We Wuz Kangs: Meet Philip Emeagwali, the Creator of the Internet


I kept seeing that an African Negro invented the supercomputer and the Internet, so I decided to check out Dr. Philip Emeagwali.

This graphic summarizes what I was reading:

Wikipedia is usually a reliable source, so I checked on him there. The problem was that this genius didn’t ring true.

Then I found Sahara Reporters, which confirmed that I was looling at what in my opinion is a Nigerian con man.

Let’s look at an excerpt:

How Philip Emeagwali Lied His Way To Fame

Debunking the many myths of Mr. Emeagwali’s “achievements” is one the easiest things to do on earth if you have a computer with Internet access. Let us start with his claim of possessing 41 (32 by some accounts on some hero-worshipping black websites) patents for various inventions. A simple search at the website of the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (here: http://tarr.uspto.gov/) reveals that Mr. Emeagwali has only one registered patent, for Emeagwali.com, his website. He has no other patent listed against his name. It is the same patent that most owners of independent websites apply for to legally protect their proprietary rights over the website and its contents. We can state conclusively then that Mr. Emeagwali has no patented invention of any kind, contrary to his and his supporters’ claim.

Specifically, Mr. Emeagwali claims to have invented the Connection Machine (CM-2). This false claim is displayed boldly and shamelessly on Emeagwali.com in the section on “inventions” and “discoveries.” Some black websites like this one http://inventors.about.com/od/blackinventors/a/black_historyE.htm credit Emeagwali with inventing the Hyberball Machine Networks (or the supercomputer). Both claims are demonstrably false. The connection Machine, which is capable of conducting simultaneous calculations using 65,000-processors, was conceived by Daniel Hills and built by Thinking Machine Corporation, which Mr. Hills, along with Sheryl Handler, founded in 1982. This information is widely available on the web. The so-called supercomputer is therefore clearly not the child of Mr. Emeagwali by even the most generous stretch of the imagination.

Internet Pioneer?

Mr. Emeagwali claims to have used the CM-2 Machine to carry out billions of calculations by connecting over 65,000 processors (computers) around the world. He claims that this was the rudimentary foundation of the Internet. It is on this ground that he has aggrandized to himself the title of “father of the internet.” But this is a barefaced lie at worst and an egregious exaggeration at best. And it is so absurd in its circular logic that it is hilarious. First, as stated earlier, Emeagwali did not invent the Connection Machine on which his “experiment” relied. Second, Emeagwali used more than 65,000 independent processors “around the world” (meaning on the Internet) to do his calculation. This means that the Internet already existed and that he RELIED ON it for his calculations. Unless the Internet he claims to have fathered is different from the Internet that already existed at the time of his experiment (and which we all know as the existing internet today), he COULD NOT have invented the Internet or fathered it. He could not have been using an internet that, by his claim, did not exist until he invented it. As this website http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/history/emeagwali.html makes very clear, Emeagwali’s research did not contribute to or help invent any of the known components of what we now know as the internet:

Philip Emeagwali did work in supercomputing in the [late] eighties……. But supercomputing and the Internet are very different areas. And Emeagwali did not contribute to even one of the hundreds of Internet standards, or RFCs (Requests For Comments), that were created in the early decades of the Internet—an open process that anyone could participate in. His supercomputing research was completely unrelated to the Internet.

Emeagwali’s research was thus irrelevant to the evolution of the internet. Emeagwali did his supercomputing experiment in the late 1980s. By then, the “core standards” and protocols for information and data flow on the Internet already existed. And although, improvements have been made to the template since then, Emeagwali did not make any of those improvements and cannot therefore claim credit for them.

Emeagwali’s tenuous—and fraudulent—claim to internet fatherhood rests on his assertion that “the Supercomputer is the father of the Internet,” “because both are networks of computers working together.” This, experts agree, is not true, as supercomputing is just one component of the Internet and in fact RELIES ON the rudiments of what we know as the internet to work. So, if anything, the internet concept is the father of supercomputing, not vice versa. But even if we accept Emeagwali’s wrong logic, the fact that he did not invent or pioneer supercomputing means that even on this flawed premise and logic he cannot be considered a father of the internet.

