NAACP Negro: Racist Hack Came Before Russian Hack


To use the phrase the MSM thows at President Trump, “not citing any evidence” a Negro went on MSNBC and cried “WOLF!” for the millionth time.

After decades and decades of everything being blamed on racism, it doesn’t work anymore with most European-Americans.


During the Saturday MSNBC “AM Joy” broadcast, North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber claimed that before the alleged Russian hack took place, there was a “racist voter suppression hack of our political system.”

“[W]e’ve had 22 states that represent nearly 250 electoral votes, over 50 percent of black voters that have put in place voter suppression laws,” Barber said to host Joy Reid. “That’s the real hacking. Before there was a Russian hack, there was a racist voter suppression hack of our political system.”

LOL! I hope the dozen or so viewers at MSNBC had a nice orgasm over this stupid Negro who made his claims “citing no evidence.”

Man who Donald Trump called “my African-American” Defends the Donald

gregory cheadle

Watch the embedded video below and observe how the media took a positive remark about African-Americans by Donald Trump and tried to twist it into a racist hate remark.

This is a really telling moment in reporting. Kudos to CBS for following up with the man Donald Trump called “my African-American.”

CBS News

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made headlines Friday when, with a racially charged exclamation, the candidate singled out an African-American man at a campaign rally in Redding, California.

“Oh, look at my African-American over here!” Trump had said, interrupting his own winding speech to direct his supporters’ attention to a man in the crowd. “Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about, OK?”

But the man called out by Trump — Gregory Cheadle, a Republican candidate in California’s first congressional district — didn’t seem to mind the attention.

“I never, ever sensed any racism on his part,” Cheadle told CBS News in a phone interview Saturday. “Looking at it now, I can see on a script — in a transcript, or even somebody watching the clip — I can see how they would jump to the conclusion that it was racist. But I never felt anything at all.”

Instead, Cheadle took it as a flattering remark.

“It’s a compliment to me,” said Cheadle, who briefly met Trump when the billionaire waded into the crowd after the event.

Their exchange, reported by the Redding Searchlight, happened after Cheadle had called out, “Uncle Donald, Uncle Donald.” Cheadle told the local news outlet that Trump “recognized me as the guy he had called out” and they chatted briefly about job creation.

Cheadle said Saturday that the attention Trump paid him seemed more like a recognition “that my work is paying off, that we as a black people can achieve things.”

And he further laughed off the Internet uproar regarding Trump’s “my African-American” phrasing: “We are a super-sensitive people now when it comes to race,” he said. “I mean, super sensitive. And we’re so ready to pull that racist trigger and sometimes unnecessarily so.”

“I’m running in a district that’s at least 90 percent white. If I wanted to find racism, I could,” Cheadle added, but noted that “the prejudice people have against me is dissipating.”

Asked why he felt the perception toward him has been less racially tinged, the congressional candidate said it was because he didn’t fit “stereotypes.”

“I don’t wear my pants down to my knees,” he said. “I’m not a lover of rap music … They’re seeing a far more positive role model than they’ve ever seen.”

Gallop: American Public Strongly Supports Israel

israel and american flags

A brief commentary follows the story excerpt.

Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post

The American public remains strongly pro-Israel, with even those aged 18-29 saying they are more sympathetic to Israel than the Palestinians by a more than 2:1 margin, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

According to the annual survey of American’s sympathies in the Middle East conflict, 62 percent of the public say their sympathies lie more with Israel than the Palestinians, and only 15% say they are more sympathetic to the Palestinians.

This 47 point difference is the third largest gap in the last 15 years of polling on the matter. During the seven years of the Obama Administration, marked by patches of high tension between Jerusalem and Washington, the percentage of those expressing more sympathy for Israel went from 59% in 2009 to 64% in 2013, and has remained steady at 62% over the last three years.

According to Gallup’s summation of the findings, “Americans have become more sympathetic toward Israel over the past 15 years, and that more pro-Israel view held steady in the past year.

While Republicans show extraordinarily high support for Israel – an affinity evident at the Republican presidential debate in Houston last week, where every candidate professed his strong support for the Jewish state – the majority of Democrats and independents are also on the same page.”

First, this poll is misleading because it does not offer a third choice. The third way is for Americans to not support either the Palestinians or the Jews. An isolationist world view seems not to occur to many people, except for libertarians and right wing dissidents.

Second, if Americans were not having their thoughts molded by the American news media, Jewish owned, then their thinking might be different. The true story of Israel is rarely told in the USA.

Thus, the poll results are not surprising. They are more a reflection of American’s ignorance than anything. And the role that evangelicals play in shaping opinion.

seems dumb gif

Trump Backlash Explodes Worldwide While The Donald Keeps The Pressure On


trump w eagle

What I’ve done in this post is put together a roundup of the news relating to Donald Trump. In just over 900 words, you’ll get a comprehensive review of how the left operates to destroy anyone who tells the truth.

Like no one in my memory Trump makes news simply by saying things that are common sensical. Likewise, he draws more fire than anyone. Go, Trump. Keep telling the truth, no matter how much they try to portray you as the new Hitler and the Son of Satan.

Sky News

“They have sections in Paris that are radicalised, where the police refuse to go there. They’re petrified. The police refuse to go in there.

“We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very smart and very vigilant.”

