Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a Year and Captured Things Most People Will Never See

Wow! My favorite part is where the bear scratches his back on the tree.

Less than 3 minutes.

You might want to share this one with friends and family who enjoy the outdoors.

Published on Jun 26, 2017

The forest comes alive around this one “special” tree.

Have A Laugh Video: This is Sparta

Have a laugh by watching a compilation of short, funny clips on a variety of subjects. They’re all pretty good, but I like the animal clips best.

Gatlinburg Death Toll Rises to 7 as Officials Determine Runaway Wildfires Started by Humans


First, let’s call out that white-hating son of a bitch Obama for not getting all available resources to the Smoky Mountains when the fires first started. The area is mostly white. Obama hasn’t had the decency to even mention the devastation.

In contrast, now that we have a president again.

Meanwhile, many Negros are celebrating. Here’s one:

Second, let’s note that ISIS just a few months ago advised Muslims in the US to start wildfires. That brings to mind the settlement of “refugees” in Tennessee by Obama. So, it’s very reasonable to speculate that the arson was Muslim terrorism. The media has been claiming that area is in drought and that the fires were caused by falling electrical wires or some such.

GATLINBURG — Seven people are now confirmed dead in the wildfires that ravaged Sevier County this week, authorities said Wednesday.

Early assessments indicate wildfire has damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes and businesses across the county this week, county Mayor Larry Waters said at an afternoon news conference. Fire officials said that number includes about 300 buildings inside the Gatlinburg city limits.

The blaze erupted as flames whipped by high-speed winds raged through town Monday night into Tuesday morning and displaced more than 14,000 residents in an inferno witnesses called unlike any in the past century. It’s the latest destruction by wildfires that officials estimate have consumed more than 15,000 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains.

A firefighter was hurt fighting the blaze, Waters said. His injuries appeared to be minor. The search continues for others who might have been killed or injured but not discovered due to blocked roads and power outages.

At least three people trapped due to fire damage had been rescued by Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities have not given the identities of those killed. Three bodies were found in North Chalet Village, and a fourth was found in a burned-out hotel off U.S. Highway 321.

Three more had been found by Wednesday afternoon — all three in a home on Campbell Lead Road, authorities said.

“We are trying to get into every area,” Waters said. “Those efforts will continue today.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has set up a hotline at 800-TBI-FIND to help with the search for missing people.

Eight new fires erupted Tuesday into Wednesday, Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller said. Most were brush fires, but one was a vacant home that caught fire.

Amidst the tragedy, there was at least one poignant, but light moment involving a man and a little baby bear.

Meanwhile, white-hating antiracist lefturds celebrate white misfortune.

As long as our people are under attack and I’m alive, I’m going to keep writing. Monsters like that guy give me the strength to go on. All of us must keep spreading the truth as best we can.

Finally, kudos to those organized, intelligent white firemen who have been working to save what could be saved. Emergency situations are no place for affirmative action hires or affirmative action presidents.

3 Year Old Boy Missing in Siberian Taiga Found Alive

The hungry bears and wolves of Siberia saw fit to leave a small Russian boy of Asian descent alone as the lost child wandered about in the forest. Perhaps he leads a charmed life.

Or perhaps the animals in the forest took pity upon him. Wolves and bears love their babies. They seem to have wished no harm to this human baby.

The village life in remote Khut offers few amenities. But the people have much to rejoice about now that their lost boy has been found.

If only the Caucasian populations of Europeans scattered throughout the world could recapture the solidarity and shared happiness that the simple villagers show in this story of a boy in danger that has a happy ending.

Siberian Times

Local hero Tserin Dopchut survived ALONE in temperatures nudging zero in forest alive with wolves, bears and dangerous rivers.

The young boy survived by eating his own supply of chocolate, and his good sense finding a dry makeshift bed under a larch tree. His rescue was personally announced by the head of Tuva Republic, Sholban Kara-Ool, who blogged: ‘Hurray! Little Tserin has been found alive!

‘They discovered him earlier this morning after a search in the taiga some 3 kilometres from the village of Khut.’

A huge search had been launched for the boy who disappeared after playing with dogs near his family home in the forests of Piy-Khemsky district. He may have followed a young puppy into the woodland despite the watchful eye of his great grandmother – who was in charge of him when he was lost.

More than 100 people including Russian Emergency Ministry’s rescuers, police, volunteers, as well as close and distant family members joined the frantic hunt. A helicopter over flew a search area of some 120 square km.

Regional emergencies’ chief Ayas Saryglar said: ‘Of course, the situation was very dangerous. The River Mynas is fast and cold. If a small child fell in, it would be certain death.

‘There are wolves, and bears in the forest. The bears are now fattening for the winter. They can attack anything that moves. In addition, it is warm during the day, but at night there are even frosts. If we consider that the kid disappeared during the day, he was not properly dressed – only a shirt and shoes, no coat.’

