Methodists Condemn Jeff Sessions Over Policy Separating Illegal Scum From Their Children

When a father is sent to prison for a DUI, he’s separated from his children.

When mom is sent to prison for her DUI, she’s separated from her children.

Nobody cared about parents and children being separated until it was discovered that an Obama policy of separating children from their illegal parents, whose border jumping is a crime, is being continued under the Trump administration.

It’s all political bullsh*t and it makes me extremely angry.

Now the faggot loving, un-Biblical United Methodist church has jumped in with more bullsh*t.

The Week

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a United Methodist, and he is also the face of the Trump administration’s widely condemned policy of separating migrant children from their families at the border. In a Friday statement slamming the policy as “a shocking violation of the spirit of the Gospel,” the United Methodist Church registered its dissent to Sessions’ use of the Bible to defend the separations:

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Spain Agrees to Take African Boat Monkeys After Italy Closes Ports to Rescue Boats

Instead of refusing to accept a boatload full of black as coal Africans, Spain and Malta have cucked and are now going to help the darkies become residents of Europe.

This action negates the refusal of Italy to take them. In the initial story about the rescue ship Aquarius, it appeared that the mayor of Palermo was going to allow the ship to dock in Italy. Apparently, he’s out of the picture and somehow Spain (and Malta) became involved.

This treason cannot be allowed to stand.

Excerpt from The Sun

SPAIN and Malta have opened their doors to offer a safe port for a rescue ship currently stranded in the Mediterranean with 629 migrants on board.

The vessel, which has 120 children and seven pregnant women on board, was left sitting in the sea for two days after Italy refused permission for it to dock at its ports.


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Mayor of Palermo Defies New Italian Government Policy Forbidding Illegal Rescue Ships to Dock


Italy’s new PM Matteo Salvini is facing a problem similar to the problem Donald Trump faces in the United States.

Local area politicians in Italy are defying the government’s orders to shut down sanctuary for illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa.

The Guardian

In defiance of orders from the new Italian populist government that ports were closed to migrants from Libya, Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo, said he would allow a rescue boat with 629 on board to dock in the Sicilian capital.

In the first evidence of the new government’s hardline approach, the interior minister and leader of the far right League, Matteo Salvini, said on Sunday that all Italian ports were closed to the rescue boat, Aquarius.


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Special forces teach white South African farmers how to fight off violent black attacks


An Israeli Jew has gone to South Africa to profit from the ongoing white genocide. The white farmers are getting something for their money, though. Israeli special forces defense training to be specific.

Excerpt from Sky News

In South Africa, ownership of the land has emerged as the most explosive issue faced by the country’s leaders.

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Trump Goes After MS-13 “Animals” at Meeting with Parents of the Gang’s Victims


President Trump reached out to the families of MS-13 gang murder today in Long Island, New York.

During a meeting on the issue of gang violence, Trump reiterated his use of the word “animals” to describe the monsters who live to kill.

The president also promised to close what he called loopholes in immigration law that allow MS-13 to flourish.

All in all, this was a day that saw Trump and his audience of mostly Hispanics put America First.


At the Morrelly Homeland Security Center on Long Island Wednesday, President Trump accepted praise from local officials, law enforcement and parents of MS-13’s teenage victims for his commitment to crack down on the violent street gang that has wreaked havoc on pockets of the New York City suburbs in recent years.

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Sessions Sends 18 Judges, 35 Prosecutors to Border to Deal with Illegals

Anonymous judges and prosecutors don’t make for good imagery nor screaming headlines.

However, they are the system the laws give us.

Much more appealing to the alt-right would be photos of military men rounding up illegals at the point of a bayonet.


The Department of Justice is sending 35 more prosecutors and 18 immigration judges to quickly process illegal immigrants and asylum claims at the border, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday.

Everyone surely now has these pathetic images of a pathetic fence burned into memory. What a disgrace.

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Defying Trump, Caravan Mestizos Enter U.S. but Probably Will Be KICKED OUT

According to Wikipedia, the U.S. has been legally obligated to take a certain number of asylum seekers every year. That law has been on the books since 1951.

Recall that the Caravan is an annual event, and because of pushback from President Trump, the number of people seeking entry into the States is significantly lower than in past years.

The fact that these so-called asylum seekers are safe in Mexico, but did NOT apply for asylum in that country exposes the propaganda agenda that the caravan espouses. These marginally intelligent mestizos don’t want asylum–they want to take over America.


TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) – U.S. immigration officials began processing a trickle of asylum applications on Tuesday from a caravan of Central American migrants camped at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump of their attempt to enter the country.

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