Trump is being mocked for telling this truth. Many who go to Paris and London ask “Where are the French? Where are the British? I didn’t travel thousands of miles to visit a turd world sh*thole.”

The Metropolitan Police issued a sharp reply to Mr Trump’s claims and said: “We would not normally dignify such comments with a response, however on this occasion we think it’s important to state to Londoners that Mr Trump could not be more wrong.

Haha. The British police are comedians now.


Let’s go on. There’s so much more.

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Reports say that shooter Harper-Mercer left a manifesto. Yet we know nothing much about what is said. Meanwhile, Dylan Roof’s race realist writings were published over and over and promoted by the media as a hate document.

I guess only white men can hate. Blacks and mulattoes are exempt.

Ann Coulter

he media act as if they’re performing a public service by refusing to release details about the perpetrator of the recent mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. But we were given plenty of information about Dylan Roof, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner.

Now, quick: Name the mass shooters at the Chattanooga military recruitment center; the Washington Navy Yard; the high school in Washington state; Fort Hood (the second time) and the Christian college in California. All those shootings also occurred during the last three years.

The answers are: Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, Kuwaiti; Aaron Alexis, black, possibly Barbadian-American; Jaylen Ray Fryberg, Indian; Ivan Antonio Lopez, Hispanic; and One L. Goh, Korean immigrant. (While I’m here: Why are we bringing in immigrants who are mentally unstable?)

There’s a rigid formula in media accounts of mass shootings: If possible, blame it on angry white men; when that won’t work, blame it on guns.

Regular readers of this site are a savvy bunch. They know the formula. But the brain dead zombies sitting watching Talmudvision are clueless. Ann speaks truth, however.

The perpetrator of the latest massacre, Chris Harper-Mercer, was a half-black immigrant, so the media are refusing to get too specific about him. They don’t want to reward the fiend with publicity!

But as people hear details the media are not anxious to provide, they realize that, once again: It’s a crazy person. How long is this going to go on?

When will the public rise up and demand that the therapeutic community stop loosing these nuts on the public? After the fact, scores of psychiatrists are always lining up to testify that the defendant was legally insane, unable to control his actions. That information would be a lot more helpful before the wanton slaughter.

After every mass shooting, the left has a lot of fun forcing Republicans to defend guns. Here’s an idea: Why not force Democrats to defend the right of the dangerous mentally ill not to take their medicine?

Liberals will howl about “stigmatizing” the mentally ill, but they sure don’t mind stigmatizing white men or gun owners. About a third of the population consists of white men. Between a third and half of all Americans have guns in the home. If either white men or guns were the main cause of mass murder, no one would be left in the country.

But I notice that every mass murder is committed by someone who is mentally ill. When the common denominator is a characteristic found in about 0.1 percent of the population — I think we’ve found the crucial ingredient!

Democrats won’t be able to help themselves, but to instantly close ranks and defend dangerous psychotics, hauling out the usual meaningless statistics:

— Most mentally ill are not violent!

Undoubtedly true. BUT WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ANOREXICS, AGORAPHOBICS OR OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVES. We were thinking of paranoid schizophrenics.

— The mentally ill are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence!

I’ll wager that the percentage of the nation’s 310 million guns that are ever used in a crime is quite a bit lower than the percentage of mentally ill to ever engage in violence.

As with the “most Muslims are peaceful” canard, while a tiny percentage of mentally ill are violent, a gigantic percentage of mass shooters are mentally ill.

How can these heartless Democrats look the parents of dead children in the eye and defend the right of the mentally deranged to store their feces in a shoebox, menace library patrons — and, every now and then, commit mass murder?

Work camps would be a great place to rehabilitate the mentally ill. Getting up early, going to work in a field doing hard labor, breathing in that fresh air. Mental illness could be cured.

For the record, i’m an admirer of Dr. Thomas Szasz, whose writings argued that there is no such thing as mental illness.

Drudge on Alex Jones Show–Full Interview (Video)


The interview actually starts at about the 6 minute mark. Matt Drudge says things we’ve never heard before. It’s an amazing interview. Drudge asks Hillary to give up her security and her guns since she wants to take your guns.

Drudge also describes how the Supreme Court plans to shut down his web site, this one, and every other blog on the Internet. He’s an insider. He has been told what the future of the Internet is and it ain’t going to be the truth.

Media Matters offers a story on the interview, which includes quotes from Drudge.

Sample Drudge quote:

DRUDGE: You’ve got to be the greatest you can be. Now. Now. Before this country is so completely altered and we’re left with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar. ‘Cuz that’s what we’re getting. She is old and she’s sick. She is not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things. It’s like a head on a stick. And then on the Today show with [Savannah Guthrie] Aguthrie [sic] — a head on a stick.

Heavily Downvoted Poopaganda: How Should The World Deal With Immigration? – The People Speak (Vice Video)

Leftist propaganda at its worst. It didn’t fool anyone. 2,200 downvotes, 700 upvotes. Really transparent what Vice is trying to do, so it fooled only retards, lefties, blacks, and browns.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 30, 2015

VICE News traveled around the world, speaking to people about their thoughts on immigration, and how the world should respond to the movement of people through borders.

Find out what people from Los Angeles, California to Istanbul, Turkey had to say about about immigration.

Many of the viewers of this junk are quite angry at the biased crap being pushed out as journalism.