Rense also published an expose of the man they call a “fake computer genius.”

The controlled media, including CNN, picked up on Emeagwali’s antics and gave them uncritical prestige. Suddenly, we were hearing that Emeagwali invented the idea of parallel processing. He did not. We heard that Emeagwali invented the supercomputer. He did not. We heard that he invented the Internet. He did not. We were invited to believe that Emeagwali’s Gordon Bell Prize was some kind of major achievement, on a par with the Nobel Prize. It is no such thing. There are even pseudobiographical anecdotes about Emeagwali to be found online, many of them intended to convey the idea that Emeagwali is one of the most brilliant men ever to live, on a par with, say, Karl Friedrich Gauss. He is not.

While he was hyped with all this free Zionist publicity, he managed to get Bill Clinton to certify him as an official genius, which just goes to show you what a big liar Clinton is, in case you missed all those other lies he told us on television in the 1990s.

Going back to his one actual claim to fame, small as it is, Emeagwali would not even have gotten his fractional part of that Gordon Bell Prize if the judges had not succumbed to a desire to make a minority group feel “included.” The contest was for economic efficiency in high speed computing, and the competitors, a team from Mobil Corporation, produced an entry that ran twice as fast as Emeagwali’s, with significantly more cost efficiency. The judges didn’t want Mobil to have all the prize recognition, though, so they cut Emeagwali in for a share out of sympathy.

Yes, the Zionist press has been kind to Emeaggwali. They keep hoping to find that Magic Negro. The Kang has no clothes in this case. And once again the Zionist press is proven to be fake news.

Britain’s Sun Features Photo Essay on Primitive Monkey-Eating African Baka Tribe


Never forget, goyim, that we are all equal in every way except skin color. More photos:

The Sun offers 14 total pictures and the story to its readers. Interestingly, a neighboring tribe viewed these creatures as subhuman. If Obama were still president, I’m certain it would be a priority for bring them to the States, put them on welfare, and urge them to vote Democrat.


South Africa’s President Vows To Redistribute White-Owned Land And Businesses

Nothing can save the white man in South Africa. He’s outnumbered to badly. Getting out is his only chance, I fear.


In a stark flashback to the events that led to Zimbabwe’s terminal collapse into banana republic status, as well as unleashing hyperinflation and economic devastation, on Thursday South African President Jacob Zuma pledged to break up white ownership of business and land to reduce inequality, in a State of the Nation address which as the WSJ reports was disrupted by a fistfight, walkouts and a release of pepper spray in the parliamentary chamber. It appears South Africa is not fond of implementing “Rule 19.”

Scenes of verbal and physical clashes inside the parliament, some 27 years to the day after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, as well as Zuma’s contentious speech, highlight the precarious future course facing Africa’s most developed economy.

As the WSJ reports, on Thursday, lawmakers from the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters “shouted over an initial attempt by Mr. Zuma to start his speech, after complaining about what they said was a threatening increase of security inside and outside Parliament. Previously the president had for the first time deployed several hundred troops to help lock down Cape Town’s parliamentary precinct in anticipation of potential clashes between ANC and opposition supporters.”

Things then quickly got out of control:

“You’re a constitutional delinquent,” EFF lawmaker Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said of Mr. Zuma, referring to a court finding last year that the president had violated the constitution when he refused to pay back public money that an official report found was used for unnecessary upgrades to his private home. Mr. Zuma has since paid back some of the funds. When EFF lawmakers, dressed in their customary red workers’ overalls and maids’ uniforms, refused to quiet down or leave the chamber, they began fighting with parliamentary orderlies. Some lawmakers used their red hard hats to hit the orderlies, while other legislators were dragged out of the chamber.

