future political contributions.

David Hogg isn’t through with these weak-assed cucks. According to the Washington Times Hogg is demanding $1,000,000 from the chain.

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Felony Charges Involving Sordid Adulterous Affair by Jewish Missouri Governor Dropped by Prosecutors


The woman that Governor Eric Grietens admits to having an adulterous sexual relationship with claims that her Jewish lover took nude photos of her without permission in order to blackmail her into silence.

Doesn’t everybody do that?

I guess not because there’s been a movement afoot for a while now to impeach the governor.

If Greitens was pals with Trump’s lawyer MIchael Cohen then he might have paid her off to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Attorneys representing the state of Missouri announced Monday they will drop a felony invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens, after the attorney prosecuting the case was named as a witness in the trial.

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Starbucks CEO Gives Nogs Arrested at Philly Shop a “seat at the table”

Those uncooperative blacks who refused to leave Starbucks and refused to buy anything are getting the red carpet treatment from the company CEO.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

With the sponsorship of the CEO, they’re going to be helping to run Starbucks.

As the saying goes, what could go wrong!


The chief executive officer of Starbucks will mentor the two black men who were arrested at the coffee chain’s location in downtown Philadelphia last month, after the men reached a settlement with the company and the city.

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson will now “have a seat at the table,” they said alongside their attorney, Stewart Cohen, in an exclusive interview today on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

Starbucks, founded by a liberal Jew, was set up. That shouldn’t bother anyone, but there are more companies that are going to be extorted as a result of the success of this venture.

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Married Teacher Bombarded Her Students with Naked Pics, Threatening to Fail Them All if they Didn’t have Sex with Her

Teacher of the year?

This hot to trot Latina told 40 boys in her class that she would fail them unless they had sex with her.

To entice the lads, she sent them erotic and pornographic photos of herself.

The classroom fun played out late last year, but I missed the story, so here it is, better late than never.

The Sun

A COLOMBIAN high school teacher forced students to have sex with her – and threatened to fail them if they didn’t.

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Jewish Governor of Missouri Arrested for Blackmailing Ex-Mistress with Threat to Release Nude Photo

Republican governor Eric Greitens was a Democrat until 2015. I suspect he’s a RINO.

Whatever his politics, he’s a cheater. He also has some talent as a photographer since a nude photo taken without permission is at the center of the criminal charges against him.

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