Negro Athlete’s Arrest on Sex Charges Involving 9 Year Old Girl Leads to Suicide Video Going Viral

Ex-UCLA basketball star Billy Knight left a suicide note in the form of the above video, which has been annotated by the publisher.

Knight admits to the usual failings of the Negro race–lying, cheating, stealing, etc.

Prior to killing himself he was facing 50 years in prison for sex with his girlfriend’s child.

The press calls his suicide video “heartbreaking.”

Not exactly.

I’d call it more attention seeking by a race of attention seekers.


Former UCLA basketball player Billy Knight — who was facing multiple charges for sexual abuse against a child— was found dead on a Phoenix roadway just days after he released a disturbing video where he expressed feeling remorse about having lived “a life of sin.”

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Basketball-Americans Turn Game into Brawl, Attacking White Ref (Viral Video)

A good sized brawl at a youth basketball game in the Atlanta area has started to be noticed on the Internet.

According to the black coach of one of the teams, his boys dindu nuffins. The brawl, you see, was started when a white referee attacked his boys.


Yahoo Sports

A massive brawl erupted at a youth basketball game between R.A.W. Athletics from Chicago and the Houston Raptors in the Atlanta area on Sunday morning between both teams and the officials running the game.

In a pair of videos, first posted by Doug Jones on Twitter, one can see a trio of players attacking an official lying on the ground near the 3-point line on the court.

Watch the videos on Twitter below, or on youtube. Some white people forgot to avoid the groid (and his punches and kicks).

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Dennis Rodman Mocked by Left for Crying Happy Tears During CNN Interview About Singapore Summit

Like many other race realists, what black people have to say is generally not important to me. However, Dennis Rodman’s words about the Trump-Kim Singapore summit are important for one reason.

Rodman’s red MAGA cap that he wore for a CNN interview Monday night say to blacks, “It’s OK to support Donald Trump.” His words, not as direct as that, still back up the idea that blacks should be supporting Trump.

If Trump can swing 20 percent of the black vote his way, Republican majority governance would help slow down the soft white genocide that’s leading the U.S. to become majority nonwhite.

The left is mocking Rodman for the same reason they began mocking Kanye. They know that Dennis is an influential voice among blacks. He’s stepped off the plantation to support Trump and they don’t approve.

The alt-right ought to avoid criticizing Dennis at a minimum, and should think about the advantages to the white majority for speaking nice about the former basketball star.

The Guardian

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump had barely exchanged pleasantries outside the Capella hotel when their mutual friend Dennis Rodman appeared on TV to provide a characteristically bizarre sideshow to the main event in Singapore.

Short video of emotional Dennis:

Full interview below.

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Foreign Policy Expert Dennis Rodman on Summit: “Don’t expect too much.”

The Trump White House has pointedly noted that Dennis Rodman was not invited to be part of the Singapore summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un.

Rodman is pals with both Trump and Kim. It’s hard to say whether he will play a role in bringing world peace through basketball later, but probably not. However, stranger things have happened. Rodman deserves some credit for making friends with Kim and for being one of the few blacks supporting Trump.

BTW, that t-shirt shows that Rodman is being sponsored by a marijuana cryptocurrency firm.


Former US basketball star Dennis Rodman flew into Singapore late Monday ahead of at summit betwen President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, playing down expectations of an immediate breakthrough at the historic meeting.

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Race-Mixing Whore Perturbed That Southwest Airlines Questioned Her About Mulatto Sprog

If Southwest Airlines doesn’t cuck on this one, then maybe it should be declared the official airline of the alt-right.

Fox News

Lindsay Gottlieb, the University of California’s women’s basketball coach, says she’s “appalled” with Southwest after one of the airline’s employees allegedly asked her to prove she was the mother of her biracial son before getting on a flight.

Da hole fambly looks dumb.

Related to Tyrone?

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Adult Negro Posed as High School Student to Play Basketball and Date Underage Girls


As you read on notice that no one thinks the clever 25 year old nagger at the heart of this story went back to school to brush up on his learning.

Nope, it was all about sports and p*ssy.

These creatures are so predictable, it’s a wonder that anyone can say with a straight fact that they’re equal to Euro man.

Los Angeles Times

A high school basketball player arrives from nowhere and wins offensive player of the year honors in his school district as a freshman. Sounds too good to be true.

In the case of 17-year-old Rashun Richardson at Hillcrest High in Dallas, it was. Turns out Richardson was really Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley, a 25-year-old man who graduated from high school seven years ago, according to Dallas Independent School District officials.

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Basketball-American Freed by China After Trump’s Appeal Says He Only Said Thank You Because University Forced Him

A basketball-American who gained infamy by being stupid enough to shoplift in China while representing America has revealed that he was insincere when he thanked American President Donald Trump for arranging his release from China.

Shoplifting in China is punishable by 10 years in prison. Tinted player Liangelo Ball apparently has little concept of time since most of us without tints know that ten years in a Chinese jail would not be a vacation.

Race realists knew that Ball thanked Trump because someone made him do it. Blacks are not big on thank yous to white people.


LiAngelo Ball apparently wasn’t very sincere when he thanked President Donald Trump for helping him get permission to return home after his shoplifting arrest in China.

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