Soon after, South Africa’s other main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, walked out in protest over the increase in security. ANC lawmakers shouted after Mmusi Maimane, the DA’s first black leader, as he led his party’s MPs out of the chamber, calling him a racist and sellout. Around the same time, several DA members in the visitors’ gallery reported that tear gas had been released into the gallery, which quickly emptied.

According to the chairwoman of South Africa’s upper house, Thandi Modise, an initial investigation showed that the substance released was pepper spray and called the incident a “breach of security” that shouldn’t have happened. She didn’t say who was behind the incident.

Meanwhile, Zuma didn’t acknowledge the disruptions when he returned to the podium to continue his speech. Instead, he focused on the one issue which may soon plague South Africa for years to come: the stark economic divide between black and white South Africans, one of the issues that the EFF has seized on in recent years.

To appease the rising populist anger, and taking a page out of developed economies around the globe, Zuma then said that “today we are starting a new chapter of radical socioeconomic transformation., The president added that 22 years after the end of apartheid “white households earn at least five times more than black households.”

President Zuma’s focus on redistribution comes as his African National Congress party prepares to elect a new leader to succeed him in December and as he finds himself under growing pressure over corruption allegations. He also said that he planned to send back to Parliament a bill that will make it easier for authorities to redistribute land taken away from blacks during colonization, although white landowners will still receive market prices for any seized land.

Where have we seen this kind of land “redistribution” not too long ago? Oh yes, Zimbabwe.

It took Zimbabwe 15 years to admit its mistakes, and invite white farmers back. It now appears that South Africa will have to learn from the mistakes of its northern naighbor in due course.

South Africa will soon be a total bloodbath. Get out, white man.

African Drowns in Venice Canal as Onlookers Laugh, Film, and Make Racist Comments



Here we have an interesting moral question:

If a white man unknown to you were drowning, would you jump in to try to save him?

If a Negro unknown to you were drowning, would you jump in to try to save him?

If your dog were drowning, would you jump in to try to save him?

Onlookers in Italy decided to enjoy the sight of a black African drowning. No one jumped in to save him. More than that, they mocked him as he died.

The Italians? Pretty cool?

Moral? Immoral?


An African refugee drowned in a canal in Venice as onlookers filmed him on their mobile phones while laughing and making racist comments.

Harrowing footage posted on Italian news websites shows the man struggling in the water in the Grand Canal.

Bystanders can be heard shouting at the migrant, with one yelling: “Go on, go back home.”

Another unseen onlooker is heard to shout “Africa” while a third says: “He is stupid. He wants to die.”

At least three life rings were thrown into the water near the man, who was named as 22-year-old Gambian Pateh Sabally.

But the victim did not appear to reach for them, raising speculation he wanted to commit suicide.

No-one jumped in to help him.

More than 181,000 migrants arrived in Italy by boat in 2016, most of them from sub-Saharan Africa, an increase of almost 18 percent compared with 2015.

Italian media said Sabally had residency papers for Italy.

African Diplomat Busted for Grinding Against Woman on Subway


New York Post

A 49-year-old diplomat from Sudan was arrested for grinding against a woman on a Manhattan subway Monday — but the charges were quickly dropped because he has diplomatic immunity, police sources said.

The incident happened on a northbound No. 4 subway as it was leaving Grand Central Station at about 2 p.m., sources said.

Mohammad Abdalla Ali allegedly approached a 38-year-old woman from behind and rubbed his genitals against her. He was charged with sex abuse and forcible touching. Taken to the Midtown South police stationhouse, he provided identification papers proving he’s a diplomat, then was released, sources said. There will be no prosecution, sources said.

Italian Police Chief Promises Mass Deportations

italy sudan migrants jet deport

There’s good news from Italy for everyone concerned about Western civilization.

There’s a plan afoot for mass deportations of the stinking African boat people who wash up on Italian shores like so much garbage.

White Christian countries have no obligation to take these creatures in and support them for life, no matter what the Pope says.

An even better plan would also involve making sure that all boats are turned back to their North African departure points before the make it to Italy.

Or use them for target practice by the Italian navy.

