Negro Felon League Star Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Paraplegic Security Guard at 2017 Super Bowl

NFL multimillion dollar man Michael Bennett is known to people who don’t follow football as a kneeler.

Among football fans, he’s famous for his vulgar sack dance that he performs after sacking an opposing quarterback. Video below.

Houston’s Hispanic police chief unloaded on Bennett after issuing a warrant for his arrest.

USA Today

A Texas grand jury indicted Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett on Friday for injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic security staffer at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston, according to a press release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

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Negress Sentenced for Running Over White Sugar Daddy When the Money Stopped


Race mixing rarely has a good outcome.

Read on to see why I believe the victim of Junmakia’s angry outburst is a white man.

New York Daily News

A Georgia woman convicted for running over her “sugar daddy” after he wanted to stop spending money on her was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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Charlottesville Terrorist Deandre Harris Found NOT GUILTY of Assaulting White People

The two images above are the fodder fed the sheep who believe that blacks are always victims, never aggressors.

Take a look at Deandre Harris hitting a white patriot over the head with a flashlight in this five second video. Only those who are awake realize that black agent provocateurs were aggressively violating the rights of white people who just wanted to protest the removal of a confederate monument.

Embedded in the story is another video that the judge (white, presumably) ignored when declaring Harris not guilty.

The judge also smeared white patriots at the Unite the Right rally. He apparently believes that white people have no right to defend themselves and their property.

Virginian Pilot

A black man brutally beaten at last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville – and who was later charged with assaulting a white nationalist – was acquitted Friday.

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Rand Paul’s Attacker Pleads Guilty in Federal Court, Facing 21 Months in Prison


The Democrat nut who attacked good guy Senator Rand Paul appears to be going to prison later this year.

He will be among fellow Democrats in prison, those Democrats of the darker tint.

ABC News

The man who attacked U.S. Sen. Rand Paul last year at his home in Kentucky pleaded guilty Friday morning in federal court.

Rene Boucher, 59, pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress resulting in personal injury, a felony under federal law.

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College Lad Suffers Bloodied Broken Nose When He Tries to Break Up with Sexy Girlfriend who has 100,000 Instagram Followers

Tucker Carlson should invite busted up Ben Kebbell to join him on a “The Problem with Men” segment on his show.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

This is the damage a 19-year-old college swimmer and model inflicted on her boyfriend when he said he wanted to break up.

Avoid her like the plague, gentlemen. Pictures follow. Don’t fall for the pretty face and voluptuous body.

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OMG! Heather Locklear Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence and Assaulting a Cop

Three quick thoughts about Heather Locklear’s arrest.

1. As a young male, I thought Heather was an angel, with angelic qualities. That’s before I learned that women can be violent, mean, aggressive, cruel, etc. just like men.

2. Heather’s drug abuse is like a metaphor for America. Drugs have grabbed ahold of so many people, both famous and not. Rody Duerte is executing drug dealers in the Philippines. It’s what America needs to do, as well.

A third thought follows the story.

New York Post Page Six

Heather Locklear was arrested Sunday night for felony domestic violence and battery on a police officer.

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NYC Nagger Named “Snooz” Tried to Shoot Girlfriend, Hit Teacher Instead


I’ve run across some laughable black names before, including Shitavious, but this is the first Snooz I’ve run across.

It would be interesting to talk to whoever gave Snooz his name in order to find out what was on their ape brain when that name was bestowed upon him.

Obviously, anyone named Snooz isn’t going to turn out to be a rocket scientist. This one turned out to be a shooter with a bad aim.

New York Daily News

This is his wake-up call.

A trigger-happy fugitive named Snooze was caught hiding out on Long Island Tuesday more than a week after he accidentally shot a city school teacher in Queens while gunning for his girlfriend, cops said.

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