Nearly 150 Beached Whales Die on Australian Beach in Mysterious Stranding Incident

Whale rescuers were unsuccessful in their efforts to save many of the whales who mysteriously decided to beach themselves in Australia.


More than 140 short-finned pilot whales died after a mass stranding on a beach in Western Australia on Friday.

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Beautiful Young White Woman Attacked, Stabbed on South African Beach While Walking Her Dog


South Africa’s Jayde Frost put up a fight when a man demanded that she surrender her cell phone.

The only news organization covering this story is the source below.

There’s no description of Jayde’s attacker, so guess what that makes me think.

Excerpt from the Herald Live

A young Port Elizabeth woman narrowly cheated death after being attacked and stabbed while walking her dog on a Summerstrand beach before two good Samaritans raced to her aid.

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Have A Laugh GIF: Hey Bikini Babe, Look Out Behind You!!!

Chaos: Texas Spring Break Video Goes Viral on Facebook

This video has been viewed over 600,000 times. It gives a good idea of what spring break is like on a south Texas beach.

My San Antonio

As spring break climaxes, videos on social media of beach happenings are a plenty, including one of Port Aransas that is garnering attention by the thousands.

Facebook user Jonathan Vela posted a video on Wednesday showing a swarm of people running toward a fight while authorities attempted to get the situation under control.

“Taste of chaos in Port Aransas,” Vela’s post, which has been shared about 6,000 times, reads.

Port Aransas Chief of Police Scott A. Burroughs confirmed the incident started around 5:45 p.m. with a fight between two individuals.

As police tried breaking up that disturbance, another fight arose. The crowd of “several hundred” people “converged” on the officers. When the spectators did not disperse, the officers sprayed pepper spray above the crowd.

Burroughs said the video probably makes the incident look “much worse” than it actually was. Most people weren’t involved in the fight, but were closing in to get a look, he said.

Burroughs also told spring break is their jurisdiction’s busiest time of the year, during which 20 percent of their annual arrests are made.

According to the chief’s statistics, as of noon on Thursday 103 spring break-related arrests have been made since Saturday at midnight. Burroughs said most are alcohol-related offenses, but none have involved shootings, stabbings or sexual assault so far.

My San Antonio put together a set of images from spring break in the past. They look like mid 60s to mid 80s images. The college students were more fit and much more white. Sample:

Spring Break Miami Pics Reveal Young Scholars of Color in Some of their Finer Moments


There’s no need to read the story at the Daily Mail. It’s loaded with pictures of America’s deeply tanned citizens fuxating some nice beachfront property.

This post shows five pictures from the article. Click on a picture to enlarge it. Click on the link to see the rest. There’s also a twerking video there.

Mark Dice Video: Meet the Dumbest People in California

Early on in this video a black as coal Negro has no idea who Washington, D.C. was named after. His much lighter quadroon girlfriend has no idea either.

If America is going to be made great again, we’ll have to separate from turds and turdlettes like these.

As usual, Mark gets the job done in about four to five minutes.

Published on Feb 13, 2017

The dumbest people in America live in California. Meet the completely clueless zombies who know nothing about basic American History, and things like why we celebrate the 4th of July, what Memorial Day is for, or who Washington D.C. is named after. Media analyst Mark Dice talks with them.

Warning: At one point I almost spit my drink on my keyboard from laughing so hard.

Video: White Woman on Beach Calls Black Family “Niggers”

The white woman on the video has been roundly condemned for causing a Negro family unbearable butthurt by using the word “Niggers” to describe them.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jul 28, 2015

At Chicago Oak street beach this racist woman yells the N word three times all because the kids splashed water on her. She believes that this is freedom of speech in AMERICA !

Although blacks seem to dominate the comments, this one managed to get 97 votes.

Why is this angry, racist black bitch (who can’t control her kids) chasing a fat white lady down the beach with a camera to begin with? They don’t show that part. Blacks should have a curfew and only be allowed to use “black beaches”.

The experiment in racial integration in America is a failure. The sooner we recognize that the sooner remedies can be enacted to dial back the exploding racial hatred that is engulfing the former USA.

One liberal woman commenter calls the use of “nigger” a verbal assault and a hate crime. In response, another commenter calls her a Communist piece of shit.

LOL. That’s America 2015.