Two-Thirds of Aussies Voted to Legalize Sodomite Marriage




Australians have decided to prove how “enlightened” they are.

Twinks across Oz are celebrating. Probably with an outburst of anonymous glory hole BJs in sodomite bars..

Whatever is set to be legalized, it ain’t marriage, which is between a man and a woman.

Sky News

Australians have voted to legalise same sex marriage by an overwhelming margin in a national survey.

Some 61.6% of voters supported Australia becoming the 26th nation to legalise same-sex marriage, after countries such as the US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

There were 38.4% opposed.

One of those who voted “yes” was Hamish Koci, 37, from Melbourne, who said he felt “a bit delirious” following the result.

He told Sky News Online: “I’m actually lying in bed right now exhausted because I couldn’t sleep last night, I guess in anticipation of the result today.

“I’d cleared my schedule for today, thinking I’d want to be at my local gay bar, surrounded by friends.

“But it turned out I needed to be alone for whatever result was announced, because my emotional reaction was going to be extreme either way, and I didn’t think I could do that in the glare of even a supportive crowd.

“I will join them later.

“So my reaction has been weepy, and happy, but still angry, and quite drained. It really was an unnecessarily long and taxing process, and it’s not even over yet.”

Almost 80% of eligible voters – 12.7 million people – participated in the voluntary postal survey.

At a gathering after the result in Sydney, Alex Greenwich, co-chair of the Equality Campaign said: “Love has had a landslide victory.”

Sir Alex is confusing love with lust. Obviously, a deranged group of degenerates would like to have the approval of normal people for their degeneracy, so they call it love. Get it, Sir Alex?

A dude banging on another dude’s butt isn’t love, you moron.

In comments reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, he told the thousands in the audience: “Getting to this point has not been easy, but rarely in your life can you celebrate with such pride overcoming adversity to make history.”

Each of Australia’s states and territories voted ‘yes’ by more than 60%, except for New South Wales (57.8%).

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) had the highest ‘yes’ vote (74%), followed by the state of Victoria (64.9%).

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Twitter: “The people of Australia have spoken and I intend to make their wish the law of the land by Christmas.

“This is an overwhelming call for marriage equality.”

What about the guys who want to marry their emotional support squirrels, Malcolm? They’re not being treated equally.

And since when was the alimentary canal (did I get that right? large intestine?) equal to the vagina?

The vagina is the natural receptacle for the penis, not the a**hole, you a**hole.

Malcolm is playing politics with morality. I believe he’s alleged to be a conservative. Am I right, Australia?

Asian Guy Bans Thieving Blacks from Store, Gets Called Racist (Video)

The location looks like Australia. Two minutes.

Published on Apr 15, 2017

Sample youtube comments:

You can’t ban them from your stores, that won’t work. You have to ban them from your country. Then your planet.

All the businesses within walking distance of blacks are having to install the same glass enclosures you see at the zoo that allows humans to safely interact with unpredictable, violent apes.

The people complaining the loudest are the people that don’t have shops or live anywhere near these third world imported thugs.

Why do white people complain? They are the ones that insist that we are all equal, they elect the politicians that bring them into the country. I say if white people are not smart enough to know the difference they deserve everything they get. Bring some more in.

No matter where you are in the world, it’s always the same

Facebook Wants Your Nude Photos

Keep your nekkid pictures safe, ladies. Send them to Mark Zuckerberg.

You can trust Mark. He’s a Jew and we know how morally upstanding Jews are.

Oh, and you won’t mind the CIA having your nudes for national security reasons. They wouldn’t want to send the wrong person to a FEMA camp so make sure you help them out to the point where they know every square inch of your body.


To combat ‘revenge porn’, Facebook is now asking [4] users to send in their nudes, to test a new anti-revenge porn technology.

A pilot program is currently underway in Australia, where one in five women aged 18-45 and one in four Indigenous Australians are victims. It appears, Facebook made the right choice to test out Australian users before a much wider and or global rollout occurs.

Australian Government, e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant [6] said victims of “image-based abuse” would be able to censor images before posted on Facebook’s platform(s).

