Negro Baby Kidnapped from Hospital 18 Years Ago Found Alive

A tiny black infant kidnapped 18 years ago grew up in the home of her alleged kidnapper.

At the current moment it’s not clear how the young woman realized that she was the missing person. Perhaps the woman who kidnapped baby Kamiyah Mobley kept old newspaper clippings of the crime. Or perhaps Gloria Williams, pictured above, talked about the crime.

Whatever the circumstances, let this story give a tiny glimmer of hope to the parents of other child kidnap victims who seemingly disappeared off the face of earth.

Hopefully, the birth parents will be meeting their daughter soon. They have a lot to catch up on.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (KABC) — A newborn girl stolen from a Florida hospital 18 years ago has been found alive in South Carolina. Authorities said the woman who raised her has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

Kamiyah Mobley was taken from her biological mother in July 1998 at just 8 hours old. Police said a woman posing as a nurse told the mother her baby had a fever, and she needed to check her. She then walked out of the hospital with the infant.

The case became a national story as police searched for the child. The kidnapper apparently took the child to South Carolina, where for years she posed as her mother.

During a news conference on Friday, Jacksonville sheriff’s officials named that suspect as 51-year-old Gloria Williams. Authorities said Williams and Mobley were found living in Walterboro, South Carolina.

Law enforcement officials said Mobley had been living under a different name for 18 years. A few months ago, Mobley “had an inclination” that she may be involved in the 1998 kidnapping, sheriff’s officials said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reached out to the cold case detectives at the sheriff’s office, and Mobley provided a swab of her cheek for DNA analysis that proved to be a match, the sheriff said.

Authorities said Mobley appeared to be in good health and will be provided with counseling.

Sheriff Mike Williams said Mobley’s birth family is rejoicing, but how and when to reconnect with them is up to the young woman.

“She’s taking it as well as you can imagine. She has a lot to process,” the sheriff said. “I can’t even begin to comprehend it.”

Mobley’s birth father spoke to ABC News and said he was able to talk to his daughter via Skype. He called it “the end of a nightmare.”

He also said he and his daughter could meet soon.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait. It’s been 18 years. I can’t wait no longer,” he said.

Williams was arrested Friday morning and has been charged with kidnapping and interference of custody. There is no minimum mandatory on time served for kidnapping. It is a first-degree felony punishable by up to life, while interference of custody is a third-degree felony with a maximum of up to five years, according to the state attorney.

There were other family members living in the home with Mobley and Gloria Williams, Williams said. However, officials say they have no other suspects.

CNN published an article on why women steal babies. According to that article, women do it to try to hang on to a boyfriend or husband. The women claim to have given birth to the boyfriend’s baby and use the child as a way to keep the pair bond with the man alive. The article also notes that race is not a factor in this relatively rare crime.

“Black Lives Matter” Scrawled on Donut Box Surprises Offended Cop with its Negroid Boldness

You can always trust a nagger. To be a nagger.


A simple box of doughnuts for a Smyrna cop tapped into a national debate about race and police overnight and through Thursday.

When the officer received an order from the Krispy Kreme on South Cobb Drive Wednesday the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was written on the box.

“While it is clear this behavior was egregious in nature, Krispy Kreme did take responsibility for the incident,” Louis Defense, Smyrna Police Department spokesman, said in a statement.

The department said it received a letter from the North Carolina-based corporation apologizing for the incident.

The pro-police blog Blue Lives Matter first posted a photo of the box, condemning the action along with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“For those who are not aware, this is extremely disrespectful to law enforcement,” read the blog.

Krispy Kreme staff at the store met with Smyrna police to hash out the issue.

“We moved quickly to investigate the matter and take appropriate action,” said corporate spokeswoman Sarah Roof. “ As a company, we value both our customers and employees and respect all viewpoints. The experience did not live up to these high standards we set for ourselves.”

She said the company will use this opportunity to “train the staff at all of our U.S. shops to reinforce mutual respect between employees and customers.”

Krispy Kreme said its policy is to not disclose the specific actions taken in disciplinary investigations.

There is no First Amendment of free speech right involved in the boldness shown by the Negroid employee at Krispy Kreme.

Advice to cop: Do not eat those donuts. They were probably contaminated.


12 Year Old Boy Pulls Gun, Demands Chicken Nuggets from Classmate


What do you do with youths like this one?

