Globalist Jew David Rockefeller Dead at 101

The Rockefellers deny being Jews, but check out this article by Henry Makow that names the Rockefellers, Sonia Sotomayor, and Hugh Hefner as Jews.

Excerpt from Infowars

David Rockefeller, a globalist central banker who advocated a “New World Order” and mass population control while wielding vast influence over world leaders, died Monday at the age of 101.

A family spokesman, Fraser P. Seitel, confirmed his passing.
Rockefeller was well-known for openly bragging about the transnational elite’s plans to centralize control over the world’s populations, wealth and resources.

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it,” he wrote in his book Memoirs.

Rockefeller also revealed the extent of corporate media collusion with this gameplan.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years,” he said at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting. “But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.”

“The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

I haven’t watched all of the following video, but it’s looking good as it plays out in the background.

Chart Shows Links Proving Bilderberg Rules the World

bilderberg group linkages

The single most important word in understanding who rules us has been omitted from the chart. Think (((Jews))).

Enlarge the chart and look it over. It shows where “the powers that be” hang out.

Great comment at the source:

Millions of Taxpayers worked for a lifetime, earning and saving for retirement, only to have it stolen in 2008 by criminals on Wall Street. This money was not lost or destroyed. It was stolen. By deception, lies of omission, and outright lies, illegal collusion, insider trading pump & dumps, and 101 other means not yet revealed, the life savings of millions of Taxpayers was stolen. These are not baseless accusations. The testimony of Alayne Fleischmann is sufficient to convict JP Morgan of criminal behavior that was commonly practiced by its peers. Overall, trillions of Dollars were stolen from millions of Taxpayers.
The injured parties demand full restitution, since this savings is their sole means of survival. Given the unreasonable disparity in wealth between those who control and directed the criminal actions, versus the victims, restitution is justified. The amount owed is due to the extent of the fraud, see here:

Due to the fraud described above, each Taxpayer is owed at least one million Dollars. Social Security is an appropriate mechanism by which to return the stolen wealth.

Source: Zerohedge

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Bilderberg Group Meets in Dresden, Germany to Discuss How to Defeat Trump, Derail Mass Riots, Migrants, and Brexit


The firebombing of Dresden toward the tail end of World War II was one of the greatest criminal acts in modern history. At least 600,000 innocent Germans died, although the lies known as the official figures are stated to be much less.

In any case, there is great symbolism associated with the choice of Dresden as the meeting place for this year’s Bilderberg meeting.

The story excerpt in this post exposes part of the agenda, but the real hidden agenda is more like a nightmarish Dean Koontz novel than merely defeating Trump and keeping Britain in the European Union.

From legalizing pedophilia and bestiality to abridging what’s left of the freedome to think and speak, the darkness of evil has come to Dresden this week.


What is really discussed is how to take the existing trends in the world, some favorable, some undesired, and mold them in such a way as to create even more wealth for the world’s 0.01%, while perpetutating the existing system, one which even the IMF agrees is no longer working.

This time, as Paul Joseph Watson infers, the secretive Bilderberg Group whose Steering Committee Advisory Group consists of one David Rockefeller, will discuss how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, the possibility of mass riots as a result of wealth inequality, the migrant crisis, as well as the United Kingdom’s vote on leaving the European Union.

As noted above, the official list of “key topics” to be discussed is both broad quite vague and includes:

Current events
Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
Middle East
US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
Cyber security
Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
Precariat and middle class
Technological innovation

That’s just for public consumption. After all, who needs massive concrete blocks and 400 police officers for protection to discuss “technological innovation” – better yet, just open up the session to the press and public.

Of course, that won’t happen, because the real agenda must remain under wraps. However one can infer from the agenda and some of the names on the participant list what the group will be discussing in more detail. As PJW writes, the attendance of anti-Trump Senator Lindsey Graham is an obvious sign that Donald Trump will be a prominent topic of discussion at this year’s Bilderberg meeting, with the likely focus on how to prevent Trump from defeating Bilderberg’s chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has already raked in tens of millions in fees from “speaking” before numerous participants at the meeting that begins tomorrow.

In 2015, the Bilderberg elite was confident that Clinton could shake off her GOP challengers, but Trump’s self-funded campaign and his public opposition to globalism and internationalist trade deals like NAFTA has shocked the Bilderberg elitists. As a result, it will now have to spend much more time dealing with the damage control.

Brexit will be another major topic. With the British referendum vote to leave the EU taking place in just two weeks, and with David Cameron getting concerned, a vote to secede threatens the future of the European Union federal superstate that was the brainchild of Bilderberg in the first place.

