Leaked Twitter Shadowban List Shows Bias Against Truth, Conservatives

Richard Spencer, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Brittany Pettibone, Lew Rockwell, and a host of other “racists,” truth tellers, and conservatives are on the list.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is destroying his own creation with his insane leftist nonsense. Be aware that this is only a partial list. More shadowbanned users are yet to be revealed by the leak.

Breitbart explains how a Twitter shadowban works.

Just in case Twitter suspends Tennessee GOP, here’s another Tweet that has the list.

“Bias Motivated Packages” Send Police Looking for “White Supremacist”

packages bias uc santa cruz

Any white person who notices that the white race is being genocided and attempts to talk about it will be demonized as a White Supremacist.

Mercury News

SANTA CRUZ – A man in orange-framed sunglasses, a dark unbuttoned shirt and pants became a person of interest after someone delivered packages promoting white supremacy this week at UC Santa Cruz.

“Inside the packages are references to the ‘white power movement’ and a website known to be associated with white supremacists,” UC Santa Cruz Police Chief Nader Oweis said of deliveries at Merrill College Wednesday and early Thursday. “This is really a First Amendment issue.”

Police seek the public’s help to identify the man in connection with communication that “could be considered hate speech,” Oweis said.

Surveillance stills show a skinny man walking on campus sidewalks with hands in his pockets.

Oweis said it is the first case of such acts he recalls happening on campus. The packages were dropped off by someone, he said. They were not mailed.

He declined to repeat messages in the “bias-motivated” packages, which had CDs and notes.

The contents, he added, have broad impact.

“Obviously, speech like this violates our principles of community,” he said. “We strive to have a learning environment that’s conducive to free speech and ideas, but when speech like this occurs, it can have an impact on the community.”

Students and faculty have a variety of resources to report and cope with such communication, he said.

Anyone who receives such a package or has observed any “hate or bias-motivated crime” can call 831-459-2231 ext. 1, file a report at reporthate.ucsc.edu or pursue services at Cowell Student Health Center, Oweis said.

If this story doesn’t wake you up the fact that we’re living in a police state that is “biased” (to use the cops word) against whites, then what will.

The story is very unclear as to what was in the “bias-motivated packages,” but perhaps the Daily Stormer or Stormfront are named. The CD probably has some youtube videos on it–maybe some of the same ones posted here about white genocide.

The police and university are reluctant to say much, but the phrase “First Amendment” has been raised by the police. That has to mean that there were NO criminal threats against anyone in the package, just information about white genocide and White Nationalism.

Go track down some real criminals, you loons.

Hate is in the eye of the beholder when there’s no crime or threat involved.



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“Implicit Bias:” Watch Hillary Claim That ALL Americans are Racists

She actually says it right at the beginning of her response to terrible Lester Holt’s question. Hillary’s statement marks her as a cultural Marxist.

Don’t worry though. We’ll all have to go through training to bleed the bias right out of us if Hillary takes over the Oval Office. Police go first, of course.

Racists are Not Bad People Says Poll

racism poll

Haha. The survey didn’t ask about Jews. Are you a bad person if you hold negative views toward Jews?

That would have been an easy question to ask.

Holding negative views about Muslims and blacks is realistic. Look at the bombings, the shootings, and the riots. It’s not the Quakers causing problems.

The word prejudiced here is loaded. Prejudice implies irrationality. If others think a white person who has negative views of blacks is irrational or a bad person, then those others are delusional.

Too many of those who participated in this survey are either delusional or they are saying what they thought the pollster wanted to hear or what would make them look reasonable.

Huffington Post via archive.is

When Hillary Clinton dismissed half of Donald Trump’s supporters as belonging to a “basket of deplorables,” much of the debate that followed focused on attempts to quantify what percentage of Trump’s supporters actually held bigoted views.

But the statement, which Clinton quickly walked back in scope, also raised a more fundamental, if uncomfortable question ― whether holding an abhorrent viewpoint makes someone an abhorrent person.

Clinton described the “deplorables” as being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic ― you name it.” So, in a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, we asked Americans how they’d describe people who hold negative views of Muslims, black people, women, gay people and immigrants. Did that make them bad people, prejudiced but not necessarily bad, or neither of the above?

The results show Americans’ discomfort with outright condemning people who hold bigoted views.

Most of those polled fell into the middle category, saying that disliking an entire race, religion, gender or other class of people was prejudiced, but didn’t necessarily make someone a bad person.

That sentiment was generally consistent across demographic lines, varying only in intensity. Less than 30 percent of people any age group, racial group, gender or party were willing to say that any of the negative views tested made someone a bad person.

Black Americans were consistently more likely than white Americans to say that biases made someone a bad person, although a majority still rejected that characterization. Twenty-six percent of black Americans, compared to just 10 percent of white Americans, say that holding negative views of black people makes someone a bad person.

Black respondents were also notably more likely than whites to take a similar stance on discrimination against Muslims, women and gay people.

Age factored most prominently in attitudes toward anti-gay bias. Eighteen percent of those under age 30, compared to just 4 percent over age 65, said that negative views of gay people made someone a bad person. Americans in the youngest age group were also 12 points less likely than those in the oldest age group to see nothing wrong with holding negative views toward gay people.

Democrats and Republicans expressed largely similar views about people who disliked blacks. But most Democrats say that negative views about Muslims made some prejudiced, but not necessarily a bad person, while the majority of Republicans don’t even consider such views to be prejudiced. A majority of Democrats and independents say that negative views of women, immigrants and gay people count as prejudice, while Republicans are closely divided between describing people holding those views as prejudiced and saying that they’re not.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll consisted of 1,000 completed interviews conducted Sept. 14-Sept. 15 among U.S. adults, using a sample selected from YouGov’s opt-in online panel to match the demographics and other characteristics of the adult U.S. population.

