Child dies after 325-pound black adult sat on her as punishment

Here’s another stupid black person that the taxpayers are going to have to feed and clothe in prison for 20 years.

The phrase “black undertow” is apt. The black race keeps costing the American taxpayer a significant part of his wealth to build prisons and pay for guards to keep him locked up.

This one weighs 325 pounds. Think of all the food.


PENSACOLA, Fla. — A 9-year-old Pensacola child died Saturday after her 325-pound cousin allegedly sat on her as punishment for misbehavior, according to an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office report.

Veronica Green Posey, 64, was charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child after paramedics responded to a cardiac arrest call at 1:35 p.m. CT Saturday in the 300 block of Bryant Road. Upon arrival, the victim, Dericka Lindsay, was found to be unresponsive and was transported to Baptist Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Based on the arrest report, Posey told the responding deputy she sat on Dericka as a discipline “for being out of control.” During the course of the punishment, the report states Dericka told the adults she could not breathe. After standing up and discovering the child was unresponsive, Posey called 911 and started CPR.

Additionally, Grace Joan Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62, were arrested and charged with child neglect for failing to report the abuse. Grace Smith has also been charged with cruelty toward a child. The report named the Smiths as the parents of Dericka and Posey as the Smiths’ niece.

According to Grace Smith’s arrest report, she called Posey to her house for assistance with disciplining Dericka. Grace Smith told the deputy Posey struck Dericka with a ruler and a metal pipe, before Dericka ran to an armchair.

In James Smith’s arrest report, he told the deputy Posey sat on Dericka in the armchair for an estimated 10 minutes before Dericka complained of not being able to breathe. He told the deputy Posey continued to sit on the child for another two minutes before standing up and finding the child unresponsive.

In an emailed statement to the Pensacola News Journal, Mike Carroll, secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, said the family had a previous interaction with the state’s child welfare system.

“Dericka’s death is appalling and DCF will continue coordinating with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office to hold anyone responsible for her death accountable,” Carroll’s statement read. “As the family has a prior interaction with the child welfare system, a thorough quality assurance review will be conducted to review all prior interactions this family has had with the child welfare system.”

Negro youngsters are genetically incapable of settling down and mentally engaging with constructive activities. At least the family in the story was trying to discipline the child. But with IQ levels at the moron number, this is what you get.

Panic on London Train As Black Man Reads BIBLE VERSES Aloud

Was the Negro who read apocalyptic Bible passages aloud on a train a devoted Christian seeking to share the gospel or was he a black bastard troublemaker enjoying scaring white passengers?

You make the call on this one.

Panicked passengers forced their way out of their rush hour train after a man read out Bible passages in the carriage. The train was just outside Wimbledon at around 8.30am, when the man started reading out phrases such as ‘death is not the end’.

Commuters became scared, and started trying to get out of the carriage as quickly as possible. As the passengers forced open the doors and climbed frantically onto the tracks, the rail power lines were cut. The train was travelling from Shepperton to Waterloo, one of London’s busiest commuter lines.

Ian, who was on the train, tweeted that the man’s Bible-reading caused a ‘crush’ and a ‘commotion’. He said that someone asked the man to stop speaking ‘as he was scaring people’, after which ‘the guy stopped and stood there with his head down’.

Other passengers praised a guard, who apparently dealt with the situation with ‘compassion, restraint and bravery’. A Network Rail spokesman said: ‘Passengers self-evacuated off a train and on to the tracks at Wimbledon this morning after a passenger incident. ‘British Transport Police are investigating and there were no injuries to passengers or staff.

‘This has caused significant delays to services in and out of Waterloo that will continue for the rest of the morning.

Nog Bank Teller Pleads Guilty to Stealing Homeless Man’s Garbage Bag Filled with $185,000 in Cash


Would you do business with a bank that employed a black bank teller?

There are places in America now where finding a white doctor, a white bank, a white restaurant, and more is nearly impossible.

And so economic efficiency suffers and the nation goes down the drain to third world status.

When the Dindu isn’t lazing about on the job, he’s stealing.


A onetime bank teller in Washington, D.C., stole tens of thousands of dollars from a homeless customer who earned money as a street vendor, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Phelon Davis, 29, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to a charge of interstate transportation of stolen property, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

Davis was working as a teller at a Wells Fargo branch in the upscale neighborhood of Georgetown, reports The Washington Post. In October 2014, a longtime bank customer, who was not named in court filings, tried to deposit thousands of dollars from a garbage bag into one of his accounts, but the accounts had gone dormant owing to inactivity.

“In reviewing the customer’s accounts, Davis noticed that the customer had a surprisingly large balance,” according to the U.S. attorney’s release. Davis instructed the customer to get identification documents and a Social Security card to reactivate the accounts. Davis then used that information to fraudulently open a new account in the customer’s name.

