“Kids” in Philly Injected a Pit Bull Pup with Cocaine, Leaving Her to Die

I’m calling the “kids” in the CBS headline niggers.

They constantly prove that they are unfit to live among people of other races, who practice higher standards of behavior ON AVERAGE.

Peanut the pit bull pup almost died from cocaine and marijuana poisoning.

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Nagger Walks into Police Station to Confess to Killing Mulatto Prostitute

Murder victim Morgan Huennekens isn’t white, but she doesn’t look black either. Her obituary (see below) gives a family lineup of names that seem a mix of black and white. Most likely she’s mixed race. They almost always identify as black.

Morgan’s obit claims she was a saint, leaving out the little detail about the prostitution. In white culture, saints don’t whore around.

Fox News

A Milwaukee man walked into a police station Sunday and confessed to murdering a 19-year-old woman whom he had paid for sex acts, authorities said.

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NAACP Prez Calls for Aussie Style Gun Confiscation in America


Yo, muh Nigga. Dey ain’t no gun poblum. Deyz a Nigga poblum.

Excerpt from Black Press USA

Gun violence is the number one killer of African Americans ages 15 to 34. Though African Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, we represent nearly 50 percent of all gun homicide victims. Over 80 percent of gun deaths of African Americans are homicides. Roughly speaking, 1 out of every 3 African American males who die between the ages of 15 and 19 is killed by gun violence. African American children and teens were less than 15 percent of the total child population in 2008 and 2009, but accounted for 45 percent of all child- and teen-related gun deaths. These numbers are tragic and intolerable, but most of all they are preventable.

That last statement is overly optimistic or a deliberate lie.

Niggas are gonna kill. If a gun isn’t handy, a knife, machete, hammer, or rock will do.

Banning blacks from owning guns is OK by me, but the rest of this colored gentleman’s reasoning is faulty.

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White Man Allegedly Spits on Negro Toddler, Calls Him a “Nigger” at Hooter’s

We’ve seen too many black hoaxers here to believe right off the story you’re about to read.

Blacks are notorious liars. Lying to extract cash from Hooters or from a white person would be right up their ghetto alley.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A white man allegedly spit on and called a black three-year-old child the n-word while dining at a Hooters in Kansas on Monday.

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Ireland: Nog Migrants Bulldoze and Loot Supermarket Closed During Snowstorm

Africans are genetically incapable of understanding the commandment, Thou shalt not steal.

They may be averse to work, but they’re always up for stealing.

They shouldn’t be in Ireland, but there they are, pulling their usual shenanigans. I recall in my youth how Europeans used to condemn white southerners for wanting to live apart from these filthy monsters.

Well, Ireland, enjoy your cultural enrichment.

The Telegraph

Gangs of thieves used the chaos caused by Storm Emma to use a stolen digger to rip off the roof of a supermarket before smashing the store’s safe.

There’s a Twitter video of the action embedded at the end of the story.

After they bulldozed and looted it, they burned the supermarket down.

What a filthy race–one that deserves to be extinct.

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Disgusting Nigger Arrested for Shooting Friend’s10 Year Old Dog in the Face Because It Was Barking



The only good part of this story will happen if some kind white family with children takes in Diddy and allow him to live out the few remaining years of his life in peace.

Imagine the horror of being a dog and spending your whole life living with blacks. That in and of itself constitutes animal cruelty.

The black bastard is being held on $15,000 bail.

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Negro Walking in Street with Selfie Stick Shot Dead by Fellow Black While Live on Facebook

No one will be calling for gun control following the murder of Prentis Robinson, seen above.

His poor old Negro life wasn’t worth as much as the lives of the kids killed in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

That’s life.

However, people with a bit of empathy, like me for example, feel sorry for Mr. Robinson. An individual should be able to walk down the street minding his own business without being shot and killed.

Where is black lives matter when killings like this occur?

CBS News

WINGATE, N.C. — A North Carolina man who was broadcasting himself live on Facebook as he was walking down a street was shot and killed by another man on Monday, police said. Just minutes before the 10 a.m. shooting, Prentis Robinson had been to the Wingate police department and spoke with the chief about a cellphone that had been stolen from him, Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay told WCCB-TV .

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