Yahoo News

Following Berlin’s terrifying terror truck attack in mid-December, an Italian police official reportedly sent around a directive to police stations calling for the deportation of immigrants and centers to house them prior to removal, Reuters reported Saturday.

The two-page directive was penned by police chief Franco Gabrielli and sent to stations around Italy on Friday, calling for local officers to find and deport immigrants. Gabrielli wrote his officers should take “extraordinary action” in order to “control and remove irregular foreigners,” according to Reuters, which said it had seen the directive.

Furthermore, a ministry source also told Reuters, that Interior Minister Marco Minniti intends to open several new detention centers that will hold immigrants until they are deported, working under pressure from other European Union countries.

Tensions in Italy are high for a number of reasons, including the new government of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who only came to power last month. The truck attack in Berlin that killed 12 people led to a multi-national manhunt for suspected terrorist Anis Amri, who was eventually shot and killed by Milan police.

Gentiloni took over for Matteo Renzi, who resigned, after winning a vote of confidence in Italy’s senate on Dec. 13, and he did pledge to bring other EU members into the fold in dealing with the mass migrations washing on to his countries shores.

“We don’t want to be killjoys, but neither can we be the country which carries the burden of the migration influx for the whole of the EU,” Gentiloni told the parliament’s lower house after his election.

Italy, along with a number of EU countries like Germany, has experienced a flood of immigrants and refugees and by November of last year almost 160,000 reportedly arrived, possibly pushing Italy past Greece as the nation accepting the most refugees, NPR reported.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Accept African Refugees


As we know it is impossible for Jews to be racist. Thus, we can be sure that Jews understand that Israel must become multicultural and multiracial.

To deny the hundreds of millions of black as coal Africans the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and prosperity of Israel is racist. All you European and American Jews must do your part to see to it that the teeming hoards of Africa are granted a home in Israel.

To do otherwise would be an offense against your God.

All Africa

In spite of the “true and undying friendship” with Africa that Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu proclaimed on his just ended visit to East Africa, Israel will not accommodate thousands of Africans seeking asylum.

Little of PM Netanyahu’s proclamation is reflected in his country’s handling of at least 42,147 people, mostly from Eritrea and the Darfur region of Sudan, whose fate is in the hands of Israel’s Supreme Court.

Their case, which comes up in September, challenges the legality of Israel’s policy, passed in June 2012, which aims to encourage the asylum seekers to return to their countries voluntarily, and the third country arrangement through which it is implemented.

A lower court rejected a petition in November 2015 that those who depart for a third country face the risk of persecution or becoming stateless altogether.

Refugee rights organisations in Israel that petitioned the Supreme Court argue that the new policy simply underwrites forceful departures, which is against the Refugee Convention that Israel ratified in 1954.

They also argue that the two African countries (Uganda and Rwanda) which have agreed to absorb or transmit these people back to their homelands, are anything but safe. Ugandan officials are tight lipped about their part of the deal.

In April, 2015, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame admitted his country was in talks with Israel to take in African asylum seekers who Tel Aviv was sending away.

On Wednesday, July 6, while hosting PM Netanyahu, President Kagame did not reveal details about the deal, but defended it, saying it was not taboo for the two countries to discuss the matter as they do any other.

On his part, PM Netanyahu reiterated his reluctance — first expressed on Monday in Kampala, which still denies being party to the arrangement — to recognise the asylum seekers as such but merely as “job seekers” who were seeking employment albeit illegally.

With all due respect to Mr. Netanyahu, he is wrong. The black man is not a “job seeker.” Blacks never seek jobs. They yearn for freedom. They are freedom seekers. Israel must learn to accept the transformation of the country. Diversity is a strength. Israel cannot be racist. That would be immoral.

If Adolf Hitler were alive today, he would be an anti-racist, working with Israel to ensure that Mr. Netanyahu’s policy of rejecting black Africa was overthrown and the gates opened to Africa.

Israel is a nation of immigrants. All must be welcomed.