Last person jailed in Waco biker shooting to be released


The massacre of civilians by police at Waco last May 17 is one of the darkest days in recent American history. Because bikers are widely viewed as scum, nobody cares if they were murdered.

I believe that in the end the evidence will show that all those killed were shot by police sharpshooters. The police don’t like bikers and were waiting in ambush from what I can tell. Not that I believe the police will be charged with any crimes. There may be civil lawsuits for wrongful death slapped on the police, however.

All bikers are now released. Not one of them has yet been charged with a crime. Something stinks, even if you consider the police to be heroes in this case.

The truth about this act of mass murder may never be known. The surveillance video from the massacre was released over the weekend. You can watch it on CNN by clicking here.

One more thing. The small Texas town where I live hosts the bikers around once a month, maybe every two months. There’s never been a moment’s trouble from any of them that I know about.

Yahoo News

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The last person jailed in connection with a deadly shootout among bikers and police outside a Waco restaurant was poised to be released from jail Saturday, more than five months after authorities rounded up 177 people from the crime scene and initially held them on $1 million bonds on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

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The Fix Is In: Cop to Head Supposedly Independent Grand Jury Investigating Waco Biker Shootout


The grand jury system in the USSA is a farce. Working in secret a grand jury can indict anyone who doesn’t “play ball” with the System. Mostly, a District Attorney just needs to lay out a probable cause case for the grand jury. The targeted individual does not know what is going on until one day a swarm of cops show up and arrest him.

Given all the questions raised about the Waco biker shootout, it’s really shocking that a police detective has been named to head the Grand Jury investigation. How can a cop be impartial in a case like this one? He can’t. The judge who appointed him should be subject to judicial review.

But what would it matter if the System is rigged. As I’ve said before, there is no more rule of law in America. From legalized sodomite marriage to railroading a group of bikers into prison, the legal system is out of control.

Learn more about how government abuses its citizens at Grand Jury Resistance.

Associated Press

A police detective has been selected to preside over a grand jury that will likely consider cases stemming from a shootout involving bikers and police in Waco, Texas.

District Judge Ralph Strother on Wednesday chose veteran policeman James Head to serve as foreman of the randomly selected 12-member panel that will meet for the next three months.

“We have lawmen who get on jury panels all the time. Who is better qualified in criminal law than somebody who practices it all the time?” Strother told the Waco Tribune-Herald ( ).

When asked if he had any involvement in the investigation, Head told the newspaper, “Not really.” He referred additional questions to the Waco City Attorney’s office.

The move comes amid allegations from bikers and their lawyers that authorities have acted unfairly during the investigation. One biker has sued and others have claimed in interviews with The Associated Press that they were wrongfully arrested.

The grand jury created Wednesday is the first to be formed of randomly selected jurors in McClennan County since Texas lawmakers eliminated a controversial statewide “pick-a-pal” system. Under that system, judge-appointed commissioners nominated prospective jurors.

Nine people were killed and 18 injured in the May 17 shootout outside a Twin Peaks restaurant that authorities say stemmed from an apparent confrontation between two motorcycle clubs, and 117 were arrested and held on $1 million bonds.

All but four have been released, mostly on lowered bonds. Under Texas law, the district attorney must indict those who remain in jail within 90 days of their arrest or else lower their bonds to an amount they can afford. The grand jury will consider about 100 criminal cases presented by the district attorney’s office, according to the newspaper.

Texas biker shootout: Can 174 people be convicted of murder?

biker mugs

The relevant question to the story of the Waco biker shootout is: How many of the nine dead were killed by police bullets?

The authorities are not saying.

Why aren’t the authorities talking up bikers killing bikers? Because it just may be that the dead were killed by the police. It’s a reasonable speculation at this point.

Many of the big, bad bikers are family men with no criminal records. That says to me that these guys were not looking for trouble. Were the LEOs looking for trouble? It seems like that was the case.

Using a conspiracy statute in Texas law, the bikers can be prosecuted, but it appears that LEO wants them tried and convicted in the press first. Here’s the link to relevant Texas law.

