“F*ck Donald Trump” Monkey Rapper Arrested for Vegas Robbery

Rapper YG snatched a chain off the heck of one of his fans and kept it.

The nigga wearing the chain claims it’s worth as much as $9K.

Niggas gonna nig. Gotta hab dat bling.


YG has reportedly turned himself in to Las Vegas authorities after a warrant was issued for his arrest on Thursday (July 12). He was charged with a felony robbery, but was released after posting $20,000 bail. The arrest stems from a chain snatching incident at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas back in May, according to TMZ.

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Applebee’s Waitress Stabbed by Sheboon Mob after Brushing Against A Fat Leg

Clockwise from top left: Lakisha Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Demetrius Boyd and Lashondra Boyd.

No identifying information has been provided about an Applebee’s waitress who was attacked by the four Negresses pictured above. She was probably white.

As of this writing, they’re still on the loose. It’s easy to speculate that they’ve had trouble with the law before because those look like mugshots above.

It looks like Applebee’s is another restaurant chain that welcomes naggers to the detriment of white customers and employees. If the naggers had complained about racism and not attacked, the white waitress would have been fired like so many others sacrificed to the negro gods.


A waitress required 15 stitches after she was attacked by four women SHEBOONS she served Tuesday night at a Henry County Applebee’s, police said.

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Nagger Killer Broke into Sleeping Woman’s Apartment, Pulled Her Pants Down and then …


You should be shocked and outraged at how lenient the criminal justice system has been with nigger Dewayne Lewis.

He’s a damn one-man crime wave.

Maybe the #metoo movement can shame the courts and DA into giving him a serious prison sentence this time.

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White Woman Under Fire for Calling Police on Niglet Who Dindu Nuffins

Calling the police is rarely race-related.

Where I live, white people ignore Mexicans in their neighborhoods 99.9 percent of the time because Mexicans are there working.

Almost no one has made a hobby of calling the police for fun either. Who wants to get involved in talking to cops? No one I’ve ever met.

When people call the police, it’s because they’ve observed some suspicious activity.

A niglet is being called a victim of white racism, the worst thing in the world, even though he admits he was acting suspiciously.

So far, the presumably white woman who called the police to report the suspicious activity hasn’t been doxed, but the left is probably trying really hard to get her name and photo on social media so they can destroy her life.

San Diego Union Tribune

A fledgling paperboy working alongside his mother in suburban Columbus, Ohio, came face-to-face with a cop after a neighbor thought he was up to no good.

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Blacks Handcuffed in Dispute Over Alleged $1.50 WAFFLE HOUSE Overcharge


I’m saving the bad news associated with this story until the end of the piece.


Daily Mail

A black couple who couple questioned their bill in a Waffle House bill both ended up being handcuffed and arrested, in the latest incident at the chain.

The couple, identified in a police report as Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed a to-go order at the Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

They disputed the price of a juice which they say was listed as $1, but for which they were charged $2.50.

As Copeland attempted to call a corporate 1-800 number to further dispute the bill, Waffle House employees called the police, saying the man was ‘being irate, screaming and cussing.’

Let’s separate the issues:

1. Anyone has the right to question a possible overcharge.

2. No one has the right to create a disturbance.

We’re supposed to believe that the Waffle House employees were white hooded KKK calling the police because they couldn’t legally lynch the black couple. That’s a stupid story only a libtard would believe.

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White Teachers Earn Certificate for Workshop in Pandering to Blacks

Officially, it’s called “culturally responsive teaching.” In reality, it’s don’t make the black kids upset.

Twerking is a nice “cultural referent.” Let’s see … If Shaniqua shakes her ass 20 times and Tyrone watches her ass 80 percent of the time, how many shakes of her ass did Tyrone see?


Nine public school teachers in Albemarle County are now certified in a new teaching method that aims to reduce the achievement gap between students of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

At least there were only 9 retards taking the workshop. Most of them were probably taking the training in order to satisfy a requirement or obtain a raise.

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Black Alabama Teen Who Walked to HS Graduation Given Car by Black Benefactor

A black teen dedicated to his schooling, Corey Patrick, was gifted with a car by a black radio host in response to the photo above going viral.

This is a rare black altruism story offered here to balance the flood of negative stories involving blacks. Mr. Patrick is going to college, too. Let’s hope the corrupting influences of loose ladies and late night drinking and drugs don’t derail his quest for an education.

New York Daily News

An Alabama teenager got the ultimate high school graduation gift after an inspiring photo of him trekking to school on foot in his cap and gown went viral.

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