PIX 11

HARLEM, Manhattan — A 12-year-old boy allegedly pulled a gun on a classmate and demanded she give him a chicken nugget earlier this week, NYPD officials said.

It was his second attempt to get a chicken nugget from the girl, police said. The boy noticed the girl buy chicken McNuggets at a Lexington Avenue and East 103rd Street McDonald’s on Tuesday. He asked her for a McNugget and she refused.

The boy allegedly followed the girl into the 103rd St. No. 6-train station, pointed a gun at her head and demanded a McNugget again, police said. The girl smacked the gun away from her head and told the boy to leave her alone.

She boarded the train unharmed, police said. The girl later saw the boy showing the gun to another child on the train.

Police took the boy into custody on Wednesday after the girl reported the incident to school officials.

Do you get the feeling we’ll be reading about him again?

Dairy Queen Owner Says”Nigger,” Police Called, DQ Terminates Owner


The Negroid will often order fast food and then later complain that items were missing, while demanding a refund.

Any fast food operator can confirm this. We’ve seen blacks over and over try to pull this and other scams in videos, news reports, and Internet comments.

It’s hard to blame a man losing his temper when he has to put up with sh*t like this day after day after day.

The Independent

Fast good giant Dairy Queen, famed for its soft serve ice cream, has closed one of its stores and ended its relationship with the owner after police said he “proudly admitted” using a racial slur to a customer.

Deianeira Ford said the DQ outlet in Zion, Illinois, had mixed up her order at the drive-through window. When owner Jim Crichton refused to correct the order, she asked for refund. He refused to give one, and he then started yelling racist epithets at her.

“It was really just upsetting especially with having my children in the car,” Ms Ford told the Associated Press. “I mean, no one deserves to be treated like that.”

Ms Ford said that at that point, she telephoned for the police. Reports said that when police arrived at the store, around 50 miles from Chicago, they found her “visibly upset and crying.” When the officer went inside, he said Mr Crichton was “angry and was pacing continually back and forth 180 degrees around me.”

Who calls the police when somebody calls you a name?


Well, you know who. We’ve seen this before time and time again too.


The Washington Post said the officer wrote in his report “Crichton boastfully told me he would be happy to go to jail over the issue,” and “proudly admitted” to using the racist slur.

Mr Crichton also told the officer he was “fed up with black people” and continued to freely use the slur in the conversation, the paper said.

So, the police threaten you with jail for saying a word?

The incident prompted protesters to gather outside the Dairy Queen last Saturday. Ms Ford said she has a lawyer and is considering legal action.


Meanwhile, Mr Crichton apologised in a statement provided by American Dairy Queen Corporation and said he would undergo sensitivity training.

“My actions were inexcusable and unacceptable,” he said. “I can only ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to all involved.”

Dairy Queen in a statement called Mr Crichton’s statements “reprehensible” and said his behaviour did not represent the restaurant’s values.

“I’m disgusted and discouraged by the comments made by this business owner,“ Police Chief Stephen Dumyahn said. “I reached out to Miss Ford to tell her that this does not represent the diverse community of Zion.”

So, the bottom line on this story is that the cops, including the Chief of Police condemn a man for losing his temper over TNB (Typical Nagger Behavior) and the owner grovels. Then he loses his business. Now, the Nagger is going to sue him.


In a free country, the business owner would have freedom of association, free to serve whomever he wished or not.


White Man Offers Constructive Criticism of Negroids on Twitter (Video)

Jack, the CEO of Twitter, doesn’t like this kind of material. It may disappear soon, so take the message to heart now.

Is it a true message? Of course. No one wants these savages around except for white liberals and SJWs. Let them taste the pain that the savage always inflicts on his victims, including members of his own race.

avoid the groid street

The Negro Problem: NFL Coach Suspended After Altercation in Bar

Naturally, like many black assletes, muh Negro in this story has a long history of trouble with the law, which you can read here.

Far too many of them, no matter how much they’re paid or how welcomed in the white community they are, cannot behave themselves.

A business owner should have the right to bar blacks from his business. They are trouble.

Post Gazette

The Pittsburgh Steelers have placed linebackers coach Joey Porter on leave following his arrest Sunday stemming from an encounter with a doorman and a city police officer at a South Side bar.

Mr. Porter, 39, a former linebacker for the Steelers, was arraigned shortly before 2 a.m. Monday on charges of assault, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct. A woman who answered the door Monday at his home in Bradford Woods said no one there wanted to comment.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement Monday that the team had placed Mr. Porter on leave while it continued to “gather information concerning Sunday night’s incident.” He said the team had been in contact with the NFL, as required by policy.