Regional head Sholban Kara-Ool explained: ‘He recognised his uncle’s voice calling his name, and called back. Once his uncle hugged him, the little boy asked if his toy car was okay. He said that he had some chocolate which he ate during the first day.

lost siberian boy2

‘Then he found a dry place under a larch tree and slept there between the roots. The whole village is throwing a party to celebrate his survival. He was given the second name of Mowgli.

‘It is now predicted he will become a rescuer himself, because he showed incredible stamina for his age by surviving for so long alone in these cold woods.’

Searches had gone on day and night. His home village Khut has a population of around 400. There are 63 houses, and locals all joined together to hunt for the missing child.

Doctors say he has suffered no serious damage from his ordeal.

russia map siberia

Kids scream as Bear opens van door (Fun Video)


There’s a happy ending to this story. No bears were harmed. Humans too.

A FAMILY of tourists got a little too close to nature when an overly friendly bear casually wandered up to their car and opened a door at Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Footage recently uploaded to YouTube shows the incredible encounter between the bear and the family on the side of a road.

The family can be seen taking photos of the bear as it comes closer to the car window — but it’s not long before the creature gets too close for comfort.

“Dad, the bear’s right next to us,” a nervous voice rings out from the back seat.

The clever bear somehow manages to open the car door by the handle as the children let out bloodcurdling screams.

I believe the tourists in this video are from Asia. There’s a simple thing called a door lock that would prevent a bear from grabbing the door handle and opening it.

Over 600,000 views. Published June 4, 2016.

Video: Tuffy the Bear Jumps for Joy After Being Rescued from Horrific Bile Farm in Vietnam


While Asians are often promoted by some white men as worthy of inclusion in Western civilization, my own opinion of Asians is mixed. I appreciate some aspects of their cultures, but along come stories like this one to give me pause.

In Asia, at least in China and Vietnam, animals are treated very poorly. It seems as though only the Caucasian race shows concern for the lives of both domestic and wild animals. Not all whites are on board with that philosophy, but most are.

To give credit, it was Asians who rescued Tuffy and six more bears from a harsh, cruel existence. Well, I think it was Asians, but there may be Western dollars backing animal rescues in Asia.

It is impossible to imagine the pain and hardship this bear has been through, but one thing we do know is that freedom tastes sweet.

This video was released this week by Animals Asia after the bear, called Tuffy, spent his first day at a Vietnam sanctuary.

He was saved alongside six other bears from bile farms in the nation’s northern province Quang Ninh.

The video shows Tuffy jumping around in a pool and he really does look like the happiest bear on earth.

But although he is in the sanctuary, Tuffy still faces a long road to recovery.

His gallbladder was damaged so severely it had to be removed and he will have to go through many treatments until he fully recovers.

Louise Ellis, bear manager of the Hong Kong-based animal protection group, said: ‘After years of little or no water, this must feel like a true oasis… freedom to splash around after only being able to stand on the hard metal bars of a bile farm cage,’

There are around 1,200 bears at bile farms in Vietnam and around 10,000 in China.

The bile extracted from bears is used in traditional medicine in both nations, but the practice has been condemned by various groups.

Bears in the industry suffer long term health problems from extraction but also experience tooth decay, skin inflammation and cataract due to their poor living conditions.

Smarter Than the Average Bear? Nope, Average Bears Learned How to Open Car Doors

Bears, like certain groups of homo erectus who shall not be named, learn how to parasite off their human hosts. Bears open car doors for food, while homo erectus uses his EBT cards that the host gives him.

Bears are far more charming that those homo erectus beings, however.

The Guardian

William Hefner was on his honeymoon with his new wife Sara, driving back to their rented condo in the mountains above Gatlinberg, Tennessee, when he first saw the bear. At first, he said, he thought it was a huge dog nosing around. They followed it in the car; Hefner started videoing.

As he watched in amazement, the bear reared onto its hind legs, niftily pulled the handle of a parked car, and opened the door. “He walked up to the car and opened it like he owned it – hopped right in,” Hefner said. “He seemed like he knew what he was doing … It was a shock, it was hard to believe. But after your nerves calm down and you realise the animal isn’t gonna maul you, it was kinda neat, kinda cool to see that.”

Nor is this the only skill bears are learning. In New York’s Adirondack park in 2009 it was noticed that a canister specifically designed to store food so that bears could not access it was compromised by a particularly smart bear called Yellow-Yellow. The company, BearVault, was forced to continually update its locking mechanism, according to the New York Times, because Yellow-Yellow kept working them out.

According to Kirsten Leong, an expert in animal/human interactions and behaviours at the national parks service, the ability to open car doors is the latest in a long line of adaptations by bears to the presence and behaviours of humans. “They learn very quickly, if there’s a reward, how to get that,” she said.

In a 2014 study, Canadian grizzly bears were also shown to be capable of using rudimentary tools, moving tree stumps around in order to reach doughnuts hanging too high to reach.

Not only are bears more attractive than homo erectus, but also less dangerous to us humans. Smarter, too. As Yogi proved to us: