Police: Man Calls Jewish Woman, Daughter ‘Dirty Muslims’ During Queens Subway Attack

If you’re going to punch a Muslim, make sure that your victim is really a Muslim. Likewise, if the plan is to punch a Jew, check for a Star of David or some similar marker.

The gentleman who engaged in swinging at a Jewish mother and daughter in this story was apparently drunk or on drugs. He thought the two Jews were Muslims. That could happen.

CBS Local New York

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A man is facing hate crime charges for allegedly assaulting two Orthodox Jewish women at a Queens subway station.

A 57-year-old woman and her 37-year-old daughter were getting off the M train at the 67th Avenue station on Wednesday when the man told them, “Go back to your f—— country you dirty Muslims,” 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported.

When the daughter asked him to repeat himself, police said the man spit at her and beat her. He then allegedly attacked the mother when she tried to intervene.

Fellow straphangers were shocked.

“New York City’s always been so tolerant of other religions,” a woman named Rachel said.

“I’m actually shocked that it’s happening, but not surprised,” another woman, named Maria, said.

Police said as they handcuffed the suspect, he asked if he was being arrested because he’s “rich and white,” Stern reported.

Police have charged 40-year-old Dimitrios Zias with assault as a hate crime.

DNA Info adds that Zias was busted for taking upskirt pictures of women in 2015. For that crime he was sentenced to five years probation.

Probation? He won’t get off that easy this time. Not with Jewish-run America looking after its own.

Jimmy Carter: “I know what North Korea wants.”

Former American president Jimmy Carter doesn’t have a particularly stellar record in conducting foreign policy. He seems to be unable to break out of his Christian mindset long enough to recognize that there’s evil in the world that has to be dealt with harshly.

Since he’s offering advice about what to do with North Korea, let me briefly summarize my theory. Kim Jong Un is a CIA agent, constantly stirring up trouble in order to justify the huge American military presence in the Far East. I like to think of Kim as an actor playing a role in a Bond movie. If Kim did not exist, we’d have to create him. He’s great for the military-industrial complex budget.

Getting back to Carter, he claims the U.S. is an oligarchy, which there’s plenty of evidence to believe is true. However, Carter won’t name the (((oligarchs.))) As a Christian, he must believe they are God’s chosen people and that lightening would strike him dead if he said something bad about the tribe.


Former US President Jimmy Carter repeated his assertion that the US works more like an “oligarchy than a democracy,” while also lambasting Trump’s “hopeless” approach to the increasing tensions with North Korea.


The former president was speaking at a ‘Conversation with the Carters’ event at his Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday. AP reports that he said money in politics is what makes the US more like an oligarchy – run by a small group of rich people – rather than a democracy, repeating an allegation he has vociferously uttered for a few years [5].

“[Money in politics] violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system.

Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for President or being elected President. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members.

So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over.”

Carter was referring to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling to allow corporations to give unlimited campaign donations to political candidates, which he has previously said [6] was “the most stupid decision” the court had made.

But then the former President went to town on Trump and North Korea…

Carter said,

“The first thing I would do is treat the North Koreans with respect.”

“I know what the North Koreans want,” he said.

“What they want is a firm treaty guaranteeing North Korea that the US will not attack them or hurt them in any way, unless they attack one of their neighbors.” Carter said,

“But the United States has refused to do that.”

Carter said he would send his top person to Pyongyang immediately, adding:

“If I didn’t go myself.” The former president visited North Korea three times between 1994 and 2011.

“Until we’re willing to talk to them and treat them with respect as human beings, which they are, then I don’t think we’ll make any progress,” he said.

This North Korean girl band video was posted in a Zerohedge comment. It doesn’t fit the propaganda we’ve been fed about the Norks.

After 50 Years of Lies and Cover Ups, It’s Time to Investigate Israel’s Dastardly Attack on the USS Liberty

The American Legion has called for a Congressional Inquiry into the attack on the USS Liberty 50 years ago. This excerpt explains why an investigation is needed.