Grant further said, “we see many scenarios where maybe photos or videos were taken consensually at one point, but there was not any sort of consent to send the images or videos more broadly.”

According to the Daily Mail, [4] sending your nudes to Facebook will stop the so-called ‘revenge porn’ phenomenon:

The trial requires users to send naughty pictures to themselves via Facebook Messenger.

Ms Grant said: ‘It would be like sending yourself your image in email, but obviously this is a much safer, secure end-to-end way of sending the image without sending it through the ether.’

Once the image has been sent, Facebook will then ‘hash’ the image – create a digital fingerprint or link.

Ms Grant explained: ‘They’re not storing the image, they’re storing the link and using artificial intelligence and other photo-matching technologies.

‘So if somebody tried to upload that same image, which would have the same digital footprint or hash value, it will be prevented from being uploaded.’

If the technology works , the photo should never appear on Facebook.

Antigone Davis, head of global safety at Facebook, said ”the safety and well-being of the Facebook community is our top priority”. And to provide such safety, Facebook wants your nude pictures.

She also added, “as part of our continued efforts to better detect and remove content that violates our community standards, we’re using image matching technology to prevent non-consensual intimate images from being shared on Facebook. These tools, developed in partnership with global safety experts, are one example of how we’re using new technology to keep people safe and prevent harm”.

* * *

We ask one simple question: What Rights Does Facebook Have to Your Photos?

In Facebook’s terms of service: “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook”

…but Facebook gets a “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license” to your photos.

* * *

Conclusion- don’t take nudes and problem solved. Otherwise, some creepy techie in Silicon Valley along with artificial intelligence will be admiring what you do on a personal level. SkyNet called it wants your nude pictures.

Just remember my lovelies. Facebook could never be hacked. Your photos could never end up on a porn site. It’s all safe.

Your dad does enjoy your nude selfies, doesn’t he?

Aussie Tranny Binds His Feet to Make them Dainty Like A Woman’s

The story doesn’t go into whether tranny “Jolene” binds his d*** too in order to make it seem nonexistent.

His foot binding technique doesn’t actually make his big boy feet any smaller. They just look smaller.

Daily Mail

A transgender woman has told how she binds her feet so that she can fit into ladies’ shoes that are four sizes too small.

Jolene Dawson, from Australia’s Gold Coast, has spent tens of thousands on plastic surgery including a boob job and bum implants in her quest to look like a Bratz doll – and has now turned attention to her feet.

The 21-year-old, who was born male but identifies as a woman, is desperate to have foot reduction surgery, but in the meantime she has taken to taping her feet with vinyl tape in order to fit into high heels.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline FEMAIL, 6ft 2in Jolene, whose feet are naturally a men’s size 10 (AUS/UK), explained: ‘I started binding my feet when I was 16 and bought a pair of really nice Steve Madden shoes.

‘But I bought them a few sizes too small so people would think I had really small feet.

‘I looked up how the old Chinese women used to bind their feet. I’m not as extreme with it like they were and I do a lot of recovery to keep my feet healthy.’

Jolene, who says the trick can help her fit into a men’s size 6 (AUS/UK), added: ‘In an ideal world I would have foot reduction.

‘I tuck all my toes under my feet and pull my big toe over. After about 30 minutes they go numb but it looks like I have small little doll feet.

‘I use vinyl tape because it’s durable and helps grip on to shoes from the inside. It’s not as painful as people think because after a while they go numb.

Jolene, who has funded all of her procedures herself, has no immediate plans to undergo full gender reassignment surgery but says she will go through with it ‘eventually’.

For now, she is planning to have her Adam’s apple removed and her belly button ‘sewn up’ in the next phase of her Bratz transformation.

And while Jolene admits her physical appearance attracts a lot of passing glances, she insists pays no heed to unwanted attention or cruel comments.

‘I’ve always been really confident,’ she said. ‘If somebody doesn’t like me, it’s more a missed opportunity for them.’

Missed opportunity???!!! Yep, I’ll miss it every time!

Jolene has a strict policy of being ‘100 per cent open’ with potential romantic partners, saying: ‘If you’re going home with me, you’re going home with all of me.

‘And if you don’t want all of me, then I don’t want all of you.’