Excerpt from The Star

WACO, TEXAS—After a gunfight between rival motorcycle gangs outside a crowded restaurant left nine dead, police rounded up everyone on the scene wearing biker vests. Now, as 174 people sit in jail on organized crime charges, legal experts say prosecutors face a difficult challenge, and that many of those arrested could end up going free.

“They have bitten off more than they can chew,” said Robert Draskovich, a Las Vegas criminal defence lawyer who represents bikers. “Prosecutors often overreach and charge too many people, but I’ve never seen it to this extent.”

To prove the current charges, which have capital murder as the underlying crime, prosecutors must show each defendant took part in the shootout. Although the law allows for broad interpretation of participation, experts say the case is muddled by Texas’ strong self-defence and gun rights, as well as issues with witness credibility and a lack of co-operation.

The McLennan County district attorney’s office won’t say how its 26 prosecutors plan to tackle the case, which could involve seeking the death penalty. But experts predicted they will divide the defendants into groups, offer plea deals to the less culpable suspects and try only the ones against whom they have the best evidence.

The last mass biker arrest in the U.S. occurred in 2002 in Las Vegas after a brawl broke out between the Hells Angels and the Mongols at Harrah’s Casino. Three people were killed and about a dozen others were wounded. Authorities rounded up 120 people. Only six of 44 Hells Angels indicted in federal court were convicted; six Mongols members were convicted in state court.

Waco Biker Massacre–Obama’s Motive for Ambushing The Motorcyclists (Video)

cossacks russia

This site was one of the first to raise questions about the Waco biker shootout a week ago. Since then, scepticism about the official version of events has grown as new evidence has surfaced.

The video in this post consists of a foul-mouthed truth seeker (slow down the cursing, my friend), going over some familiar ground and challenging the logic of the police claims. His focus is on the government’s narrative that police are in danger and so draconian new restrictions on our freedoms are going to be imposed soon.

But another theory has emerged, this one directly linking Obama’s hatred of Putin to the massacre. A youtube commenter posted this link to an article which claims to reveal a Russian intelligence agency report directly linking the Obama administration to the police massacre because of the Cossacks motorcycle club’s ties to Russia:

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama regimes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deliberately massacred at least 9 innocent motorcycle enthusiasts on 17 May over fears that one of the clubs participating in a yearly rally in Waco, Texas, could possibly be linked to the Night Wolves.

Described by some in the propaganda Western press as “Putin’s Hells Angels”, this report explains, the Night Wolves were, in fact, one of the first organized groups that battled against the Soviet communist regime in the 1980’s leading to the fall of that brutal regime, and who have since have taken an interest in the political and social life of Russia, engaging in youth social issues while forging close links to the Kremlin and establishing a friendship with Putin. They also aided the protection of Ukraine from the US installed Nazi government by patrolling the streets of Crimea with unmarked soldiers sent from Russia, fought for the rebels and are deeply involved with the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Newest Details from Waco Biker Massacre Shoots Holes in Police Version of Events

Waco shooting victim Jesus Rodriguez, 65, with an unidentified woman.

The Waco police are changing their story again.

Now we are learning that most of the arrested “dangerous” bikers have no criminal record.

An examination of the bullets will show who fired the guns that killed nine men on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

If all these men were killed by police, where does that leave us?

It leaves us as sitting ducks in a police state, where the police can be judge, jury, and executioner.

The facts do seem to be coming out and the facts do not completely support the police version of events.

Excerpt from Yahoo News

An Associated Press review of Texas court records and a database maintained by the state Department of Public Safety turned up no criminal history in Texas for Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels. And his son Vincent Ramirez told the San Antonio Express-News that he was not violent.

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CNN Reports That Biker Brawl DID NOT Start Inside Restaurant

toys for tots bikers

Insofar as I am aware there are only a few of us independent bloggers trying to ascertain the truth about the Waco Police Massacre last Sunday.

That picture of Santa bikers above is true. It’s not faked. Bikers are not all bad, as the Waco police department wants you to believe.