Excerpt from Unz.com via Lew Rockwell

On June 8th 1967 the United States Navy intelligence ship the U.S.S. Liberty was attacked in international waters by aircraft and vessels belonging to Israel. Thirty-four sailors, Marines and civilians were killed in the attack. The deliberate Israeli air and sea onslaught sought to sink the clearly identified intelligence gathering ship and kill all its crew. It was in truth the worst attack ever carried out on a U.S. Naval vessel in peace time. In addition to the death toll, 171 more of the crew were wounded in the two-hour assault, which was clearly intended to destroy the intelligence gathering vessel operating in international waters collecting information on the ongoing fighting between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The Israelis, whose planes had their Star of David markings covered up so Egypt could be blamed, attacked the ship repeatedly from the air and with torpedo boats from the sea. When one Israeli pilot hesitated, refusing to attack what was clearly an American ship, he was instructed to proceed anyway.

Most Americans are completely unaware that a United States naval vessel was once deliberately targeted and nearly sunk by America’s “greatest friend and ally” Israel. The attack was followed by a comprehensive cover-up that demonstrated clearly that at least one president of the United States even back nearly fifty years ago valued his relationship with the state of Israel above his loyalty to his own country.

The most disgusting part of the tale relates to how U.S. warplanes sent to the Liberty’s aid from an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean were called back by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara acting under orders from President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who declared that he would rather see the ship go to the bottom of the sea than embarrass his good friend Israel. Ironically, the first ship to reach the foundering Liberty and offer assistance was from the Soviet Union, an offer that was declined.

The incredible courage and determination of the surviving crew was the only thing that kept the Liberty from sinking. The ship’s commanding officer Captain William McGonagle was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic role in keeping the ship afloat, though President Lyndon Baines Johnson broke with tradition and refused to hold the medal ceremony in the White House, also declining to award it personally, delegating that task to the Secretary of the Navy in a closed to the public presentation made at the Washington Navy Yard. The additional medals given to other crew members in the aftermath of the attack made the U.S.S. Liberty the most decorated ship based on a single engagement with hostile forces in the history of the United States Navy.

The cover-up of the attack began immediately. The Liberty crew was sworn to secrecy over the incident, as were the Naval dockyard workers in Malta, and even the men of the U.S.S. Davis, which had assisted the badly damaged Liberty to port were ordered to be silent. A hastily convened and conducted court of inquiry ordered by Admiral John McCain interviewed only a few crewmen and did not seek to determine what had actually happened, instead, acting under orders from Washington, it moved quickly to declare the attack a case of mistaken identity. The inquiry’s senior legal counsel Captain Ward Boston, who subsequently declared the attack to be a “deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew,” also revealed that Admiral Isaac Kidd, who presided over the inquiry, had told him that “President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him [Kidd] to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” The court’s findings were rewritten and sections relating to Israeli war crimes, to include the machine gunning of life rafts, were excised.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Senator John McCain of Arizona has used his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee to effectively block any reconvening of a board of inquiry to re-examine the evidence. The documents relating to the Liberty incident from the White House perspective of McNamara and Johnson, if they have not been destroyed, have never been released to the public in spite of the 50 years that have passed since the attack took place.

In retrospect, one might well have expected little better from the likes of Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara and either Admiral John McCain or his son, but the cover-up that has endured for fifty years involving the national media as well as politicians from both parties is perhaps even more disgraceful because it has established the principle that even when Israel targets and kills American military personnel it will never ever be held accountable. Such is the power of the Israel Lobby in the United States.

This excerpt is less than half the article. The rest of it goes on to describe the American Legion’s participation in the cover up.

Paul Ryan’s Spokeswoman Finally Condemns Antifa as ‘Scourge’

Cowardly RINO Paul Ryan has yet to speak about the Antifa himself. Speaking through a spokeswoman isn’t good enough. We have to keep the pressure on him to apologize to President Trump and admit that Trump’s widely condemned “all sides” statement after Charlottesville was correct.

It would be reasonable to conclude that Ryan is receiving money from the same person who funds the antifa–George Soros.

