Don’t have sex with men from ‘different race’ during World Cup, warns Russian woman politician


This is the second of two related posts dealing with sex during the World Cup in Russia this year. Scroll down the homepage to see the previous post in which a male pol advises women to sex it up with nonwhites.

Tamara, pictured above, is a race realist. She’s told Russian women who might be tempted to mate with the apes with arrive in Russia to play soccer during the World Cup that the blacks will leave the women to raise their mulattoes on their own.

How true!

Let’s hope Russian women have enough sense to listen to the truth and act on it.

As we say: Avoid the groid.

The Guardian

Russian women should avoid sex with non-white foreign men during the football World Cup because they could become single mothers to mixed-race children, a senior lawmaker in Moscow said on Wednesday.

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Rat Bastard Russian Male Politician Advises Russian Women to Mate with World Cup Apes

This is the first of a pair of posts that complement each other. One Russian pol, a woman, has gone public with advice to avoid the groid. This one, a male, offers the opposite advice to Russian women.

This virtue signaling Russian politician wants to see a Russian baby boom.

Not pure Russian babies, though, but rather mulattoes.

We in the West are too far away from Russia to know if he’s a nutjob, a shill for the Jews, or something else.

Whatever, hopefully, very few women will listen to his poor advice.


The World Cup should encourage more love stories, a senior Russian lawmaker believes, hoping for more romantic encounters during the major festival of sport and more children born from mixed marriages.

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Black Tranny Teens Track Wins Spark Demands for Rule Changes



Good grief, them’s some ugly trannies.

Simple rule: If you were born with a penis, you run track with the boys, not with the girls.

Oh wait, that would be discrimination!

Well, what about the girls who might like to win a race now and then.


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — – Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood swept the competition at the state championships for girls track and field.

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Repulsive Race-Mixing Whore Kendra Wilkinson Live Tweets Argument with Ex-Husband

One of the ex-“girlfriends” (prostitutes) of Hugh Hefner jumped from an old white man to a asslete, Hank Baskett, above with Wilkonson.

Hef must be looking pretty good to the race-mixing mother of mulattos now. Even if he is dead!

Will Baskett pull an O.J. on her? Probably not, but if I were her, I’d be packing heat.


Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter on Tuesday to tweet about an argument she had with her ex Hank Baskett.

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Facing a Black Player Boycott, President Trump CANCELS White House Visit of Philadelphia Eagles Over Disrepecting National Anthem

LOL! Trump just said to the NFL’s protesting negros, F U.

This is great news. No president that I can recall since Kennedy or Johnson at least has had the balls to stand up to asinine afro nonsense.

Democrats are having a fit.

While the Eagles rarely if ever kneeled, the team stayed in the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem. Kneeling or staying in the locker room is fine with the Democrats.


The Philadelphia Eagles will not be attending a ceremony at the White House to honor their February Super Bowl victory, according to a statement by President Donald Trump.

The decision comes a day before the event was to occur.

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Fired HS Football Coach Alleges Racist Administration Objected to Too Many Black Players on Team

High school football coach Nick Strom says he doesn’t see color.

Yet he admits that he preferred to fill up his football team with black players by recruiting them to attend the Catholic high school where he coached.

Strom is clearly setting up a situation where he can sue his former employer, claiming that the white female school principal who fired him is a racist who wanted more white players on the team to make the alumni happy.

Fired Camden Catholic football coach Nick Strom said he was asked by school president Mary Whipkey during his first season in 2014 to “get more white players on the field” to help the team better connect with the alumni.

Strom confirmed Monday that he has been dismissed as Camden Catholic’s football and golf coach and has been placed on paid administrative leave from his position as a history teacher at the school.

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