As rugged individualists, bikers sometimes fight, but rarely kill each other. Who fired the bullets that killed the nine bikers in Waco? What role did the police play in starting or egging on the brawl? Almost every weekend hundreds of black teens flock to a mall somewhere in America, beat the sh*t out of white people and destroy property, yet not one of them has ever been shot by police. What’s the difference? Likewise, bikers meet all the time. Peacefully. Why are nine dead this time while the police were present and watching.

Here’s the latest from CNN. We learn that there was no fight inside the Twin Peaks Waco restaurant and that there are children grieving for dead dads.


Restaurant security camera footage showing Sunday’s events is now in the hands of investigators, a spokesperson for the Waco Twin Peaks said in a statement Wednesday. The video, the statement said, shows that “no violence started inside the restaurant.”

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Suspect in Deadly Waco Shootout Revealed As Retired Negro Police Detective


martin lewis1

martin lewis2

Everything in America is racial because blacks and their anti-white Jewish promoters have made everything about race.

Whites just want to be left the f*ck alone. We want a divorce from you f*cking libturds and your diversity. Get the f*ck out of our faces or there’ll come a day we’ll kick your sorry a**es from here to the gutters you climbed out of.

Well, now you a**holes can flip the script on the Waco Police Massacre.

An “oppressed” black man is being blamed by racist white cops for the Waco shootout. You see how the shootout was just another example of white “racism.” It was a nothing but a big conspiracy to blame blackie. A po’ ole nigra gentleman named Martin Lewis is being fingered as the poster boy for the shootout. You libturds didn’t give a sh*t when the shootout was white men lying in pools of blood. But now that dat po’ ole nigra gentlemen is going to take the fall, you’ll be pissing in your pants with anger and outrage.

that's racist

Where’s Sharpton? Where’s Jesse? Where’s Obama?

Daily Mail

A suspect in the deadly shootout featuring two biker gangs in Waco over the weekend is a retired San Antonio Police Department detective.

Martin Lewis served 32 years before he retired in February 2004, said the department in a statement released Tuesday night. No further information was made available.

Lewis is one of 170 people booked on charges connected to the shoot-out in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco during which nine people were killed and 18 injured.

Bond was set at $1 million each for the suspects – believed to be from as many as five different biker gangs – who have all been charged with engaging in organized crime.

The scale of the incident is likely to overwhelm McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna and his team of about a dozen felony prosecutors, predict legal experts.

‘It’s pretty much unchartered territory for anybody,’ defense lawyer Walter Reaves Jr., told USA Today. ‘It’s going to put a strain on the entire court system.’

Engaging in organized crime can bring a sentence of five years to life in prison, but some of those charges could be upgraded to murder, a capital offense. Texas has the death penalty.

Michael Heiskell, a former federal and state prosecutor, said he didn’t expect many trials to emerge from all the resulting charges.

‘The magnitude of the arrests is amazing,’ Heiskell said. ‘It could break the bank in McLennan County.’

The cost of a death penalty case can reach ‘high six figures’ and possibly $1 million, said Heiskell. If defendants can’t pay, then the county has to.

‘I think when the dust settles you may have maybe a few capital charges filed,’ said Heiskell. He also predicts that those will be plea bargained down.

While jailers are working hard to keep rival biker gang members apart in lockup, police in Texas remain on alert after two biker gangs allegedly issued orders to shoot and kill uniformed law enforcement officers.

Haha. What bullsh*t coming from the police and prosecutors. 170 arrests and only a few will be prosecuted. It sounds to me like a case of mass false arrests.

Folks, what we are witnessing is a flip flop by the officials in charge of this case. There’ll be more.

waco shooting bikers on concrete


The biker mugshots I inserted into an earlier post today (scroll down on homepage) shows Mexicans and whites under arrest. I suspect these motorcycle clubs (or gangs if you prefer) are segregated. But which is the white gang and which is the Mexican club?

Was the brawl due to racial animosity? Just asking.

I know one thing though. The riders will never see their bikes again unless friends or relatives buy them back at a police auction.

Update: And now we find out the names of the deceased:

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