K9 Officer Bronx Given Hero’s Retirement Sendoff as He’s Adopted by His Human Partner


White culture on fine display in Bakersfield, California.

Daily Mail

This is the touching moment Belgian Malinois, ‘Bronx’, is given a guard of honour after eight years service with the force.

Bronx leaves the police station in Bakersfield, California for the last time to a round of applause from his human colleagues.

The nine-year-old dog is accompanied by his handler Senior Officer Chris Dalton as he finishes his final shift.

‘He is one of the longest serving K9s our agency has ever had.

‘Chris and Bronx have been partners since January 2010, and have served on the SWAT Team since 2014.

‘Bronx has done numerous demos for schools and tour groups at our department, and has been awarded many awards throughout the years for his dedication, skills, and work.

‘Thank you for being a loyal K9 all these years, Bronx.’

Fearless Tara the Cat Receives Hero DOG Award


It’s the first time a cat has won the award intended to be given to a dog. Congratulations, Tara.

I posted a video of Tara’s heroics last year when the story of her rescue of her boy broke, but at the bottom of this post you can watch it again or see the amazing speed of Tara’s reaction if you haven’t seen it before.

Excerpt from the Independent

A US animal shelter has given its ‘hero dog’ award to a cat after she saved a six-year-old boy from an attack by a neighbour’s dog.

Tara the cat fought off the dog after it attacked Jeremy Triantafilo as he was riding his bicycle in his parents’ driveway.

The dog grabbed the boy by his leg and began to shake him, but in the next moment Tara slammed into the dog and then chased him away.

Reports of the incident said that Jeremy required eight stitches after the attack.

California husband and wife die 4 hours apart after 62 years of marriage

Don and Maxine Simpson--married 62 years, died 4 hours apart

Don and Maxine Simpson–married 62 years, died 4 hours apart

Because of the ugly turn taken by the USA’s satanic culture, few of this generation will experience the true love, the soul-inspired love of the elderly couple featured in this story.

Don and Maxine Simpson were married for 62 years, and not even death could keep them apart for long.

According to the couple’s granddaughter, Melissa Sloan, the Simpsons, of Bakersfield, Calif., passed away approximately four hours apart on the morning of July 21. Maxine, 87, had suffered from bladder cancer, while 90-year-old Don had struggled with Alzheimer’s disease and suffered a broken hip and pneumonia in the week before his death.

The couple had lived in Bakersfield since the early 1950s, though neither were California natives They were introduced by mutual friends at a local bowling alley. Don proposed six months later, and they were married in 1952.

Viral Video: CAT Saves Boy From Unprovoked Dog Attack

I’ve never seen anything like the hero cat who responds to a dog attack on HIS child. It’s gone viral, but if you haven’t seen it, click to start the video and be amazed.