Out next job is getting Ryan to either confirm or deny that Soros is a terrorist, per the White House petition featured here before.


A spokeswoman for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan condemned the radical left-wing protest group Antifa on Thursday evening, describing them as “left-wing thugs.”

In a statement provided to The Daily Caller, Ryan’s spokeswoman AshLee Strong said: “Speaker Ryan believes, as is obvious, these individuals are left-wing thugs, and those who are committing violence need to be arrested and prosecuted. Antifa is a scourge on our country.”

In recent weeks, Ryan has repeatedly failed to condemn the group, and actively contradicted President Donald Trump’s claim that there were “many sides” responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, following clashes between white nationalists and Antifa protesters.

“There are no sides,” Ryan said in a Facebook post. “That is why we all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis. We cannot allow the slightest ambiguity on such a fundamental question.”

Even now, Ryan has yet to offer a personal condemnation of the group. Strong, Ryan’s spokeswoman, has not responded when asked by Breitbart News why Ryan himself has still said nothing about Antifa.

Since the violence in Charlottesville, Antifa members have instigated violence at multiple rallies, including one in Berkeley, California, where two peaceful protesters were hospitalized by members of the group.

Ryan’s supposed statement also comes a day after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemned the group to the surprise of many of her supporters.

“The violent actions of people calling themselves Antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted,” Pelosi said in a statement.


White Men Sentenced to Prison for Burning Cross on Interracial Couple’s Lawn


What you’re not being told here by the press is that neighbors believed the interracial couple (male ape, female human) were drug dealers. They wanted the couple to leave a formerly quiet residential neighborhood where the couple were renting a house.

Even if you consider cross burning to be a crime, which I don’t, you may find the sentences here to be excessive. There was no harm done to any person or property.

Sputnik News

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Three men in the US state of Florida have received hate-crime prison sentences for attacking an interracial couple then planting a burning cross on their front lawn, the Justice Department said in a press release.

“The victims were attacked and threatened in their own neighborhood and home because of their race,” Acting Assistant Attorney for Civil Rights John M. Gore stated in the release on Tuesday. “Such violence and intimidation has no place in our society, the Justice Department is committed to protecting the rights of all citizens, and will continue to vigorously prosecute individuals who commit such atrocious acts of hate.”


Thomas Sigler and William Dennis, were sentenced to 33 and 21 months respectively for the 2012 Halloween night attack, along with a third defendant, Pascual Pietri, who earlier pled guilty to the same charge and received a 37-month sentence, the release explained.

Sigler and Dennis built the wooden, gasoline-soaked cross, the release noted. Dennis and Pietri then carried the cross to the neighbor’s lawn and set the object ablaze. Planting burning crosses is a hallmark tradition of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

The release made no mention of the Ku Klux Klan. However the Klan became notorious for using burning crosses to terrorize blacks following the Civil War, which was launched by 11 southern states that seceded from the Union in an unsuccessful attempt to preserve slavery.

Prior to the cross burning, Sigler and Dennis had regularly harassed their African-American male neighbor with racial slurs and derogatory statements after the couple moved in, according to the release.

Berkeley Mayor Calls for Antifa to be Classified as a Crime Gang, Paul Ryan Silent


The important thing here is that the Mayor of Berkeley has finally acknowledged the existence of anarchist/Communist violence.

Remember the outrage after Charlottesville when President Trump laid the blame on “both sides?” He was denounced by the press, Democrats, and Republicans. Those losers now have to eat their words.

For two years the Antifa have been beating up and intimidating Trump supporters, while the press pushed the idea that it was Nazi, KKK loving, racist Trump supporters who were dangerous and out of control.

Now, the mayor, Nancy Pelosi (see here), and the Washington Post have shifted the focus away from us so-called Nazis toward leftist violence.


Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has called for authorities to tackle left-wing violence by classifying members of antifa, the loosely organized group of “anti-fascists” who believe that violence is acceptable in countering right-wing extremism, as a gang.