Good. No sane man would want “all” of you, “Jolene.”

Your womanliness is as fake as your so-called small footsies.

Jolene, a homosexual striving to attract more males, including heterosexual males with a screw loose, says he is trying to look like a Bratz doll. In case, you’re unfamiliar with them, take a look.

He’s got a lot of plastic surgery to go.

Surgery like that required to be a Bratz should be outlawed and would be in a sane Western culture.

Marilou Danley Sent Away by Alleged Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock, Who Was Prescribed Valium Four Months Ago


Globetrotting Marilou Danley is back in the U.S., accompanied by the FBI. Let’s hope the FBI does a better job with her than it did with the Hillary Clinton email scandal, which should have landed Crooked Hillary in jail.

But I digress.

Danley’s sisters live in Australia. They’ve been talking to the press. Pictures of Stephen Paddock in the Philippines in 2013 have also been unearthed.

There are a couple of things about Paddock I haven’t seen anywhere. First, did he leave a will? Second, did he have any children? Neither of these things has surfaced yet. About all we know for sure is that he had a Flip girlfriend, liked gambling, and had a fair number of firearms.

We also have just learned that he had been prescribed Valium by a Jewish doctor.

Excerpt from CNN

Manila, Philippines (CNN)Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock encouraged his girlfriend Marilou Danley to leave the country before his attack that left 58 people dead, her sisters told CNN affiliate in Australia 7 News.

The sisters, who spoke to 7 News exclusively, did not want to be identified by name and requested their faces be blurred.

“I know that she don’t know anything as well like us. She was sent away. She was away so that she will be not there to interfere with what he’s planning,” one of Danley’s sisters told 7 News from their home in Australia’s Gold Coast region.

“In that sense, I thank him for sparing my sister’s life,” she said, adding her sister was “really in love with Steve.”

Authorities in the US, Philippines and Australia have been involved in the search for Danley, in the hope she might be able to shed some light on the motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The other sister said Danley, who arrived back in the US from the Philippines on Tuesday, “didn’t even know that she was going to the Philippines, until Steve said, ‘Marilou, I found you a cheap ticket to the Philippines.'”

She added Danley was likely “even (more) shocked than us” by his actions.

“No one can put the puzzles together, no one, except Marilou, because Steve is not here to talk anymore. Only Marilou can maybe help,” the sister said.

“If Marilou was there, this maybe as well didn’t happen because she won’t let it happen.”

Danley landed at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday evening, a law enforcement source told CNN. She is being accompanied by the FBI in Los Angeles, where Las Vegas police plan to question her, the source said.

Maria Antoinette Mangrobang, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration spokeswoman, said Danley, who travels on an Australian passport, had left Manila for Los Angeles, where her flight landed around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday local time.

Mangrobang added Danley had arrived in the Philippines from Tokyo on September 15. There has been communication between authorities in the Philippines, the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security, the spokeswoman said.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Tuesday his investigators were hoping to speak with the 62-year-old woman.

Speaking at a press conference, he said law enforcement authorities are in communication with Danley and anticipate “some information here from her shortly.”

Adding more intrigue to the case is the news, confirmed to CNN by a US law enforcement source, that Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines.

Photos from 2013 show Paddock visiting the Philippines. Officials aren’t able to see yet the precise date of the transfer and the FBI is currently working with Philippine authorities over the matter, the source said.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, police had described Danley as a “traveling companion” of the shooter, but did not describe her as a suspect.

Paddock traveled to the Philippines in 2013, where these photos were taken.

In one of the more significant developments in the case against Paddock, it’s been revealed that in June he was prescribed Valium.

Daily Mail

Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication four months before shooting 58 people dead and wounding more than 500.

Paddock was prescribed 50 10 milligram diazepam tablets – also known as Valium – on June 21 by Vegas doctor Steven Winkler, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug that can trigger aggressive behavior in people with underlying behavioral problems, multiple studies have shown.

It is not known why Paddock was prescribed the drug, or whether he had any behavioral issues.

Multiple people who knew him, including his own brother Eric, say he displayed no outward signs of aggression and did not appear as the kind of person who would carry out a mass shooting.