The inclusion of “precariat and middle class” on the list also means that the powerful lobby group will be ruminating on how they can exploit and manage the inevitability of more riots and civil unrest in the west – and increasingly, the east with an emphasis on China whose government is terrified about the prospect of rising social unrest – a topic that elitists were also concerned about at the 2015 Davos Economic Summit. “Precariat” describes those who are struggling to survive in today’s economy and who have no long term wage security. Studies have shown that wealth inequality increases the likelihood of mass social disorder. Furthermore, as the Fed itself admitted recently, it is the Fed, by way of manipulating markets higher, that has been an instrumental catalyst behind record wealth inequality.

The flooding of Europe with third world migrants, a process which has driven European voters into the arms of nationalist parties that typically oppose Bilderberg’s wider agenda, will also be a key topic of discussion, as per bullet point 3.

As Watson observes, aone interesting name that pops up on this year’s list is that of Richard Engel, NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent. “Normally, a semi-secret meeting of over 100 of the most powerful people on the planet would be a monumental news scoop, but don’t expect Engel to utter a word.” After all, real journalists are not allowed anywhere on the premises; Engel likely has to sign an NDA.

Indeed, Bilderberg operates under Chatham House Rules, which means that none of the participants are able to reveal any comments made during the conference. As the Guardian floridly puts it, “after the politicians drag their drained and bloodless bodies back to their respective parliaments, they don’t say a word about what happened. They act like abuse victims. “It’s just our little secret,” murmurs Kissinger as he pops the politicians back in their limos. “Chatham House rules. You remember? Yes, of course you do. Now off you go.” And he nimbly licks a heart shape on to the car window with his black tongue before it speeds off.”

To see the list of attendees, click the continue reading link. There’s also an update on Bilderberg via a radically truthful Paul Joseph Watson video posted a few hours ago.

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Guardian Reporter Describes Police Raid on His Hotel Room at Bilderberg Meeting

stop bilderberg sign

Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton describes multiple encounters with Bilderberg security.

The Guardian

I had three Austrian policemen in my hotel room last night. They stood there all grim faced with their fluorescent bibs, torches and sidearms. It was like the worst ever fancy dress party. I offered them a pilsner. They declined. They were too busy checking my ID that had been carefully checked 10 minutes prior at a police checkpoint. And carefully checked two minutes prior to that, at another police checkpoint.

This third check took so long, it was so late, and my patience was so thin, that eventually I took my shirt and trousers off in front of the officers. “I’m having a shower,” I explained, and went and had one. When I’d finished, I came out in my towel, thinking they might be gone. They weren’t. “Put your clothes on please and come to your car.” This party wasn’t getting any better.

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New World Order Conspiracy: The Annual Bilderberg Meeting Starts Tomorrow in Austria

Telfs-Buchen, Austria, site of this year’s Bilderberg conference.
ausria bilderberger meeting place

Bilderberg gets an article at the BBC. A full list of participants can be found at Bilderberg Meetings. Infowars has run a piece on it too.

From what we can infer from past such meetings, the next 9/11, an economic collapse, or even World War 3 will be planned at the Bilderberg meeting.

Beware of secret groups with hidden agendas.

Excerpt from The New American

In the past, journalists attempting to discover what was happening inside these meetings have been arrested. Likewise, there are no minutes taken at the conference, or reports released in reference to any policies discussed.

Interestingly, mainstream media outlets such as BBC, ABC, Fox, the New York Times, the Associated Press, etc. largely ignore the Bilderberg summits. And any who criticize the secrecy of these meetings are decried as conspiracy theorists.

Take for example Republican presidential contender Senator Rand Paul. The Daily Beast referenced Paul’s opposition to the Bilderberg Group this past February in an article entitled “Is Rand Paul the World’s Most Gullible Man?” with the subhead, “Underpinning Paul’s worldview is the notion that somewhere there is always a wizard behind a curtain controlling our lives.” In that article, Sam Kleiner wrote:

Though he avoids talking about it now, Paul has repeatedly railed against the Bilderberg Group’s quest for world government, a conspiracy to create a North American Union that would replace the dollar with the Amero currency, and a United Nations effort to take away Americans’ guns.

But just a quick glance at the Bilderberg meeting website reveals that there is nothing innocuous about these gatherings. The “brief history” of the Bilderberg conference, as outlined on the meeting website, provides a rather honest overview of its purpose:

The Bilderberg conference is an annual three-day meeting designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. The pioneering meeting grew out of the concern expressed by leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on issues of common interest….

Through the years, the meetings have become a forum for discussion on a wide range of topics — from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment and from ecological challenges to the task of promoting international security. In the context of a globalized world, it is hard to think of any issue in either Europe or North America that could be tackled unilaterally. [Emphasis added.]

A number of Bilderberg attendees have been vocal regarding their globalist affinities. The New American’s Alex Newman observed,

Of course, more than a few prominent Bilderberg attendees over the decades have openly stated their goals, often referring to the sought-after planetary regime as the “New World Order.” Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and many other top globalists and Bilderberg operatives have used the term regularly in public. While Bilderberg claims people with “diverse” views are invited, there can be no question that such “diversity” does not include proponents of national independence and sovereignty.

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