Over the course of two years, Davis transferred money to the new account, using ATMs 144 times and withdrawing a total of $185,440. He used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle, taking vacations to Jamaica, Aruba and Mexico, putting a down payment on his home and paying off personal debt.

The customer, having no access to a computer, was not receiving bank statements and knew nothing of the scam, said the Department of Justice.

Court filings do not say how a homeless person would have so much money. “That’s the million-dollar question,” Bruce Allen Johnson Jr., Davis’ attorney, said outside the D.C. courtroom Thursday, reports the Post.

Court documents also do not show how Davis got caught.

The DOJ says under sentencing guidelines, Davis is likely facing 18 to 30 months in prison.

Davis is also required to pay back the money he stole. That’s not going to be easy for him to do. I hope the court is forcing him to sell his house so that our victim gets his money back sooner than never.

The Black Attack: Negro Mob Beats White Family at Six Flags


The Negroid race are a race of line jumpers.

As Colin Flaherty has said, “Don’t make the black kids angry unless you have a gun and would enjoy turning a few Nogs into dead meat.”

Just kidding. Colin only said the first five words.

CBS Local Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — A family outing at Six Flags Great America’s “Fright Fest” took a horrific turn Saturday night when a group of teenagers brutally beat a 12-year-old boy and his parents as they waited in line at the amusement park in north suburban Gurnee, authorities said.

The annual Halloween-themed attraction typically draws “an increased number of knuckleheads who come to stir things up” at the park, but nothing like Saturday’s attack that left a family of three hospitalized, Gurnee Deputy Police Chief of Operations Brian Smith said.

“This is rare. This is on a different spectrum,” Smith said. “This family is lucky they got out with just the injuries that they did.”

Nine people have been arrested and charged with the attack, but Smith said it was possible more suspects could have gotten away.

“We don’t have any direct indication that there were additional people involved, but we won’t know that for sure unless we see more footage,” Smith said, urging witnesses to come forward to police with cellphone videos.

The melee started about 8:45 p.m., when a group of young people cut in front of a 50-year-old woman in line with her 51-year-old husband and 12-year-old son in the park’s Southwest Territory, near the Raging Bull and Giant Drop rides, Smith said.

The woman asked the group to stop using foul language in front of her son, and one of the teens “sucker-punched” the boy, Smith said.

The boy’s father stepped in, as did his mother, but the group overpowered them, continuing to kick, punch and stomp them as they went down to the ground, Smith said.

The family was taken to a hospital with “significant” injuries. Smith told the Sun-Times on Wednesday that they have since been released.

Six Flags security had broken up the attack by the time Gurnee Police arrived. Numerous people called 911 to report the fight. Police radio dispatches suggest a chaotic scene as officers tried to contain the fight.

“It’s by the Whack-a-Mole [attraction] now,” an officer says over yells in the background.

“For everybody rolling up to them, they’re pretty mouthy,” another officer cautioned as they followed the group out to the parking lot, where they arrested them. Several witnesses identified the attackers, Smith said.

Gregory Battle, 18, was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, aggravated battery in a public place and mob action. The Waukegan resident was released after posting 10 percent of a $20,000 bond, according to Lake County Jail records.


Eight north suburban juveniles ranging in age from 15 to 17 were charged with mob action and taken to the Depke Juvenile Complex Center in Vernon Hills. Their names were withheld because they’re minors.

Three of those teens were also hit with aggravated battery charges, Smith said. One was charged with obstruction of justice for giving a police officer a fake name.

This is why we always give the advice: Avoid the groid.

When there’s a mob of them, they’ll beat you to death if they can. They’re cowardly pack animals. One man, a woman, and a boy against a dozen of the savages stand no chance to walk away uninjured.

With the state and the park prohibiting guns, white people are at the mercy of the Nog for now. But not forever.

Makow: Don’t Feel Sorry for Blacks

Guest writer Lanny Goodman exposes the hidden truths about black American elites.

Full disclosure: I selected the “offensive” images for this post. They do not appear in Dr. Makow’s article.

Excerpt from Henry Makow

There is no greater and more unified power, aside from American Jews, than organized American blacks.

African-Americans are not only one of the wealthiest blocs inAmerica, but they are also one of the most powerful as they populate the majority of the federal and state law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the legislative branches, as well as the executive branch.

They dominate certain segments of the ultra secret society the Freemasons, and even have their own exclusively racist Masonic Lodges bestowed with money, power and authority from the United Grand Lodge of England, itself.

They are armed to the teeth with various “special protected class” status and federal/state/local laws and regulations, so even sneering at one of them on the street could theoretically land you in prison for a “hate crime.”

African-Americans dominate the highest grossing industries in the world and enjoy celebrity status in Hollywood, organized sports, entertainment, nightlife, mainstream media, and other lucrative areas of American business.