A largely peaceful demonstration in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Civic Center Park was disrupted Sunday by black-clad antifa counterprotesters, who jumped over police barriers and chased Trump supporters, according to multiple news reports.

Berkeley police made 10 arrests on Sunday, using tear gas to disperse black-clad counterprotesters on several occasions, Newsweek reported from the protests Sunday.

Organizers had called off the “No Marxism in America” event earlier after strict police measures were introduced, but hundreds of counterdemonstrators and a small group of right-wing protesters gathered regardless.

Arreguin said that new measures were required to tackle a violent fringe of left-wing demonstrators.

“I think we should classify them as a gang,” said Arreguin, as quoted by CBS. “They come dressed in uniforms. They have weapons, almost like a militia, and I think we need to think about that in terms of our law enforcement approach.”

Arreguin said that although he does not support the far-right, tougher measures were required to counter left-wing violence, and he called for nonviolent protesters to take a stand.

“I think we are going to have to think ‘big picture’ about what is the strategy for how we are going to deal with these violent elements on the left as well,” said the mayor.

“We also need to hold accountable and encourage people not to associate with these extremists because it empowers them and gives them cover,” said Arreguin.

Under California law, a gang is defined as an organization of at least three persons, with a common name, or identifying mark or symbol, which engages in criminal activity. Criminals who commit offenses for gangs can face tougher sentences in the state.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is rumored to be sabotaging Donald Trump’s campaign promises to set himself up for a 2020 run for the presidency, is now backed into a corner, damned by his own support for the Antifa.

People have noticed:


An Air Force veteran has slammed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for defending Antifa, the violent Alt-Left group that has been responsible for innumerable violent assaults on Trump supporters.

Two days after the violence in Charlottesville, Ryan posted a Facebook update in which he lashed out at Donald Trump for saying that both sides were responsible for violent unrest.

“There are no sides,” wrote Ryan. “There is no other argument. We will not tolerate this hateful ideology in our society.”

Ryan has failed to condemn Antifa despite the group’s many violent attacks on Trump supporters, the vast majority of whom are not neo-nazis or white supremacists.

An anonymous Air Force veteran has responded with a powerful letter which warned Ryan that Trump supporters were perfectly willing to vote him out of office.

Beautiful! The letter-writing Mississippi mom calls Ryan a liar, cheater, and thief. I love it.

Meanwhile, Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Ryan in the Republican primary, called the Speaker of the House a “coward” for failing to condemn Alt-Left violence.

“What he is doing is working to further divide the country so that he can keep his hands on the levers of power. People aren’t buying what Ryan is selling in terms of this fake narrative that there is only one side to the violence,” said Nehlen.

Nancy Pelosi Condemns Antifa: Where’s Paul Ryan?

Chalk up another victory for our side. First the Washington Post admitted that the Antifa were attacking peaceful “right wing” (their words for anyone who doesn’t agree with them) people exercising their constitutional rights.

Now, Democrat Nancy Pelosi is on board with President Trump and WaPo. We still have to get Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and a good slice of Trump’s cabinet on board, especially (((Gary Cohn))).

Sputnik News

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US democracy has no room for the kind of incitement to violence shown by Antifa protesters over the weekend in Berkeley, California, House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.

“Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts. The violent actions of people calling themselves Antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted,” Pelosi said in a statement on Tuesday.

Antifa is a militant left-wing political movement of self-styled anti-fascists. The group took part in protests that turned violent in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, as well as largely peaceful demonstrations in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 18.

Scores of Antifa activists wearing black clothing and face masks stormed a demonstration in Berkeley on Sunday and attacked supporters of President Donald Trump, according to media reports.

Pelosi said all people in California and the United States have the constitutional right to peaceful dissent and free speech.

“Non-violence is fundamental to that right,” she added.

Sunday’s demonstration was held in protest against a planned right-wing rally, which was called off over fears of violent clashes.

I believe it was Saturday or Sunday when I emailed Paul Ryan using the form on his web page. I still have’t gotten a response, but maybe he’s busy stabbing President Trump in the back.