Mark Dice Video: Meet the Dumbest People in California

Early on in this video a black as coal Negro has no idea who Washington, D.C. was named after. His much lighter quadroon girlfriend has no idea either.

If America is going to be made great again, we’ll have to separate from turds and turdlettes like these.

As usual, Mark gets the job done in about four to five minutes.

Published on Feb 13, 2017

The dumbest people in America live in California. Meet the completely clueless zombies who know nothing about basic American History, and things like why we celebrate the 4th of July, what Memorial Day is for, or who Washington D.C. is named after. Media analyst Mark Dice talks with them.

Warning: At one point I almost spit my drink on my keyboard from laughing so hard.

Video: White Woman on Beach Calls Black Family “Niggers”

The white woman on the video has been roundly condemned for causing a Negro family unbearable butthurt by using the word “Niggers” to describe them.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jul 28, 2015

At Chicago Oak street beach this racist woman yells the N word three times all because the kids splashed water on her. She believes that this is freedom of speech in AMERICA !

Although blacks seem to dominate the comments, this one managed to get 97 votes.

Why is this angry, racist black bitch (who can’t control her kids) chasing a fat white lady down the beach with a camera to begin with? They don’t show that part. Blacks should have a curfew and only be allowed to use “black beaches”.

The experiment in racial integration in America is a failure. The sooner we recognize that the sooner remedies can be enacted to dial back the exploding racial hatred that is engulfing the former USA.

One liberal woman commenter calls the use of “nigger” a verbal assault and a hate crime. In response, another commenter calls her a Communist piece of shit.

LOL. That’s America 2015.

Herd of Friendly Cows Save Baby Seal Stuck in A Mudhole

cows and baby seal

I first saw this story a couple of days ago and marveled at the helpful behavior of the cows. Here it is for you to enjoy as a respite from the bad news that plagues us so much of the time.

A group of cows in England is being credited with saving the life of a baby seal.

Ian Ellis was birdwatching on the coast in Lincolnshire, England, when he noticed something strange — a herd of cows gathered around a puddle through his telescope.
When he went to check it out he found a 5-day-old seal that had waddled into the muddy field and become stuck.

The cows were gently nudging the seal in what appeared to be an attempt to help it out of the ground.

Ellis contacted the Natureland Seal Sanctuary which told him to pick her up and bring her in. The agency says it’s likely that the seal got separated from its mother, caught in the tide and became stranded.

baby seal saved by cows

The baby seal was underfed and dehydrated but Natureland’s veterinarians we able to nurse her back to health and say she’s doing well. They named her “Celebration” to mark the agency’s 50th anniversary.

Sickening! Hundreds Watch as Two Disgusting Black Demons Rape Unconscious Girl on Beach at Spring Break

delone' martistee


The sheriff who helped find and arrest the perpetrators of the beach rape had this to say: ‘This is happening in broad daylight with hundreds of people seeing and hearing what is happening and they are more concerned about spilling their beer than somebody being raped.”

And so we have the perfect story to illustrate what a sick, disgusting country the USA really is.

American exceptionalism? Yes, America is exceptionally degenerate and corrupt. It’s a country that happily stands by watching two rape apes do their “muh dikking” in broad daylight.

Of course, if any white person had tried to stop the rape, they would have set upon by a black mob and possibly been beaten to death. Alternatively, there would have been accusations of racism.

If Obama had two sons, they would look like the pieces of shit above.

We’re really going to have to start fighting back against this nonsense. In the meantime the mantra comes to mind; Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

Daily Mail

Police have found video of an unconscious girl being gang raped on a Florida beach in broad daylight during Spring Break.

Hundreds of people are seen watching without attempting to intervene during the alleged attack on Panama City Beach, authorities claim.

The footage was uncovered on a cell phone during an unconnected investigation into a shooting in Troy, Alabama.

Alerting the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, the two departments worked together to identify two suspects and the alleged victim.

Have A Laugh: Black Girl Needs to Stop

funny-black-girl-sunbathing-beach (1)

Black with a tan, black without a tan. Who can tell the difference?

Inspirational Quote of the Day: “God believes in you … “

god believes in you

No one is perfect, so believe in yourself and be willing to forgive yourself.

A Man Uses A Rake On The Beach. Once You Zoom Out And See What He Did, It Will Blow Your Mind.

This story of a man with a rake as his brush and a beach as his canvas reminds me of the importance of inspiration added to persistence. The designs are beautiful, but it’s too bad they are only temporary. Inspiring.

Mountain Republic

I posted a story a while back called It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. Then You Zoom Out And…Whoa. If you enjoyed that post, check this story out:


Andres Amador is no ordinary artist. He neither draws or paints. He doesn’t sculpt. Instead of a white canvas, he uses nature, namely the beach. Instead of a brush, he uses a rake. Andres creates artworks that are larger than 100,000 square feet. He spends countless hours on his pieces even though he knows that the tide will soon wash it away…

Andres reminds us that what is important as an artist: the journey rather than the destination.

He uses his rake and wet sand to create contrast.

His designs can be elaborate and intricate in nature.

Sometimes, they are more geometric.

Other times, more organic.

Andres also helps people propose.

Most importantly, he…

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