Nog Parents of Nog Football Player Demand $12 Million From School After Attack by Other Nog Players (Video)

How are schools supposed to protect others, even other negros, from the black attack, which often erupts suddenly and without warning.

The only way would be to ban all negros from attending school, which is a great idea, but isn’t going to happen.

The school calls this a “hazing incident.” They refuse to call it what it really is, feral nogs on the loose–the black attack.

New York Post

MOBILE, Ala. — Four more students will be charged after a locker room assault on an Alabama high school football player was caught on camera.

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SIX THUGS Nearly Beat to Death 60 Year Old Ex-Wrestler in Dispute Over Parking

I’m calling bullsh*t on the story that Tom McGee, pictured above after being beaten, was involved in a parking dispute with some fellows who just happened to be around.

The savages who beat him were undoubtedly casing the area in order to plan a burglary, robbery, or a murder.

The press will also not tell the public that the savages were black.

I believe I”ve found the Twitter of one of them. He’s a drug dealer with beautiful white young girlfriend, possibly underage.

I can’t officially say any of that for legal reasons, though. I don’t want to be sued. After all, a heavy drug related Twitter account doesn’t prove you’re a drug dealer.

If Tom McGee were not in such good shape, he’d be dead.

The suspects should all be charged with attempted murder, but they won’t be. The only thing that stopped them was when the neighbors poured into the street warning them that the police were coming.

CBS News

MAR VISTA, Calif. — A former pro wrestler was beaten severely in front of his Mar Vista home Tuesday and neighbors said it all apparently began over a parking dispute. CBS Los Angeles reports as many as six young men beat Tom Magee, who will be 60 in July.

YouTube video shows Magee when he weighed 265 pounds and fought with what was then called WWF in the ’80s.

A true Goliath in the ring, Magee later became a neighborhood watchdog.

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Nog Blames Evil Spirits for Attack that Left 87 Year Old Professor Brain Dead

Donald Trump called certain criminals “animals” on Wednesday.

What’s it take to get a liberal to agree that certain so-called humans are sub-human animals.

Like the negro who beat an 87 year old man.

New York Daily News

The creep, who beat an elderly college professor into a coma at an Upper West Side bank ATM, claims to be suffering from amnesia or demons.

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Heroic Latinos Charged with Hate Crime in Beating of Disgusting Sodomite Couple


Four Mestizo guys did the job Americans won’t do.

They attacked two disgusting sodomites who were making out following a so-called gay pride parade.

The Latinos jumped in to stop the public debauchery, which was the real crime.

Our heroes are without honor in America, however. They’re facing 30 years in prison for doing minor damage to the disgusting fags, pictured below.

Local 10 Miami

MIAMI – The state has upgraded charges against four men accused of attacking a gay couple last month on South Beach following the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade.

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40 NYC Cops are Hunting Black Monster Who Brutally Raped, Beat Mom in Broad Daylight


Let’s hope that Ronald Williams is the type who puts up enough of a fight when he’s spotted, that the police are justified legally in gunning him down.

The NYPD has put together a special task force to try to bring an end to his career as a criminal. That shows that they’re feeling a bit unkind toward Mr. Williams. His unidentified victim may come from a politically connected family with the ability to motivate the police to take extraordinary actions to bring the suspect to justice.

Fox News

New York City police have created a special 40-member task force to try and capture the suspect in a brutal sex assault, according to a report.

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White Man Found GUILTY of Assault on Violent Black Agitator in Charlottesville Sentenced to 10 Years, $200,000 Fine

So, let’s see if I get this right.

A group of white people travel to Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue of General Lee. The police stand down on the Jewish mayor’s orders and actually herd the white people toward a larger group of violent antifa leftists and garden variety black thugs, wanting violence to break out.

When the whites are attacked, they’re the ones arrested and convicted by stupid sh*ts sitting on a jury in Charlottesville.

Is that about it?

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“Armed and Dangerous” Black Campus COP on the Run, Charged with Beating Girlfriend


Black Samuel could have had a nice career in law enforcement, earning a decent wage and ultimately retiring with a pension.

As it is, his job in police work is over for good.

That old lack of self control caused by deficient frontal lobes in the brain gets them every time.


The Baton Rouge Police Department reported the vehicle belonging to Samuel Louis Ellis III, 25, who is being sought for allegedly beating his girlfriend, has been found.

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