All of the criticisms being foisted upon American Jews could equally apply to the American Blacks, but they are even more united and more dangerous because they are so singularly focused on impressing upon everyone who will listen, of their supposed “victim status,” when they have literally populated the Americas since the 1500s, and they have nearly 100 times more organizations devoted to supporting their own race than even the American Jewish lobby.

600 years later, they are still complaining, while newer immigrant classes, such as the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and Vietnamese continue to shoot past them in achievement in science, technology, business, industry, and other areas.

Although African-Americans constantly complain that they were brought to the Americas and lived as slaves, they never want to talk about the fact that a great majority themselves became slave owners and traffickers themselves, going all the way back to the 1500s (many of their slaves were whites and other races as well as blacks).

But the venom that American Blacks dole out to average White Americans, is not even close to being as toxic and powerful as their racist hatred spewed upon these newer immigrants.

Horror stories abound about how racist Black Judges nail to the wall newer immigrants in criminal, civil, and family court cases, because quite simply, they can.

American Black Judges know fully well that these newer immigrants lack the political and establishment power that they themselves have, and that no one will come to their assistance politically when they choose to target them.

The news media is full of stories of federal corruption charges being brought against various public officials, and the majority of them are nearly always Black Americans, enriching themselves at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve.

They blame White people for “Black Lives Matter,” when in fact the vast majority of black murders are caused by their fellow American blacks, themselves.

Their blind anger at their own blackness guides them in hurting everyone else, and it is time for Americans of all races, colors, creeds, religions and ethnicities to universally proclaim that enough is enough and that they need to shut up and start acting like Americans, not as a “special protected class.”

I count at least a dozen live links to sources in this article. You may want to visit Henry’s site and check some of them out. I’ve checked out at least half the links. All of them were worthwhile for telling the truth about the very privileged American Negro.

Black BnB Guest Found Naked in Bed with Host’s 7 Year Old Daughter


Good grief. The greed and stupidity!

What kind of parent would allow a Negro into the home with a 7 year old girl in the house? The black male’s lack of self control and penchant for “muh dikking” is well-known. Pathetic!

New York Daily News

An Airbnb guest was arrested after a Minnesota host found the man naked in bed with his young daughter.

The homeowner, who was not identified, called police Sunday night to report that Derrick Aaron Kinchen had allegedly tried to sexually assault his 7-year-old daughter.

According to KARE, a criminal complaint states that Kinchen was renting a room in the family’s Minnetonka home for a wedding.

The homeowner said Kinchen, 28, returned to the residence late Sunday night and at some point entered the parents’ bedroom, where the little girl was sleeping, and climbed into the bed.

The host said when he noticed the lights were on in the master bedroom he went to investigate and found Kinchen naked next to the girl. The host allegedly told authorities that his daughter’s nightgown had been pulled up.

The homeowner said he started yelling and Kinchen grabbed his suit jacket, wallet and ran from the house.

Kinchen was found hiding in a neighbor’s fishing boat. He was hospitalized after being bitten by a police K-9.

Haha. You know I love that police dog. I hope he was given a nice steak as a reward for biting the degenerate perp.

The little girl was taken to Children’s Hospital for an evaluation. According to investigators, she said she woke up when Kinchen entered her parents’ bedroom.

The girl said Kinchen allegedly whispered something to her and then got in the bed. The criminal complaint states that Kinchen pulled the child’s underwear down but she pulled them back up, KARE reports.

Airbnb spokesman Benjamin Breit told the Daily News that all guest and hosts are screened “globally against regulatory, terrorist, and sanctions watch lists.” Guests and hosts in the U.S. are also checked for sex offender registrations, felony convictions and significant misdemeanors.

“The reported abhorrent behavior has no place on Airbnb and we will not tolerate it. We are focused on providing our host family with our full support, we are working with the local police to ensure they have our assistance and we banned this user from our community,” he said. “Keeping our community safe is the most important thing we do. None of our hosts should ever have to deal with anything like this.”

Kinchen was charged with criminal sexual assault and is being held on $250,000 bail. Setting the Record Straight with Truth

Each of the following facts is explained by data at the source site.

Racist Fact #1: More whites in poverty than blacks
Racist Fact #2: Whites are more likely to be killed by police
Racist Fact #3: Asians are good at math
Racist Fact #4: Blacks rape disproportionately more than whites
Racist Fact #5: Only 1.6 percent of whites owned slaves
Racist Fact #6: Blacks murder A LOT!
Racist Fact #7: White-on-black crime is a statistical rarity
Racist Fact #8: More than 72 percent of black children are born out of wedlock
Racist Fact #9: Whites lose top serial killers standing
Racist Fact #10: Black-on-black crime IS A THING!
Racist Fact #11: Blacks dominate all STDs
Racist Fact #12: Illegal immigrants disproportionately commit more crime
Racist Fact #13: Africa has more slaves than all western countries combined
Racist Fact #14: Most mass shooters are white males… Right?
Racist Fact #15: White majority cities are safer