Interestingly, on the Huffington Post the writers and commenters are often quite willing to condemn race realists as bad people. And blacks believe race realists are bad people. They want to silence us.

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Muslims Demand Hate Crime Investigation Over Beatings of Two NYC Muzzie Teens

muslims islam poster

Muslim teens started something, but an unidentified man finished it. Now the Muslims are calling it a hate crime.

Huffington Post

Two Muslim teenagers were beaten outside a New York City mosque by an attacker who shouted slurs at them, a rights group said on Monday, calling for police to investigate the incident as a bias crime.

The attack early on Sunday was at least the third involving Muslims in the United States over the weekend. A law enforcement source said investigators had ruled out the incident as a bias crime.

The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, said in a statement that a 16-year-old boy was attacked outside Brooklyn’s Muslim Community Center as he took a break from prayers.

A surveillance video released by CAIR showed a man punching, kicking and stomping the youth as he lay in the street. Another teenager on a bicycle was chased and attacked when he rode past the boy.

CAIR said the man was reportedly heard shouting: “You Muslims are the cause of all the problems of the world” and calling the youths “terrorists.”

The 16-year-old suffered a concussion, cuts, bruises and a badly swollen eye, and was taken to a hospital. The second teenager had a black eye, CAIR said.

Afaf Nasher, the executive director of CAIR in New York, said the slurs warranted an investigation into a possible bias motive.

A spokesman for the New York Police Department said the 16-year-old suffered bruises to the head and was treated at a hospital. The second teenager refused medical attention. The spokesman gave his age as 17.

The law enforcement source said the police hate crimes unit had rejected the incident as a bias crime. He said the two youths were harassing a 40-year-old woman in a car and her 37-year-old boyfriend assaulted them.

The man has been identified and a search for him is under way, the source said.

Is the man the police are looking for of European descent, a Latino, or a black? By omitting any description of him, one might guess he’s black. That will present an interesting problem for liberals. Do they side with a black man defending himself or side with the Muslim teen attackers who got beat up?

The life of a liberal must be hard. How do they reconcile all those conflicts spinning around in their brains?

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CNN President Jeff Zucker Disavows Responsibility for Rise of Donald Trump

jeff zucker

Someone has raised an interesting question. Someone very smart and Jew wise.

Is CNN deliberately promoting the rise of Donald Trump by giving him maximum exposure via interviews?


The president of CNN Worldwide said he felt no responsibility Wednesday for the role of his network in the rise of Donald Trump.

“I don’t, because he has been the front-runner of the Republican Party since he announced last June,” Jeff Zucker said, according to a report from TVNewser, adding that like Hillary Clinton, his status as his party’s leading candidate means he will get the most attention.

Zucker went on to say that the Manhattan real-estate mogul has been more available for interviews and has thus been on the air more than his rivals. “Just because he says ‘yes’ and has subjected himself to those interviews, and [other candidates] don’t, I’m not going to penalize him for saying ‘yes,'” Zucker said, according to the report, which also states that CNN has extended open invitations to all candidates, even some directly from Zucker himself.

In driving home his argument that the network does not pay a disproportionate amount of attention to Trump, Zucker recounted meeting with Ted Cruz’s aides at the March 10 debate in Miami, where he said he offered the campaign “numerous options to come on for one-hour interviews, phone calls, town halls, etc. They all said, ‘yes yes, we want to do that.’”

But when it came to the follow-through, “it’s all ‘no,'” Zucker said. “My point is, you can’t have it both ways. So I actually reject that premise that we’ve given too much attention to him.”

CNN and other networks (with the exception of CBS) frequently conduct live interviews with Trump over the phone, in contrast with other candidates who normally appear in studio or via remote set-up. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, however, spoke with the network on Tuesday night just moments before delivering a celebratory speech in Ohio.

Zucker’s denial makes little sense. Let’s consider why Zucker might be promoting Trump.

The possibilities:

1. America is in trouble and Zucker is a greedy fellow who wants to see the country great again so he can make more money.

2. America is in trouble and Zucker is a patriot who wants to see America great again out of his love of country.

3. Zucker as a liberal wants to destroy the Republican party in order to guarantee a hundred years of Democrat/Socialist tyranny.

4. Zucker wants Trump to win because Trump is a shill for the Jews who will not make America great again but instead will push a Jewish agenda very hard.

5. Zucker doesn’t care one way or another about Trump or America but he loves the high ratings that Trump brings CNN.

My money is on #5. Ratings equal money. With President Trump, imagine eight years of high ratings for what was once a dying news network. Hillary will not bring in ratings, although Bill’s antics in the White House stand a chance of generating eyeballs for CNN. Imagine all the ladies sneaking in through the back door.

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London: Celebrity Nightclub in Racism Outrage as Butt Hurt Blacks Refused Entrance

too dark or too fat

The truth be known, the ladies are not just too dark or too fat, but too ugly. The sight of them would drive business away.


A posh celeb haunt in London’s West End is at the centre of a racism storm after allegedly refusing entry to girls deemed ‘too dark’.

Staff at DSTRKT, a nightclub which has entertained the likes of Drake, Rihanna and Jay-Z, are also said to have stopped women coming in for being ‘too fat’.

The alleged incident took place on Saturday, when four women headed for a night out – but claim they had their evening ruined.

When the group arrived shortly after 10pm the girls claim they were told they couldn’t come in because the club was full.


They then watched in horror as other women were allowed in after them.

The women say they were told they were declined entry because one of the girls was “too dark” and another was “overweight”.

Ah yes, the “horror.” Well, you have my permission ladies: Go ahead and kill yourself.

The ladies have invited other uglies, darkies, and fatties to join them in a protest outside the club. That should be entertaining.

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