“At this time, we will move forward with our preparations for the Divisional Round playoff game at Kansas City” on Sunday, Mr. Colbert said. The Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins, 30-12, Sunday afternoon to advance in the NFL playoffs.

According to a criminal complaint, Pittsburgh police Officer Paul Abel was working an off-duty assignment at a bar on the South Side when another off-duty officer informed him about 9:30 p.m. that “the doorman for The Flats, located at 1500 E. Carson St., was being threatened by a Pittsburgh Steeler.”

Officer Abel wrote that he went to The Flats and saw Mr. Porter “standing over the doorman, later identified as Jon Neskow.” Mr. Neskow told Mr. Porter, “Last time you were here, you threatened to kill me. You need to leave. You are not getting in,” according to the complaint.

Officer Abel wrote that he asked what was happening, but Mr. Porter did not respond. Several men, who are not identified in court documents, said, “Officer, we got him. We got him.”

“As soon as these … males stated this, Porter lunged at Neskow and grasped Neskow by his arms and [lifted] him up off the ground,” according to the complaint.

Officer Abel wrote that he, with help from the unidentified men, grabbed Mr. Porter by the jacket to pull him off the doorman.

“Porter let go of Neskow dropping him back down to the ground. Porter came to rest against a car parked directly in front of the establishment,” according to the complaint.

Officer Abel wrote that Mr. Porter, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 260 pounds, grabbed him by the wrists and smelled of alcohol. Officer Abel wrote that he is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds.

“Porter informed me that he was not touching me, as he was still holding my wrists,” Officer Abel wrote. He wrote that Mr. Porter then asked, “Did you hear what he (Neskow) said to me?”

The unidentified men again said, “We got him, Officer. We got him, Officer,” and Mr. Porter then released Officer Abel and started backing away into East Carson Street, according to court paperwork.

Officer Abel wrote that he requested backup officers and then unzipped his coat “allowing me access to my City of Pittsburgh issued body-worn camera, and activated it at this time.”

Officer Abel wrote that he followed Mr. Porter until other officers arrived, and Mr. Porter shouted at various times, “No, you are going too far now,” or, “No! No! I didn’t do anything.”

After he was handcuffed, Mr. Porter yelled, “You’re lying! I never touched you,” according to the complaint.

Officer Abel wrote that neither he nor the doorman was injured during the encounter but added that at one point, “I believed that [Mr. Porter] was going to cause me serious injury.” Police wrote that Mr. Porter did not appear to be injured or complain of any pain when they took him to jail.

Mr. Neskow declined to comment.

Belligerent, sullen, threatening. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe the Negroid speciman who walks among us.

It’s time for a divorce. The marriage isn’t working out.

Pro Footballs’ 90 Percent Black NY Giants Trash Airplane, Causing Delays for Other Travelers

The blue shirted gentlemen are the players. The white shirted gentlemen, who are also mostly white in skin color, are the brains of the outfit. It’s doubtful that they trashed an airplane. It’s also doubtful that they could have stopped the brutes in blue from doing what blacks do best, which is destroy things.


According to a report from the New York Post, Giants players and staff caused a significant delay at Newark airport by leaving their airplane such a mess. One passenger told the Post his flight to London was delayed more than three hours while crews worked to get the aircraft in suitable condition.

“Another 30 minutes passed and the gate agent told us it was the Giants that destroyed the biz class cabin, and we saw service personnel walking countless seat cushions off the plane,” Mark Kropf explained. “Upon entering the business class cabin, the cleaning scent only partially masked the alcohol smell. I had popcorn, chewing tobacco and other food crumbs on my seat.”

Kropf also posted about about the incident on Twitter:

FlightAware records show that the aircraft for United Airlines Flight 934 was previously used for United Flight 2237, which came in from Green Bay just after 2 a.m. Monday morning. Flight 934 was scheduled to leave Newark for London at 8:30 a.m. but did not depart until 11:47 a.m. A spokesperson for United would not confirm if the Giants were on the flight but claimed the delay was caused by a mechanical issue with the plane.

If the Giants really were responsible for trashing the plane, that continues a streak of immature behavior from the team over the past week or so. Between Odell Beckham Jr. allegedly damaging a wall at Lambeau Field (photo here) and the airplane antics, New York’s season couldn’t have ended on a much more sour note.