Women Are Going Online Wearing “Make America Great Again” Swimsuits

President Donald Trump may be behind on his “repeal and replace” promise, but if the new MAGA one-piece swimsuits are any indication, he’s having a positive effect on American culture.

Tasteful is always nicer than trashy. Here’s the story, followed by a sample of photos of women wearing the new swimwear.


This summer, the one-piece swimsuit made a rush back into popular culture and supporters of Trump took advantage to boast their pride with their favorite slogan.

Dozens of women strutted their pride of America in their red, white and blue “Make America Great Again” one-pieces and Instagram account @american_asf was right there to chronicle the most beautiful women showing off the suit.

Dozens of women were reposted wearing the suit, including avid Trump supporter and political TV analysis Tomi Lahren.

“Sick of winning yet? Me either,” the 25-year-old wrote on her Instagram post earlier this summer while wearing the “MAGA” swimming suit.
Lake Michigan to Texas, dozens of women strutted their stuff in the newest political fashion trend. Go through the gallery above to see photos of the “MAGA” swimsuit from this summer.

I need to produce and market these.

Spornosexual Men: What’s This Crazy Sh*t About (with Picture of the Half-Thong)

Bobby and Harry from TOWIE on holiday in Marbella

Bobby and Harry from TOWIE on holiday in Marbella

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, hot or not? Perversion or simple abomination?

If you thought the mankini was bad, the penchant for men revealing way more than they need to on the beach has now reached a whole new level. The half-thong mankini hybrid.

I’m genuinely sorry I had to share this picture (above) with you. But really, we need to take note. If this is what some men think makes them look sexy, then we’re all doomed.

Brace yourself, though, because there’s much, more more of it to come, if we are to believe the rise of so-called ‘spornosexuality’.

Twenty years ago, Mark Simpson coined the term ‘metrosexual’. Now, a new, more extreme, sex- and body-obsessed version of men exists, he says – and they’re called spornosexuals.

The term encapsulates the new breed of male who thinks nothing of using (and abusing) products, practises and
pleasures previously only the domain of women and gay men. Practises including wearing half-thongs to the beach.

Read more at the Telegraph. H/T to Kathy Shaidle for linking this story in her latest post at Taki’s.