Staff at Dr Winkler’s office would not confirm to the Review-Journal if Paddock had been a patient, and said the doctor would not be answering questions.

One study conducted in Finland, and another in Australia and New Zealand, linked the use of benzodiazepines – the class of drugs to which diazepam belongs – to increased instances of aggressive behavior.

If, and I emphasize if, Paddock is the patsy in a conspiracy, then he was certainly set up nicely. Between the guns and the drugs, there’s the girlfriend who may have been overseas being rehearsed to tell a story that will make it look even more convincing that Paddock was the shooter.

I would be remiss in my obligation to the truth if I didn’t raise the issue of whether Marilou Danley (what a name for a Flip) wasn’t a whore back in her younger days in the Philippines. The country is famous for its women whoring themselves to white American men.

I’m not saying Danley was a whore, but her past is relevant in terms of her credibility as a witness.

If Paddock was set up, then Danley could easily be part of the plot, rewarded with all his assets as her inheritance, including any life insurance he may have had.

Bizarre and Disturbing: Criminal Level Child Abuse Masquerading as Sex Education (Video)

A minute and a half of weirdness aimed at turning children into degenerate perverts.

Read the story at the Daily Mail. You’ve watched Australian sex education.

Watch on youtube, complete with disturbing sound effects:

U.S. Set to Take “Refugees” in Deal with Australia That Trump Described as Dumb


Let’s consider some relatively good news first. The Daily Mail reports that President Trump is slashing refugee admissions to the U.S. to the lowest level in a decade, just 40 percent of what Obama had planned.

That’s not great news but for an America starved for relief from so-called refugees coming to the States, all relief is welcome.

The Mail ran the following informative graph:

Now, on to the bad news. Trump is honoring a deal with Australia that Obama struck with the Aussies that brings some real losers to the States. However, in a bizarre deal worthy of Obama, Oz is taking some Mestizos off our hands.


The first 52 refugees to be accepted by the US from Australia have left their Pacific island camps, according to a refugee advocate. The deal is part of an agreement described as “dumb” by US President Donald Trump.

Twenty-five of the refugees departed a male-only camp on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said, as cited by AP. They will arrive in the US via the Philippines and Qatar, and will settle in population centers including in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the Daily Telegraph.

An additional 27 refugees flew to Port Moresby on Wednesday from a camp in Nauru, he said. They will arrive in Los Angeles via the Philippines, Qatar and Chicago.

The US State Department said it expected 54 refugees from Nauru and Papua New Guinea to arrive in the country in the coming days. The origin of the two additional refugees remains unclear.

The deal is part of an agreement from the Barack Obama administration, in which the former US president agreed to accept up to 1,250 of Australia’s refugees, mostly from Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

The arrangement is in return for Australia agreeing to accept Honduran and Salvadoran refugees under a US-led resettlement program from a camp in Costa Rica.

Trump has called the deal “dumb” and “horrible,” but agreed to honor it while vowing to conduct “extreme vetting” on the new arrivals prior to their departure from the camps.

The US president’s true feelings were made public last month, when a leaked phone transcript revealed that Trump told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that he “hates taking these people.”

“I guarantee you they are bad. That is why they are in prison right now. They are not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people,” he said, according to the transcript.

Meanwhile, the future of the asylum seekers left behind at the camps remains unknown, as more than 2,000 currently live at the sites. Some of them have called the camps home for more than four years.

“People [in the camps] are happy that these people have gone, but the big question is what happens to the rest?” Rintoul said.

Australia refuses to settle asylum seekers who try to arrive to the country by boat, with the government claiming the policy dissuades refugees from attempting the dangerous crossing from Indonesia, bringing an end to people-smuggling operations.

Instead, Australia pays Papua New Guinea and Nauru to house asylum seekers in the camps, which have been plagued by reports of abuse and horrible living conditions.

OK, Australia owes us one. Trump will, I predict, call in a favor in the future. Meanwhile, the darkies rejected by Oz are going to find that in destination Atlanta, the American darkie isn’t going to welcome him with open arms. With a gun maybe. Who knows, some of the Oz rejects may want to head for home rather than live and die in the ghetto. From a moral perspective as well as a practical one, they do not belong in the U.S.